Our trip to Belize

27 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Our trip to BelizeLast spring my wife went on a trip to Belize and rented a condo in San Pedro. She was 62 then but still very fit and attractive (her pics are on my profile). While we were there we went to happy hour at an upscale outside bar near our condo. The bartender was a very good looking friendly, probably late 20s early 30s black man and we became friends, him always giving my wife a hug every time we came in and they exchanged Facebook information.She knows she has my permission to have sex with a younger black man since I can seldom perform any longer. On the night before we left he texted her and asked if he could come over to the condo and tell us good bye. We both know what he actually wanted and that was to fuck her. We discussed it and I encouraged her to ask him over but he didn’t get off work until 2a.m. and we had an early flight out the next morning. She decided she was just to tired and it didn’t happen. But here is what I am fantasizing.He kıbrıs escort comes over and we invite him in, I get him a drink and her a glass of wine, while he is giving her a big hug and telling us how he is going to miss us.I tell them to get comfortable, that I am going out on the balcony and enjoy the nice sea breeze. I leave the curtain agap so I can see in through the sliding glass door. I also leave the door slightly cracked so I can hear what is going on. They sit down on the couch together and make small talk for a few minutes and he slides his arm around her and is soon kissing her passionately. I hear her saying she shouldn’t be doing this, she is a happily married woman and has k**s his age. He tells he knows but he also knows she wants it and he don’t think I mind and know she needs it. She tells him they might has well go in the bedroom and get comfortable then. Luckily the whole wall along the condo was glass doors extending to escort kıbrıs the bedroom. She told him she needed to go to the bathroom first and I went down and cracked that door open and slid the curtains apart so I could see in. They came into the bathroom and started kissing again and undressing each other, when she slid his shorts and underwear down she was naked and squatting in front of him. His big long black plopped out in front of her face and her eyes got big and she exclaimed OMG. I hear him say, bigger than your husband’s huh? Then she tells me she knows I am listening out there, to get in there I needed to see this. She tells me to get mine out and show it to him as she starts sucking his black monster. I take mine out and he just smiles, his is at least 6″ longer and twice as big around. She can barely get her mouth around it. She stops sucking it long enough to tell me that I had always told her I wanted to see her pretty white face on kıbrıs escort bayan a big black cock and hoped I was enjoying it and I said I was. He was soon raising her up and telling her he needed some of that married white pussy and was laying her back on the bed, she had her legs spread and was offering her pussy to him and I loved it. He was climbing between my wife’s thick white thighs and saying “you want me to fuck your wife,don’t you Jim?” I tell him to go ahead and fuck her I knew she needed it. As I got up beside the bed so I could get a good view of his huge, young back cock going in my wife. He got it right up next to her and asked her if she had, had a black cock in her before and she told him not since college and maybe a couple after but not for a long. long time and none as big as his. He then told her to guide it in for him he wanted me to see her guiding his black cock into her married white pussy. She reached down and guided the head of it between her pussy lips sliding it up and down a couple of times and then raised her hips to take him. I had to turn around or I would have shot all over them as I saw my wife of so many years taking that huge black cock. To be continued.