One In The Same (short story excerpt…)

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One In The Same (short story excerpt…)“I’m gonna fuck you dead” she spat, both a sob and a hiss.“Shhh …” soothing, conciliatory, and he put his mouth to her left breast, and then her right, sucking her nipples gently, deliberately, not as a hungry c***d but rather as an a****l relishing its prey. Lowering his head, he slung his arms under her legs and kissed and licked her lower belly, where her legs joined her hips, and along her inner thighs; he would not concede her real pleasure just yet and she knew he was stalking her and her warm aroma grew ever more moist. Maggie finally placed her hands at the back of his head and George allowed her his undivided attention, luxurious and excruciating. Stroking his hair and full of his face, when she felt his tongue bathe and then probe her rectum – a deeply wet and grotesque shame she could not discourage – she rocked her pelvis up against his mouth, demanding she be ravaged.Resurfacing, he uncapped the tube of lubricant and Maggie raised her knees toward her ears. George inserted the plastic nozzle into her anus and emptied ¼ of its contents up her lower intestine and she shivered. He set aside the dispenser and smeared the jelly over her surface and rim and inserted one finger to the first knuckle, snug and stubborn, then two and three fingers, somewhat more so, and sliding up to the last knuckles he turned and twisted his fingers around inside her, coating her orifice and ensuring she was agape and gooey and seeping with preparation. They watched each other’s eyes while they both readied her and said nothing, only listening to the rainfall outside and the moist noises of her being delicately reamed.He withdrew his fingers from her and stood, and she lowered her legs and sat up. George placed a hand behind his sister’s head at the base of her skull; a bitter, saline dollop of pre-semen had gathered and now hung from the end of his erection and then Maggie took her brother into her mouth, sucking and sipping, softly tasting his flesh and fluid. They did this without thought, an u*********s obedience to their base instincts as a man and a woman, consensually alone and naked in the other’s presence, a harbinger to their impending communion, however vile.George withdrew from Maggie’s mouth and handed her the tube of lubricant, disallowing her any illusion of passivity. She squeezed another ¼ of the jelly into her palm and slathered his cock with a slippery, gelatinous finish. She wiped the excess from her hands on his buttocks and along the length of his thighs and looked up into his eyes.“Get on your knees & elbows” he said, “ …bend over, Maggie – and beg for it.” An ugly, lame assertion, and so she instead stood nude before him.“You’ll earn me this time, boy” and she smacked him hard across the mouth. He grabbed her by the wrists and yanked her close, looking far into her eyes with a frightening, lightening-sky strike of violent carnality – and George so desperately loved her all over again for so far having so wonderfully played along, since this would be, they both knew, from now on all too real. He wiped his tongue once, wet and thick, up the front of her face.“I’m going to make an awful lot of room back there, sweet-seat” he told her, brushing his lips against hers, “ – powerfully, prodigiously …” “ – ‘ease me your meat’? ‘People my peep-hole – impolitely’? Say it, coward” she told him, struggling, feral and forcing him to further force her. “Tell me what you want.”“I’m sivas escort going to so buttfuck you, Maggie” he said low and tonelessly, and she hung on his promise no less than she hung from his arms, her breathing harried, fitful huffs, and as well licking his face while he assured her of his love as combat. “I’m going to so cornhole you, my love; fuck you anally far up your pretty ass like I’ve always wanted to. I’m gonna cram my cock hard up your butt and screw you long after you’ve cried ‘no’ and until ‘yes’ means I’ve cum inside you and popped your beauteous ass for only the first time for the rest of our lives. Yes, I want to buttfuck you, Maggie; you – my own sister, my brave, brash girl” and he swung her over onto her hands and knees inside the corner of the couch back and with a stinging swat of her haunch. George knelt behind Maggie and locked his knees to the inside of hers, spreading her legs apart and her backside wide, exposing her pristine pink squint. He started the timer and it began counting down the minutes in electronic silence from sixty. He wedged the head of his cock between her cheeks and, pressed blunt against the fragile aperture