Penny’s Story

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Penny’s StoryFat Rob, a mountainous black man, circled a nude Penny, eyeing her up and down, studying her. She was one of several job applicants he “interviewed” that week. She was tall, leggy, curvy, short blonde hair, nice sized tits. He stood behind her, cupping her large breasts, “How old did you say you were?”“Sixteen,” Penny replied.“Mmmm,” Fat Rob said, sliding his hand down her body, rubbing her clit with middle finger. He slid the finger inside her, she was soaking wet. “With a little makeup, we can pass you for 18.”“So you ran away from home and are looking for work,” Fat Rob reiterated what Penny told him several minutes before he asked her to undress.“Yes sir,” She answered.“You ever worked with black dick before?” Fat Rob asked, taking his finger out of her, smelling it, licking her juices.“Just a few boys at school,” she said.“Well my clientele aren’t boys. They are mostly black men. I’m going to have to stretch you out first,” Fat Rob said, opening his apartment door, five black men walking in.“These are some of my employees. They are going to warm you up – get that pussy nice and loose for me. Then later tonight, I’ll come back and break you in more with this,” Fat Rob said, unzipping his pants, pulling out the fattest black cock she had ever seen. Penny’s eyes widened, “Is, is that why they call you Fat Rob?”Fat Rob chuckled, watching his associates undress, their black cocks growing in size. He left Penny to them, tending to business.Penny smiled, watching the five black men stand before her naked. She went to her knees, a cock in each hand, and one in her mouth. She closed her eyes, moaning, thinking about how, at this moment, running away from home was the best decision she ever made.Chapter 1Two years later, Ulysses stood nude in front of his full-length mirror thinking about what to wear that evening. He was tired and didn’t feel like going out, but his half-brother TJ was moving to Tampa Bay, Florida soon and this was his last weekend in town. Much to Ulysses’ chagrin they had decided to go to a new strip club that was opening. TJ’s father, Tony was in town to help him move, and suggested it. Nicole was going too, since the magazine she occasionally models for, Elite Magazine, was sending several models to attend the big opening. Her sister, Taylor, another model for the magazine, was arriving from Miami to attend the opening as well.He would rather go to gym as he had missed a few days. As a fitness model, this made him feel quite guilty. Plus, he didn’t like strip clubs. He felt they were trashy and dirty, and felt sorry for the girls working there. But he was a good sport and went along anyway.He smiled softly as Nicole’s hand slid around his torso. He watched her hand trail his abs in the mirror, her white skin contrasting with his dark-chocolate tone. The short blonde peaked around him and smiled at his reflection in the mirror. She was TJ’s soon-to-be former police partner. The two police officers crashed at Ulysses’ apartment the previous night.“I’m going to grab a shower, want to join me?” Nicole asked. Ulysses smiled and nodded, following her past his bed, glancing over to a still sleeping TJ as they made their way to the shower.Her ass was amazing. Ulysses often wondered how many squats and lunges she did a day. Out of the few times they’ve slept together, Ulysses always had trouble with his stamina while with her. The steam from the shower rose to envelop them both. Nicole moaned loud enough to wake TJ. He would no doubt want to join them.Ulysses was right. TJ knocked on the glass door of the shower a few minutes later, “Can I come in?”“No,” Ulysses told his best friend and half-brother. “Let me finish and I’ll come out. 30 seconds.” He didn’t want to share a shower with both Nicole and TJ, since TJ was much taller and larger than him. Fitting two people in his shower was difficult enough, adding a massively muscular black man like TJ, was near impossible.Nicole went to her knees like she normally does when receives cum. She gobbled up as much as she could from Ulysses’ spurting cock. He smiled at her and made his way out of the shower, stepping aside so TJ could enter, grabbing his towel and heading to his closet. He looked through some shirts, not really wanting to dress up, as the orgasmic moans of Nicole in the showered filled the apartment.Ulysses decided on a simple t-shirt and cargo shorts. It wasn’t anything special, but he didn’t care.Later that day he groaned inwardly when Nicole’s sister, Taylor, showed up with not one, but two friends. A Puerto Rican named Claudia, whose sister, Fernanda, was organizing the opening event, and a gorgeous brunette named Angela – all three women had big, muscular, backsides, just like Nicole. They were all models for the magazine, which catered to African-American males between the ages of 18 and 35, and were all wearing short cocktail dresses of varying solid colors. He tried to hide his sigh of annoyance. He knew he wouldn’t be getting any sleep tonight.The four women split up. Two went to each to TJ’s arms; the remaining two went to Ulysses’. Nicole and her sister were on the arm of TJ, Ulysses was stuck with the other two. He knew Claudia somewhat but didn’t know Angela. He was polite enough, attempting to make chit chat through dinner.When they arrived at the strip club, Ulysses begrudgingly made his way in with the two women on his arm. It was very crowded, but at the same time, very nice and upscale. The six of them found a table and ordered drinks.Ulysses sighed again, taking in his surroundings, thinking that it was one night only and that it was no big deal. He took a sip of his drink when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He stood and smiled, instantly recognizing the woman. It was Fernanda. She was a six feet tall Puerto Rican goddess. He knew, through his step-mother, Devin, that Fernanda worked for and with the developers of this shopping center, which contained the strip club. She oversaw its construction for her boss. Claudia stood and greeted her sister as well.Fernanda introduced her associate, a very wide and muscular black man named, Fat Rob, and the four of them chatted for a few moments. Fernanda had to go backstage to check on things with Fat Rob, but told Ulysses to please stop by and see her next time he was in Miami. He agreed and told the family friend goodbye.TJ’s father, Tony, came by the table a few minutes later to join them. He was with an older white woman. Ulysses didn’t catch her name, but within a few moments she dragged TJ off for a private dance. Tony, watching his son head to the private area, asked which one of the ladies was his son’s partner. Nicole smiled and raised her hand. Taylor added that she was her sister. Tony slipped to the empty chair left by TJ and put his arm around the two blondes. Ulysses watched them giggle and flirt with the older black man.After a few minutes of flirting and whispering, Tony nodded to the door, “We can get back in,” Ulysses heard him say. Taylor told Angela and Claudia they’ll be right back. The two blondes nodded to Tony and followed him as he stood, leading them out of the club. Ulysses watched Tony place his hands on each one of the woman’s asses as they left.It was just Ulysses and the remaining two women at the table. They were sitting, idly chatting with each other, with Ulysses in the middle. He was bored out of his mind. Their hands caressing his thighs under the table didn’t even excite him much. He just wanted to go home.Then she took the stage. She was tall, maybe Ulysses’ height, around 5’10.” She had short, pageboy style, blonde hair that curved her face, a beautiful hourglass figure, fairly large breasts, and even through all the makeup, Ulysses could tell she was young. She was younger than all the other women he’d seen there. