Paradiso Ch. 19

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Day 5 Continued

As I walked back to the apartment I found myself smiling at the memory of what had just happened. I had never so much as touched a man before stepping foot on this island and I had just served as the centerpiece of a gay gangbang. Six hot, horny men had fucked the shit out of me. I had sucked their cocks and swallowed their loads and they had all taken turns in my ass culminating in a double anal fucking unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

The more pleasure I had gotten from being with men the more used to the idea I was becoming and I felt a growing attraction toward them. In particular I kept thinking back to Vance. He had this intense sexual power and I wanted him as much as I had ever wanted any woman. He had fucked me so damned good and I wanted more. I chuckled to myself over this crazy turn of events as I headed through the door to our room.

The apartment was empty and I looked to the clock. 2:30 pm. It was too late for lunch but my stomach was rumbling. I figured a snack would tide me over until dinner so I scrounged up some cereal and milk and sliced up a banana into it. After I finished I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. As I was brushing I heard the door open and figured it was Sara.

Just as I was rinsing out my mouth I heard multiple female voices laughing. I smiled inwardly and strolled out into the living room to see what kind of entertainment Sara had brought home. There were two women sitting on the sofa and one across from them in an armchair. Sara was sitting on the couch and next to her was a ravishing Asian beauty with a deep tan and smooth, sultry features. She had a tight, toned little body and was gently caressing one of Sara’s thighs.

The woman in the armchair had a slightly gothic look to her. She had alabaster skin and raven black hair down past her shoulders with deep blue eyes. She had a soft, hourglass figure with huge, luscious breasts that were at least a single D if not a double, each one topped with pointed, candy pink nipples that practically begged to be sucked. Neither wore anklets.

They turned to see me as I walked in and I was treated to three smiles; the familiar, happy one I was used to seeing from Sara, a cute, slightly shy one from the Asian, and one from the goth woman that said “I am going to eat you alive.”

“So this must be Gary.” The goth woman said in an accent I took for Australian.

“It must be.” I replied before bending down to give Sara a quick kiss.

“So who are your new friends?” I asked.

“This is Katya.” She said placing a hand not-so-innocently on the thigh of the lovely Asian woman next to her.

“It is nice to meet you.” Katya said in thickly accented English. Her accent sounded more eastern European than Asian.

“And I’m Abby.” said the other one, not waiting for Sara. She gave me a long look, down and back up, taking in every inch of me, like someone at the market looking over a potential purchase.

“Did you have fun playing golf?” Sara asked. I smiled and nodded, but decided to hold back on the details.

“I’ll tell you all about it later. So what brings you lovely ladies by?”

“A mutual love of ass fucking.” Abby said matter-of-factly with a wicked grin on her face. I just blinked for a moment, not sure I heard what I heard, and then all four of us began laughing. This sort of talk had become par for the course here at Paradiso.

“Would you care to elaborate on that a little bit?” I asked when I had finally caught my breath. Sara spoke up.

“Well, this morning I went for a little fun on the beach with Beth and Todd.” I can imagine the kind of fun Sara could have had with that sexy, incestuous brother and sister duo.

“The three of us joined in with another group that was already going at it and Abby and Katya were part of the group. After we were done we went for a swim and Abby told us about a class she was going to.” Abby picked up the story from there.

“There are three couples, one gay, one straight, one lesbian, who work here and hold classes on sex. Today’s class was about anal sex. It was great. They taught beginner techniques first and then worked their way to more advanced stuff. When the lesson was over everyone had to have anal sex, both top and bottom. They had enough strap-on dildos for all the women.”

“So tell me more about this grand finale.” I said, slipping into an empty chair. I could already feel myself stiffening. Sara picked up the story.

“First, I got fucked by a guy I met at the class named Steven. He wasn’t very big in the cock department but he had the stamina of a racehorse. Then I strapped one on and did little Katya here while she was shoving her own strap-on up some lucky boy’s asshole.” Then Abby interjected.

“Meanwhile I was fucking one of the lesbian instructors, this hot, curvy read-head with freckles all over. Then some black dude with a solid nine inches got to plow my back door.”

