Phileas Fogg – A Memoir Pt. 09

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That evening, following supper, Baring revealed his ulterior motive.

The man was a complete cad. It goes without saying that he had a fixation on seducing young girls, but he now correctly assumed that I had one as well.

“Mr. Fogg,” said he, “let us get down to brass tacks, shall we?”

“You have my undivided attention, sir,” I said looking him in the eye.

“You are aware that I have a . . . shall we say, propensity for young women. The younger the better, but not so young as you might imagine. No, no. I mean . . . well Glenda is about as young as I personally would care to venture. I know of some gentlemen who would prefer them much younger.”

“Then why not visit the Casino to sate those desires?” I inquired innocently.

Baring cleared his throat and said, “Because of the blasted disease they carry! I cannot in good conscience risk bringing it home with me. So the…girls I use are from my laborers, and…” he left the sentence hanging there.

“Perhaps the daughters of your friends and associates as well?” I said finishing his sentence for him.

“Blast you Fogg!” Sir Baring spat, erupting into a wrathful anger I was seeing for the first time. The incident in the park paled to this rage before me.

“Sir Baring,” I said hoping to calm him down, “you were speaking of young women. I did not utter those words to incite your temper; it was only an innocent inquiry.”

Of course I was lying, for having bedded his wife Abigail, I now had an idea of where we were going.

“I have daughters of my own, you know.”

‘So this is where he’s leading me, but why?’ I thought and shivered as something dreadful occurred to me.

“It is indeed unfortunate that they did not dine with us this evening, but they are spending the night at their cousin’s. However, if you should care to meet them they will be home tomorrow, before noon.”

I interrupted him. “Sir Baring, I’m not a man to mince words and neither are you. Am I to believe that when you say ‘I have daughters of my own,’ you mean it literally as well as figuratively?”

Sir Baring flushed, and would not meet my eye as he spoke, “I do, sir, I certainly do. I’ll give you 1,000 pounds to seduce the oldest. But not only seduce her, sir. I want you to prepare her so that she’ll accept my own advances when you depart.”

“But why me? It would appear that you’ve managed Glenda’s seduction easily enough.”

He waved my objection away. “Nonsense! It’s not at all the same, Mr. Fogg. Glenda’s father and brother have been after her for ages now.”

“May I assume that they have yet to catch her?”

“Yes, you may. But that is my doing. I have managed to contain their advances and will continue to do so.”

“Until such time as you’re finished with her; as might well be the case should I seduce your own daughter and prepare her to accept your advances. Would that be a fair assumption, Mr. Baring?”

Sir Baring coughed to clear the phlegm in his throat, then took his time lighting a cigar, obviously buying time to formulate his reply.

“Not at all, for I have a hearty sex drive, Mr. Fogg. As my dear wife would tell you were we living in a society that permitted such conversations between the sexes of non-married men and women.”

The cad! Using his lovely wife Abigail to complete his charade, but I knew better, for his wife had told me only that afternoon of his lack of ardor these past few months.

“Well, Mr. Baring, answer me this, they’re your own daughters, why not take them yourself?”

“I cannot, Mr. Fogg, for I have taken a solemn oath against taking a virgin ever again in this lifetime. You saw for yourself that I did not take the sweet Glenda’s cunt, did you not?”

“I don’t quite understand your meaning, sir. I did see you offer your prick to her mouth and your tongue to her twat. Would you care to elaborate further?”

“Yes, yes of course.” He shook his head and pointed at me, “I can see that I must. You see, Mr. Fogg, I belong to…well let us say, a secret society; and that society requires that its members swear upon pain of death that they never take a virgin. Yes, a member can do as I have, but actual penetration is forbidden. I cannot disclose the name of the society, and would not have told you this much, but for the fact that you already know too much about me. That being the case, I selected you…decided to use you…yes, use you toward this end. That of course, would involve the seduction of my two daughters. Not at the same time mind you, oh, no. I should think some months might pass before moving on to my youngest, yes, some months should pass.”

“You sir, are a complete cad!” I said enraged at the effrontery of the man. A man knighted by the Queen and held in such esteem by all of Britain. “I absolutely refuse this sordid offer!”

Baring doubled the offer and I refused a second time.

“Fogg,” he said, “don’t fool with me. I’m a man of means and have the capability to destroy you in an instant.”

