Older couple and daughters

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Older couple and daughtersPART ONE When I first started swinging in my 30s I seemed to meet quite a few older couples. Some I met in a swingers club or via a site I was on long before Fab. I didn’t have a preference for them in particular but I found them easier to chat to and to become friendly and trusted with.I met John and his wife Sian, both just turned 50, when I was 32. John had messaged me via a swinging site and said he wanted to get his wife into the lifestyle. To be honest, that sounded exactly like the message that I tend to ignore as it’s mainly guys hoping for something that would never happen.After ignoring him he persisted with a couple of more messages. This time he included pics of a naked, rather sweet looking slim lady, short blonde hair, pert but small tits and with a smooth pussy. She looked delightful. Therefore, I replied.Here was John’s version of events: the second of their two daughters had finally gone to Uni and left them with more time on their hands and a chance to refresh their sex life. It seemed to be going well. She was enjoying sex and liked the freedom of a house that she could now more freely wander round naked in. She enjoyed being admired and had recently shaved her pussy for the first time in years, loving how sexy it made her feel. The subject of swinging had come up and she seemed interested.He had messaged me as I had had a few meets and some positive verifications. Okay, I thought, let’s see where this goes.After a few more messages he said that he had talked to Sian about me and that she would like to meet. However, nothing was being promised. It was to be a social meet only.That was fine with me, always up for a social. It was agreed that I could go round to their house, a bit unusual I thought but if that meant there might be a chance for something to happen then all the better.John shared a few more pics of Sian before we met. Nothing sexual but all nudes of Sian just in the house. In some of them she was giving a cheeky smile and a pose but in most she was just doing normal household things. Watching TV, cooking etc. Did she ever wear clothes indoors I wondered?The answer was yes. When I got to the house John and Sian both greeted me at the door, both fully clothed. Sian was as good as her pics though, wearing a short dress and was very pretty and slim.We had a couple of drinks and a really nice relaxed chat about our interest in the swinging lifestyle. Sian was a little shy about talking about sex but did talk about how she enjoys the freedom of having a c***d-free household. They had two girls, 21 and 18, with the latter coming to the end of her first term at Uni. There were pics dotted around the house and both girls took after their Mum. That is, slim, blond and attractive.After an hour or so the chat got a bit cheekier.”I’ve sent Simon a few pics of you”, said John. “There’s not much he hasn’t seen”.Sian blushed. “Which ones?””Just around the house. You know, during one of our ‘I can’t be bothered with clothes’ days”, he replied.”I loved them”, I chimed in. “You look so sexy nude Sian; you have an amazing body”.Sian Blushed.”Why don’t you show him for real Sian?” John asked her.She blushed again but barely hesitated in standing up and simply slipping offer her dress. She had on a simple black bra and panties. She paused, looked at me, and then removed those too.She looked gorgeous naked. She was very smooth down below and clearly was happy in her own skin. She sat back down and gave a giggle. “That feels better she said”.”I should let you know Simon that when we were younger we were into the naturist lifestyle a little” said John. “And then the k**s came along and we just carried on in the house. We’ve always been comfortable naked around each other. Trouble is our eldest girl gradually got a bit self-conscious about it so we eventually did it less and just stopped ultimately. The young one was fine but we don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable so we gave it up. Having the house to ourselves has brought back how good it feels so sometimes we have naked days in the house when we know we won’t be disturbed.”With that, John stands up to take his clothes off. He’s a tall guy, keeps in decent shape and has a nice size cock. Unlike me, he’s totally relaxed and not got a raging hard-on.I, on the other hand, am practically bursting out of my trousers.”Join us if you want Simon” said Sian.Fuck, I thought, they are totally cool and non-sexual about all this and I’m about to reveal my boner for all to see. Ah well, here goes.I stood up and quickly stripped as they watched. Sure enough, I dropped my trousers and there was my stiff 8 inch shaved cock, betraying how I felt about the situation. Sian giggled and John gave a wide grin.And then, from behind me I heard a scream: “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?”.I turned round to see one of the young, gorgeous daughters standing there with a rucksack on her shoulder and her eyes almost popping out of her head as they rested on my cock.”Mom, Dad, who the hell is this and why are you all naked?” PART TWO”Mom, Dad, who the hell is this and why are you all naked?”Enter Sarah.Sarah, 18, was the youngest of John and Sian’s two daughters. She was about 5’5″, slim, shoulder length blond hair that I imagined was kept quite neat but right now was rather bedraggled. She was wearing a baggie jumper and leggings, very much the student look, finished off with a huge rucksack on her back, containing no doubt an entire term’s load of dirty washing. She was so pretty. A really cute look to her that wasn’t helping me lose my hard on.Of course I immediately reacted, firstly grabbing my hard cock with my hands in a poor attempt to hide it whilst shouting “oh fuck”, and then grabbing my trousers from the floor and scrunching them up in front of my crotch.”Sarah, what on earth?” John said, standing up and revealing his lack of erection. “We didn’t hear you come in. What are you doing back from University?”Sian now stood up, “you were due back next week.””Well clearly you weren’t expecting me,” replied Sarah. She continued to look me up and down, her parents’ nudity being nothing extraordinary given it was something she’d encountered before given their naturist lifestyle.John walked over to her and took her arm: “it’s nothing dear, come to the kitchen and let me explain. You know we’ve always enjoyed this kind of lifestyle, there’s nothing you haven’t seen before.”As John took her bag off her shoulders and led her to the kitchen Sarah was still protesting, “yes but I’ve not seen him before, who the fuck is he and why did he have a hard on?” She was gesturing towards my cock as she was led off. Not quite knowing what to do I rather pathetically mouthed ‘sorry’. Sarah scowled back at me.I was left alone with Sian who had something of a smirk on her face. “Oh my God,” I said, “this is awful, I’m so sorry.” I went to quickly put my clothes back on but Sian stopped me.”Don’t panic. Just relax. If you suddenly disappear it will just make it