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. There was something about her, something that made him feel sadness but attraction at the same time. He wondered how old she was as she worked the pole like a pro. He wondered if her parents knew she was there. He wondered if she even had parents. He watched her move and gyrate, slowly removing her sequined bikini, revealing those lovely breasts. He was mesmerized and he wanted to talk to her, to find out more about her.“Want me to buy you a private dance from her?” Claudia whispered into his right ear. “My sister may be able to see that I get a discount.”“Huh?” Ulysses was shaken from his trance as he turned to face her.Claudia glanced down at his crotch, “Looks like you like her. It feels like you like her,” Claudia grinned, her hands squeezing and rubbing an erection that had grown down the length of his thigh, the cockhead nearly extending from the bottom of his cargo shorts.“I, uh, sure,” he replied, watching the girl exit the stage to change outfits and make her way to the large room like the rest of the strippers did.At this point, Ulysses noted that Nicole and Taylor had returned from wherever they went with TJ’s father. They both had tale-tale smiles on their face. The kind of smile Nicole had last night and today when she exited the shower with TJ. Claudia had gotten up to go find the dancer. Angela took over cock squeezing and rubbing duties. Ulysses smiled politely at her and looked around the room. He saw TJ talking to his dad and the woman that dragged him off. They finished their conversation and headed back toward the table.Ulysses was annoyed and was hoping Claudia would return soon as he was looking for an excuse to leave the table. Angela had pulled his cock out from under his cargo shorts and began jacking it under the table as she went on and on about much she loves black cock. She said she’s glad she’s not staying with her Aunt Emily in town, complaining about her seven c***dren in her crowded home.“You have an aunt named Emily?” Ulysses said, starting to see some resemblance.“I do. Do you know her?” Angela asked.Ulysses thought back to about to a year prior when he sprayed semen all over Emily’s pregnant belly, and then a few months following that event, grabbing her pregnant belly tightly in his arms as he pounded her relentlessly, hoping to induce labor.“I just used to be a yoga instructor, and there was an Emily in one class. Probably wasn’t her though,” He said, turning his gaze away from Angela and gulping.Finally, after about 15 minutes, Claudia returned. She wasn’t alone, the stripper was with her. Angela put Ulysses’ cock back where it belonged, pulling his cargo shorts down to conceal it. “Here she is,” Claudia presented the stripper to Ulysses.“Hi,” he awkwardly said to her.“Ready for a private dance? Follow me,” She said, smiling energetically, holding out her hand. Even her voice sounded young. Ulysses stood, grabbing her hand, following her to the rooms to the side. He turned around back to his table, to see TJ talking with Nicole and Taylor, and Tony leaving the strip club with Angela and Claudia just like he did with the other two women earlier in the night.Chapter 2Ulysses couldn’t take his eyes off the stripper’s gorgeous blue ones. The music started and she started swaying back and forth for him. She turned around, rubbing her thong-covered butt against Ulysses’ crotch, causing him to groan.The dancer moaned, feeling Ulysses’ erect cock against her butt through his shorts. She turned around and straddled him, “What’s your name?” she asked.“Ulysses. What’s yours?”“Penny,” she answered, grinding back and forth on his lap. “Feels like you got a nice dick.”Ulysses nodded awkwardly,”Is that your real name? Or a fake one you use when dancing?”“It’s my real name,” She said, arching her back, unclasping her bikini top, pulling it down, exposing her large breasts. Ulysses looked on in wonder. She was so young looking in the face, but her body was not young looking at all.“How old are you?” Ulysses asked. Penny moved to her knees in front of him, rubbing her breasts all around his lap.“I turned 18 yesterday,” She replied, looking at him seductively, rolling her shoulders, her tits dragging across Ulysses’ hidden erection. His eyes shot open, he couldn’t believe she was 18.“Really? How long have you been doing this?”Penny rose to his lap again, moaning, running her hands all over his chest, dipping them under his shirt, and running them over his toned stomach. “Almost three years,” she replied, dry humping him, moaning in his ear.“What?!? Are you serious?” He asked, jerking his head back, breaking her of her concentration.“Yeah, I ran away and came here. Now then, where was it?” She ran her hands up over her breasts as she grinded against Ulysses.“Wait, you don’t have a place to go? Where do you live?”“Baby, I wouldn’t worry about that if I were you. Since you’re curious, I live with one of the older strippers and sometimes stay with Fat Rob,” Penny explained then continued her lap dance.“Have you been to high school?”Penny was getting frustrated. “Stop talking! No, no school. I ran away from home, I lived in Miami. I’m here now, doing this. Alright? Can we continue this now? The song is almost over.”Ulysses shut up, seeing he annoyed the dancer who was simply trying to do her job. He was visibly concerned for the girl, watching her gorgeous ass grind against him. He sighed when the song was over, watched her dress, and followed her back out. She thanked and went on her way.“Wait!” He called out to her. Penny turned around, still slightly annoyed at him. Ulysses was pulling out a card from his wallet. It had his cell phone number and his work phone number the modeling agency assigned him, along with an email address.“Here, Take this. If you ever need a place to crash or just want to go get some food, give me a call,” he told her.Penny nodded, taking the card, smiling softly, and went to the backstage area. Ulysses headed back to his table. A few moments later, Claudia and Angela returned with Tony, goofy looks plastering their faces.The rest of the evening was incredibly boring for him. Penny hadn’t taken the stage again. For the next couple ours, he watched TJ’s dad chat with Fat Rob, Angela, Claudia, Nicole, Taylor, each woman taking turns following Fat Rob into his office most likely to have sex.When the last of the four women went back to Fat Rob’s, Penny danced again, finally. Ulysses watched her with sadness and sympathy. He felt her pitiful life could’ve been better. She had no high school education, no college, no real job, and wasn’t homeless, though didn’t have her own place.“Everyone ready to go? I’m sore!” Nicole joked, back from Fat Rob’s office, straightening her hair. They all nodded and stood to leave.