On The Block Ch. 03 Pt. 02

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There are no female characters in this story – it’s my fantasy, I can have an all-male world if I want 😉

All the characters are 18 years of age or older.

Calton Halvinsson could still taste both grooms’ cum in his mouth as he rode his horse behind his tutor’s mount. He knew his riding and fencing tutor, Lord Tabour d’Amourious, had seen him sucking off both men back at the stables before they’d left, and the fact that Tabour was pretending otherwise could mean one of two things – either the impoverished nobleman had been moved to speechless disgust at the sight, or else he was biding his time before pouncing on Cal’s hot, available young body. Since Cal had seen the lust in the tutor’s green eyes when they had mounted their horses and headed out, as well as a sizable bulge in Tabour’s riding leather breeches, Cal was pretty sure it was just a matter of time before he got his first taste of noble dick.

The lightly wooded area they were riding through was familiar to them both – student and tutor rode variations of the same route every week in order to practice horsemanship on different terrain, while both grooms took an easier, shorter route to the clearing where Tabour later drilled Cal in fencing and unarmed combat. Cal licked his lips, thinking about being “drilled” in a different type of unarmed – or better yet, unclothed – combat.

‘And if he doesn’t give me what I want, I’ll cut the lesson short and have both the grooms service me when we get back,’ he promised himself. Cal had originally thought to have the two grooms help him force Tabour’s cooperation in giving Cal the anal pleasure he craved, but as they set off he’d reconsidered – forcing a low-born Mathematics tutor to fuck him was one thing, but Tabour was a Master Swordsman, and might actually manage to defeat two unarmed men and a young stripling if attacked. Cal wasn’t so hard up that he was willing to risk his smooth, young hide when he could settle for getting fucked by a pair of servants later.

However, Cal need not have worried; instead of leading the youth off to one of the many detours, Tabour directed him to head straight to the clearing with the grooms. As soon as they arrived and dismounted, Tabour turned to his student and commanded, “Strip, boy – show me what you’ve got for me!” Tabour’s hands were busy undoing his sword-belt, absently handing the sheathed weapon to one of the grooms as he watched Cal eagerly shed his clothes.

As soon as the words reached Cal’s ears he reached for his shirt’s fastenings, practically ripping the lightweight material off his chest and arms. Then he bent down to unlace his riding boots – incidentally giving the groom standing behind him a good look at his rounded ass in his skintight breeches. Toeing off the thick leather footwear, Cal stopped a moment to calm down as he looked back at his horny tutor – there was a nice, pronounced ridge running down the right thigh of Tabour’s riding leathers. Giving the nobleman a teasing smile, Cal slowly unfastened his breeches, taking his time undoing each button, exposing his smooth hips and his scant, copper-colored pubic hair, which was the same bright color as the curly mop on his head. When he exposed the base of his rigid cock, Cal couldn’t resist reaching in and pulling the swollen 5.5 inch boydick out to stand proudly in the open air as he undid the final two buttons and released his hairless balls. He wasn’t sure if it was because of all his recent sexual activities, or just a result of being a growing teenager, but Cal was sure his dick was bigger than it had been just a week before.

Turning to give Tabour the best possible view, Cal slowly lowered the stiff cloth down his thighs to puddle around his feet. Bending down, he took his time pulling his socks off, letting the men behind him take a good, long look at his firm asscheeks, flexing to let Tabour and the two grooms get a peek at his twitching, pink hole.

When Cal turned back around, he found his tutor with his shirt off, showing off a smooth, muscular chest and belly, with only a slight treasure-trail which began between his flat but muscular pecs and continued down past his navel to his exposed, swollen 8-inch studcock, which was standing proudly out of the open fly of his riding leathers. He also had the now-naked grooms attached to each of his nipples, with both hands pressing the men’s heads to his chest while he watched his student’s striptease. Unconsciously, Cal’s hands rose to his own small, rosy nubs and tweaked them before sliding them down his belly to his pecker and dangling hairless balls.

Cal knew what the man was seeing – a shock of curly copper-colored hair above wide blue eyes and a pug nose, which made him look both younger and sweeter than he was; his body was lean, with just a hint of puppy-fat on his face, belly, hips and ass, which added to the illusion of child-like innocence; his cock was standing upright, a proud 5.5 inches of hot flesh, the blood throbbing through it turning it a dark red and making it bob rhythmically up and down to the beat of his racing heart.

