Our Loving First Time

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It’s been nine days since your visit began. I never thought myself capable of so much activity on a continuous basis such as we have enjoyed for the past nine days. It’s amazing to see the number of things we’ve done to and with each other. The videos have been edited and burned to DVD for us as keepsakes of our time together. We both know we will want to do this again in another 6 months. I’m already getting excited at the prospect. You actually have to remind me, “Stop fantasizing about the future when the real things are here in front of your face.”

Of course, you’re right. I’ve been doing too much wool gathering, and not paying enough attention about our final evening together. “Tonight should be special,” you say. “Is there anything you would like to do to make us a memory?”

I think. I take my time and it’s several minutes. You watch, knowing that the wheels are turning, wondering what I might come up with, but sure just the same that it will be special. Finally, I put my arms around you, pull you close and hug you. I look into your eyes nervously.

“Okay, there is one thing that would be special for me. You don’t have to say yes, and I won’t ask again if you say no. I will not be hurt, and will respect your decision.”

“Okay, ask. I promise not to get upset,” you say.

“One night, a few months back you told me that maybe, if I wanted to try, that you might let me fuck you in the ass. Now please understand that until you told me that, anal sex was never anything that I had a real desire for. But your comment made me curious. I’ve read up on it. The fact that you have made such an intimate offer to me is very, very special to me. I love you for saying that. I think that this is something that we could both experience together for the first time. I can’t think of anything that could possibly be any more special than that. Take a few minutes and think about it. Remember, I won’t be angry or disappointed if you say ‘No’.”

You hug me back. You think, but not nearly as long as I was expecting. After only a few seconds, you look me in the eyes. I can see you are a little nervous and apprehensive as you tell me, “Yes, I would like to try this with you. Just remember to be gentle, and we can try.”

I smile at you. “You are wonderful. I love you.” I hug you again.

After a few more minutes of holding you, I start talking again. “There are a few things to keep in mind about anal intercourse. First, if at any time you find this experience to be too painful or difficult for you, just tell me to stop. The last thing I want is to force myself onto you, or to hurt you in any way. If you want to stop, we will. I will not be angry, we will put the experience behind us, and I won’t mention or ask again. Second, successful anal sex only works if both partners trust each other completely. I want you to trust me, and I hope that you do. Remember, I love you and would never inflict pain on you against your will.”

You nod, “I trust you, hon. I’ll keep it in mind. I may get scared and want to stop, but I know I can trust you to do the right thing.”

“Okay then. The next thing to remember is that both partners need to be completely relaxed and comfortable. We will need to take our time. Painful or harmful intercourse if usually the result of rushing, of forcing things before you’re ready. This leads to negative reflexive reactions, and people can be injured.”


“Finally, the last thing to keep in mind is lubrication. You must be well lubricated or it will be painful. In this situation, we need to use some additional lubricants illegal bahis to help things move smoothly along.” I open the drawer of the nightstand and pull out a couple tubes of regular over the corner sexual lubricants, some baby oil, and a jar of massage cream. You look over the array of aids, then smile at me. You hug me again, pressing your face to my chest. “I trust you. I know you will be perfect.”

I hug you back. For several minutes we just lie there, holding one another, waiting for the other to make the first move.

Finally, I turn my face down to yours and we kiss. It’s a long passionate kiss, my tongue pushing through your lips, seeking yours. You respond in kind and we share a long French kiss. I feel your passion beginning to build. My hands go to your breasts and I begin fondling them gently. I love the feel of your nipples hardening to my touch. I feel my passion beginning to build, my body reacting to the arousal.

I feel your passion and arousal beginning too. Your hand goes to my cock, and you begin squeezing and stroking me, feeling as my flaccid penis begins to grow and harden in your hand. Even after 8 nights and nine days of every kind of wild and uninhibited sex possible, I still react instantly and positively to your slightest touch.