“Hey give me a minute, I’ll catch up,” Ulysses said, following Penny as she left the stage. He was able to watch her going into, what zonguldak escort he presumed to be, Fat Rob’s office. Ulysses carefully snuck down the dim hallway, seeing Penny in the distance dash into the office. Someone walked by Ulysses causing him to pretend he was either working there or waiting for someone. After the moment passed he continued down the hallway.He heard her. He heard her moaning. “Uh, Uh, Ahh, yess!”When Ulysses peeped into the door’s window, he saw Penny bouncing up and down on the fattest cock he had ever seen. Her head was thrown back, Fat Rob was clutching her waist, and his black cock was covered in creamy, white, pussy juices.Ulysses shook his head, leaving to go catch up with his friends.********************Nicole and her sister, Taylor, were riding TJ and Ulysses respectively while Claudia and Angela waited their turns. The two men lay side-by-side in bed and the two sisters held hands, bouncing up and down, climaxing together.“Ok our turn,” Claudia said, spanking Taylor, Ulysses’ cock slurping out of her when she moved off him. Claudia began moaning and riding him to her own climax. The four women did this most of the night, all four taking turns riding the two black men to orgasm. Ulysses was right; he would hardly sleep at all. Thoughts of Penny ran through his head. He couldn’t believe she had been doing this occupation, and who knows what else, for so long. She was just a k**.Chapter 3A few months later, it was mid-May, and Devin, Ulysses’ former stepmother was having dinner at his apartment. Ulysses hugged her from behind, smelling her thick blonde hair, kissing her shoulders while she cleaned some of the dishes. They were both naked and had been for most of the day.“Mmmm, Michelle doesn’t know what she’s missing,” Devin moaned, referring to a coworker Ulysses occasionally alluded he had feelings for, leaning her head back on his shoulder.“Desert time,” She said playfully, going to her knees. Ulysses loved this woman. Devin and her sisters had been servicing him since he was a teenager. He often thought, now that she was divorced from his dad that he could be with her, thinking maybe she could be the woman that makes him forget all about his coworker, Michelle. Ulysses had all but forgotten about meeting that poor girl at the strip club.They made love for most of the evening, his bed slamming against the wall, Devin urging him on to finish. He took a break around midnight, standing on his apartment balcony, nude, checking his cell phone when it rang. He didn’t recognize the number. He wondered in the back of his mind if it might just be that young girl he saw earlier in the year.It was. Penny was crying, asking him if he remembered her, to which Ulysses assured her he never forgot. She asked if she could come by for a few days. She said she was running away from Fat Rob, explaining that he’s getting too demanding, too aggressive, and too rough with the girls.Ulysses couldn’t say no. He quickly informed Devin of the situation, hearing her remark about how he was too nice. Ulysses moaned, watching her perfectly toned 40 year old body, slide out of bed and put on a bathrobe.“I’ll be naked again soon,” Devin promised, heading to the kitchen to warm up leftovers for the visitor.Penny arrived in about an hour. Someone had given her a ride. She looked haggard, tired, and hungry. Ulysses smiled warmly to her, welcoming her in, introducing her to his stepmother, showing her around. She inhaled the leftover food from dinner, devouring every last morsel, smiling awkwardly when she finished.“It’s fine, I have plenty more,” Ulysses chuckled. He showed her to her bedroom, letting her know she could stay as long as she needed. Devin shot him a questioning look as she headed back to his bedroom. He grabbed her some towels and made sure she had enough blankets if she needed them. “Thanks,” Penny said, looking to the floor.“It’s not a problem, I told you, I’m here to help.”“I really appreciate it. I’ll only be here for a few days,” Penny said.“However long you need. I’m going to head to bed, don’t hesitate to wake me if you need anything.” Ulysses nodded and left the guest room.Right as he got to his door, he paused, thinking he forgot to show her where the laundry room was. He figured she could find it, but wanted to be sure. As he went back to the guest room, he peeped through the door, before opening it all the way. Penny was lying on her side, facing the door, still in her clothes, her eyes shut. Ulysses smiled, entered the room and turned off the light.Ulysses headed back to his bedroom to find Devin out on the balcony, nude, watching the city lights in the distance. Ulysses stripped down and joined her. Holding her breasts from behind, kissing her neck, she asked him if Penny was ok.“I think she’s asleep,” he replied.“Please be careful. You don’t know if people are after her or not,” Devin warned.“I think it’ll be fine,” Ulysses assured her, bending slightly at the knees, guiding his cock into her from behind.Chapter 4After Devin and Ulysses showered together the next morning, she prepared breakfast for him and Penny. Penny, again, devoured it hungrily. Devin flashed Ulysses a concerned look, said goodbye to them both, and headed to work.“Ok, I have some work to do today at the gym. I teach yoga every once and awhile and I’m a personal trainer. So I’ll be gone for several hours. Please just relax and make yourself at home,” He told Penny as he tied his tennis shoes.“I will. Thanks so much for everything,” she said softly.Ulysses patted her knee and stood, smiling down at her, “Please call me if you need anything ok?”Penny nodded, curling up on the couch, having showered after breakfast.Ulysses left, wondering if she might be gone by the time he returned later in the day. He wondered if she might steal something, thinking that he didn’t have any cash hidden around or weapons, admonishing himself for not completely trusting the girl. He called TJ, who was in Tampa Bay now, briefing him of the situation. He also warned Ulysses to be careful.“I think it’ll be fine,” He said into the phone, pulling into a nice suburb a few hours after leaving his apartment. He had been to the gym and taught two yoga classes. He needed a shower.“I hope so. You can’t always trust people,” His half-brother, TJ, added.“I know, I know,” Ulysses said, making a right turn, getting closer to the house he was driving to.“Alright well, just, hide valuables, be ready to change the lock on your apartment if need be, and consider locking your bedroom at night.”“Heh, right. Gotcha, I’ll do that,” Ulysses said, putting his car in park in a driveway. “Alright well I’m going to go shower and I’ll talk to you later.”********************“Ahh! Yes! Yes!” Jennifer cried out. The single, red headed, mom was climaxing again in the shower with Ulysses. She was straddling him, while he stood, pumping his hips upward, pinning her against the wall.“Ohhh, yes!” She moaned, clutching Ulysses tightly.A couple hours later, Ulysses was putting on a clean set of gym clothes, “It was nice seeing you again Jennifer.”“Likewise. I always enjoy a good fuck when Alex is out,” She said, referring to her son working at his part-time summer job.