Off to Russia with my sexy interpretor.

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Off to Russia with my sexy interpretor.My travel agent was able to add Sasha to my flight and accommodations. We both slept most of the flight, and hit the ground fully refreshed. She got us a cab, checked us in at the hotel desk, and even managed to upgrade us to a suite for only $12 more a day. Ah, the ability to speak the host countries language fluently. We entered the suite and it was fit for royalty. Sasha went to freshen up, and I mixed a drink for each of us. She came back in the room wearing nothing but a smile, Let’s work a little tension off before we see what this city has to offer. Damn she is full of surprises, and has one awesome body.I knelt before her and kissed her pussy as I would a mouth. I reached around and grasped an ass cheek in each hand and pulled her closer. After a few minutes, she rewarded me with a gush of Sasha sauce. I eased her back onto the bed, placed a leg over each shoulder and went türkçe bahis back to licking her tasty slit. She moaned, lifted her hips, and her pussy was oozing lady cum. A knock at the door interrupted us, I went to the door and asked who it was. champagne, complements of the hotel. I opened the door to see a beautiful redhaired woman in her twenties. She pushed the cart in, and in fine English asked if she may pour for us? At that moment she looked at Sasha spread open on the bed with her pussy glistening from her response. They looked deeply into each others eyes, and Sasha beckoned with a crooked finger. The lady went to the bed, I turned shut and locked the door. Sasha was removing this curvacious redheads clothes, so I took a seat to hopefully enjoy the show. Their lips joined as they caressed each others breasts, soon they were fingering the others snatch. Fluidly they swung into a “69” with Sasha on top. The youwin giriş way they went at each other was an education, not fast, not slow, but definitely thorough.I took off my pants to free my erection and couldn’t keep my hands off it as I watched. Suddenly Sasha lifted her head and said “stick that cock in me, Fuck me, Fuck me now” She went back to pleasuring our guest, and I went behind her and slowly and smoothly entered her. My cock was in pussy, but it and my balls were getting licked and lapped, as was Sasha’s cunt. I was in a sensual state of euphoria, what a sensation. Then Sasha pulled away, spun around, pushed me onto my back, looked at the other woman and pointed at my cock, then straddled my face and said Lick me, eat my pussy. make me cum. I touched her outer lips with my tongue just as I felt my cock being encased in a strangers pussy. She started humping me like she was in a race. One youwin güvenilir mi bucking my hips, another bucking my face. Welcome to Russia, ain’t nothing cold about this. Sasha stiffened, moaned, said “what a fucking tongue” and flooded my face with lady lotion. The lady fucking me impaled her self as deep as she could, and a felt a warmth rush around my cock and dribble on my balls. Sasha rolled off of me. Eased the lady down, told me to fuck her good and fill her pussy with CUM. Who was I to argue? I looked down at this beautiful redhead, green eyes, wide smile, nice rack. And with a heavy Russian accent….. Fuck ME Good Kora shore… I went at her like my ass was on fire and only my climax would put it out. Her tits flopped and rolled with my thrust, her smile never went, I felt a tongue on my balls, then my shaft, it must have hit her pussy too cause soon she stopped bucking, moaned a long low growl and warmed my dick with another flush of cum, just before I shot off deep in her womb. As I pulled out, Sasha was there to lick up the combined fuck juice and give our guest one last orgasm. While that was going on I poured 3 glasses of champagne and waited.