Panting tuzla eve gelen escort with desire, Tabour pulled the groom from his right tit by the hair and shoved him toward the tethered horses. “Unsaddle them. Then get one of the horse-blankets and my saddlebag,” he ordered while he pushed the other groom off his left nip down to his rigid fuckpole. Turning back to Cal he ordered, “Turn around and show me that cunt again, boy!” Boldly, Tabour started thrusting his cock into the groom’s slobbering mouth, “Show me how many fingers you can fit into that little pussy!”

By the time the first groom returned with Tabour’s saddlebag, Cal had stuffed three spit-lubed fingers from his right hand while his left held his buttcheek aside to give his tutor a better view. “Spread the blanket on the grass,” the nobleman said, shifting his grip from the sucking groom’s hair to the sides of his head, pumping the man’s face back and forth to meet his humping hips. “Now get the oil out of my saddlebag.” Turning to Cal, Tabour ordered him to lie down on his back on the spread blanket.

When the groom pulled out a vial of popular fuck-lubricant, Cal wondered if Tabour was always so well-prepared, or if he’d somehow known about Cal’s new favorite pastime. But then the groom was commanded to “Prepare that mare-boy’s cunt for some good, long horsedicking” and Cal lost the ability for rational thought at the feeling of two thick, well-oiled fingers pushing all the way into his dilated hole, rubbing and stretching, getting him ready. Then the fingers pulled away and the mouth of the small bottle was pressed directly against Cal’s anal lips as the groom gave his pussy a warm-up by fucking him with the inch-and-a-half-wide lube bottle.

Cal’s hands leaped onto his throbbing pecker and he started tugging as though his life depended on it, his whole body focused on milking every possible iota of pleasure out of this experience. The fact that he had an audience made it even more delicious as he dug his heels into the blanket and shoved his clutching ass back at the diddling groom.

“That’s enough – any more and the over-heated bitch will cum all by himself,” Tabour predicted, seeing the copious amounts of free-flowing precum coating Cal’s busy hands and the tightening of his balls, which clearly showed how close he was to blowing his load. “Each of you, grab hold of one of his hands and legs – give me a nice, wide target!”

The grooms hurried to obey the voice of authority, pinning Cal’s hands to his sides and hoisting his legs in the air. The nobleman himself took a moment to savor the sight of his young pupil, lying on his back, sky-blue eyes glazed with wanton desire, naked and thoroughly spread, red boydick drizzling precum on his lightly defined ab-muscles, pink butthole pouting and dilating in clear invitation.

Tabour took his spit-dripping 8 inches in hand as he knelt in front of the beckoning boypussy and rubbed the broad head along the crack below the opening, adding the oil which had overflowed out of the youth to the spit and precum already coating his throbbing horsedick. Tabour teasingly ran the hot cockhead all around Cal’s rim, letting the puckered lips grip at the glans for a moment before pulling back, making the boy whimper with frustrated lust – the grooms’ hold on the boy’s legs meant he couldn’t move to follow with his yearning asshole. Tabour kept this up for a few more seconds – showing the boy just who was in charge of this fuck – before his own horny desire forced him to press his twitching dickhead firmly against Cal’s buttring.

Bracing his hands on either side of Cal’s shoulders, Tabour began a slow, steady pressure, his whole cockhead breaching the anal lips with only a little effort, and began to gradually press in the narrower stalk, “Oh, yeah! Nothing like fucking a hungry boypussy!” he smirked down at Cal’s lust-flushed face as he continued to pump into the boy. “Had his coming-of-age party two weeks ago – I bet he hasn’t stopped spreading these legs since his Daddy busted his cherry!” the nobleman’s hips heaved forward hard as he spoke, shoving the remaining 5 inches of his engorged horsedick into the willing, gripping butthole. Taking a deep breath, Tabour visibly forced himself to slow down and make his hips pump in and out in a measured, controlled rate – if he let his horny imagination get away from him then this would be over far too soon.

But despite the gentle pace, within seconds Cal himself shot out a hot, heavy cumload all over his flat belly. He’d already been horny since sucking off the two grooms back at the stables; but the combination of the smooth, thorough shafting his riding tutor was subjecting him to and Tabour’s deliciously shocking words sent Cal right over the edge. For a moment the forest clearing, the grooms and the riding tutor all faded away, leaving Cal lost in a fantasy of Daddy’s hansom face distorted with lust as he loomed over his ecstatically helpless son, his thick, long paternal fuckpole ramming Cal’s grateful boypussy into orgasm.