“Great, I’ll call you again sometime, and we’ll have more fun.” Ulysses said, grabbing his bag, kissing his friend clothed in only her bathrobe.Ulysses headed home, wondering if Penny was still there, expecting her to not be. He found that his apartment was locked, nothing out of the ordinary there, he entered and what he did find was out of the ordinary. Penny had cleaned it from top to bottom.She was on all fours in the kitchen wearing a sports bra and gray yoga shorts, strenuously scrubbing the floor.“Penny?” Ulysses asked, setting his bag down.“Oh hi!” Penny piped up, quickly standing. “I thought I’d clean it for you,” she said, looking around, showing off her work.“Yeah, it looks amazing. Thank you!” Ulysses went to hug her, but she backed away.“Ugh, I’m all sweaty and nasty. Let me shower,” Penny explained.“Sure,” he chuckled, looking around the kitchen. He caught a glimpse of Penny as she entered the bathroom, pulling her sports bra over her head, noticing her glistening back.Ulysses looked around, attempting to see if anything was out of order, noticing that everything appeared fine. His bedroom was perfect. Clean sheets, clean bed spread and no dirty clothes. His bathroom was spotless. He always cleaned the bathroom first, due to his frequent female visitors, such as his stepmother, her sisters, and a host of other sexual partners. He noted that Penny did a far better job that he ever could – he was genuinely impressed with everything she had done.The living room area looked great as well. The carpet was vacuumed and everything was tidy. Ulysses sat on the couch in awe. Several minutes later, Penny exited the guest bedroom, wearing a large white towel, brushing her hair. “You like?” she asked, sitting down right next to Ulysses.“Yes, thank you so much. This is a clean as it was when I moved in,” He said.“See, having a stripper living with you isn’t all bad. Fat Rob always had me clean his house too,” She said, looking down slightly saddened.“Hey, let’s go out to dinner tonight. My treat,” Ulysses suggested.Penny looked up; her face filled joy, as if she hadn’t been taken to a restaurant before. “Really? That’d be awesome!” She smiled widely, throwing her arms around Ulysses, catching him off guard. He had no choice but to gently hug her back.A few hours later they were sitting in a nice restaurant. Penny was wearing a fairly mild dress, much to Ulysses surprise, coming down to her knees, not displaying very much cleavage. Her blonde hair molded her face perfectly, highlighting her young looking face.They chatted for a few hours, Penny mostly asking questions about Ulysses’ life, his modeling work, his family and so on.He was taken aback by how different she seemed out of the strip club. Thinking back to that night where Penny gave him a private dance, Ulysses realized he was seeing the real Penny. She was sweet, easy to talk to, mixed with a c***d-like naivety that could only be explained by her not being in school and around k**s her own age. Perhaps this Fat Rob man never let her leave his house, maybe servicing him and working at the strip club was all she’s known for the past couple years.Ulysses wanted to ask Penny about her family and her life, but didn’t want to invade her privacy, recalling that night he asked her questions while she danced. He figured maybe it was because she was working, but let it go, hoping that she would open up to him when she was ready.Ulysses opened the passenger side door again for Penny after their meal. He again, like a gentlemen, opened his door for her upon arrival at his apartment. He got her some water and joined her back on the couch.“I had a really great time with you tonight,” Ulysses said, smiling and facing her. “You’re a really sweet girl.”Penny blushed, looking to her lap, “Thanks.”The chatted a few more minutes before Ulysses stood and made his way to the kitchen. He took some vitamins, gulping water to wash them down, and turned back to Penny, “Alright I’m going to head to bed.”“Oh,” Penny stood, smiling politely. “Alright.”Ulysses smiled back, walking slowly toward Penny, putting his arms around her, holding her tightly. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”Penny nodded and they parted ways for the evening.Chapter 5Penny fixed dinner the next night. It was spaghetti and it was delicious. She said it was the only meal she was any good at cooking. Ulysses ate it up, moaning thankfully as he ate. “This was really sweet of you to fix dinner.”“My pleasure. You’re helping much so much by letting me stay,” Penny said.After dinner they cleaned the kitchen together and headed to the couch. Ulysses smiled when Penny snuggled up next to him. He put his arm around her, his hand resting on her hip, while he watched a little TV. After the first show, he noticed she was asleep. A little later, he slowly got off couch, squatted, sliding his arms under her, and lifted her off it, carrying her to the guest room. He tucked her in. She seemed so comfortable and happy.********************“Ah shit!” Devin exclaimed while riding Ulysses’ cock an hour later. She was straddling him in her bed, her hands running through her thick blonde mane. Ulysses grabbed her tits, holding them as she bounced on him. He had left Penny a note, sticking it to his door, stating he’d be back soon in the event she woke up.He headed to his stepmother’s for sex and to chat. After Devin climaxed again she collapsed on Ulysses, peppering his dark chocolate chest with kisses while he ran his hand through her hair.“So she’s still there huh?” Devin asked.“Yep, she’s been great. She cleaned the apartment. She fixed dinner. She really is a nice girl,” Ulysses explained.“Maybe you should see if she could go home. Perhaps find her parents,” Devin suggested.“Yeah, I could. I just don’t want to pry. I want her to feel comfortable around me,” Ulysses said.“I understand,” She said, rising up to kiss his nipple.“I have to go to Miami soon for work. Maybe I’ll ask if she wants to come with me, since she said she was from there,” Ulysses suggested. Devin agreed she could pop in on the girl when he was out of town for work if she refused his offer.********************The next evening they were on the couch again, watching TV after dinner, Ulysses’ arm was around her. When she show went off, Ulysses spoke up, “So you said you were from Miami right? I go there pretty often for photo shoots.”“Oh, yeah. I was born there.”“I see. Well I have to go there a couple times next month. If you want to hitch a ride with me, you can. I sometimes drive down there. I prefer it over flying.”“Oh,” Penny sat up, nodding.“Yeah I just figured if you want, it might be kinda nice to get away, maybe see some friends or family you had there. Just stuff like that,” Ulysses shrugged.“Yeah,” Penny said, slowly turning back to the TV.