of her anus, he held her hips inescapably in place.Until this moment, sexplay with her brother felt as if she had awakened underwater to discover that she could still breathe, or that she were asleep and yet aware she was dreaming. However, their fun now no more just abstract speculation and her bare ass sacrificially held fixed in his grip, his scored, calloused palms parting her seat cheeks, Maggie knew with terrifying clarity that what she had meticulously incited her brother to do she would indeed next endure and that with George formidably and irreparably set sledgehammer at and in appallingly voluminous contrast to her access – her hopelessly, vainly unyielding elasticity – there were finally no tricks or curses or bullying that would stop him – her once reliably expert, scheming femininity, any attempt to exploit her brother’s love for her no longer of any consequence. She felt him push and she knew ruefully he would next be supremely inside her and make her yell and that she desired it, that she wanted his intimate hurt of her, and this atrocity would then be now.Until this moment, sexplay with his sister was a playful if volatile exchange of control, each alternately seducing the other, their mutual manipulation of one another swinging back and forth as a feather floats to earth until their instincts alighted onto their purest ground. However, his wettest dreams now made real – Maggie’s creamy, bare rump ceremoniously held firm in his hands, her buns vulnerably separated soft, dividing her crack and redoubtably, inexorably set rock-cock hot against her elasticity – her sweetly, vainly unyielding access – George could see that he was really, criminally, too broad for her this way and that, worse, this savagery of her by his size would not stop him. He began to push and knew ruefully he would next be supremely inside her and make her yell and that he would enjoy it, that he craved his intimate hurt of her, and this atrocity would then be now.When she felt him begin to pull her onto him, pry and pack himself into her, feeling the endlessly exponential stretch then helpless give of her sphincter – this secret, indelible branding of Maggie by his distension of her forever marking her as his (though in truth she knew she now owned him) – she triumphantly escort sivas and in defiance of her own well-being sat back hard onto his post. In that instant the whole of George’s mass solidly disappeared up Maggie’s behind: a thick squish of lubricant and a crashing slap of flesh, they withdrew just shy of his entire length and, repeating the ferocity of their first thrust, there was again another clap as his lap slapped her seat.An obscene strain, bright and profound – her agony hard and as clean as a new dime, steely and exact, and an impulsive attempt to twist free, arrested at her hips – and yet Maggie sounded only a husky grunt in acknowledgement of his colossal inhabitancy of her among those first furious fifty strokes – their lunging, colliding strides through her insubordination, George’s every crisp, flat spank of Maggie’s beautiful bottom a further punishing penetration deep up her delicious ass until her arms folded and she dropped her shoulders onto the sofa back, her will to even contribute to, let alone resist, her brother’s sodomy of her at last defeated.“Ooow-uhaaah!” Maggie finally wailed, a sonorous, suffering, surrendering howl of protest and release and from the floor of her lungs. And with this collapse of her resolve and her mind and muscles slack with whole submissiveness, George halved the rate and redoubled the power of his pace up her backside from a gallop to a march, gloriously parading them both through their intercourse while the rainfall outside applauded their sin.Maggie held on as George pumped at her, plied and lay waste her bum’s prim obstinacy, and she laid her head between her grip of the couch back and squeaked and whimpered in time to her brother’s relentless abuse of her bottom. Shoe-horned into her and invulnerable to reason, he compulsively fucked her butt with both a heartless indifference to and an impassioned prejudice of her outrage: his girlfriend, best groupie, and lover, the co-author of his success and now his mate, she was all of these and as well his sister, and if she were to know him she would be made to endure all of him. Twenty minutes and 900 thrusts later, her trauma polished smooth of its splintered anomalies and her discomfort largely abated, George had gradually eased back his assault of his sister’s plump duff from those first brutal, initiating plunges to a routine of seamlessly pistoning penetrations, settling into a full-length loping rhythm