worse.” She pulled away the trousers I was wrestling with and using to cover my cock. In doing so she revealed a now soft cock. “John will be telling her that you’re just a new friend we’ve met that’s also into naturism. Just sit back down and act normal””And the hard-on? That wasn’t ‘normal'” I asked.”That may take a little more explaining” replied Sian.John came back in the room, followed by Sarah, now free of her baggy jumper and wearing a t-shirt that revealed a larger pair of tits than her mother’s. I quickly averted my gaze, the last thing I needed was for my cock to start reacting to how fit Sarah was.Sarah sat down on the sofa next to her Mum. Sarah was the only person in the room that was clothed. She looked straight at me with something of a scowl.”Well?” There was a pause. I know she wanted to have the scene she witnessed explained to her but I had no idea what to say.Sian came to my rescue. “I presume your Dad has told you that we’ve reignited our interest in going clothes-free. I presume that’s okay with you? You never minded when you lived here.””That’s fine”, Sarah replied. “I was always relaxed about that, I’ve even developed a bad habit of sometimes forgetting to put clothes on in my Uni halls. My flatmates think I’m some kind of swinger”Myself, Sian and John all blushed and shuffled uncomfortably in our seats.Sarah carried on: “but he,” she pointed at me, accusingly, “he, had, well, he had a hard on! It was sticking right out.””But Sarah love,” replied Sian, “he’s just new to it, that’s all. I’ve seen that happen lots of times. Simon just wanted to come and chat about the lifestyle and we decided to get comfortable. He simply got a bit excited. If you’d been another two minutes then we’d have been sat like this, all happily relaxed and chatting.”Sarah didn’t seem totally convinced but had at least calmed down. I again rather pathetically mouthed ‘sorry’.”Well I’ll leave you to it, whatever it is you’re up to” Sarah said, standing up and shaking her head. “I need a shower and I’m knackered.”Sarah left the room. As she turned from us she lifted her t-shirt up, starting to undress. Just as she exited I could see the side of her breasts in her bra. She quickly glanced to me and then to my crotch. She’s spotted that my hard-on was returning. She gave another angry shake of her head.After she’d gone we sat for what felt like ages but was at best two minutes. We heard her drag the rucksack upstairs, slam her bedroom door, re-open it and come back downstairs.She was naked.To partly hide her modesty she had a full wash basket in front of her. She paused and I looked at her sweet, full pert tits. They were indeed bigger than her mother’s.”Can you put this load on please Mum?” she asked of Sian.”Of course dear'” came the reply.She dropped the basket. It revealed a bushy, blond mound of pubic hair. She was there for barely a second before turning but I could make out the line of her pussy lips. And then I got to see her ass. An ass with a lovely gentle wobble to it as she walked out of the room.Sian and John were looking at me, smirking. There was no mistake now, my hard-on was back. Another short wait as we heard Sarah go back into the bathroom and put the shower on.Nothing was said and then Sian moved over to me, dropped to her knees and put my hard cock in her mouth. PART THREE Sian sucked greedily on me. She seemed in a hurry.Behind her, John’s cock was now growing. Beyond my soft moans and Sian’s greedy sucking, we were all silent. We could hear the noise of the shower in the distance and it was clear that our time was to be limited to whatever time Sarah spent in the shower. The last thing any of us wanted was another interruption.John was now up and had moved over to us, lifting Sian’s bum up. She manoeuvred herself so she could give him access. He reached down to rub her pussy, checking her wetness. She was ready it seemed.As she moved her mouth up and down my shaft he entered her, taking her gently at first and pushing as deep as he could. His cock was a decent size, a little smaller than me. He too was smoothly shaved. Aware of how little time we might have he increased the pace and in turn, Sian sucked more hungrily on me. I lifted her head off my cock briefly and leaned toward her, kissing her. She responded and rolled her tongue around my mouth before putting my cock back in her wet mouth.And then everything stopped. We hadn’t noticed the shower go off but we all heard the bathroom door open.Shit.”Mum.” Sarah shouted down the stairs.Sian glanced up at me. She moved her head back, off my cock. “Yes dear?” she responded.”Don’t put that washing on yet, I’ve got a few other things to bring down,” Sarah continued.Another pause. Sarah was clearly waiting at the top of the stairs. “Is he still there?” She shouted down.”Yes,” confirmed Sian.Pause. The bedroom door opens and shuts.Sian immediately gets back to sucking my cock and John restarts his pumping of Sian’s pussy. There’s a new urgency now, who knows how long we have. Sure enough, I can feel the need to cum building. I whisper it: “I need to cum Sian.”She continues to suck and I start to jerk as I can feel my orgasm taking over. I cum in her mouth. So much cum. Sian lifts her head and lets what’s in her mouth dribble down my cock as I’m still ejaculating. Fuck, this is messy. My cock, balls and legs are covered with cum as the last of it drips from Sian’s mouth. She is now focused on what’s happening behind as John comes to his own climax and cums in her.Sian sits up and sees the mess my cock has made. She smiles at me and looks around for something to clear it up. She reaches to the wash basket that Sarah had earlier delivered for cleaning. She absent-mindedly grabs a couple of pairs of knickers and hands them to me.I’m holding Sarah’s dirty panties, looking at them. They’re not fancy but simple white cotton panties. I can see how stained the gussets are with Sarah’s wetness. Sian seems to know why I’ve paused.Then we hear a noise. The bedroom door opens.”Quick, clean yourself up” Sian orders me.I quickly wipe my cum up with Sarah’s panties. I thrown them back into the wash basket and manage to sit back in the seat just as Sarah herself arrives at the door.She’s holding another load of clothes in her hands. “Here’s the rest of them,” she says, looking at us a little suspiciously as we sat there flushed.And of course, she’s naked. Sarah is stood there, completely naked again. Having dumped the rest of the clothes in the wash basket she then comes and sits beside her mother. PART FOUR I’m naked and looking straight at 18 year old Sarah, who is also naked. She’s sitting next to her mum, who is naked. Next to them on another chair is John, her Dad, also naked.We’re silent as we get used to what is clearly an odd situation. Not so odd maybe if we were indeed all there for naturist purposes. Perhaps naturists spend a lot of time with friends and family, chatting comfortably whilst completely starkers.This was different though and I had the feeling we weren’t fooling Sarah in the slightest. After all, surely she could smell the faint aroma of sex in the air. I