“Alright, well I’m going to shower and head to bed. Goodnight!” Ulysses, said, giving her a brief hug, not wanting to press matters and let her think about his offer. He hoped he came across friendly enough and didn’t seem like he was trying to get rid of her.In the shower, Ulysses was casually stroking his cock, thinking about Michelle. He felt bad for lusting after her, he wanted to make love to her, not fuck her senselessly like he did Jennifer. He had to admit he loved red heads. There were no strings attached to sex with Jennifer. She was in her early 40s and knew just what she wanted. Stroking his now erect cock, Ulysses thought to himself, “I guess what she wants is black dick. I don’t blame her.”Ulysses, escort zonguldak using his incredible, yoga-powered flexibility, coupled with a long cock, bent forward as far as he could, kissing his own bulbous cockhead several times. He wrapped his lips just around the tip, sucking gently. He was happy to be able to pleasure himself if Devin wasn’t available. She was always the woman he slept with when no others were around. From time-to-time, he felt like changing that, but wanted to wait to see how things go with Michelle. He stopped sucking the tip of his own glorious member and washed off, deciding against performing full on auto-fellatio, he stood back up, smiling. He was startled when his shower door opened. Penny was standing there in his bathroom completely naked.Chapter 6“Penny! What are you doing?!?” A startled Ulysses exclaimed.Penny said nothing, entering his shower, pushing the matching height Ulysses back against the shower stall. She grabbed his face, pulling it to her own, and began kissing him madly. Ulysses tried to speak, but her tongue flowed into his mouth, swirling around his. She ended the kiss by sucking on his bottom lip and looking into his eyes.“If you’re taking me home to Miami, I wanted to do this before I leave,” Penny said, smiling softly.Ulysses said nothing, grabbing her face, pulling it toward his own. Their mouth entwined once more, the hot water pouring down on them, her arms wrapping around his shoulders. Ulysses bent at the knees, picked her up, moving her to straddle him, never taking his mouth off hers. He fumbled his way with his eyes closed to turn off the shower and open the door.In the bathroom he sat her down on the counter, breaking the kiss momentarily, to slowly guide his cock in. Sliding it in all the way, Penny moaned, gripping the back of his head, pulling him in for more kissing. Ulysses began pumping in and out of her, slamming against her cervix, relishing her loud moans of pleasure. He kept thrusting, sliding her wet body across the bathroom counter, closer to the door.“You’re beautiful,” He said, in between breaths.“So are you,” Penny whispered, touching his face.Ulysses picked her up, impaling her deeper, opened the door, waddled out to his bedroom and slammed Penny down on his bed. Her feet locked him place. He broke their kiss and moved to her neck, kissing, licking, and sucking on it while he continuously slammed his hips into her.“Ah! Yes! Fuck me!” Penny moaned as Ulysses worked.Several minutes later, Ulysses had pushed her all the way to the head board of his bed, Penny stopping their backward movement with her hand. Her mouth hung open, her breathing picked up, her body was tense, and she was cumming. The 18 year old let out loud moan, shutting her eyes, gripping at Ulysses’ dark flesh. He didn’t stop though; he kept thrusting through her climax, sucking and nibbling her neck.Ulysses sat up, going to his knees, bringing her with him. Her legs still wrapped around his waist. Ulysses grabbed her rib cage, just below her breasts, continuing his assault. “Cum! Cum for me!” he gritted his teeth, ordering her to climax again, loving the way her pussy convulsed around his cock.Penny rested her hands on his shoulders, throwing her head back, arching her back, “Ahh! Yes! Yes! Harder!”Ulysses turned into a b**st, slamming her back down on the bed, taking her legs from around his waist, rolling her over onto her stomach, grabbing and bringing her hips back, and then plunging his cock back in balls deep.Thirty minutes later, Penny was whimpering after several orgasms, both their bodies now wet from sweat, Ulysses still slamming into her from behind. He rubbed the sweat into her skin, taking a moment to catch his breath, “You feel so good,” he said, rubbing her back.He grabbed her hair, bringing her back up against his chest. He held her large breasts, gently kneading them in his grasp, kissing along her neck. Penny turned around. She kissing Ulysses once more, moaning as their tongues wrestled. She pulled him down on top of her, rolling him over, kissing him. She was on top now, pinning his hands down to the mattress, dangling her breasts in front of his face, his tongue flicking at a nipple before he freed one hand to grab her tit flesh. He moaned as he sucked her breast like a starving baby.Penny guided him back in and began slowly grinding herself against him while he sucked her tits, switching to one, feeling Penny’s body tense up, listening for her cry of pleasure, then switching to the other and repeating the process.Penny ground and rode him for another thirty minutes. Her nipples were numb, her clit was numb, and she lost count of how many orgasms she had.“I don’t have any condoms. If I’m going to cum I should – ” Ulysses started to say.“Cum in me,” Penny interrupted him. “Fat Rob had my tubes tied.”Ulysses released a tit from his mouth in shock. He simply looked up to Penny not sure of what to say. He started to ask questions, but Penny placed her index finger on his mouth, “Shhh. Just cum in me. Please?”Ulysses nodded, resuming his tit sucking, working his way up her neck, and into a seating position. Penny was bouncing up and down in his lap, her head being held by Ulysses’ left hand, her neck being sucked on, and her ass cheek being gripped by Ulysses’ right and. “I’m cumming,” Ulysses whispered.Penny didn’t stop; she kept bouncing up and down on him. Ulysses’ mouth hung open, moaning, feeling his balls tense up, staring into her blue eyes. “Ahhh, yes, here it is,” he whispered, not looking away from her as his cock erupted inside her body, filling her to the brim, overflowing out of her pussy, semen trickling down to his balls. “Yes!”Ulysses collapsed back onto the mattress. Penny followed him, lying on top of his chest, while he grabbed and massaged her butt. They said nothing, lying there sweaty, recovering from their first of many sessions. Fifteen minutes later, Ulysses was ready to go again, thrusting up into her, his cock filling her pussy over and over again.They were on the bed, rolling off it onto the floor, up against the wall, and out on the balcony with Penny crying out into the hot night, her sounds of pleasure echoing against other buildings.Slamming her back down on the bed an hour later, Ulysses climbed on top of her once more, slowly going in and out. He was tired; she was tired, they wanted to cum in unison once more. As his semen started spurting out of his pulsing cock deep inside her, he thought about how he’d miss her, he thought about how he was doing the right thing by taking her home, he felt like this would be getting her reunited with her family and possibly getting on the right track – finishing high school, working on a degree, and getting a better job.He filled her with cum once more and collapsed next to her. Penny turned her head, kissing him slowly, lapping at his mouth, even their tongues showing signs of fatigue. She rolled over, facing away from him, Ulysses putting his arm around her, holding her tight against his body.They awoke a few hours later, showered, ate breakfast nude, and continued. Licking and kissing her butt and puckered hole before he guided his cock into her anus, Ulysses took her repeatedly in every way until that evening when they finally collapsed once again. He had work to do the next day and needed rest.Chapter 7A few days later, Ulysses was napping, lying naked, face down on his bed. His eyes slowly opened when he felt something tickle his calf muscle. It was wet, slippery, and traveled up his leg. Penny was licking him. She licked over his muscular buttocks, up the crevasse of his spine, and finally, to his neck, whispering in his ear, “Time to wake up. Get on your hands and knees for me.”Ulysses smiled, doing as requested, looking over his shoulder at Penny. She stared seductively into his eyes while kissing her way back to his ass. Running her tongue over his cheek, she reached through his legs, gently pulling on his strengthening cock. “Time to milk you,” she said, stroking his cock, peppering his ass crack with kisses which evolved into slow, long licks.Ulysses eyes rolled into the back of his head. He was amazed at this girl. She was incredible. He moaned when her tongue clicked across his anus. She was practically French-kissing his butthole. It felt so very good. Ulysses knew he wouldn’t last long.