I break our kiss and lower my lips to your breasts. I begin sucking and licking your nipples, feeling their firmness between my lips, swirling the tip of my tongue around that areolas, flicking it over your nipples. Your reaction tells me you enjoy this. You rub your pussy against my thigh. I feel wetness when you do. We are both getting turned on already.

I turn in the bed, lowering my face to your pussy while bringing got cock to easy reach of yours. You immediately pull me into your mouth, sucking me, already licking the oozing precum from the tip. I bury my face in your pussy and savor the scent and taste of you. I love eating you. I love how your body reacts to my stimulation, how tasty your pussy is. Eating you is one of my fondest pleasures.

By now my cock is rock hard. Your blow job is wonderful, but I’m afraid that much more, and I may cum in your mouth, and that’s not our plan for this evening. Reluctantly, I pull myself away from your face. I turn you on the bed and roll you onto your belly. I raise you slightly on your knees so your ass pops up. I place a pillow beneath your hips to help keep you raised up for me. Once you are comfortable, I lower my face to your ass. I take a moment to admire you. I see your pussy from your clit to your anus. I spread your cheeks slightly. A see your juices still oozing from your vagina despite my earlier efforts to eat every drop.

I press my tongue into the crack of your ass. I seek your asshole. I find it with my tongue and for several minutes work it. I start by licking circles around it, flicking in and out, teasing you. I feel you relaxing yourself to my foreplay, your sphincter relaxing to my teasing. I find my wet tongue slides easily into your ass. I begin fingering you, feeling your warm creamy pussy juice flow over my hand. I spread this over your ass too, and slowly lick it off again. I insert one pussy soaked finger into your ass. It too slides in easily, and I feel a slight push as you rock on your hips, allowing my finger to penetrate you more deeply than in any previous encounter. One thing I have to admit about you is that once you make a decision, it’s ‘all-in’ for you, no reservations. I admire that about you.

I continue fingering and licking you for a while longer. You begin rocking on your knees and swaying your hips illegal bahis siteleri against me. I see that so far you are aroused and responsive to my lovemaking. I am pleased that you are. Occasionally my hand goes to my cock. I’m still rock hard, and my cock twitches with each beat of my heart. I think we are both ready for the next step.

I reach over to the nightstand and take a tube of the lubricant. I remove the cap and bring the tube to your ass. I squeeze half the tube onto your asshole. You twitch with a start as the cool gel touches your anus. I smile at your reaction.

I begin spreading the gel liberally over and into your ass with my fingers. I notice your ass is no longer quite as relaxed as before, but still I am able to slide my fingers into you without too much difficulty. It’s quite natural for you to get a little nervous and apprehensive as the moment approaches. I continue spreading the lubricant into you, and eventually the tightness relaxes somewhat again.

I reach over and grab the massage cream. I repeat the liberal application with the cream. I look at your ass, and you are very well buttered. I should have no problem penetrating you now.

I bring my face to your back, and kiss you. I kiss down your spine to the crack of your ass. I insert two fingers into your pussy and massage you. I lick your ass cheeks and whisper, “God, Angel, you are so beautiful… I love you.”

The moment has arrived.

I pull myself up onto my knees and position myself between your legs. My cock falls naturally onto the crack of your ass. I feel the slick wetness of the gels against the underside of it. I take the baby oil from the nightstand and apply a generous quantity over my cock, rubbing it over it to distribute it, but not so much that it rubs into the skin.

“Okay, Angel. Remember if you want to stop, just say so. I love you.”

I guide the tip of my cock to your asshole and press it firmly against you. Your ass reacts by constricting and tightening, resisting my attempt to penetrate you. This is a natural reflex, and I was fully expecting it. I rub the tip slightly about your ass, and keep it pressed slightly against you. One hand works its way around your hip and seeks your pussy. I begin stroking your clit and lips as I keep my cock pressed against you.

After a minute, I feel your sphincter begin to relax. I patiently wait for you to become totally relaxed again. There is no value in rushing. It will happen when you are ready, not before.

You sway and rock against me. I finger you some more. Despite your body’s reaction, I can tell you are still aroused by me. I love you. I bend down and kiss and lick your ass some more.