“And I you, sir,” I spat back, enraged at illegal bahis his deportment.

Sir Baring seemed to withdraw into himself for a moment, and then having collected his thoughts smiled evilly at me and said very slowly, “No…you…can’t. You may think you can, but I have already taken steps to discredit anything you may say or do regarding my arrangement with Glenda.”

I believed him. He was that powerful. Further, it would be a simple thing to deny his offering his virginal daughters to me. It would be my word against his and I knew well who would be believed.

We sat there in silence for twenty minutes. Sir Baring threw his cigar into the fire and lit another, filling the room with blue smoke while my brain churned.

It occurred to me that I was not in the least averse to seducing his daughters. In fact, there were several ways I could turn it to my advantage. Further it afforded me the opportunity to hurt Baring without him ever being the wiser. I was faced with two sensitive opinions with regard to my own personal code of conduct. First, I was already guilty of adultery with this man’s wife. There was no question of my taking her away from him. His wealth took care of that, for he was one of the richest men in the world and that made him a very powerful man. But I could help her to hate him. Second, to seduce his daughters would demean me in my own eyes and the means of atoning for this premeditated sin would indeed be difficult; it might also sever forever my relationship with Abigail. It would if I were found out and worse, if discovered I would be cast into prison, perhaps hung while a crowd hooted and cursed me, my name forever dishonored. Obviously this required more thought.

I was still thinking on my predicament when Sir Baring sweetened his offer. “Fogg, here is my final offer.”

Mrs. Abigail Courtney Baring walked into the den at that moment, and to my amazement, Baring kept right on with his offer, “2,000 pounds and my backing for any club membership you entertain, now or In the future, and the promise of an occasional piece of timely financial advice.”

Abigail smiled lovingly at me, and from long habit nodded, as if to persuade me to accept his offer. I grew confused for I did not realize at the moment Abigail knew nothing of his actual offer, and was so stunned at her participation in their daughter’s seduction that I didn’t hesitate, but accepted the offer.

“Done!” said Sir Baring, and he grabbed my hand and shook it thoroughly. Abigail positively beamed, thinking her wonderful husband had made yet another major business deal and that it involved me. To her that meant more opportunities for us to be together.

“There is one condition, however,” I said.

“And that is?” Sir Baring asked.

“There is a certain risk in accepting your proposal, sir. I would ask that you give me your word in front of your delightful spouse, that to the best of your ability no harm shall befall me in the event my undertaking becomes public.”

Sir Baring smiled cunningly and nodded. “Well said, Mr. Fogg, well said. I most heartily agree to your condition.”

“When shall I begin?” I inquired, in a dry voice that did little to belittle my sudden fear.

“The sooner the better,” he replied. “Would today… right now…be too soon?”

I knew he said this to throw his wife off track, and we haggled further, eventually settling on the following day.

I retired to my room soon after saying I was tired. I wanted to be fresh the following day with Mrs. Baring thinking I was staying to see her again under the pretext of helping with Nicole’s piano playing. Her teacher had complained that while the girl had a talent for the instrument, she lacked the desire to strive as hard as one must to become a competent musician.


Armed with the knowledge that the Barings slept in separate bedrooms, at one in the morning I slipped into Abigail’s bedroom.

She was sound asleep when I slipped in beside her. I grew erect from her warmth and when her arse pressed against my prick I almost spent then and there.

Reaching under her nightgown, I began to lightly rub my hand between her legs. I may have caught Abigail in the midst of a dream, for a smile crossed her face and she moaned pleasurably. I spent some time kissing her face and throat, causing a shiver or two of sleep filled delight and when she turned to her side, she provided me with still greater access to her quim and I added another finger.

To state that Abigail was wet would be a major understatement. I extracted my fingers some moments later and crawled face down under the covers until my face was inches from her cunt. I licked her several times, carefully noting her reaction as I savored her sweet taste.

“Phileas?” She murmured and I was glad that Sir Baring had forsworn her bed these past few months in favor of younger girls.

“Yes, Abigail, it is me, Phileas;” I groaned from under the covers and confused her, for she closed her thighs and thus deprived me of partaking illegal bahis siteleri of her sweet, scented juices.

“Be quiet my love. I’ve managed to join you in the bed, and if you like, we can make love for the rest of the night.”