“Mmmmm,” she moaned, jacking him off, his cock pointing down to the mattress, her tongue slithering around his dark brown puckered hole. She moaned once more and inserted the tip of her invading tongue into him, sending shivers up Ulysses’ spine. “Yes,” he whispered, thinking about how experienced she was for someone who recently turned 18 a few months prior.With her tongue slurping in and out of his anus, saliva dripping down to his balls and shaft providing more lubrication for Penny to use, Ulysses blew his load, a powerful orgasm flowing through him. He sprayed semen on to the mattress. Penny took her tongue out of his ass, bent down, and began gobbling as much cum up as she could from the sheets, and then turned around to squeeze a few more drips out of Ulysses’ dangling cock.********************Penny’s bag was packed, sitting by the door next to Ulysses’. Earlier in the day he got an oil change, checked the tire pressure, and took his car through a car wash. He was late on the evening before they were to leave at 5am.Ulysses was lying naked in bed, sipping on a drink his stepmother made him. He was watching Devin and Penny kiss each other, both their hands gripping his cock, their tongues twirling around each other, occasionally lapping at his cockhead. Ulysses wasn’t too fond of threeways with two women, as they tended to shift their focus to each other, but he enjoyed watching these two blonde beauties service him and each other.A little later Devin was sitting on his face, while Penny was riding his cock. The two women were holding hands to balance themselves and kissing frantically. Ulysses assumed that Devin would initiate a threeway, she always loved them.An hour passed, Ulysses drifted off to sleep, still nude, with Penny on his left side, Devin on his right. He was looking forward to the drive down in the morning. It’d be a long one he’d have to make on his own, since Penny didn’t have a driver’s license, but he was fine with that. They would stop in Tampa Bay and stay the night with TJ, before heading to Miami the following morning.********************It noon the next day and Ulysses pulled into a gas station to refill his tank, buy some snacks, and use the bathroom. “We’re here,” he said, tapping Penny on her head. She took the cock she had been sucking on the whole ride, out of her mouth, and smiled up at him.Ulysses filled up his tank and went inside. Penny followed closely behind him. They picked out some snacks and Ulysses made his way to the men’s restroom. “I’ll be right back,” He told Penny. She smiled mischievously at him, looking toward the cashier, and then pushed him into the bathroom.Ulysses couldn’t help but chuckle, standing there in the stall, while Penny held his cock for him, letting the urine flow into the toilet. When he was done, Penny moved in front of him, sitting on the toilet herself, holding his cock at the base and began sucking it, cleaning it. “I’m really going to miss this thing,” she said, her shorts down around her ankles, as her own urine flowed into the toilet. Ulysses was going to miss her too, but he knew this was the right thing to do.Later that evening after having dinner with TJ at his apartment, the two men sat at the swimming pool, watching Penny play in the pool. There was a young k** there in the pool with her, he was probably 10 or 11, and Penny had gotten into a water splashing fight with him. Ulysses assumed his parents would be there to call him inside soon.They watched her play with the k**, smiling at her silliness. “She’s a sweet girl,” TJ said, “I’m glad you taking her home.”“Yeah me too. I hope she can get her life on track,” Ulysses sighed watching Penny play. “So how have things been here with you? Seeing any women?”“Yeah a few, but to be honest, none are as good as Nicole,” TJ answered, referring to his former police partner.“Yeah she’s got an incredible body.”“Have you seen her any since I left?” TJ asked.“A few times yeah, last saw her back in April or so. We had sex, but it wasn’t the same without you there.”“Yeah I know what you mean. There’s the one Venezuelan woman that lives on the floor above me. I’d love if we have time and she’s around for you and me to take her,” TJ said.“Maybe,” Ulysses shrugged, “we do make a good team.”“Yep. So what are your plans? Leave in the morning, go to Miami for a few days, then drive home from there?” TJ asked.Penny pushed the k** in the water, and then jumped in next to him, splashing him. “Yeah,” Ulysses said.Just then Penny climbed out of the pool, made her way to Ulysses, playfully standing above him, dripping water on him. He looked up and smiled, shaking his head at her silliness.********************“Ahhh!” Penny screamed out in pleasure, throwing her head back on Ulysses’ shoulder. He was behind her sliding his cock in and out of her in unison with TJ. TJ was on the mattress, sucking away on Penny’s tits, pumping his hips upward in unison with Ulysses.Her body was going numb. They had been double stuffing her for an hour. “You ready?” Ulysses grunted at TJ.“Yep,” he replied, gritting his teeth, clutching her ribcage. “Let’s do it.”The two men began pumping into her Penny harder and faster, grunting as they worked toward their climax. In a few minutes their cocks started twitching against each other’s and they simultaneously impaled Penny once more, burying themselves all the way to the base in her stretched out pussy. Their cocks erupted and bathed her insides and their own shafts in semen. They cried out in pleasure as the mutual orgasm subsided.Penny lifted herself off and away from TJ and Ulysses. Semen flowed from her, dribbling down her leg, dripping onto the bed sheets. She collapsed on the bed next to TJ. Ulysses followed suit. The men turned to their side, Penny cradling them against her, and began sucking lightly on her nipples. After several minutes, they held on to the girl, drifting off to sleep.Chapter 8“We’re here,” Ulysses told Penny the next afternoon after they arrived in Miami. They were at the house Penny grew up in. She took Ulysses’ cock out of her mouth and sat up, wiping her mouth with the back of her forearm, looking around at her surroundings.