I was growing bigger canlı bahis şirketleri and stiffer by the minute and, since it was pointless to hide it here I didn’t even bother trying. That wolfish grin flashed across Abby’s face again as Sara continued.

“The whole thing culminated when one of the instructors asked for a volunteer to practice an advanced technique. I raised my hand so he laid down on his back and I straddled him cowgirl style. Then he pulled me forward and the other lesbian instructor, a teeny little blonde used her fingers to stretch my ass out even more. Then she took her strap-on and the two of them double fucked my ass!”

Sara had such a look of pride on her face, like she had just climbed Mount Everest. Little did she know that I had almost that exact same experience myself just a little while ago, when two horny studs had stuffed their big dicks into my ass and filled me with their cream. I thought about telling her, but decided I’d surprise her later.

“So Gary,” Abby said. “We hear you’re quite the fan of anal yourself. Are you interested?”

“Interested in what?” I knew what she meant and she could see from my raging hard-on that I knew, but I wanted to hear her say it. Rather than speak, she reached down beside the chair and pulled a duffel bag into her lap. She unzipped it and pulled out a pair of strap-on dongs; a stiff black nine inch one with smooth sides, and a rubbery, ten inch flesh colored one ridged with veins.

I returned Abby’s knowing smile and I heard Sara and Katya both giggle like little girls.

“I can’t tell you how great it has been here on Paradiso.” Abby exclaimed. “I’ve dated both men and women back home and eventually all of them get scared away because they can’t keep up with me sexually. It’s not that they can’t, really. It’s that they’re too uptight. I think deep down everyone wants to do kinky shit but most of them can’t bring themselves to admit it.”

“Well,” I replied “I’m ready for whatever you ladies have in mind.”

With that the four of us headed for the bedroom. No sooner had we arrived than Abby pushed Sara down on the bed.

“I want to watch you fuck her asshole, Gary.” So she had a bit of domme and a bit of voyeur in her, I thought. I was only too happy to oblige. I went to the night stand and retrieved a bottle of lube and proceeded to grease up my shaft.

I thought back to the way Leah, the beautiful t-girl had put on such an amazing show the day before. So I decided to follow her lead and made a show of slowly stroking up and down my length, working the lube into the skin while thrusting my hips in and out. The ladies seemed to enjoy my performance.

Once my cock was nice and slippery I pushed Sara’s legs back toward her chest. She grabbed her own legs behind the knees and I took a second to admire the view. Right there before me was my beautiful girl in all her nude, sexual glory; her pussy and ass just ripe for the taking. I can’t tell you how many countless moments of passion and pleasure I had found there. It was a treasure trove of sex.

I took two fingers and gently worked them into her asshole, spreading the lube all around her tight little pucker. Sara had always loved anal and had never been shy about it. Her enthusiasm for it was what had encouraged me to try it with her and she had shown me the hot thrills I could get from my asshole with her dildos and vibrators.

As I stretched and lubed her rear passage I lowered my face to her smooth pussy and gave her clit some oral stimulation that made her purr like a kitten. When the both of us were all lubed up and ready I looked over to see Abby and Katya making out. Katya was on her back being ravished by the larger woman. Abby ate Katya’s mouth and was groping her small titties, but still kept an eye on the two of us.

I lined my head up with Sara’s perfect little wrinkled orifice and slowly pushed inward. Sara sighed in pleasure as the head of my cock, then inch after inch of the shaft were enveloped by warmth and the sensitive stiffness was massaged by the smooth, soft walls of her rectum.

Silky friction caressed every sensitive inch of my cock as it slid in and out of my beautiful Sara’s tight asshole. I looked down at my girlfriend and drank in the sight of her in all her artful nudity; her firm breasts with their stiff little pink nipples, her sexy, smooth pussy, her thick, dark hair tumbling about that beautiful face, flushed with passion, and her wonderful, tight anus gripping my cock.

I began pumping in and out slowly, drawing out the pleasure as much as I could. After a few minutes my eye was drawn by motion off to the side of the bed and I looked over to see Katya still lying on her back, idly fingering her pussy. Abby stood over her and was fitting to herself one of the most elaborate strap-on dildo harnesses I had ever seen.