certainly could, it was unmistakable. Surely, sitting beside her cum-filled mother as she free spin was, Sarah knew something had happened in her absence.Sian was sitting cross-legged, no doubt in an attempt to stop John’s cum from leaking from her. There was a genuine nervous tension in the air and I was doing all I could to not stare too much at Sarah, who was also sitting cross-legged and arms folded. Trouble was, the arms were pushing up her lovely pert boobs and it was all I could to stop staring and at them and getting erect again.Sian made a move. An awkward move as she stood up whilst still clenching her thighs together. “I’ll go put on that washing for you dear”, she said as she moved rather comically to the wash basket and then took it with her into the utility room beyond the kitchen.”I’ll give you a hand,” John said, noticing Sian’s awkwardness and exiting the room with a degree of haste.Sarah was now alone with me. She was staring at me with some intent. I averted my gaze and gave her a couple of awkward smiles. I was wondering if I should now take my moment to exit.”Simon was it?” Sarah enquired.”Yes. Erm, lovely to meet you,” I hesitantly replied.”And you’re a naturist like my weirdo parents? New to it I take it? All a bit too ‘exciting’ for you maybe?” Her accusing, sarcastic grin just made her look even hotter.”Yes, you know, it can feel a bit awkward and it’s hard to predict what the body might” I replied.”Yes, very ‘hard’ it seems.” Her sarcasm this time acting to diffuse the tension a little.She relaxed her pose as well, dropping her arms and uncrossing her legs. She looked across to the door and into the kitchen, checking to see where her parents were. Reassured they weren’t in sight, she spread her legs.She’d had something of a trim between her first appearance and now. I couldn’t help but look. Before her bush was light and blonde but unruly. Now it was a neat triangle above her pussy with no hair at all on her pussy lips. She was so neat and tidy there it was all I could do to stop myself complimenting her on it. She saw me looking and parted her legs a little more. This was a wonderful sight. I knew what was happening to me but there was nothing i could do.”I think it’s clear what you’re here for Simon” Sarah said, seeing that my cock was now hard again. “Have you fucked her yet?”She saw the panicked look on my face. “Eh? What?””My Mom,” she re-stated. “Have you fucked her? I know somebody has fucked her tonight because this room stinks of spunk and it’s mainly coming from her. Well?””No, honestly, it wasn’t me.” She wasn’t buying it. She stared back, waiting for more. “Your Dad fucked her, I just watched.””Watched? That’s all? The truth Simon. Tell me the truth”. As she spoke, Sarah leant forward and parted her legs much wider. I stared at that lovely teenage pussy.What could I do but confess. She had total control of me. “Your mom sucked my cock and I came in her mouth.”She stood up and moved over to me. She bent right down and whispered in my ear: “listen Simon, you’re a fucking pervert.” Her breath was hot on my ear and her tits were right in front of my face. “I don’t care if you fuck both of my equally pervy and disgusting parents but if you ever want to get inside my cunt then you’ll better do exactly as I say and play along like a good boy.”And with that, she grabbed my hand and pushed it to her pussy, placing the palm of hand on it and forcing me to rub her, making sure I got a sense of how wet she was. She was soaking.Just as her parents came back in the room she had already moved away from me. They stared at her: “everything okay?” They said in unison.”We’re fine,” she replied. “Simon said he’d like a cup of tea. He’s staying for a while. I think he’d like to get to know us all a little better.”Sian and John glanced down at my lap to see my hard cock sticking up. Again, I mouthed a pathetic ‘sorry’. PART FIVE As Sarah left the room, both Sian and John came straight over to me.”What did she say?” asked Sian.”And why the have you got a hard on again?” asked John, pointing to my prominent erection. “I don’t want you perving about my daughter, that’s not what we want to have happen.””It’s nothing, I’m really sorry,” I replied. “But she’s very attractive and I was just looking at her body and then this happened. To be honest, I can’t believe you’re letting her walk around naked in front of me.””Well it’s just natural to her,” Sian replied, sitting back down, this time with John beside her. “She’s not thinking about this as a sexual thing, she just loves the feeling of being without clothes, just as we do. As she thinks you’re part of our lifestyle, she doesn’t think twice about being nude”It was clear they had no sense of what Sarah did or didn’t believe. All I knew was that Sarah had a body to die for and a wet pussy that I could now smell on my fingers.Sarah returned to the room with a cup of tea for me. As she placed it down next to me she gave me another of her scornful looks.”I’m glad you two have cleared things up,” said Sian to her daughter.”Yes, it’s all good now,” said Sarah as she carefully sat herself down, cross-legged, on the floor. She was careful to position herself so that I had a superb view of that sweet, glistening pussy.My cock had calmed down now, despite the sight in front of me, and the chat soon turned to everyday matters. Sarah’s first term at Uni had gone well. She was studying law, her marks were good and the accommodation was fine. She told us how she’d got back into going nude and when her flatmates were out she tended to strip off. She’d been caught out a few times though but as they were all girls she shared with it was just laughed off. This was turning into a genuinely relaxed chat amongst a group of people who just happened to be naked.I didn’t say too much, again thinking about the right time to head off. But I was wary of Sarah’s warning, come promise, to me that I needed to “play along” if I ever wanted to get inside her cunt. Of course I wanted to be in her, that would be amazing. But how was that going to happen?As we chatted more I managed to eventually avert my gaze from Sarah’s pussy and became aware she was trying to signal something to me. She was rolling her eyes back slightly and moving her head upwards. Was there something on the ceiling? Upstairs? What was she trying to say? I was hardly going to suddenly propose that she and I head to the bedroom.Ah! Then I realised what she might be trying to do.”I need to pop to the loo,” I announced. “Upstairs isn’t it?”Before Sian and John had a chance to respond, Sarah was on her feet: “I’ll show you, I have to go up and get dressed anyway as I’ve promised a couple of my old mates that I’d have a late drink with them now I’m back.””That’s kind love,” said Sian.And off we went. Me following Sarah’s cute butt as it wiggled out of the living room and up the stairs. Halfway up she suddenly stopped. In fact she stopped so quickly I thrust my face into ass. She turned and smiled. It was deliberate.We reached the top and then suddenly she turned and grabbed me by the hand.”In here,” she said and pulled me into the bathroom