He eyes opened wide. “Tis really you!” she said, “I’m not dreaming!”

I kissed her cunt and rejoiced in feeling her shiver.

“Oh, Phileas! Pray tell me that I’m not dreaming!”

“Abigail, my love, you dream not, I am beside you, here, feel my manhood. See how stiff and hard it is for you.”

“Oh, Phileas!”

We kissed and each of us had ample time to demonstrate their ardor for the other.

“I must pay homage to your other lips, my sweet. Do spread them apart for me,” I beseeched her; and she complied. In a moment my serpentine tongue was laving her inner folds and she squirmed uneasily in front of me, clenching the bedclothes in her fists and moaning with passionate pleasure.

“I shall soon spend, my dearest Phileas!” She called out in the softest voice as I tongue-fucked her; curling my tongue and jabbing it repeatedly into her creamy quim.

“I want you inside me, sooo bad!” She groaned and this time I feared she might have woken her dastardly husband. But I would learn that he slept the sleep of a child, oblivious to any noises around him. The real danger would be that either of their daughters might awaken, but that would not be this night, for they were at their cousin’s for the evening.

Giving her one last ferocious suck, I grabbed my prick and rubbed it at her entrance, which magically opened for me.

“I will be very gentle with you, my love,” I assured her and heard her laughed scoffingly at me.

“You couldn’t hurt me, Phileas; you wouldn’t hurt me if you could. I can tell that about you.”

Never had I felt more the cad. Still, as her thighs parted, I entered her and accepted the embrace to which Abigail so invitingly offered me as I slid easily inside her. After a few cursory strokes, I adjusted my position and raised her legs to perch upon my shoulders, for I wanted Abigail to feel my entire length inside her quim. I cannot describe the exquisite feelings I felt as I slid back and forth within her fleshy folds — so warm, so wet — I wanted this fuck to last forever.

At it turned out, we nearly did. It happened that I was in possession of one of those erections that went on and on without spending. And so we fucked for considerably longer than either of us expected; the result being that Abigail came, by her own count, fourteen times before I did, with her nails raking my back I continued pumping until with a long gasp, my load came gushing up from my balls and flooded her insides.

We lay still for a time. At least I lay still; Abigail kept shuddering every minute or so, calling it the aftermath tremors, as one might following an earthquake. The sheets were soaked with our combined sweat, but she assured me that only the servant would notice and had already prepared a lie for her.

“I feel complete, Phileas. For the first time, other than giving birth, I know what it is to feel like a total woman. Pray tell me, what are we to do?”

“I honestly don’t know, my love. But I shall remain here, teaching Nicole to play the piano, but Lord knows I don’t know that much myself.”

Belatedly, I realized my grievous mistake.

“You don’t play?”

“Yes, of course I play. But to ask me to over-ride her piano teacher . . . that’s more than we should be doing. I rather think,” I said thinking fast, “that I can probably convey a sense of confidence in her that will allow her to discern the importance of the instruction she is already receiving, and thereby benefit her playing.”

“Yes, I see.” Abigail said, and sighed. “You are such a comfort to this poor mother.”

We kissed and then collapsed to lay quietly side-by-side for a while not saying a word.


The following morning I had breakfast with the Barings. The daughters had not come home as yet and Sir Baring had business at his bank.

“Will you be staying the day?” He inquired of me.

“I think I should. I shall meet your daughter Nicole at least briefly and then depart. But I shall return on the morrow to begin Nicole’s instruction.”

“Very good,” Sir Baring said, and wiped his mouth and beard with a full-sized napkin. He stood up and using his hand signaled me to remain seated. “Enjoy your breakfast, Mr. Fogg. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

His stableman had brought the carriage to the front door and Sir Baring, regally climbed in with the stableman’s assistance. The carriage pulled away leaving a cloud of dust in its trail.

Abigail and I looked at one another surreptitiously.

She stood up and bade me sit, saying, “I need to wash off. Please join me in my boudoir in a few minutes. We have at least two or three hours before my daughters arrive.

I ventured into her bedroom as Abigail was sitting down in her tub. She looked up at me and smiled as she squirmed canlı bahis siteleri around to find a comfortable seat in the warm, scented water.