I press my cock back against your asshole and feel you rock back against me firmly. I feel your ass relax a bit, and the tip of my cock begins to penetrate you ever so slightly. I immediately stop and hold myself there. I’m barely wedged into you, but I want you and your body to get used to the feel of something this large entering you. I listen for your breathing, wanting to be sure that you aren’t holding your breath. I hear you take a deep breath and release it. When I’m sure you are comfortable, I resume.

I press the head of my cock into you. I hear you take a sudden sharp deep breath. I stop. “Are you okay, Angel? Should I stop?”

After a moment, I hear you in a soft voice, “No, not yet. I’m okay so far.”

“Well that should be about the worst of it, darling. I’m in you now. If it gets too painful, say so. I’ll stop.”

“Go ahead, sweetie.”

Ever so slowly, canlı bahis siteleri I advance into you. It’s hard to describe how incredibly tight your ass is on my cock. Despite all of my earlier indifference to anal intercourse, I find this experience to be highly erotic and I am aroused more than I can recall ever being. I glance down at my cock penetrating your ass and have to start counting backward from 100 by threes to keep my mind off of cumming immediately inside you.

I place my hands on your hips and continue advancing into you. I hear you draw in a breath and hold it. I stop and wait for you to release it. When you do, I advance a little more. We repeat this several more times.

Finally though, my hips are pressed into your ass and I can go no deeper. I stop and take a minute for us to savor the moment. I can’t describe how beautiful you are to me as I gaze down on your wonderful body, knowing that you have offered yourself to me in this way. I love you.

I reach around again and stroke your pussy. I’m a little surprised when you moan and sway against me. You are still aroused. I am very pleased.

Slowly I begin to withdraw. I pull back until just the head of my cock is still in you. I don’t want to pull out completely and make you go through the pain and anxiety of initial penetration again. I pour another portion of baby oil over the shaft before sliding back into you again.

Ever so slowly, I begin sliding into and out of you. This is not thrusting, there is no hard penetration. We have to be slow and gentle here. Regardless, the sensations of anal intercourse are highly amplified. The sex is still awesome, even at the slow pace.

I continue fingering your pussy as I slowly fuck you. I begin talking. “Angel, I love you. I love your body. I can’t get enough of you. You are so special. Thank you for this gift. You are wonderful.”

I consider talking dirty to you, but decide not to. This is a special moment for us, and tonight I would rather be tender than raunchy. Maybe next time…

I feel you swaying and pushing. Apparently you are getting some enjoyment out of this. I know that I won’t be able to hold out much longer. “Baby, can you cum for me? Can I make you cum? Please?” I rub your pussy harder.

I hear you begin to moan. I feel your ass raise up and press against me. One hand reaches back, and you grab my thigh and hold me.

I’ve never had anal intercourse and don’t know what it feels like when a woman cums with my cock in her ass. I watch fascinated as you cum beneath me. I feel your ass cheeks tighten against me. Your body trembles and I can hold back no longer. I feel hot streams of cum pumping deep into your ass.

“Oh, baby, I love you!”

I empty myself into you. I hadn’t really expected to cum the first time, but this is unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. It is indescribable.

I keep pressed into you as my orgasm subsides. I feel myself softening already. In only a few moments, my flaccid penis pops wet and limp from your ass. I take a moment to look. There is no sign of any injury, no bleeding, no tearing. We managed to do this without hurting you. Again, I am pleased.

I take you in my arms, your back to me, and spoon you in the bed. I hold you, kiss the back of your neck. This moment is so special to me. I will remember it for the rest of my life.

“I love you, Angel. Thank you for this very special gift you have given me. You will be a little sore for a day or two, but I see no injury. Understand, that I will never ask this of you again. It makes no difference to me if you ever, or never, want it again. If you do, just ask. I will do it willingly. But if not, I understand. Just know that I will cherish this for the rest of my life. Thank you.”

“I love you too,” I hear as I begin to drift off to sleep…