at the end of the corridor. She pushed me in and locked the door behind her. She came straight at me, tongue already out, thrusting it down my throat for what was a messy, wet snog. She reached down to my cock and started to furiously wank it.”I need you hard. Now,” she commanded, taking a breather from eating my face but knowing full well it was fact that I was snogging an 18 year old that was doing the job in making me erect as much as it was her hand.She looked down. I was hard again.”Now fuck me. I fucking need that pervert cock in me now.” She turned and leant over the bath, spreading her legs, sticking out her arse then licking her hand and using it to rub her cunt to add to what I suspected was an already wet and willing hole.I pushed my cock into her. She was certainly wet but I could also feel her gripping my cock, tightening her cunt around me. I gave a couple of gentle thrusts, enjoying how my bare cock felt in her.”Jesus, fuck that shit,” she said, turning to me with that angry look again. “How much time do you think we’ve got? I just need a fuck, a hard quick fuck and then I need to be filled with cum. Do what you’re told.”I didn’t need telling twice. I pushed her head down, grabbed a handful of her hair and fucked her hard and fast. For one of the few times in my life I was willing myself to cum as quick as I could. I think I lasted 40 seconds at most. It might have been longer but there was no mistaking what she was after. At 35 seconds she commanded, breathlessly: “Cum. In. Me. Now.”And so I did. With probably a much reduced volume of cum considering I had emptied a large load in her mother’s mouth less than 30 minutes earlier.Sarah stood and turned to me. She reached her hand down to her pussy to check for cum. She scooped up a load and presented her hand to me, covered in my spunk. “Not bad,” she said.Taste it, I pleaded with her to myself, scared that anything I said out loud now would be treated with contempt. Taste it.She didn’t taste it and instead looked around for something to wipe it off with. She opened the lid of the laundry basket and took out the first item she came across, a pair of white panties. Her mother’s?She threw the panties back into the wash basket and opened the bathroom door, pausing to check the coast was clear. She turned to me: “now go piss and then get back down to my pervy parents before it occurs to their naive little minds that you might be up here fucking their innocent daughter.”She shut the door and made her way back to her bedroom. I leaned out to get another look at her ass.I didn’t actually need a pee and went straight back down after a quick check to ensure my cock looked in a sufficiently calm state. It was covered in Sarah’s warm pussy juices but frankly, felt knackered. I needed to get out of here and get my head around what was happening.I entered the living room and even before I got a chance to suggest I should make a move, John set out a plan: “ah, Simon, now that Sarah’s off out I reckon we could all pick up where we left off. What do you think? I know Sian here is keen to feel that nice long cock of yours inside her. Eh Sian?”Sian nodded and gave a little giggle. She was as cute and hot as her daughter in many ways. My cock twitched again. PART SIX I sat back down while the three of us waited for Sarah to finish getting ready and leave. At least this might allow my poor cock recover a little.Sarah’s pussy felt so good as I fucked her furiously. I wondered what she might have in mind for further encounters. In the meantime, I had her mum and dad to deal with, both of whom were looking at me, ready to pounce.Sarah re-appeared, now dressed and looking sexy in a short dress. “I’ll be an hour or so,” she let us know. “I’m just popping down the local.””Okay, enjoy yourself” said Sian.She was barely out of the door before Sian and John leapt up and come over to me. Surprisingly, John grabbed hold of my cock as Sian kissed me.”I hope you don’t mind Simon, you’re bi as well aren’t you?” John asked.Sian removed her tongue from my mouth so I could reply. “Yes, it’s fine, I like bi play.”My cock was now hard, again. John took its full length in his mouth. He paused. It was like he was savouring it. Could he taste Sarah?”Wow, you taste so good,” he said. “Sian, com and taste this lovely cock.”She moved to between my legs and greedily sucked on it. They were exchanging duties on sucking me and licking my shaft and balls. They were almost hysterical with how good it tasted.”Sit on me Sian.” I ordered. I directed her onto my lap so that she was now facing John. She spread her legs and she was light enough for me to lift her up slightly. “Put my cock in her John.”John grabbed my cock and gave it a final suck before then spitting on his wife’s cunt and pushing my cock into her. I lowered her onto me fully. I was a little bigger than John and she seem delighted to take me fully. Unlike my last hurried fuck in the bathroom, this time I took my time, slowly raising and lowering Sian onto me. John leant in at points to lick her clit or to withdraw me from her, suck on me, and then put me back in. My cock was now covered with both Sarah’s and Sian juices.After a short while I moved Sian off and gestured to John, presuming he would want to take his turn.He understood but backed away: “No, it’s okay, I can have her whenever I want, it’s your turn now. Fill her up. That’s right isn’t it Sian? You need John’s cum in you?””Yes please, that would be so nice,” she replied, rather sweetly and in direct contrast to the harsh commands I had got from her daughter.I sat Sian down on the sofa and spread her legs. I knelt and put my cock back in. John was to the side of me, switching between stroking my balls, sucking his wife’s tits and snogging her passionately.I moved up a gear and fucked her hard. Sian smiled at me. All I could think of was how warm and welcoming Sian was compared to her bitch of a daughter who just used my cock to get her fill of cum. Yet it was the image of Sarah’s butt cheeks wobbling as I fucked her that was bringing me to climax. Sian’s gorgeous smooth pussy was something to admire and felt lovely but it was Sarah’s vice-like grip on my cock that was in my mind as I reached my climax. I knew what to do next. Or rather, what not to do. I did’t pull out and instead emptied my cum into her. She shuddered as I did so, closing her eyes and lifting her head back. John squeezed my balls as if trying to empty any last drop into his wife. There probably wasn’t much left after my third orgasm of the evening.I removed my cock and was glad to see that I had something to offer as my cum started to ooze from her. John politely pushed me out of the way and went down between Sian’s thighs, licking and sucking at her pussy and savouring every last drop. As he did so I went back to my chair and collapsed back into it.Then something caught my eye beyond the sight in front of me. The patio doors, to what I presumed was the garden, were a little behind the sofa. I saw a movement. Was someone there?John had finished off cleaning Sian’s well-fucked bonus veren siteler pussy and the pair were