When tuzla otele gelen escort his vision cleared, Cal saw the small, smug smile on his slowly-thrusting tutor’s face. “Been in heat all day, haven’t you, little filly? Need lots of good, hard horsecock up that cum-hungry hole, don’t you?”

Before Cal had a chance to answer – assuming he could find the breath to answer – Tabour shifted his angle of penetration slightly, hitting Cal’s prostate square-on with every hard in-thrust, rubbing the veiny shaft against it with every withdrawal. Within seconds Cal’s body was wracked with another all-consuming orgasm. “Oooooohhhhhhh! Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah!”

Cal had already learned that boys his age only lasted a minute or two, but could re-load within seconds; low-born freemen were able for twenty minute fucks, and could recover within five minutes if properly motivated; and now he learned that noblemen could screw for hours, keeping themselves from cumming by knowing when to pull out and cool down for a while.

As soon as he felt Cal’s asstunnel start its orgasmic dick-milking, Tabour heaved himself backwards, pulling his whole 8 inch length out of the moaning, twitching boy.

The groom on the right immediately rushed to fill the gaping void, dropping the leg he’d been supporting in his haste to reach Cal’s wet, open asshole. The sudden lack of support overbalanced Cal, turning his body partway onto his right side. The second supporting groom merely shifted his hold on Cal’s left calf so the fuckboy was now lying at a 90 degree angle to the kneeling groom who was on his knees between the youth’s thighs, pumping and plowing his pliant, plush pussy.

A few minutes later the butt-pounding groom’s grunts and groans showed that he was close to cumming. Tabour forced him out of Cal’s slutty slot and shoved his own highborn fuckpole back in the reddened boycunt – Tabour may not have wanted to cum right away, but that didn’t mean he wanted another man’s sloppy seconds. At least not until after he’d emptied his own balls once or twice!

The groom was too hot to even think about holding back his climax the way Tabour had done, and, desperate to shoot his load inside his young master’s body, crawled up to Cal’s head and stuffed his engorged, purple studcock into the boy’s moaning, panting mouth, holding tightly to Cal’s curly, sweat-drenched hair as he shot his hot cum down the boy’s throat. Having seen his student fellate both men earlier, Tabour had no problem letting them use Cal’s cocksucking mouth and throat – if anything, he found the sight lust-inspiring, his heaving thrusts coming at Cal harder and faster as he watched his student’s head being used.

The feeling of hot cum flooding his mouth triggered another orgasm from Cal’s twitching cock, the pleasure of burning-hot cock in his ass and mouth at the same time more intense than anything he had ever felt before.

The sight also triggered a rain of spunk from the groom holding up Cal’s left leg, who reached down with his free hand and gave his upthrust, engorged studpole a couple of tugs while he avidly watched the other two men taking their pleasure with his young master. Ropes of groom-cum flew up in the air, most splattering on Cal’s chest and side, while a few drops landed in Tabour’s long, dark-red hair, which was starting to escape from the ponytail at his nape.

The next time Tabour felt close to cumming, nearly twenty minutes later, when he pulled out the second groom took his place, still holding Cal’s left leg in the air as he fucked the youth sideways and slightly from behind. The nobleman let him plow Cal’s well-stretched asshole for nearly ten minutes. Then, as the groom’s low-swinging balls started to rise and prepared to release a second load of spunk, Tabour grabbed the groom by the hips and forced him to pull out. Positioning himself on his side, behind Cal, Tabour entered him from that angle, reclaiming his place inside the boy’s hot, sloppy pussy.

The riding tutor’s latest thrusts were so forceful that Cal rolled from his side onto his stomach. Tabour merely pulled the boy’s hips back into a kneeling position and continued hammering away at his raised buttpussy, while the second groom, desperate to get his rocks off again, pulled Cal’s head up and entered his slack-jawed face. The groom came within seconds, his spunk shooting out so hard that some of the spurts splashed back out onto his heaving groin.

This caused a chain reaction: the feeling of boiling-hot cum gushing down his throat and his chin at the same time as his prostate was getting pounded to jelly made Cal’s whole body tighten up, his straining pecker shooting and his boycunt squeezing down on its 8 inch, throbbing invader. The sudden milking spasms were too much for even a trained Sword Master’s control, and Tabour shot his first cumload deep inside Cal’s guts, his strong ass-muscles pumping wildly as he spurted over and over again. Nearby, the first groom watched, the sight of all the others cumming together just what was needed to fully revive his spent tuzla sınırsız escort cock.

