Piss – Part 1

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Piss – Part 1All Saturdays are exiting for me since Sunday was a holiday and I knew it was a workout day for me as a slave!It was a Saturday night. Pritika had already planned my Sunday.. So she herself had nice sleep during the Saturday afternoon while I was busy with my college. I came back at about 6 pm only to (surprisingly) find pritika already fast asleep and left a note of instruction on my table. The instruction I got form her wereDrink 2 liters of water!2. Strip completely (except panty – any plane light colored one)3. sleep on bare tiles without coverThats it!! But I knew it wont be that easy though, still better than lot other previous instructions.. Usually I never drink that much water but … I obliged, somehow, I poured the whole lot into my tummy that took me about 3 hrs to finish. Time to sleep. It was about 11 pm already. I undid my salwar, kameej, bra and came down to my panties which needed to be changed also since the color was not according to instructions. Changed to plane pink. Finally I got to my royal bed – the tiles!!I just fell asleep very quickly. I woke up at 7 am owing to a huge pressure inside my bladder !! I desperately wanted go to relieve my self in the toilet.. As I got up I saw pritika had already gotten up and was ready! I stumbled hastily to the toilet only to be ordered stopped by pritika..“No, no peeing without my consent..” oh! No..!!“Only brush your teeth, take off your panty, take bath, dry and wear the same panty again and stand in front of me and all this in 5 minutes. Your time started now..”I had hardly came in the present after the slumber, but quickly made myself alert and in a spur of a moment came outside my panty and ran inside the bathroom. Pritika was seeing my whole show from outside the bathroom with a smile of devilish satisfaction.I was already getting a sensation in my slit for a loo and the sight of the toilet and the sound of the running water exited me all the more… But I was determined to not think of it and quickly worked on brushing my teeth, opened the shower simultaneously stood inside while brushing and somehow finished all.. Got my towel … Got dried and came out wore my panty back and stood in attention in front of my mistress.“Good. Now, I want you to squeeze fit inside the big cartoon below my bed and stay there put till I call you out. And remember no wetting of panty at all!!”“I was already getting impatient I didn’t know when I would get to empty my bladder!!”Without a word, I obediently took out the cartoon, folded myself inside the box and she closed the four lids and pushed the box near her bed and placed a table cloth kind of sheet over the box.What happened next was she called her friends in the room inside for a morning tea and started atakum escort chatting about everything nonsense .. The tea and the other snacks were littered over the same make shift table in which I was a prisoner. They went on and on and …. On… For a complete 3 hours!!!!!But for me, the second hand moved with the speed of the minute hand and the minute seemed to move with a speed of the hour hand and the hour hand had stupidly seemed to have completely frozen altogether!!But since it was a sunday, nobody was in a hurry of anything..!!Inside, I wanted to come out in a burst but could not.. I wanted to straighten my crouched paining legs but could not… And I wanted to peeee!!! But could not, .. I wanted to shout !! But did not!!!!!In the beginning, the surge came in waves and when it came, I had to passify it by massaging my urine hole trying to convince her that its just a few minutes away and you will be relieved .. And I would be relieved till the next wave hit..This went on for about 2 hours but as time passed, I could not take the water pressure quite well and had to press pinch my slit firmly with my both hands!! And tried to think of something else but … Almost in vain..I had already dripped badly in my panty.. But finally at 10 am, she felt pity and pushed everyone out and closed the door.She finally opened the box and asked me to get out.. With great pain in my knees and back owing to the prolonged crouched position that I was in, I came out stumbling all the while holding my panty below with both my hands.. And in desperation sank to the ground pushing my hands as hard as possible and straightening my position as I laid in agony…Seeing my state, she was so very satisfied.. And burst out in a spontaneous laughter!!She sat on the chair and ordered me to stand right in front of her in attention.. And I slowly got up and still holding my privates stood but bent over my waist and little in my knees.. Looking at her in a pitiable face dripped in perspiration !“Please master I have to pee…”“Yes, you will get to but first let me have a look at you properly.. I want you to stand up and take your hands off your panty and stand stand straight!!”I uncomfortably took off my urine wet hands but still stood unsteadily jumping dancing all the while… ”“Stand still!” she ordered “or I wont allow you for next hour!!”I fearfully obliged summoning all my patience!Looking at my wet panty, “hmm.. I told you to not make it wet but you did not comply.. So as a punishment, you must stand like a good girl for 10 more minutes standing with your panty out, legs spread out wide and hands behind on your butts..”“On no.. Please .. Please … No please .. No no .. I cant hold… I c..” and started to cry simultaneously wanting to escort atakum run to the toilet.. But she held my hand quickly and seeing me loosing control.. She quickly held me tightly and encouraged patting my back..