busily engaged in a cum-swapping snog, hungrily rolling their tongues around each other’s and making sure they made the most of the chance to taste my cum.There was another movement at the doors. This time there was no mistake, as coming full into view, staring straight at me with that familiar angry look, was Sarah. PART SEVEN Sarah was gesturing to me from outside the patio doors, thrusting her thumb upwards which I interpreted as either: ‘get the fuck out of here now you slimy perv’, or ‘get your clothes on and get outside, I want to speak to you’.I took it as the latter and decided I now needed to make a move to exit.”You okay Simon?” asked John, who had now prised himself off Sian leaving her licking her cum-smeared lips. “Looks like you’ve seen a ghost.”I averted my gaze from the window and back to John and Sian. “No, it’s nothing. I was just thinking how great that was but that I must make a move.” I stood and started to dress. I glanced at the doors but Sarah had gone.Sian and John remained naked, cuddling each other on the sofa and looking genuinely delighted about our first threesome together. I finished dressing and moved over to give Sian a kiss on the cheek.”Thanks both,” I said. “It was kind of crazy with Sarah here but we got there in the end.””Oh don’t worry about Sarah,” said Sian, “she’ll have forgotten all this by tomorrow and just think of it all as normal. She’s got little interest in what her boring old parents do. Her sister Samantha is due home tomorrow so our days of nakedness will have to end. It was only Sarah who really enjoyed it. Sam can’t stand the thought of it. She’s a bit of a prude to be honest”John added: “tonight was fun but we’ll have to wait a few weeks till we meet again until the girls are back at Uni. We do really want to see you again though.”Sian nodded in agreement. “Can you show yourself out? It’s just…” She gestured towards their nakedness.”Of course,” I said, backing out. “Not a problem and I hope to see you both soon.”I headed to the front door. As I left I looked around. Was Sarah there? My car was parked right in front of the house which was on a quiet cul-de-sac. I was moving deliberately slowly as I got in the car, almost as if to give Sarah time to get from the back of the house to the front. Maybe I’d misunderstood and her gesture was indeed a signal to ‘fuck off out of our lives’.I started the car, resigned to the idea of her not appearing. I drove down the short avenue and slowed as I approached the junction. Suddenly, she appeared in front of me, forcing me to slam on the brakes. She stood caught in the car’s headlights for a moment before coming round to the passenger side and getting in. Her dress, short enough already, rode up further as she sat down. She wore a denim jacket and a pair of converse. Sassy, sexy, confident and just 18 years old. I was lost in my filthy thoughts about her until she commanded: “Drive. Turn left here, then right.”I went to speak but got the sense that she didn’t want to hear anything I said. Instead I followed the directions she gave, aware she was taking us close to a nearby country park.”Park here,” she said as we got to a quiet lane just short of the park. For a second I thought she was heading to a notorious dogging spot in the park but it was clear she was after some privacy. “Actually, go a bit further, just to the left.”We were now next to some industrial units between some houses and the park. It was as quiet a spot as we were likely to find.She looked around for a last check and then without a word, parted her legs. He right leg was far enough over that it was on my side of the gear stick. I put my hand on her thigh, as if to help hold her leg in place. She didn’t object.She wasn’t wearing any panties.Her pussy looked amazing. This was a chance for me to look closely at it. It was still puffy from the fucking it had recieved earlier. She started to touch herself with her left hand, touching her clit and moving her fingers over her lips. She parted them so I could see her where earlier my bare cock had entered her and left its cum. She inserted a finger and removed it to show that there was still a little of my sticky spunk in her. I gripped her thigh a little harder, a signal to her that I was turned on by what I saw. I wanted so badly to touch her.She then settled down to what perhaps was her familiar pattern for wanking herself. She alternated between teasing her clit, rubbing the palm of her hand all over her pussy, and inserting her fingers into her vagina. She was totally focused on cumming. She glanced at me, then at her pussy, rubbing harder and harder. She sometimes reached out to my shoulder to steady herself with her right hand but then would use it to grab her own tit. She would get both hands on the job at points: one pushing her fingers into her pussy and the other rubbing her clit. This was amazing to watch, she would build herself up to almost climaxing and then ease off. Back and forth to almost the point of no return. I was both superfluous to requirements but also the audience that she wanted to perform to.As she eased back from the brink yet another time, she grabbed my right hand and placed it on her cunt. It was now my turn to masturbate her. A test, I presumed.She was soaked. I wanted to wallow in that wetness so push three fingers deep into her before pulling out and smearing her lips and clit with her own juices. I then focused on making her cum. I put my fingers back in, making sure I could still use the base of my hand to rub against her clit. Sarah was building back up to a climax. She grabbed at her own tits, pulling down the top of her dress to expose them and pulling hard on her own nipples.I could feel her getting wetter and wetter as I fucked her with my fingers. “Oh fuck,” she exclaimed. The wetness then turned to a torrent of water. I could feel her push against my fingers with her pussy but she reached down with her hands to keep my fingers in place. She was squirting over them as she screamed. She then pulled my hand off to release a jet that splashed against the glove compartment. I’d never seen anyone squirt like that. She used her own hand to rapidly rub on her clit and another jet of juices came out.She was very damp. As was the seat and the dashboard area in front of her. She started to calm down. She gave herself some gentle rubs, looking down at herself, almost surprised at how wet everywhere was. She pulled her dress down and moved back up in the seat and at last turned to me with something that was as close to a smile as she had ever given me before.At last, I spoke: “Did you see everything?” ‘Everything’ being the sight through the patio doors of her mum and dad sucking her juices off my cock and her mom being impaled on my cock.”Yes,” she replied.”I have to say Sarah,” I said, at last having some confidence to speak directly. “You are really fucking filthy.”She looked straight at me, “Maybe, but you should meet my sister, she’s a complete fucking slut.”