Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 3 – Dumitru

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Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 3 – DumitruPepper’s Honeymoon – Part 3 – Dumitru and IoanaTuesday, September 4, 1985I don’t know if it was the sea breeze, the total sense of relaxation or the previous day’s activities, but we slept in. All three of us had an appetite and hoped that the breakfast bar was still open, so we hurriedly got dressed and made our way to the restaurant. We were pleased to see that it was still open and was full of fruit, pastries and other breakfast delights. While we were eating, Rafaelo asked us if we were enjoying ourselves and if there was anything else they could do for us. I told him everything was great and that we would like to reserve Miguel for another day to go exploring and he said he would check the schedule and get back to us. A few minutes later, he returned with a scheduling book and we asked for Friday right after breakfast and then I asked if it would be possible for him to bring a picnic lunch for the three of us and Miguel and he said that would be arranged. Pepper looked at me and licked her lips, anticipating romping on the secluded beach naked with Miguel and the rest of us.After breakfast, we freshened up and then asked for lift into town and if it could pick us back up at 5pm and again, no problem. We spent the day in town, walking around, looking at all of the various shops. I reminded the girls about what Miguel had said about public nudity and that the girls should hold off from any flashing. For the most part, they were well behaved, but there was one instance where Pepper couldn’t control herself. It was a small local shop that sold ladies dresses. Pepper found a really cute Mexican patterned dress. The sleeves were kind that could stay up on the shoulders or fall off onto the upper arms, giving the dress a really sexy look. The dress looked to be around her size but Pepper wanted to try it on to see if it fit, but found out the shop didn’t have a dressing room. She asked the lady in the shop if it would be okay if she tried the dress on at the back of the store and she said it was okay, but warned her that husband was due back soon. Pepper took off her halter top and shorts and like usual she was not wearing anything underneath. She slipped on the dress and looked in the mirror with the sleeves up and down on the arms. It looked so sexy on her and she looked so beautiful. I told her how great she looked in it and that I would be happy to buy it for her. Her timing was perfect because right as she took the dress off, the owner’s husband walked into the shop. It was a small shop and there was no missing seeing a naked woman standing there. Pepper was partially hidden behind a rack of clothes, but her breasts were in plain view. Both of them just froze at the sight of each other and then Pepper began to apologize. The man walked back to us and said there was no apology necessary. His English was very broken, but that’s what it sounded like. Pepper could tell that he liked what he saw by the smile on his face, so she turned completely around making sure he saw everything and then began to put her shorts and top back on. I paid for the dress and as we walked out of the store, we heard the owner start yelling at her husband in Spanish. It was probably a good thing that none of us spoke Spanish.The rest of the day was a lot of fun and we met our ride back to the resort right on time. We freshened up and met Dumitru and Ioana at the restaurant for dinner. Not long after we started eating, Dumitru told us that Ioana enjoyed herself last night although she was still embarrassed. He said that I was the first man other than him to see or touch her breasts and she hesitantly admitted that it was quite stimulating to her. Ioana was able to understand enough to make her face turn red and force her to look down in embarrassment. She said something to him in Romanian and he turned and told us that she wanted to know if we would like to walk on the beach with them tonight and perhaps I could touch her breasts again once it got dark. I told him we would be happy to walk with them and I would very much like to touch her again. Dumitru relayed our acceptance to the invitation and she again looked at, smiled and turned another shade of red. The rest of the meal was filled with talk about what it was like Romania and their family. After dinner, we left to go back to our rooms to freshen up and then we met them out on the beach. The girls wore their bikinis and I wore a pair of loose shorts with no underwear. I was pleased to see that Ioana was wearing a two piece bathing suit, although it was still quite internet casino modest. The sun was just starting to disappear behind the hills to the west but it was still fairly light out. We found a spot on the beach just down a little from our bungalow that was further away from most of the traffic. Once we sat down, Pepper and Ginger took off their tops and encouraged Ioana to do the same. She was reluctant at first and Dumitru told us that she was still embarrassed to bare herself in the daylight. I told him to explain to her that we’ve already seen her bare breasts and there isn’t anyone else close by. She looked down the beach and there was one couple in the distance and they were walking in the opposite direction. Dumitru said something to her and she looked directly at me as he undid the top of her bathing suit and took if off of her. Ioana started to put her arms over her breasts so I compassionately grabbed her arm to stop her and then cupped her breast in my hand and leaned over and kissed her nipple. When I looked up at her, she was staring at me not knowing what to do. I guessed that toughing was one thing but kissing her nipple was something else. After a few moments, her expression changed and she pointed to her breast and said kiss please, so I leaned back in and kissed both of her nipples. I looked up and asked if she like that and she smiled and nodded her head. I asked her if she would like more and she nodded yes. This time I leaned in and began sucking on one nipple while