The inside of the harness had two small latex cocks pointing inward that Abby was inserting into her vagina canlı kaçak iddaa and anus. From the front protruded a nine inch black latex phallus and from the side of the harness ran a short cord connected to some sort of remote control, so at the very least this contraption had vibration functions. In the past Sara and I had used all sorts of toys on one another and I knew I was in for a fun ride.

When Abby stood on the bed, straddling Sara, I stopped my humping for a moment and the Australian vixen took a moment to explain some of the features of the toy extending outward from her groin.

“This little beauty,” she explained, stroking it slowly with her fingers “is my very favorite toy. It has a vibrator in each of the plugs, one in my ass and one in my pussy. It has another in the cock that I’m about to shove up your little man pussy.” Abby’s accent combined with the confident air of a domme in complete control was making me even hotter.

“It also has a rotating head so that I can put even more pressure on your prostate while I fuck the shit out of you.” She took hold of my chin and bent over until our eyes were just inches apart. “Does that sound good to you?”

“Yes,” I said with a nod, affecting my sub persona “please fuck me.”

“Well, since you asked nicely…”

Abby’s voice trailed off but she hopped off of the bed and took her place behind me. I bent over, sinking the last inch of my cock into Sara’s tight ass. I looked at my girlfriend and she was grinning ear to hear. A moment later I felt fingers coated in cool, slippery lube probing at my sensitive rear passage, pushing at the tight opening until the muscles yielded.

I sighed in pleasure as my asshole spread apart to allow Abby’s fingers to slip inside. One inch after another slid up inside of me. When she was in as far as she could go, Abby began to twist and wiggle her fingers, stimulating the sensitive flesh and coating my insides with lube to prepare me for the larger penetration that was to come.

After a few moments of Abby’s finger fucking I felt her withdraw from my ass and a moment later there was something large and smooth where they had just been. She pressed the head of her contraption to my prepared hole and with minimal pressure it slid inside. Thanks to the ample lubrication and the smooth texture of the probe, it slid in easily.

Abby applied steady pressure and before long I felt her dildo filling up my rear passage and her thighs pressing against my own. Abby didn’t give me any time to grow accustomed to the intruder in my anus, but the lube and the last few days of practice allowed me to endure her insistent penetration with a minimum of discomfort. She quickly established a steady in and out rhythm.

I soon matched her motion with my own and as her cock slid in and out of my ass, mine resumed its fucking of Sara’s. The combination of Sara’s warm, smooth ass flesh caressing my cock and the thick strap-on dildo plumbing the depths of my bowels reminded me of the hot game I had played earlier with the guys at the golf course locker room. If not for the fact that I had already climaxed several times today I would have popped already.

Suddenly Abby buried herself in my ass and leaned all her weight on my back, pinning me on top of Sara.

“I think it’s time to take things to the next level.” Abby declared.

I heard some clicking from behind me as she operated the controls on her dildo, then I felt a low, thrumming vibration deep inside me that sent little shockwaves through my whole body. It was a slow, steady vibration and from how her breathing was speeding up I surmised that the probes buried in Abby’s cunt and ass were vibrating as well.

Abby slowly rotated her hips and made short little thrusts that caused the vibrating probe buried in my rectum to put greater pressure on my prostate and the vibrations sent a spasm of pleasure rolling from my center out through my limbs until it reached the tips of my fingers and toes. After a minute she began lengthening her thrusts with each one hitting that magic spot and sending a jolt through my whole body.

Sara saw how wild this was driving me and began squeezing her anal muscles in time with Abby’s thrusts, which were driving my own cock in and out of Sara’s ass. Sara pulled my face in for a kiss and immediately began fucking my mouth with her tongue as she milked my penis with her ass. My attention was drawn back to the huge tool in my backdoor when Abby changed the vibration, speeding it up and changing it to a series of pulses.

We went on like this for a time. It was all I could do to put off my orgasm, sandwiched between these two beautiful ladies, with all my most sensitive places being stimulated to the max. When Abby increased the strength of the vibrations and added the rotation function, putting even greater pressure on my prostate I couldn’t take any more. I grasped Sara and held on for dear life as my whole body bucked and shuddered in bliss canlı kaçak bahis as the cum flowed like a river up through my cock and exploded like a geyser into Sara’s warm, inviting ass.