of level, measured strokes up Maggie’s ass. With the hurricane of their sex circling about them in ominous calm, Maggie could now hear over her shoulder the elements of this storm of theirs’ indoors – hearing, absorbing the juicy, metronomic pump and squelch of George’s efforts behind her, the fleshy bell toll of his repeated impact with the fat compact of her loaves, and then the throaty mummers of his own dissolution:“ …umh, ahh; oh, Maggie – my lovely, naughty Maggie” he groaned as he sawed at her, grinding away at both of them of what little remained of their modesties and sensibilities and enkindling some primal desire of hers to enjoy her brother’s own enjoyment of his so unlawful use of her.“Do me, Georgie” she crooned back to him, and so ended the civility of their dialogue for the next several minutes as they spoke to each other, at and over each other, in expletive barks and slurs and fractured declarations of raw want realized – coaxing, cajoling, each building on the other’s last vulgarity, exclaiming sivas escort bayan the exquisite filth of their desires for one another, their voices ringing off the walls and out the window and all but inaudible from the street four floors below.Whirling shouts of you/me this and give/take that – speech coherent only in the context of lovemaking or warmongering – their flurried verbiage culminated when George felt the warm, warning roar of near-orgasm within his loins, and he told Maggie that he was finally about to come. Maggie’s experience until this moment, an ascension from sacrifice to exertion and then to even this weird, dirty pleasure, had still been far less sure of climax than the tidal certainty of orgasm throbbing within her brother’s groin; but hearing his words – this knowledge that their act, this taboo, a so unspeakably forbidden crime against nature that nature so casually suggested of them, would indeed be done – as if her first piercing weren’t enough – she now knew suddenly that she too would soon come as irrevocably as would her brother behind her and she cried out her discovery to him with an alarming urgency. He grappled her hips and incessantly bored open her rose-hole and she clung tight to the couch back and squatted aft, a rebounding bump back inbound at the end of each thrust for an extra fraction of depth, and George grimaced skyward and called out her name and came hard with a wrenching landslide of sour, seminal momentum: a splashing gush of semen, loathsome and bestial, he spilled tumbling, weighted ropes and curds of sperm up Maggie’s bowels, heating her guts and invisible to all but God. And feeling his hot mess pour into her, Maggie responded in kind – shrieking and flailing and calling to George at the crest of her climax to be more completely, impossibly deeper and harder inside her and she as well came wildly with a writhing, spasmodic cloudburst of her every whorey need sated, her secretions tracing from her pussy shiny lines down the inside of her thighs and her ripe, dense stench suddenly clouding the immediate air. They washed ashore from their orgasms as if survivors of a shipwreck: breathless and clumsily, their stumbling thrusts into/onto each other staggered and halting. “Don’t stop, baby …” Maggie mewed over her shoulder, sensing her brother might try to spare himself any further guilt by way of a dishonest mercy for her – and lose the renaissance of a new affinity for each other from the ruins of their old selves – but, chemically sustained and still sound inside her, his desires revived by her humid, pheromonal odor, George resumed his angular command of her ass with an easy, gliding precision and they swung along together in unison like this for some time more, blissfully, like sweethearts hand-in-hand down a boulevard in any weather on a day made beautiful by the other’s presence. Relieved of his lust’s frenzy, George could savor his idling ride of Maggie hugged over the corner of the couch back and her similarly assuming the position in which she had appeared in the photograph. From his hold of her pelvis, he could observe, relish, his penetrations of her – her venerably heart-shaped tush – and between her buns feel the more muscular, strangling slick-friction of her wrap of him within as he stirred and churned his semen inside her, her depths soupy, sloppy with sperm and lubricant; his thrusts compounded would amount to a short ton of his meat packed up her ass before they were through, he imagined, ponderously piling his bulk into her pound after pound, one brick at a time: building on their blasphemy, erecting their sacrilege – this deliciously unlovely buggery of his sister’s delightful fanny.