rolling the other one between my thumb and fingers. I could tell she was really liking it and I leaned back down onto the sand and continued to suck on her nipples. In the meantime, Dumitru was having his own fill of breasts as he moved between Pepper and Ginger. He was kissing and feeling one nipple after the other. While he was kissing Pepper’s nipples, she placed her hand over his crotch and felt his hard cock in his shorts. Dumitru made no attempt to stop her. I wondered what would happen if I took Ioana’s hand and placed it over my erect cock so while I was vigorously sucking and chewing on one of her nipples, I took her hand and placed it over my cock. I felt her body tense as she wasn’t sure what to do. I move her hand slowly up and down to give her a good feel and then let her hand alone to continue if she wanted. She didn’t stop, so then I gently placed my hand over her bathing suit bottoms so as to cup her mound. Again I could feel her body tense, but she didn’t try to stop me. It didn’t take long for the sun to go down and for it to get dark on the beach. In the darkness, I began to rub her mound and pussy through her bathing suit and I could feel Ioana melting to my touch. Her body went from being tense to responding and moving with my touch. Her hand over my cock continued to move back and forth. I reached down, took her hand and slid it inside my shorts and onto my cock. She instantly wrapped her fingers around my shaft and continued her slow stroking. I looked over and saw that Pepper had Dumitru’s cock out and was sucking it and he was still fondling Ginger’s breasts. I’m not sure if Dumitru had any idea of what I was doing with his wife or even if he cared. He was obviously lost in the moment of being embraced by my two beautiful wives. Seeing that he was being well taken care of, I decided to make one more move on Ioana and slipped my hand down the front of her swimsuit bottoms. She surprised me when her pelvis moved upward to meet me approaching hand. As I slid my fingers over her mound and down to her very wet lips, she tightened her grip on my cock and began to moan. I moved from sucking her nipples to kissing her lips and her tongue met mine and they danced around each other as our hands felt each other’s privates. I sat up and slid my shorts all the way off and then knelt before Ioana and slid her bottoms off. I expected her to be embarrassed and shy again but as I was surprised as she spread her legs, revealing a patch of dark pubic hair that was blacker than the night. I leaned down and began to lick the lips of her pussy. As soon as my tongue touched her lips I knew her body was mine for the taking. She began to writhe as my tongue explored her pussy and clit. I pressed my lips around her erect bud and gave one hard suck which sent her over the top into a body shaking orgasm. She grabbed my head and held it tightly to her pussy as she convulsed time and again. When she finished, she tried in her broken English to tell me something but I wasn’t understanding what she was saying. She said something to Dumitru and güvenilir casino he told me she was asking me to fuck her now. I asked him if that was okay with him and he said he was already fucking my wives so no problem. I moved up over Ioana, kissing my way from her clit, to her navel to her breasts up her neck to her lips. As our lips and tongues met again, I slid my cock all the into her in one easy motion. She was flowing like a river and began to move her pussy up and down as I began to match her movements. It only took a few moments for her to cum a second time and as her pussy convulsed around my cock, it was all I could do to keep from cumming. I paused for a few moments just to prolong the experience a little longer. When she was done, she began pumping herself on me more and I knew she wanted everything I had to give her so I returned the favor and started fucking her in earnest. Ioana had lost control of her modesty and was now responding like a woman starved for sex. Her pussy consumed my cock with each stroke, wanting me to unleash my hot torrent into her. The thrill of being the first man in her other than her husband helped the sensuality of the moment. A few more pumps and I felt my balls tighten and empty their fluid into the tubes running to my cock. I felt the first fountain of white hot juice travel up the length of my cock and burst into her longing pussy. The feel of my cumming in her sent off on a another orgasm and that only enhanced the feeling I had while I was spewing my seed into her womb. I don’t know how many times I spurted into her but it seemed like a dozen or more and I just kept pumping every last drop I had into her. In the dark I could see tears running down her cheeks and I asked her if she was okay and she said yes, yes yes. I asked why was she crying and she said she so was so happy that she couldn’t help it. We stayed in our position with me in her for as long as possible, kissing each other passionately until finally I was soft enough and fell out of her. I rolled off next to her and left her lying there in the sand, naked with her legs spread. I looked over and Dumitru was taking Ginger doggie style while Pepper played with his balls from behind. He was grunting and she was moaning and then I saw him change tempo and could tell that he was emptying himself inside her and she pressed back against him to make sure she got everything he had to give her. They also laid back on the sand to rest. A few moments later, I heard Miguel asking if he could get any of us a drink. Ioana quickly turned over to cover herself and I told her it was okay that Miguel was a friend. She looked up at him and then at me and I motioned for her to turn back over, exposing herself to the young man. I told Dumitru that I would buy everyone a round of drinks, but he insisted on buying the drinks as a way of saying thank you. Knowing that Miguel was due back soon, I stood up and reached down for Ioana to join me. She stood with me and I began brushing the sand off of her bottom and legs. When I noticed Miguel approaching, I nonchalantly turned her so that she was facing him. Ioana was so busy watching me brush the sand