‘Yes, I would like to meet her’, I thought. Very much so. PART EIGHT “Right, you can drop me at the pub,” demanded Sarah.I started the engine.”Actually, hang on.” Sarah opened the car door, looked around and then got out. Leaving the door open, she hitched up her dress and crouched down, facing directly towards me.I watched as a lovely stream of hot piss splashed on the floor. She stared straight at me and mouthed: ‘fucking perv’. This girl was amazing. I needed her in my life.I drove her to the pub but before she got out of the car I wanted to know if this was it for us or whether she had more planned.”Can I see you again?” I blurted out as we arrived, sounding very much like a pathetic teenager who’d had a first date.”What more do you want?” She replied. “You’ve fucked me, fucked my mom, had my dad suck your cock and watched me piss. Isn’t that enough? You’re even more of a perv than I gave you credit for.””Tell me about Samantha,” I blurted out. She’d said her sister was a ‘slut’. How could she be more of a slut than Sarah, I wondered, who let a stranger cum in her pussy within an hour of meeting him?Sarah smiled and relaxed a little, settling back into the car seat. “Well, both mum and dad think Sam’s so straight-laced just because she was put off by the naturism stuff as she grew up and asked us to stop. What they don’t know is that ever since she went to Uni she’s gone crazy. She went from a frigid virgin to a total slag within a week.””How do you know all this?” I asked.”Because she gives me a running commentary on it with pics and videos. I think she does it to wind me up but I kind of like it. Here, I’ll show you.”Sarah unlocked her phone and opened up WhatsApp. She flicked through a series of messages, pics and videos of her sister either being fucked or sucking cock or posing nude next to her current male conquest. The accompanying message provided a sarcastic commentary on the guys she was fucking. ‘Useless’, ‘dickhead’, ‘thick, but a good fuck’. Sam had a similar body to Sarah, except she was completely smooth below. Her tits were much smaller, like her mum’s. I was visibly shocked by a picture of Sam’s face, covered in cum.”She sent you that? She sent that to her sister?” I was taken aback to say the least.”As I said, she’s a filthy, dirty slut who has no limits. She shares it all with me,” explained Sarah. “Watch this video.”She scrolled up to a clip that began with Sam holding the camera and telling a guy to “get your fucking clothes off big boy, let’s see it.” The guy wasn’t another Uni student, he seemed older. In fact, none of the guys in the pics seemed to be the same age as Sam, who was just 21. Looking me up and down Sarah said: “you’re her type a bit actually.”The video carried on. The guy was now naked and the camera was swapped over to show Sam who was already naked. The guy walked over to Sam and did a mini-tour of her body. He paused to grope her tits and finger her smooth cunt. This was amazing stuff. The video cut and he was fucking her from behind. He was deep in her pussy and Sam could be heard moaning with satisfaction. He pulled out and without even a pause, pushed his cock straight into her asshole. Wow. Was she ready for that? Lubed up? She didn’t seem to flinch. He fucked her hard. He was totally unforgiving and pounded her while pushing some fingers into her pussy to replace his cock.Another cut. The camera was still and now positioned from side on. He was standing in front of her and started to talk. “What do you want bitch?”. “Your big cock,” she replied. With that, he pushed it forcibly into her mouth and she sucked greedily on it. As she did so, he slapped her. I must have gasped as Sarah said, “I know, a total, fucking slag.”The man in the video did it again, calling Sam a ‘cock whore’, a ‘fucking slut’. Sam seemed to be choking on his cock but he didn’t care. Eventually he pulled out and I could see him grab her hair to keep her head still. He wanked furiously, still calling her degrading names. And then he came all over her pretty, young face. Lots of cum. When he was satisfied she’d had every last drop, he grabbed the camera. It cut again and now we had a roving shot showing where his cum had landed: on her face, hair, in her eyes, all over her mouth. “Eat it,” he ordered. She scooped some from her chin and sucked it offer her fingers. Sam then looked straight into camera and said: “hope you enjoyed that Sarah. If you made it this far then you’re as filthy as I am. See you soon. Oh, and don’t tell mum!”The video stopped and I looked at Sarah. She had her hand back on her pussy under her dress, almost absentmindedly.”So,” she said, “do you want to fuck her?””Yes please.””I think you’re almost as big a perv as she is so you’d be a good match. I’ll see what I can do.” PART NINE Sarah’s ‘see what I can do’ involved immediately messaging her sister.Sarah: ‘Hi Sam, when you back home?’The reply was immediate.Sam: ‘Tomorrow, did mum not say?’Sarah: ‘Awesome, how you gonna cope at home? No sex for you for a couple of weeks. Ha ha.’Sam: ‘I know, frustrating. I’ll have to make sure I bring my vibe home with me – lol.’Sarah: ‘I know a guy down here you’d like. Interested?’Sam: ‘Who? Tell me more? He hung? Available? You know me, if he’s a half decent fuck, I’ll have him’Sarah: ‘Cool. Do you trust me?’Sam: ‘Yeah, course. What do you mean?’Sarah: ‘I’ve got a plan but you have to trust me. It’ll be amazing, trust me.’Sam: ‘If this is a wind-up I’ll fucking kill you sis.’Sarah: ‘It’ll be fine. I’ll tell you all the details when you get home.’Sam: ‘Okay, speak then. Gotta go, got a guy coming round later.’Sarah: ‘Ha, slut. Do NOT send me any more filthy videos, I can’t cope!’Sam: ‘Catch you tomorrow hun. xx'”What’s the plan then?” I asked Sarah.”You have to trust me as well,” she replied. “Meet me here, outside this pub at 10 tomorrow night.”She exited the car and entered the pub. I was both nervous and excited at what she might be planning but who was I to complain. Was I going to get to fuck Sam? Or just meet her? The next evening I was sat outside the pub at 10pm as instructed. Right on time, Sarah appeared and got into the car. She was a bit pissed if truth be told.”What’s happening,” I asked.”Shut the fuck up and drive to mine. Follow everything I say and you’ll be fine. Your job is to keep quiet and just follow instructions, okay?””Okay,” I replied. Sarah leant across to me and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I responded to what was very much a d*unken, sloppy but very welcome snog.”Perv,” Sarah stated emphatically as she pulled herself off me. I wasn’t too sure whether she meant me or, given what was to follow, she was reflecting on her own morality.We drove to Sarah’s house and exited the car. She put her hands to her lips to emphasise the need for quiet. She led the way and opened the front door really slowly. She was like a teenager (indeed, she was a teenager) creeping back after staying out too late. We both entered the hallway.”Is that you Sarah?”