Taking a sponge, I lathered it with Yardley Lavender soap and commenced to bathe her. I was careful in washing her face and neck and she raised her arms enabling me to get both sides and under her arms where a small amount of fair hair clung to her armpits.

The smile never left her lips as I gently moved her long tresses from one side to the other to keep dry as I rinsed off her shoulders and then her back.

I felt her relaxing as my hands soaped her breasts, having left the sponge to float alone in the soapy waters below. Abigail’s head tilted back as I plied each nipple until they stood out like proud strawberry sentinels. Oh, how I wanted to nurse on them, but some inner instinct told me to wait and I did.

I used the sponge to rub over her quim and I heard her audible gasp as I circled it over her clitoris one or twice. Then I released the sponge once more and raised her lovely bottom an inch or two, washed her arse. Abigail was groaning louder as my finger tickled the rusty spider, puckered back there. I quickly glanced at her face and saw her eyes closed tightly; and when my finger pressed on her anal opening she gasped and spoke for the first time since I came into the boudoir.

“Do it!” She hissed. “It’s an incredibly nasty idea. Do it!”

I sent my finger into her arsehole and Abigail was sufficiently relaxed as to accept my finger, welcoming it as a matter-of-fact.

“Will you fuck me there later?” she asked her voice hoarse and ragged with lust.

“If you so desire, my love,” I answered.

In an even more ragged tone she replied, “I DO WANT YOU THERE, I AM VIRGIN BACK THERE!”

I frigged her arse gently for a minute longer and then extracted it, examined it and found it quit clean. That being the case, I moved to her front and leaning close to her face, stuck the finger in my mouth and sucked upon it for several seconds. All the while my eyes were intent on her reaction; and when I took the arse-frigging finger from my mouth, Abigail snatched it in her hand and quickly brought it to her own mouth and sucked it vigorously while frigging herself so hard half the bath water spilled out onto the floor.

She stopped sucking the moment she spent from her fingering.

“Now I must say that was a most erotic performance, my dear Abigail,” I said quietly and calmly.

“No,” she answered. “What you did to me was erotic. I spent the second your finger entered me. I spent again on placing it in your mouth and of course I brought myself off yet again with it in my own mouth! Will you please, please kiss me this moment?”

I did, but it was short for I had a great need to fuck her as soon as was possible.

I retrieved her hair brush and knelt beside the tub and brushed her long hair until she took the brush from me, laughing delightedly at my attempt to restore her hair to its proper composure and with a few simple strokes Abigail managed what I could not. But I did not care a whit about that for she stood up and made to climb out of the tub. “Let’s not rush,” she said and I sat down and looked on as she stood in front of the floor length mirror looking at her naked body and dusted herself with talcum powder. She watched my reflection in the mirror as I disrobed behind her; giving her hair one hundred strokes, then placing the comb down in its setting and dusted her face with some rose powder; then dabbed a little rouge onto her lips.

She turned to me and smiled lewdly, picked up a decanter and sprayed a little lavender water between her breasts; then sprayed once more, this time between her thighs and into her pubic hair. “And how do you feel now?” I asked shaking my sizable member in her direction. Abigail’s eyes flitted to it and she licked her swollen lips.

“Oh, everything feels so good.” she whispered softly, then cupped her breasts in offering. I approached her and she was cupping my balls before I had at those still stiffened strawberry nipples.

“They have a heavenly scent,” I murmured as I moved from left to right.

“It’s only Lavender,” she purred as I nipped at her tender bud.

“Will you do it?” she inquired.

“You refer to my plundering your lovely arse?”

“I refer to that, exactly, kind sir. I have waited a long time for this moment. A moment when I might relinquish that which my husband desires so much that he has tried countless time to possess.”

I found myself tremendously excited, and drew hard on the nipple within my mouth, causing Abigail to gasp and search for my prick and give it a hard squeeze.

“Will it hurt?” she asked simply.

“I expect it will to some degree, but I shall be careful and move slowly. That plus ample lubrication, some butter, perhaps and some of my spit should do it.”

My hand slipped down between her legs and I fingered her quim, causing her to bite her lower lip.

“God that’s good!” She exclaimed, and I went after her teats with a vengeance, licking and sucking those strawberry tips until half her breasts turned red and she asked that I stop, for they were tender to the touch to begin with and she could bear no bruises that might arouse Sir Baring’s suspicion.