“Looks the same,” She noticed, opening the car door. Ulysses followed her to the door, where she rang the door bell.A woman opened it, glancing at both of them, not totally zonguldak escort bayan sure who they were at first. Then it set in. She recognized one of them as her daughter, her eyes lighting up, her mouth dropping, “P-Penny?”Penny nodded, smiling weakly at the woman. “What, what are you, I didn’t know,” the woman tried to say. “Please come in,” She finally settled on saying. Ulysses followed Penny into her home.There was a quiet awkwardness in the air. Penny introduced the woman as Holly, her mother. She was a few inches shorter than Penny, in her early 40’s, had long blonde hair. “It’s good to see you, sweetie. I knew you were up in Atlanta, but I didn’t have your address.” Holly said.“I know, I should’ve at least given that to you, but I was sort of not in a good spot,” Penny said.“Well, you’re here now, and you can stay for as long as you want.” Holly added. There was tension and Ulysses could tell Holly wasn’t trying to be too overbearing or emotional with Penny. He had no idea why she left in the first place, but it sounds like her choice to run away wasn’t objected to very much by her mother.The three of them chatted a bit; Penny explaining Ulysses was a good friend and offered to give her a ride to Miami since he had work here to do. Holly was very polite, thanking him several times, offering him some water. He watched Holly give Penny a light hug. It was awkward but he could tell by the way Holly closed her eyes that she was glad her estranged daughter was safe. They ended the hug, Holly rubbing Penny’s shoulders, “It’s good to have you back.”Ulysses cleared his throat, “It was nice meeting you Holly. But I should probably get going.” Penny turned to face him, watching him stand, her eyes full of sadness.“Will I see you again?” She asked.“Sure, I’ll be back in Miami at the end of this month, I’ll come by and say hello if that’s ok,” Ulysses looking to a nodding and smiling Holly.Penny rose to hug him. Ulysses held her tightly against him, genuinely missing her already. He pushed her away, only to be hugged tightly by Holly. “Thank you,” she whispered in her ear.Ulysses watched Penny out of the rear view mirror of his car, confused, wondering why she left, wondering why Holly didn’t break down in tears when she saw her daughter. He had no idea, but it was done now. Penny was home where she belonged.Ulysses checked into his hotel, went to his room, took a brief nap, and then called a friend.********************Fernanda opened her door, smiling warmly at Ulysses, “I told you I’d stop by when I was in town next,” he told her.“Yes, yes you did,” Fernanda said, removing her fluffy pink bathrobe, letting it fall to the floor. Another naked woman appeared next to her, sliding her arm around Fernanda’s waist.“Who is this?” Ulysses asked, confused.“It is my sister Sandrah,” Fernanda answered.“Sandrah?” Ulysses asked, looking to his hands, counting on his fingers, thinking about Claudia. “How many sisters do you have?”“Just get in here silly!” Fernanda grabbed him by his shirt, pulling him into her house.********************Several days later, Devin collapsed on Ulysses’ chest, whimpering once more from another orgasm. “Have a safe flight tomorrow,” She said breathlessly.“I will,” Ulysses replied, opting to fly to Miami for his second visit in June instead of driving. The last two weeks or so was spent having sex with Devin and Jennifer, occasionally at the same time, but usually not.“I want you to go there and not worry about Penny. You can check on her, see how she is, but please go out, have fun, take your mind off her and even Michelle.”“I’ve been trying to. You have helped with that,” Ulysses replied.“Good, it’s what I’m here for. Go out one night while there, find the prettiest girl you can, and just have fun with her. Got it?” Devin asked.“Got it,” He answered.Chapter 9Ulysses pulled his rental car into the driveway of Penny’s house. She greeted him warmly at the door, throwing her arms around him. It was later in the day. Holly and her husband, Jon, greeted Ulysses as well. There was something odd about Penny; her embrace seemed to indicate sadness and relief to be seeing Ulysses. He shrugged it off, attempting to no longer concern himself, and headed to the living room.The four of them chatted for about an hour or so. Holly and Jon seemed very friendly and personable. Penny sat next to Ulysses, quiet, and holding his arm. After a little while, they all looked to the driveway after hearing a car honk.“That must be Scott, Penny,” Holly said. “Scott is Penny’s older brother. He offered to take her to dinner tonight and go for a nice ride around Miami to see new sites she hadn’t seen yet,” Holly explained.They all stood, Penny nodding to Ulysses, smiling weakly. They hugged each other once more, “Well, have a good evening Penny,” Ulysses said holding her tightly.She nodded back and made her way out the door to the honking car. “Ulysses, please, stay for dinner. We’d love to sit and chat more with you,” Holly pleaded.“Sure,” he smiled warmly at her invitation.Dinner was wonderful. It was a chicken pasta dish, garlic bread, sweet tea, and chocolate pie. Conversation was even better. Ulysses found Holly and Jon extremely outgoing, funny, and entertaining. He was perplexed as to why any c***d would want to run away from them. He discarded those thoughts; sipping more of his tea, while listening to Jon explain how he met Holly after dinner.They told a few more embarrassing stories on each other, Ulysses wanted to, but never brought up Penny, opting to let them go into details about her life if they chose to. What Holly did next shocked but amazed Ulysses at the same time.After a quiet pause in the conversation, she looked to her husband, he nodded to her, and she stood, pulling her white spaghetti-strapped tank top off over her head, unclasped her bra, releasing gorgeously large tits, and smiled at a baffled Ulysses.“Uh,” he looked to Jon.“Ulysses, I’ll cut straight to the point, my husband enjoys filming me having sex with other men – mainly black men. Would care to have some fun?”“Uh,” Ulysses replied, glancing at Jon once more.“Yep, I have my own private collection of her. She’s amazing. We’re swingers you see, so we have a lot of wild, fun times together. Don’t worry I don’t post the videos to the internet,” Jon assured him.********************Ulysses groaned, pulling his cock out her pussy, waiting for Holly to get on her knees in front of him, just as Jon, the “director” instructed him. He stroked his cock a few times before splattering Holly’s face with semen.“Awesome! Great job you two!” Jon complimented them. Ulysses felt silly, weird, and foolish for agreeing to do this, but her breasts were amazing, and it had been since Devin the previous day since he had sex – far too long without cumming.He left later than evening with thoughts of Penny running through his head. “What kind of people did I leave her with? What’s happening here?” He asked himself.Devin’s request to let things go, focus on himself some instead of others, and to have a wonderful time found their way back into his thoughts.Lying awake in bed that night he planned his next evening. He’d go to a nearby night club and do what Devin suggested, find the prettiest girl there, and simply have fun. He was working in the morning – an all day photo shoot with Michelle. He was dreading that, knowing the sexual tension he felt with her would be there, knowing how he felt for her not wanting to cause her any grief or guilt by making a move on the married woman – he had learned to let them make the move first.After an agonizing day on the set with Michelle, Ulysses stripped, climbed on to bed, threw his legs back over his head and proceeded to suck his own cock dry. He loved yoga, he loved having a big, long cock, he loved sucking it has his preferred method of masturbation. He moaned as his seed filled his mouth. Sighing while he laid back on the bed, he thought about the evening, not once worrying about Penny and the odd situation with Holly and Jon.