. It was the familiar voice of Sian.’Shit’, mouthed Sarah to me. “Yes mum. Just back deneme bonusu veren siteler from the pub. I thought you were going out?””No dear, your dad is out but I stayed in. Sam has gone to bed early. You must have tired her out when you took her shopping earlier. She said you’d talked her head off and she needed to get some shut-eye.”Sarah indicated to me to stay where I was, next to the front door, while she opened the living room door to say hello to her Mom.”Oh, you’re naked,” said Sarah on seeing her mum.”Well Sam is asleep and I couldn’t resist it. No harm done. Want to join me?” asked Sian to her daughter.”Erm, actually, I think I’ll head up to bed myself. Have had a couple too many with the girls in the pub,” replied Sarah.”Okay love, see you in the morning.” With that, Sarah shut the door to leave her mum alone, naked, in the living room.Sarah signalled to me to follow her. I crept past the living room door and followed her upstairs. We stopped outside one of the bedrooms. “Do not speak,” instructed Sarah in a whisper. “It’ll be clear what you need to do.”We entered. The room was quite small, little bigger than a box room. It was lit by a bedside table which was next to a single bed. On the bed was the naked, blonde, blindfolded, 21 year old sister of Sarah. This was Sam, who giggled nervously as she heard the door open and we crept it.”I hope that’s you Sarah,” she said quietly.”Yes,” came the response. “And I’m not alone.”Sam giggled again. She was lying lengthways on the bed and was clearly a little taller than her sister as she wasn’t far off reaching the end. The room was still very much that of a teenager, with posters of bands and a general messiness on display with clothes and underwear spread across the floor.”Sarah, you can leave now,” Sam said. “Keep a lookout though, I think mum will head to bed in about an hour when Dad gets back.”Sarah opened the bedroom door and then closed it. But she didn’t leave. She held her hand to her lips to make sure I didn’t say anything. She gave a massive grin and leant back against the door.”Right,” said Sam, presumably thinking we were now alone. “I don’t know who you are but my sister reckons you’re okay and can be trusted. That’s good enough for me. You can strip off and get started if you want. But for fucks sake, be quiet.”I started to strip only for Sarah to help me. As I fiddled with the buttons on my shirt and kicked off my shoes, she undid my belt and helped get my pants and trousers off. She even took my socks off. She noticed that I wasn’t quite fully hard yet. She looked up at me disappointingly and proceeded to suck me.As little sister fluffed my cock, Sam gave some instructions: “I like my pussy licked but not for too long. I like a big cock in me but as it’s a first date, not in my bumhole. You can cum over my face and leave. We don’t have long.”I was certainly hard now, as I might have been without Sarah’s welcome intervention. Sarah removed me from her mouth and stepped back to watch. I did as I was told and got on me knees at the end of the bed, parting Sam’s leg to see her wonderfully smooth pussy. I lapped at it, gently at first and then pushing on her clit and darting my tongue between her lips as she grabbed the back of head and guided me. Or at least I thought it was Sam grabbing me but when I felt two other hands on my shoulders I realised it was Sarah giving a helping hand.Sam writhed as I licked her, making quiet moaning noises. She was certainly lovely and wet. I stood up and she moved position so that she was knelt on the end of the bed and awaiting my cock in her mouth. I obliged and she sucked greedily on it. Sarah was back by the door and seemed to be giving her own instructions to help things along. She was doing thrusting manoeuvres with her hips which looked quite comical but were clearly an indication for me to fuck Sam’s mouth harder. I remembered the video that showed just how hard Sam could take it. I grabbed Sam’s head and forced my cock right down her throat. She took it well. I did it again and this time put my hands on her neck just as it was in her at the deepest point. She pulled back, panting from holding her breath and with saliva dripping from her mouth. A good time to kiss that mouth maybe? I glanced to Sarah who indicated, through a rather silly pouty lip gesture, that it would be. I snogged Sam and was really fired up now. So much that I held Sam’s mouth open and spat in it.”Turn round slut,” I whispered in her ear.I was desperate for my cock to be in her. She lifted her arse to me. I gave her arsehole a tonguing to tease her a little but my cock just needed to be in that lovely bare pussy. I pushed in hard. She took it like her sister did, hard and fast. Sarah had stopped instructing and had her own hand down the front of her jeans as she watched me pump away at Sam.Sam used the pillow to drown out her own moans which now were verging on being muffled screams. I took my cock out of her cunt and pushed it against the entrance to her asshole. I wanted so much to be in there. Sam stopped writhing and turned her head towards me, perhaps wondering if I’d go this far on our ‘first date’. Sarah stopped too and leaned in to see my cock close-up next to Sam’s tight hole. I pushed at it but not hard enough to penetrate. Sarah pushed on my bum as if to indicate what she though the next move would be. I could sense Sam’s tension. I knew if I went inside her it wouldn’t take me long to cum as I was so close to the edge already. But who could resist. I felt Sarah’s hand reach round to my balls, gently stroking them. I looked to her and she nodded at me, glancing down to her sister’s ass. ‘Do it’, she mouthed.I pushed in. And in. Sam put her head back in the pillow. I was balls deep in Sam’s tight ass. Fuck, this felt just amazing. I knew I couldn’t last. I fucked that lovely hole for no more than a couple of minutes before I knew I was going to explode. I wanted to pull out, to spray her pretty face, but I couldn’t. I wanted Sarah’s stroking of my full balls to never stop and so I let myself go. I pumped my cum into Sam’s asshole and she let out a muffled yelp as I did it. This was the most wonderful feeling ever. After every drop was delivered I pulled out. Nobody moved as Sarah and I watched my cum trickle out from Sam’s hole.There was a click. The bedroom door opened.”Fucks sake Sarah,” said Sam, lifting her head up towards the sound. “I said to stay the fuck out till we’re done.””Oh!” came the familiar voice of a still naked Sian, who was greeted by the sight of one daughter with her bum in the air leaking cum, and the other with her hand still on the balls of the man who had produced the cum.I turned, looked at Sian and mouthed a rather pathetic, ‘sorry’.The front door opened downstairs. “I’m home,” announced John. PART TEN “He can’t see this,” said Sian, as she took in the scene around her. “John can’t know what’s happened here.”I didn’t move, my cock now limp and gently brushing Sam’s backside. Sarah released her grip on my balls and Sam finally removed her blindfold and gave me a rather withering look.Sian crossed her arms. “Has anyone got an explanation? Simon? Can you explain why your spunk is leaking from my daughter’s bum? Sarah, why were you stroking Simon’s balls? Well?” She was tapping her foot, waiting an answer. None was immediately