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Big Dick

PIRATE CREW pt1By Davo60How would you like your Pirate crew, your cabin boy, shorter than you, submis-sive/boyish able to take your cock when you need, able to suck your cock at any mo-ment, willing to drink your early morning woody and he would also keep your quarters clean and tidy? Willing to be an extra in your luv nest if required. How would you like to punish your crew, can you please stand up so I can get a full view of your awesome body? I am thinking if you have muscular legs with soft inner legs, there may be some nibbling of the soft inner legs working towards your awesome cock. I think your cabin boy can be your hygiene person, he can use his mouth & tongue to clean you up after any sex & if you want clean up the other guy too, wow, awesome, can I casino oyna please see your legs naked, do you like massage, dooo you like massage, would you like 1 or 2 cabin boys, I think orphans could be an idea too, they would be 18.Captain Jack is the captain, mischievous in character similar to Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates. His right-hand man Smiggle is a short stout man with a cheeky disposition like Smee from Hook. The crew are a band of motley men from all walks of life were life has dealt them a bad hand.The crew don’t mind whose pussy they dock their Jolly Roger in.Many have started as Captin Jack’s cabin boys. These boys are usually chosen because they are orphans, loners/picked on by others in ports where the Jolly Raja is tied up. [the Jolly slot oyna Ra-ja is known for its small size & maneuverability in tricky situations. Raja coming from the term for a stiffy/hardon].A pirate’s flag is usually a cross & skull bones well the Jolly Raja’s flag is a black flag with a white outline of a cock & balls.Smiggle was Captin Jacks first cabin boy, they know each other intimately and can read each other’s mind. Smiggle for some reason didn’t grow to a normal man’s height coming up to a grown man’s nipple height. Smiggle was very good with figures, kept the crew in line. He was also in charge of finding crew members and pre-selection with Captin Jack making the final selection.Smiggle knew the type of man or cabin boy to look for.The latest canlı casino siteleri cabin boy was discovered cowering in a doorway, hungry, raggy clothing, hadn’t eaten in a few days. Men as they walked by spat on him. this waif has filthy sun-bleached long hair smelt revolting from not washing in days. Long arms & legs a lovely round butt, hardly any hair on his body. Smiggle thought this waif was a girl till he heard the boy groan after the last wad of spit hit his bare shoulder. Smiggle touched the boy on the shoulder and started a conversation. any family, NOO, why, PARENTS DIED, siblings, NO, NO ONE, Smiggle’s mind started calculating, where do you live HERE, how old are you, NEARLY 18, when’s your birthday, NEXT WEEK, how do you live, STEALING & BEGGING HERE ON THE STREET, have you been to sea, ONLY IN THE HARBOUR, would you like to go to see, YEAH, what’s your name boy, TIM. meet me at the Jolly Raja in an hour or tag along with me.[The story begins in part 2………] FANTASY By Davo60