Mercifully, Abby took the cue and slowed the vibrations down and finally stopped them, as well as the rotation. We disengaged ourselves from one another and when I rolled onto my back I saw where Katya had been this whole time. She wore a lifelike black cock, thick and veiny and glistening with lube, in a harness around her waist. She must have been fucking Abby’s asshole as Abby had been pounding away in mine.

The air in the room was thick with the musk of sweat and anal sex. When I felt enough strength return to my limbs I announced that I was going for a shower. I didn’t see anyone follow me, but by the time I stepped under the spray the ladies had begun to file into the bathroom. They brought the used toys with them and after washing each other they washed the dildos clean.

When all the sweat and funk was washed away we headed back to the bedroom and returned to the bed. I lay back against some pillows, still too spent to do anything. The three ladies all cuddled up next to one another and took turns kissing as hands fondled breasts and buttocks. It was a beautiful sight.

After five minutes Abby stood up from the bed and got her duffel bag. She reached inside and pulled out two dildos; one was an eight inch rubbery lifelike dong and the other was a bright orange probe with a tip that curved upward. She handed the second one to Sara and all three ladies smiled as one. Sara and Abby pulled on their harnesses and cinched up the straps until their fake cocks stuck out from them as though they were real erections.

Katya scooted back on the bed to make room for Abby who lay down on her back. The Asiatic vixen positioned herself in reverse cowgirl and Sara held the dong in place as Katya placed the tip at her rear entrance and then sank down, taking one inch after another. She purred like a kitten and rotated her hips as the dildo bottomed out in her ass.

Sara then knelt between Katya’s spread legs and positioned her own dildo at Katya’s pussy. The slim Asian beauty moaned and arched her back as Sara’s strap-on tool slid sensuously into her waiting snatch. Watching the two ladies drive their cocks slowly, then faster and faster, into this beautiful young woman’s willing holes was bringing life back to my own cock.

After fifteen minutes and at least two orgasms from Katya I was fully aroused and ready to get back into the action. I gently touched Sara’s shoulder to get her attention and when she looked over at me and saw my raging hard-on she just smiled and moved aside without me having to say a word. I watched with delight as the thick dildo slowly withdrew from her vagina, inch by inch, glistening with her natural wetness. Finally the orange probe slid out and I had a clear path to Katya’s gorgeous pussy.

It was shaved smooth with tiny little lips, giving the appearance of someone much younger, and yet those lips still gaped, red and wet, from being worked over by Sara just a moment before. I knelt between her splayed legs and took in the sight as Abby’s big rubbery cock slid in and out of Katya’s stretched asshole. I savored the sight as well as the warmth radiating off of Katya’s little body as I positioned myself to slide inside.

The first two inches of my rod slid in easily with all of her natural lubrication. Each additional inch encountered a tighter and tighter passage until, by the end it was like fucking a virgin or the tiny little punk girl I had fucked at the spa. I stopped with my hips pressed to hers to give her a moment to grow accustomed to my width. She slid her arms around my neck and pulled me in until my lips met hers. I felt her tiny little tongue push into my mouth and flutter and tease my own.

For a couple minutes we just made out while letting our hands roam over each other’s bodies. Then I slowly withdrew until just a couple inches of my erection remained in her tight little love nest, then I began pushing back into Katya and established a nice, easy pace. All the while I could feel Abby’s big strap-on saw in and out of her ass through the thin layer of flesh that separated her fake cock from my real one.

I was starting to get a quicker rhythm going when Sara’s hand on my back stopped me. I felt her other hand begin to pull apart my ass cheeks and I knew she was about to use her strap-on again. Bring it on, I thought. I enjoyed the feeling of the toy as it spread my asshole open yet again. I had lost count of the number of times my asshole had been fucked today. By the time she bottomed out inside of me it was obvious that Sara had rotated the toy so that the curved tip pas pointing down and that at about two thirds penetration it was pressing right on my prostate.

Just as it had been with the guys in the locker room at the golf course, we established a slow, tentative pace, just an inch or two in and out to give us all time to get used to it. With each inward and outward thrust my cock was pleasured by this velvet vice while Sara’s strap-on toy sent lightning bolts through my groin each time its tip glided over my sensitive gland.