off that she didn’t notice Miguel until he stopped and said that the drinks were here. Then she realized that she was standing naked only a few feet in front of Miguel. Before she could cover herself, I held her hands behind her and then asked Miguel if he liked the looks of her breasts. I could feel her tense and told her to relax as Miguel said she was beautiful and her breasts were lovely. I told him to hand out the drinks, then set down his tray and feel her breasts if he would like. Again she tensed and I whispered for to relax again. Everyone took their drink and the girls held mine and Ioana’s as Miguel set the down and then reached out a cupped each of her breasts in his hands. He began to gently fondle her breasts and as he did, she closed her eyes and her head drifted backward. I motioned to Miguel to suck on her nipples and he did. Sucking on one nipple, he played with the other nipple with his hand. When he moved to the suck the second nipple, I motioned for him to put his other hand down to feel her pussy. I looked over to Dumitru and he nodded his approval as Miguel’s hand reached Ioana’s dark pubic hair. His hand slid down over her mound and onto the lips of her pussy. I felt her body almost melt at the touch and her head laid back on my shoulder. Her response was to step one foot sideways so as to spread her legs further apart, giving Miguel more access to her pussy. His fingers moved casino firmalari over her clit and her body shuddered to the touch. I made sure I held her up in case her legs gave out on her. Miguel then slid one finger and then two fingers into her pussy. I managed to get Pepper’s attention and motioned for her to take Miguel’s pants down and when they were down, I moved one of Ioana’s hands from behind her and wrapped her fingers around Miguel’s hard cock. She never opened her eyes as she began to have an orgasm with Miguel’s fingers in her pussy. Recovering from her orgasm, I whispered in her ear asking her if she would like to feel Miguel’s cock in her pussy and she softly said yes and began stroking Miguel’s cock a little faster. Turning Ioana towards me, I sat down on the sand and had her lean down to me. Pepper encouraged Miguel to move up behind Ioana and slide his cock into her pussy. She looked at me, smiled and whispered thank you and kissed me. Miguel started to pick up speed and I sat in front of Ioana, helping to hold her up and have a direct view of her breasts as they began to sway towards me and then away. My cock grew hard at the site of her swaying breasts and I couldn’t help but reach out to touch them. As Miguel took her from behind, I played with Ioana’s nipples and she quickly came for a second time. I looked over at Dumitru and saw him taking Pepper in the very same way that Miguel was taking his wife. He was watching Miguel and Ioana as he was pumping away at Pepper. Ginger had her hands full holding five drinks. I turned my attention to the swaying breasts and continued to play with her nipples. A few minutes later Ioana started her to peak for her third orgasm and it must have been enough to cause Miguel to begin to cum and as he pumped his load into her, Ioana started pumping hard back against him. As soon as Miguel was done, he said he needed to hurry back to the bar to help before his uncle comes looking for him. Ioana turned to face him, hugged and kissed him. Miguel got dressed and before he could leave, Dumitru told him thank you and that he would see him later to give him a big tip. Miguel said thank you and then hurried off. Ioana turned to me and threw her arms around me and held me tight and kept saying thank you thank you thank you over and over again. I asked her now how did she feel about being naked in front of other people and being touched and she said it was a lot better than she ever imagined (at least that was the translation we got from Dumitru). He told us that he had tried to get her to go to a topless beach one time and she refused. Another time he tried to get her to flash a friend of theirs whom she really liked, but again she refused. Ioana spoke up and said that she would show him her breasts now if Dumitru wanted her to and see hugged and kissed her and said we would have to see. We all gathered our drinks from Ginger and I toasted Ioana’s awakening, much like the one Ginger had earlier that same summer. All Ioana could say for the rest of the night was thank you over and over again. I was thinking of asking them if they had plans for Friday so they could join us at Miguel’s beach, but then remembered that Dumitru had business in Mexico City. I was wondering what was next when Dumitru said he wanted to have sex with his wife in front of us and asked if we would watch. I asked if we could touch and he said that would be good. So once again, I sat down and let Ioana lean on my shoulders while Dumitru took her from behind. I played with her swaying breasts and Pepper played with Dumitru’s balls and Ginger was playing with Ioana’s clit as he slid in and out of her. At one point, I tightly rolled both of her nipples at the same time and Ioana came instantly. With Pepper playing with his balls, Dumitru didn’t take long before he unleashed his load deep into his wife. When they were through, they turned and embraced. We decided to all take a quick dip to wash the sex from our bodies and then we stood in the warm breeze and dried off. We gathered our clothes and headed back to our bungalow. Since our’s was the end one, it was not a problem walking back naked, but Dumitru and Ioana’s bungalow was closer to the resort building so they got dressed. We said our goodnights and I was again thanked over and over. Once inside our bungalow, Pepper and Ginger looked at me and said that I was all there’s now. For the next two hours, the three of us fondled, kissed, sucked and fucked. I managed to cum twice more with each wife, once in a pussy and the other in the mouth. I think the girls lost count of their orgasms. My cock was sore, their pussies were sore and all of our lips and jaws were sore. We were totally spent and exhausted. After a shower, we cuddled into bed and all three of us quickly drifted off to sleep.To be continued…