forthcoming. “Well I’m very disappointed in the lot of you.”Sarah, Sam and I gave each other guilty looks. Sian clearly had a plan to put things right and started instructing us.”Simon,” she said, pointing at me, “you’re going to go downstairs, as quiet as you can and sneak out. John will be in the kitchen so you should be okay. Do not let him see you. Now get dressed.”I fumbled around for my clothes. The two girls didn’t move.”Sarah.” Sian was now pointing at the only one of us wearing clothes. “Clean your sister up and then strip off.””Strip off?” replied Sarah.”Just do as I say,” replied her mum, “and clean up that…, that gunk, leaking out of Sam.”Sarah looked at Sam’s cum-filled asshole. I must have left a decent load in there as it was still oozing out. I wondered: she was going to clean her up with her…., no, not in front of her mum. Sarah reached for some tissues and carefully wiped away the cum. Sam then stood up and I took a moment to take in her gorgeous figure. Truth be told I was desperate to snog that pretty face. Maybe another time, or maybe never.I was now dressed and ready to exit. Sarah was stripping off, reluctantly but with her mom giving her a helping hand. “Just do it,” Sian instructed, “it’s for the good of the family.”As I crept out of the bedroom door I had the lovely sight of all of them nude. Each of them petite and shapely. I thought of how my cock had felt inside them.Sian gestured for me to hurry out. As I did, she turned to give Sam and Sarah a talking to. I shut the door behind me and crept downstairs as quietly as I could. I just need to get out of here and although I had loved every pervy minute of my time with this crazy family, perhaps I just needed to leave it all behind. I made up my mind: once out, I wasn’t coming back.As I got to the living room door I noticed it was ajar. The coast seemed clear, presumably John was in the kitchen towards the back of the house. I got to the front door and noticed it was on the latch. That’s odd, I thought. I carried on anyway, relieved at last to be outside.My car was a couple of doors down and just as I unlocked it I heard a voice behind me.”Simon?”. It was John. “It is you isn’t it?”I turned. “Erm, oh, hi John.”.”Have you come for a visit?” asked John. “I was just putting the bins out and thought it was you.””No I was just…”. What was I doing exactly? Coming or going?”You should have told us in advance. Couldn’t wait for more eh?” John winked. In his view at least, I was here for cumming rather than going.”Come in, come in,” he said, grabbing my arm. “both the girls have gone out I think so we should be fine. You might even get to meet our other daughter Sam whose also back from university.”‘It’s okay,’ I thought to myself, ‘I’ve already met her and fucked her cunt and asshole.’We re-entered the house. The three women of the house must have been upstairs still.”Sian is upstairs I think,” said John. “I’ve not seen her yet, am only just in myself. Make yourself at home.”I sat down, thinking about how to get myself out of here. Sian may well appear any moment and she’d blow her lid if I was still here. That wasn’t in her plan to deal with the fall-out of finding me fucking her daughter.”No, I mean, make yourself at home.” John made clear what he mean as he started to strip. “Our daughter Sam is back but if she’s out we can at least relax. Nothing beats the feeling of freedom you get when get these things off. Lord know why Sam doesn’t indulge.”I waited to hear if there was any noise coming from upstairs. It was still quiet so I thought the best thing to do was to follow John’s lead, just to be polite, but maybe find an excuse for a quick exit when I get a chance.I stripped off but before I got the chance to sit back down, John was in front of me with his back to the living room door, giving my cock a stroke.”I loved playing with this the other night Simon. You tasted so good.” John had a surprisingly gentle touch that was making me hard again. “I’d love to have a quick play again before Sian comes down. I love having a hard cock in my mouth.”He dropped to his knees. I was hard and enjoyed the feeling of being sucked by him but I really needed to get out of here. He sucked hungrily and I willed myself to cum as quickly as I could. I closed my eyes to dream up some filthy images to help me along the way. I had plenty of imagery to go on: having Sian take my cum in her mouth, fucking Sarah’s sweet cunt as hard as I could as she demanded to be filled up, having Sian and John suck Sarah’s pussy juice from my cock, fucking Sian, having Sarah squirt in my car and seeing her piss on the side of the road. And finally, fucking Sam from behind in both her lovely, tight holes.I was close now and could feel myself about to cum. John sensed it too and stroked my balls as an incentive to empty myself into his mouth. Having satisfied myself that the combination of all those filthy memories were sufficient to help me cum, I let myself go. As I felt the release of my orgasm I opened my eyes. Clearly I was too lost in the moment to have heard the living room door open. All three women were standing in front of me. Sian was between her two daughters. There were all naked.Sian gave a loud cough, aimed at attracting John’s attention who was on his knees just in front of her with his mouth still around my cock. He gave a big swallow, taking my spunk down his throat.”Given me a minute love,” he said, still facing my soon-to-be-flacid cock from his mouth, “I’ll just give Simon a nice clean-up and then you can have your turn.”I should have been panicked or guilt-ridden but fuck, what a sight. All three women in front of me. Those pretty, cute, sexy girls and their hot mother. Three sets of perfect, pert tits and inviting, tight pussies. And of course, at least one willing asshole, probably still with a little of my cum in it.John stood up at last and turned to see the sight of his naked family in front of him.”Oh shit. I’m so sorry.” He sounded genuinely remorseful. “Girls, you shouldn’t have had to see this, I guess I’ve got some explaining to do.”Sam and Sarah gave a little giggle and let their mum do the talking.”It’s okay John,” she began. “We’ve had a nice honest talk upstairs and I’ve told them both about who Simon is and what he’s here for. They told me a few home truths as well about how grown up they are and how they want to be allowed to explore their desires without feeling shameful. They’ve both agreed that from now on there are no secrets between us. And at home at least, there’ll be no clothes.”What did all this mean for me, I wondered? Sian was about to tell me.”Simon, you’re a filthy pervert. Clearly, you can’t even manage to disappear when we ask you to. But you’re our filthy pervert and I think we just need to accept that.” She looked around to her girls and to her husband. They all nodded in agreement. “Now take a seat and let’s have a nice cup of tea. The girls tell me they have some ideas about what we can all do next.”I sat on the sofa with Sarah and Sam on either side of me. They both gave me a rather sweet peck on the cheeks. I could feel my cock twitch again.