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PASSION EXPLOSIONThere he stood when she walked into her potential new shared apartment. A beautiful historic home with three levels, one of which was all hers. Finally some much needed personal space. His movie star good looks a stark contrast to his shy but assured demeanor. For once she played it cool and managed not to stare like a star struck fan. Frances decided to go with the confidence she felt from her new independence. A very unique looking petite blue eyed blonde with wit and style just as unique, she always got noticed and had never spent much time single. She was just beginning to enjoy the pleasures of her tight hot dancers body. Strong legs with shape that put Mrs. Turner herself to shame. Perky firm small tits. Shape and strength from every inch of her small body. She admired that, unlike most women her size she had curves begging for hands, tongues and anything that set her desires afire.Caleb was practically shaking from the moment his eyes drank in the sight of her. His core set ablaze instantly with something far more than desire for her perfection. Nothing in his life had ever struck so hard and so deeply, a complete saturation of his soul. When they were introduced he thanked a god he didn’t studder like a fool. He wanted her to like him and that had never been a concern for him before with anyone. All the women he had known before if they had liked him great if not it didn’t matter to him. But not her she was beyond different. At that moment it mattered more than air itself to his survival. His mind raced all day and his best friend knew something had changed in him.Frances got herself settled in and when they finally got to sit down together later that evening she was exhausted. She found amasya escort out that Caleb was just 17 years old much to her disappointment. Although she herself was only a few years older there was no way she would give into temptation. He wasn’t legal. Yet. So she resigned to tease herself with only thoughts of him and enjoy her freedom in the fun single days as planned. Neither of them realized the others affection. He felt she was so far out of his league that it was impossible for her to feel the same overwhelming feelings he did, and she felt he wasn’t going to be interested in someone older and so different from all the other women. She had heard his best friend and one of their room-mates comment on how her short blonde hair and small tits made her look like a boy. For months the pair flirted and gained deep respect for one and other. Frances was so enamoured by his calm sweet nature that could cool any situation. He garnoured respect from almost everyone he dealt with instantly. For such a young man it was a life skill he shouldn’t have so solidly. Her free spirit filled him with joy yet she worked hard and took care of herself with the fevre of someone far more serious than her true fun filled slightly geeky dreamer type ways. Everyday they took each other places in their hearts that neither was truly aware of. Feulled by such raw intense deep feeling it was like touching the sun to the consious thoughts. At night the heat would overflow though. He wanted to take her so badly his cock constantly throbbed and he barely had to touch it to cum. Just picturing her beneath him, as he buried himself deep into her warm and no doubt sweet wet pussy while her beautiful lips pressed his passionately was more amasya escort bayan than enough to explode. She had never been into masterbating before meeting him but she spent most night dreaming up ways he would tell her he needed her and then take her like some epic love scene. Writhing and grinding her lonely bed wishing he was there. Sliding her fingers in her pussy pretending they were his. She had a vivid memory of the shape and feel of his hands and touch even though she had yet to feel it.Caleb edged closer to his 18th birthday and desire for her made him take the leap to show her he wanted her. He persued her trying not to overdo it as she was steadfast on the age thing. Madness was just around the corner every second without knowing she was his. He finally broke through her defenses and they became a couple about a month before. Kissing her was like dreaming the best dream! he was rock hard before their lips even met. And she noticed and he saw her desire for him in a way he only fantasied about. Frances wanted to feel it so badly her hands felt every inch around his hard package. She had to stop and catch her breath to stop herself from grabbing it and stroking it. He was cumming in his pants and his hard-on wasn’t going the least bit soft after. It was so intense it really pulled him into a state of hunger to posess every inch of her in every way possible.They spent so much of their time together in the coming few weeks making out. She stopped herself from giving in to her desire until she said she would. It was torture for her at first but as the day grew closer she discovered how much pleasure she got driving him wild with desire. It made her so wet she could orgasm and she would cum escort amasya so much she was a bit afraid she might be a squirter. Which was something she didn’t find attractive. He could feel her wetness through her pants and his eyes glazed over and he reached in and touched her. She was so tight and wet he could feel her clit pulsing he came twice so hard he thought his dick might actually explode. He never wanted a day to come sooner.Finally it arrived and she couldn’t see him that morning. Which killed him even more. He was certain he would die before they would ever get to make love. It was sooooooo close. That evening all his friends wanted to see him and he tried to get out of it but of course Frances insisted he make time for them. She loved prolonging him and had even resisted touching herself at all now prolonging them both. The evening ran much later than either of them planned due to a really close friend of his getting far too intoxicated. Caleb was always the one to make sure everyone was ok and begrudgingly saw to his friends safety.When they finally got to her bed it was the most explosive passion either ever had experienced. Frantic uncontrollable bodies completely unaware of anything but each other. She shocked herself with her agressive need to ride him fast and hard not slowing down during her multiple orgasms. He was cumming just as much and it drove her to new heights to be with a man who wasn’t done after blowing his load. There were truly fireworks in her bedroom that night a glorius orgasmic show like nothing ever before. and befitting to their great buildup to this magical night it ended with a grand finally. They broke the bed! The frame gave way and they crashed to the ground finally fulfilled with satisfaction they slept on the tilted bed and ignored the roomates calling upstairs to see what the loud crash was. They laughed drenced in sweat and fell asleep entwined together. Happiness and joy replaced want and need at long last.