********************“After you,” Ulysses said, opening the door of his hotel room for Denise. He met her at the club he went to. It was her 38th birthday. She was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Gorgeous thick, brown hair, perfect hour glass body, huge breasts; she was the prettiest girl there.She entered, smiling as she put her purse on the chair nearest to the door. She looked around the large penthouse suite, noticing the track lighting in the small kitchen area. Ulysses adjusted the dimmer switch and headed to retrieve the wine. Denise trailed her fingers along the soft, velvet sofa. She walked toward the large window, with the shades pulled back.“Oh wow, you have a great view,” she said, coming to a stop at the window, looking over the city of Miami.“I certainly do,” Ulysses said, approaching her from behind. “The view from the window is nice too.”Denise smiled, shaking her head a bit. Standing behind her, Ulysses sniffed her hair, “You smell amazing, Denise.”“Thank you,” She smiled, still looking out the window. She could feel Ulysses’ breath on her neck and slightly turned her head to the side. She could feel something else too. It was hard, large, and budging against her butt. She smiled a knowing smile to herself and very subtly moved her hips to the left then right, causing her butt cheek to slide across it.“I almost forgot,” Ulysses said, moving to stand next to her at the window, “your wine.” Denise took her glass, turning to stare into Ulysses’ eyes.“Shall I make a toast?” he asked. “To a wonderful birthday and to making new friends.”Denise nodded as they touched glasses, and then took a sip, never taking their eyes off each other.Her pussy was delicious, he ate it for hours. Her tits were amazing, he sucked them for hours. She was incredible in bed, they had sex for hours. They were rolling, moaning, slamming, kissing, licking, sucking, fucking, and cumming all the way until morning.He was following his stepmother’s advice.Chapter 10It was the first of September. Ulysses was back in Miami staying at Denise’s house instead of a hotel. He went to work, he took her to dinner, and then he fucked her all weekend. Oh how he loved making and watching this goddess cum. He had forgotten about Penny.On his way back to the airport, his eyes shot open as he drove passed the exit he recognized that would take him into Penny’s neighborhood. Ulysses checked the time, he’d be arriving at the airport earlier than planned, he had time to stop by and see her. He spun the car around, speeding off back in the other direction.“Oh hi, Ulysses,” Holly greeted him, a solemn look on her face. She adjusted her silk robe to cover up a nipple. She didn’t invite him in.“Hi, I just wanted to say hello to Penny before I flew out this morning.”“Yeah, well, she’s not here,” Holly quickly informed him.“Oh, will she back soon?” Ulysses asked.Holly shook her head, “She went back to Atlanta.”“What?” Ulysses couldn’t believe it. He looked to the grounded, his heart pounding, looking back he saw a huge naked black man walking around Holly’s house behind her.“When did she leave?”“Around the end of July,” Holly said. She had only been in Miami about a month.“I don’t understand. Why?”Holly shrugged, “We caught her having sex with her brother, she played it off like she was being ****d by him, but we know that’s not the case. She got upset and left. Simple as that.”Ulysses blinked rapidly and nodded. “Al-alright,” he stuttered, slowly turning around. Holly closed the door behind him.Sitting on the plane, Ulysses was miserable. He felt like he failed her, he felt like it was his fault, he felt sad and angry that she didn’t try to reach out to him when she returned to Atlanta. He just didn’t understand.********************“I’m sorry sweety,” Devin, lying naked in his arms, running her fingers up and down his chest, told him a few days later upon his return. “I know this is cliché, but things happen for a reason.”“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Ulysses replied. “I just don’t know why she did that?”“What? Sleep with her brother?” Devin asked. “Yeah i****t is very disturbing,” she said, raising to her elbows, kissing her stepson, her tongue slithering around his chest.Ulysses chuckled, pushing her away, “No, I mean why did she come back to Atlanta and not contact me or come by? I could’ve helped her.”“You’re going to have to let it go. Some people are troubled and it would take a miracle for them to change. Sadly, you’re just an amazing, wonderful man, not a miracle worker,” Devin explained. Ulysses smiled, running his arms over her pale, naked body. “Just try to forget about her,” Devin urged him.“I’ll try,” He replied.The following week Ulysses was back at the very same strip club. He couldn’t forget, he had to see Penny again, he had to check on her to see if she was there, if his suspicions were correct, and he had to try talking to her.He waited and waited, but she never came out to dance. He asked one of the strippers if Penny was there. She assured him she was. But she never came out on stage. Ulysses decided to sneak around back to the office areas. He crept down the hall, looking in each room, seeing no one.There was on room near the end of the hallway. Ulysses remembered it was Fat Rob’s, the owner of the club; he made his way to the closed door.He heard her. He heard her moaning. “Uh, Uh, Ahh, yess!”Ulysses peeped into the glass window of the door and he saw Penny bouncing up and down on the fattest cock he had ever seen. Her head was thrown back, Fat Rob was clutching her waist, and his black cock was covered in creamy, white, pussy juices.Penny turned to the door, as if she knew someone was watching her. She kept bouncing, unflinching when she saw Ulysses come into a clearer view. He stood watching her fuck. Her mouth was hanging open; her eyes were half closed, their gaze meeting Ulysses’ eyes. They stared at each other for a few moments. Ulysses sighed and walked away.On his way out the same stripper he asked earlier regarding Penny, stopped him, “Hi. Did you find her?” she asked in her thick southern accent.“Yeah, I did. Thanks,” He said, moving to the side to leave the club.“Hey wait, why you don’t stay for a few minutes. I’ll dance for you,” She asked.“No thanks, I’m going home,” Ulysses replied.“Well, why don’t you wait a few minutes? I’m clocking out soon,” She replied. Ulysses looked her over. She was a brunette, thick long hair, large breasts; she slightly resembled Denise from Miami.“My name is Crystal,” she informed him.“I’m Ulysses. Nice to meet you,” He shook her hand.********************“Ah yes! Fuck!” Crystal screamed in pleasure back at Ulysses’ apartment an hour later. He watched her big tits bounce with her, shaking the bed. There was no expression on his face.When the slutty stripper climaxed again, a slight smile came over his face. He was trying to follow his stepmother’s advice, letting go of Penny. He was fucking to forget.The end.