When Tabour finished emptying himself into Cal’s clutching chute, the tutor pulled out his still-swollen cock, leaving Cal’s pouting asslips available to the first groom to shove into. Tabour moved to Cal’s head, commanding the dazed young man to clean him up.

Cal did such a good job, running his slutty, slobbery tongue from glans to balls and back again over and over before sucking the whole throbbing mandick down his cum-greased throat, that Tabour let not only the first groom to cum up Cal’s ass, but the second groom also got to shoot his load into the wet and willing asspussy while Cal showed Tabour his oral talents, sucking the nobleman to a gushing second orgasm after half an hour of intense oral attention.

The sun was low in the western sky by the time they eased off and out of each-other and moved to a nearby stream to clean up before heading back.

After a quick dip to clean off the cum and sweat from his smooth young body, Cal took special care to get as much spunk out of his throbbing ass-channel as possible – by having the grooms take turns eating him out over and over while he lay on the stream-bank to dry off, and suck off the groom who wasn’t rimming him while Tabour watched.

The blanket they’d had their orgy on was folded up and placed on Cal’s horse – since his butt was far too tender to ride a horse anyway, all of them agreed that he would be much more comfortable riding back to the stable on Tabour’s lap.

Before Cal pulled on his riding breeches, the weapons’ tutor slit the back of the heavy material, so that Cal’s sore but willing assring was lowered squarely onto his tutor’s available, rampant horsedick. The pair happily fucked all the way back to the stables, Tabour deliberately taking detours and putting the horse through its various paces to create different rhythms up his student’s delighted pussy, while Cal cummed inside the heavy material of his breeches over and over again.

* * *

That night Cal’s whole body was sore and aching, and he found himself unable to fall asleep – so he snuck into the kitchen for a fresh cucumber.

The next morning one of the servants came to wake Cal for breakfast.

The youth had fallen asleep lying on his side, but was now lying on his belly, completely naked, with half of the foot-long vegetable sticking out of his ass.

What actually woke Cal wasn’t the servant closing and locking the bedroom door, or the sound of the man stripping off his clothes – it was the feeling of friction as the cucumber was quickly yanked out of him and the servant’s dick was shoved deep inside his puckered assring in its place.

Cal went from fast-asleep–to shocked–to pleased in two seconds flat, pushing back to help the servant’s narrow 7 inch prick fill the hungry void inside him as quickly and completely as possible.

“Oh, fuck, yeah! I ain’t had any boycunt since I went down t’ the slave yard las’ week!” It was common practice that any citizen could have his way with the wares at the slave-market – free “test fucks” were a good way for the common folk to get their rocks off, even though everyone knew most of them couldn’t actually afford to buy the boys they were dicking. “And none o’ them was nowhere near this tight!”

“What?” Cal panted, heaving back against the insolent servant, not even bothering to turn his head and look the man in the face. “You don’t have some cute-assed brother to get you off at home?”

Cal gasped as the servant’s studpole noticeably swelled inside his gripping ass. “My older brother use’ta let me poke ‘im ever’ once in a while – usually after he’d pumped me full a couple o’ times! – but he’s gone and joined th’ army, since he heard how men get promoted accordin’ t’how well they c’n put out pussy an’ fuck their senior officers!”

“Mmmmm,” Cal moaned, tightening his inner muscles, “Tell me more!”

* * *

Poetry lessons always came the day after his riding lessons. Cal had never bothered to listen when the small, fussy man talked in the past, so the poetry tutor didn’t notice anything new about his pupil’s behavior that day.

In previous weeks, Cal had spent the time fantasizing about his next get-together with his friends – specifically, getting his mouth together with as many of their dicks as possible. This time he spent the entire lesson thinking about the fun he’d had out in the clearing while the poetry tutor read and then expounded upon a poem about daffodils, or daisies, or something.

By dinner-time Cal managed to get himself into a near-frenzy of desire. He considered skipping dinner – or, better yet, having one of the better-hung servants bring him a tray in his bedroom – but Cal was scheduled to eat with his Daddy again, and he didn’t want to miss that.

‘Daddy’s been so busy with work ever since my birthday,’ he thought as he made his way from the study to the dining room. ‘He leaves the house before I’m even awake, and usually comes home long after I’ve gone to bed – he even went back to his office right after we ate dinner the other day!’ As much as he would have loved a leisurely, all-night ass-pumping session with a member of the household staff, Cal was even more eager to feast his eyes on his father’s manly body – he knew it would make his later masturbation-marathon much more intense.