“Come on, nishi you can do it, your a brave girl, you can do it .. You held it for more than 10 hrs now and its just a matter of 10 more minutes.. You can do it… Common , just 10 minutes and I will personally take you to the toilet !!”She saw that I was coming to consent..“Come on quickly, the 10 min will fly quickly, and quicker you start, the swifter it will be.. Ok now strip naked quickly and stand as I said .. Cheer up girl !!”I took courage and obliged.. Took off my wet panty stood with my legs spread…And locked my hands behind my butts !!She started the timer and did something really harsh!!..She took my own assignment file, opened the latest assignment page and kept it open on the floor just under my in between legs ! Which meant that if I dripped even a drop, I would be peeing on my own assignment .. Which I so painstakingly completed..!!“No. .. Please mistress not my assignment please.. “”“Hey, I m not telling you to pee on your assignment! I just want you to keep your file clean which is in your hands or to be precise in your pussy!”What could I do.. But count all the tables from 2 to 20 and try to suck hold my bladder inside with all my strength!!“Good girl. See nisha I dont want to do all this but yousee, youdid not keep your panty dry and so I had to extend your punishment.. And see I m at no fault by myself..”“Ok I will help you and as the time ticks, meanwhile I want you to divert your attention by telling me how youpassed your day yesterday.. Tell me everything from morning”This was a helping hand and I started to divert by telling her all the stuff that happened on saturday..“Ok, so I got up at 6 yesterday… And ….” and on and on I went explaining her in great detail about who said what and everything else.. She even asked me few question for clarification about certain matters that made me think and helped me keep away from thinking about my bladder!!And which felt like half hour the awful watch beeped !! Pi pi pick.. Pi pi pick..I was in great control by now but as I heard the watch announcing my finish of term of punishment, I lost a little control and even involuntary dripped few drops in excitement which, obeying the laws pronounced by newton, fell right upon my hard worked assignment page!!I shouted “no” but not caring much for it looked at pritika for a permission to finally relieve..!“Its ok, its ok.. And nice youhave done well! Now go inside the toilet and sit squatting on bathroom floor and wait till I come.. I will personally order youto start peeing.. I just want atakum escort bayan to capture your final pee in your camera for your archive. Now go inside with a chair for me and sit right in front of it and wait while I come with the camera. Dont worry I m just following quickly.. Go on.. Well done again..”Oh no.. But finally I was going to get my right to pee!! I quickly took the chair, went inside placed it inside and sat in front of the chair squatting but not peeing ! I just could not hold much and I was involuntarily dripping some drops.She followed after few seconds with the camera rolling .. She captured everything slowly as she sat in front of me on the chair. .. And she carefully moved the camera close to my face capturing my desperate emotions.. Then she slowly moved it to my dripping crack over which I had pressed placed my both wet hands ..Finally, she said,“Ok nisha, its the last thing I want you to do.. And then you can relieve .. Tell me your profile.. Your name, age, address, height, your figure, complexion, and your current identification …Now go on start..”I quickly started,“My name is nisha, age 20 years, address girls hostel, height 5 foot 5 inches, figure 34-26-34, complexion milky fair, and currently I m a slave of my mistress pritika..””“Ok, what is your desire now?”“I want to pee..”“Why?”With this question, I got really desperate….And almost lost control.. And dripped .. But she shouted and stopped me..“No no .. No ….Hold it.. Not now .. Just answer my few questions and then I will tell you personally to shoot .. Common on you r almost done..”“See, my bladder is full .. Thats why..”“Thats why what?”“That why I want to peeeee!!!” I shouted in frustration..“Why are you shouting ?”“I m sorry, I am soorrriiii!!!…Please… No let me..”“But tell me what happens just because your bladder is full?”Mustering all my patience, “mistress, see I have an acute tickling sensation owing to full bladder so I want to pee..”“Oh I see, so you have a tickle . .. Can youshow me where do you have this sensation?”Pointing my wet vagina..”here miss..”“Hmm.. So what do you want to do now?”“i want to peeeee miss please…. Pleeaasee!!!!”“Ha ha h aaaa haaa.A….” bursting into laughter pritika said, “ok, ok, ok,,… Ok, alright now I will point the camera at your slit and when I say go.. I want you to splash it out.. Ok?”“Yess ssss …… Pleassse”And she moved the camera from my face to my vagina and finally said, “look see I will say go but I dont want you to drain it full, I want to empty your bladder only a quarter or in other words only for 3 seconds.. Alright?”“What?? No. …After waiting for so long… ”“Do you want to argue with me in this position of yours?”Oh … Yes she has a point.. And I quickly obliged “ok okk… Fine..”“Good girl.. Alright … One two three… Go!!!And finally I released my pitiable piss in a stream with an unprecedented force!!Pisss!!!But my pleasure did not last for too long.. In just few seconds of relief, she ordered.. “ok.. Stop!!”Piss – Part 1