Phoenix Fun

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Late fall in Phoenix. My wife Jill and I were vacationing with her sister Dawn and her husband Sam. They have a time share in the elevations above Phoenix. What a place, the view was unbelievable and so was the golf. We spent the first day of our vacation exploring the facility. The second day brought 18 holes of golf with the ladies followed by a cooling dip in the pool.

While golfing, the girls had to pee, so they headed into the under brush to relieve themselves. Of course, they made us both promise not to peek, but being a red blooded horn dog (my brother in law is one too) we saw they had their backs to us as they dropped their panties and peed. We knew they couldn’t catch us looking. It sure got the blood flowing for Sam and me. When they returned from relieving themselves, they noticed we both had bulges in our pants. A comment was made by the ladies about making sure we grab the right shaft on the next hole and the event was forgotten, or so we thought.

That evening, we decided it was time to play cards and drink some of the booze we bought. I make a world class Cosmo and that was the drink of choice for Jill and Dawn. My standard comment when güvenilir bahis I make the Cosmo’s is “that after three Cosmo’s, my wife is ready for Star Trek sex, that is I go boldly where no man as ever gone”.

A couple of beers for Sam and I and a couple of Cosmo’s for the ladies, the subject got around to sex. Sam and I were the first and only lovers for our wives. Other than their toys, the only cocks they had ever had in them were ours. Dawn admitted to having a Butterfly vibrator and Jill said she was ready to take her new Rabbit on its first test run. That got my attention because I had been after her to buy a Rabbit and she was going to let me use it on her tonight (Star Wars sex). Now, my cock was at attention and when I said something to Sam, he stood up to show his bulge. The girls dared us to show them our cocks, but Sam and I want to make them work for the view. We agreed to a game of strip poker and the loser would have to masturbate in front of the others.

The game was on. We all had 5 articles of clothing on. The game was going as planned with Dawn being the first one to lose her top. She had larger tits than Jill. They were still firm türkçe bahis and her nipples with large. Next Jill lost her top. Her tits looked great as she sat there. Sam and I figured we were going to get away with seeing them play with themselves and we would still be clothed. Wrong!

I lost the next two games and was the first one to be naked. My cock was as hard as a rock. Dawn looked at it and smiled. Jill was licking her lips. They were ready for me to lose the next game and jack off for them. They made me stand up and turn around for their viewing pleasure. Fortunately for me, Dawn lost the next game and had to take off her panties. She had a clean shaved pussy and large lips. I made her stand up and show her stuff. Next to lose was Jill. She got up and seductively took her panties off. Her bush was neatly trimmed and her clit was showing. Sam still had his jockey shorts on and his cock was at full attention also.

Now it was getting interesting. Dawn went to get her butterfly and Jill went and got her rabbit. Dawn put her butterfly on to be ready for the show. Jill showed me the rabbit for the first time. It was impressive. It was a little bigger than güvenilir bahis siteleri me, but the dual action dildo with rotating balls that were awesome.

Now it back to the game. I think Sam lost the next game just to let his cock out. Dawn lost the game after that. She knew what to do. She turned on the butterfly and it started humming. I couldn’t help myself. I reached down and started stroking my cock. I looked at Jill and she had the lube on the rabbit, walked over to the couch and slowly inserted the rabbit into her wet pussy. What a site.

Dawn walked over as sat next to Jill on the couch. I told Jill to pump that dildo into her. Those little rabbit ears touched her swollen clit and she started pumping her hips. Dawn had one hand on her pussy and the other on her nipple.

The girls looked at Sam and me. “What the heck are you two waiting for”? They wanted the same show from us. We both grinned and grabbed our cocks. We pumped as hard as we could. Jill was the first to cum. She always squirted a small amount of fluid from her pussy. I was next. I felt the cum rising, stood up and shot my load onto Jill’s wet pussy. Dawn and Sam came together. Dawn was impressive. Apparently, squirting is genetic and she sprayed all over the couch as Sam shot his cum on her tits.

The four of us sat there and smiled. One could only wonder what the rest of the vacation would bring for us.