Party Crasher Ch. 04

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Your body shifts and I roll, following your movement, trying to remain in your warmth. Not awake, half conscious, my eyelids crack open and I see you looking into my face. My eyes close again, a smile forming on my lips. My arms seeking to enclose you in them.

You push you me onto my back and I lay back among the pillows and covers. Still not ready to leave the comfort of your body, one arm slides under your side just as you start to move over me. My hand slides down your back as you sit up on me. Your knees along my sides, just above my hip.

My eyes flutter as I fight the brightest of the room, catching glimpses of you towering over me. My smile widens, “Good morn…….”

The word cut off. Through my half awake eyes, I had watched you. Your upper body twisting slightly, arm raising but it didn’t register until your hand cut across my face. Slapping my face HARD. The force turning my head sideways.

Awake now, I look back up towards you but, before I can speak or see your face, your hand returns. Swift, ambushing, turning my face back into the pillow. Fingers of stinging along the flesh of my left cheek where your hand has struck. The suddenness of it freezes me and I struggle to right my head to look at you.

The weight of your body on my waist heavy now as you reach for one arm, then the other. Shoving them down along my sides where you trap them with your thighs and knees. Immobile now, seeing the firmness in your poker oyna facial features as you gaze down at me. You hold me like this, your face emotionless for a long minute.

Then with deliberate slowness, your left arm moves back. Part of me is fascinated by the way your body moves. The muscles of your upper arm flexing, your left breast lifting, your palm, open and flat, upcast slightly higher than your head before it begins its orbit towards me. A blur now, crashing into my other cheek.

“You bitch!”

A handful of hair yanked and pulled and twisted as you spit the words out.

My hair anchored in your fist, you pin my head. Your body leaning over and tilted to the side of the arm grasping and jerking me by my roots. The other arm rising and falling as you continue to slap my face. Sharp claps of pain along with increasing heat as I feel my face reddening from the blows.

Then both of your hands ripping at my hair, bouncing my head up and down on the bed.

“What the fuck…did you think…you’re doing….coming here…. unannounced….”

“Sucking….my husband’s….cock…and ass….”

Your hands tossing my head free to the bed, you reach down and TWIST both of my nipples. Nipples that are rock hard. A fact that did not escape you. As you continue to twist and pull them, a wicked grin grows on your face.

“Are you wet?”

I nod, your asking bringing that knowledge to me at the same time. Realizing that my canlı poker oyna pussy is soaked!

A hand flies across my face again.

“Will this make you cum?”

My eyes wide with fear, breathe bated, focused on your hand clenched into a fist. Muscles taunt. Thinking that you will hit me, really hit me, with your closed fist.

“No, no… maybe not that…” You open your hand and angle your torso down closer to me until your face is inches from mine. “But I will whip you, beat you some more. Make it crystal clear that you are my bitch!”

My fear abating, its then that I notice your new movement. It had started subtly, slowly, but was becoming quite obvious. Your hips rotating, then undulating back and forth. Feeling the heat and wetness of you. Another realization of you positioned pussy to pussy with me.

Hands beside my head, resting forward, rubbing yourself on me. I arch up, offering my pussy to you and you take it, using it to pleasure yourself.

“Mmmmmm, I need to fuck you again. Beating my bitch always gets me hot.”

Grasping the pillow behind my head, you tear it out from under then force it under my ass. Keeping my pelvis up for you. An easier position for me to maintain for you to fuck me.

Bearing down, I feel the fullness of your clit. My mound slick with you as you rub yourself harder and faster on me. I grind along with you. Pushing upwards and moving in the opposite direction as you to enhance internet casino the sensation.

My breasts gripped and squeezed by you as your lust builds. A fire in your eyes as you watch me under you.

“Come on bitch, you can fuck better than that! Remind me why I like fucking you, why I should continue to fuck you. Give me that pussy…”

With my arms still locked to my sides by your legs, I use them for leverage as I bring my pussy up. Thrusting it out so that you can work your clit against mine and on my bald mound. Pushing and rolling my hips as you thrust forward. Fucking hard, pounding against each other.

Long minutes of controlled violence follow. Your grip on my breasts relentless, painful but unnoticed as all my attention is on getting your clit into me. Shooting stars each time you hit my clit straight on. I want to wrap my legs around you or scissor with you but your need is stronger and, besides, I have no choice. The smile and twinkle in your eyes telling me that you are aware of my desires and taking greater pleasure in knowing they are being denied. That this fuck is all about you.

My orgasm comes unexpectedly quick and strong. I know that I am yelling but I don’t know what or how loud. This drives you on and you fall forward, hooking your arms around my shoulders. Humping, a crazed woman on me. Your teeth closing in the soft flesh of my shoulder, muffling your own cry.

The abrupt spread of liquid warmth over my pussy signaling your orgasm to me. Flowing, flowing over and down under me. Our motions slowing but not stopping. Your mouth at my ear, blowing the words hot into my ear.

“I need to pee…”