NYC Rooftops

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The air is so heavy with humidity I’m certain I can drown if I take a deep enough breath. New York City is many things, but bearable in summer it is absolutely not. Building rules be damned, I’m going to die in this sweltering closet of a fifth floor walkup if I don’t get out. My only escape – the roof. The building manager posted a small, neatly typed white sheet of paper on the message board just before the heatwave began with strict and uncompromising rules:

1. No air conditioning units shall be mounted in windows. Historic building code 2831.

2. Absolutely no roof access. Building rule 56 in your resident handbook.

Any residents found to be in violation of these points shall be given 30 days notice.

Signed – asshole who doesn’t even live here. Who hires a building manager that doesn’t even live in the same state as the property they manage? But I digress, on the flip side, this can certainly work to my advantage. Having an off site building manager is a blessing in disguise. Sure, you can’t get your hot water fixed in any kind of timely manner when the guy has to come from Jersey City to Hell’s Kitchen just to personally confirm you’re not an idiot who can’t turn the right nob before sending out a maintenance ticket, but right now the hot water can stay broken for all I care. My roommate is in Italy for a family vacation and I haven’t seen any of my neighbors on this floor in days. Smart bastards probably ran for the coast and the cool, pulsing lull of the ocean. No one would see me do it, no one could prove it was me. (Thank the stars the owners have been too cheap to install security cameras.)

There’s a chain on the door leading out to the roof, and I just happen to have a pair of bolt cutters. Don’t as me why, because I really don’t know. One drunken night we must have been in a scavenger hunt mood because the next morning there was an assortment of random shit on our coffee table and the cutters were in the mix. If you ask me it was fate, they were waiting for this moment to arrive. After hours spent lying in my bed unable to sleep even a second because, surprise, my one window leading out to a small, closed courtyard doesn’t invite even a breath of fresh air in, I grab my bed sheet, pillow, the bolt cutters, the frozen water bottle I have on my inner thigh in an attempt to cool off, my phone, and some headphones and make my way north. A quick clip of a link and I’m free, the door swings open and a pretty impressive sight lays before me. Someone has a garden set up up here. Maybe this is why we have all been banned from the roof. Our overpriced rents don’t include this mini oasis. Who the hell has been holding out on us? Whoever it is can bite me. I refuse to melt to death in my room.

I check my phone and it’s past 2am. For a city with such heavy light pollution I can still make out some stars, and I guess everyone else is trying not to expire of heatstroke as well because it’s pretty quiet. The loudest sound within earshot is a cricket hiding nearby, happily chirping away. Taking a turn about the garden I can see whoever put this all in place isn’t messing around. There’s herbs and a tea garden, trellises of roses, even a strawberry patch. Who’d have thought such a lovely escape existed atop such a rundown old building. This city is surprising like that.

I find a spot next to the roses because the heat is coaxing the scent out so beautifully, throw down my sheet and find my favorite album – Turn On the Bright Lights – before deciding I’m definitely sleeping up here all night and I don’t care if that gets me booted. The faintest of breezes rolls over my arms and I decide to go all in. Goodbye every last shred of clothing save my underwear. I don’t know if it’s from being naked outside in such an open space – though no one from any neighboring building can see me within the garden – or the lightest of breezes, but my skin jolts to attention and my nipples are firm little buttons against the sultry night air. I turn up the volume in my headphones, stretch out and –

“Holy shit!” I nearly yell as something knocks the bottom of my foot and I spring to my feet. At first I think it’s a rat that must have bumped into me, but to my shock it’s my beautiful neighbor from 5B I may have noticed every single time our paths have briefly crossed. I’m topless and staring at him, he’s blushing something deep and, I think, laughing but I can’t hear it because my headphones are still in. I rip them out as quick as I can fumble and clumsily pull my sheet up over my chest. I don’t even have breath to put to words and his nervous laugh turns into a shy yet seriously mischievous grin.

“I’m sorry, I followed you up here. güvenilir bahis I probably should have let you know I was here before you stripped down, but you did it so quickly I didn’t know what to do.”


“Yeah, probably not the best of situations to officially meet someone for the first time, but, I’m Henry.”

We each just stand there, staring at one another, when he starts to casually take his shirt off.

“What are you doing?” I interrupt, slightly alarmed.

“Well, I figure it’s only fair. This should even the score.” He takes off everything but his underwear and I quickly decide, I’m not protesting. I might have – in another circumstances – but, well, it’s hot. The gorgeous man deserves to be comfortable, too. “I don’t mean to bother you if you don’t want company, but it’s pretty fucking cool up here compared to my place so I can just go to another corner and not die from heat exhaustion over there if you don’t mind,” he pauses “- that was a ballsy move, cutting the chain to get up here.”

“I figured there wasn’t actually anyone left in the building to narc to Danilo so I had nothing to lose. You’re just as guilty now though so you might as well pull up a spot and enjoy the ill gotten gains.”

“What’re you listening to?”


“You know they’re playing here next month?”

“Already have my ticket.”

“Me too.”

“Well then,” I drop my sheet and his jaw visibly tightens. “you’re lucky I don’t mind being naked around strangers – provided you’re not a total psycho.

“I fancy I’m not. I have a cat, back home – it likes me. I feel like that’s got to be worth something.”

“Cats can sense evil,” I agree, “what’s its name?”


“Yep, psychos don’t name cats Spaghetti, it’s too fucking silly, we’re all good.” We both ease back down to the ground to relax.

I pull the headphones out from my phone so ‘Hands Away’ can pick up where I left off as we settle in. My eyes trace down his side to his hands and I can’t help but notice how strong they are, but dexterous from what I can tell in how he uses them when he talks. I take a moment to wonder what they’d feel like sliding up my thigh and it’s almost as if he can sense what I’m thinking because he uses said hand to cover his crotch.

“I’m sorry, it’s a side effect of laying near a beautiful, practically naked woman.”

“I’m not offended.”

He gives a light laugh and then rolls on his stomach. We don’t say anything, just listen and lie still to try and keep cool. The longer I lay near him it’s like I can feel the hum of his body, and the scent of his skin is teasing me. We look over at one another at the exact same moment and share a repressed and knowing smile. Maybe it’s the heat, or the fact that those dark and welcoming eyes I’ve caught glimpses of over the months have me curious, but I turn over towards him so that I’m close enough for him to reach for me – and he does. The kiss is tentative at first, and then so heavy and lush I feel my underwear start to soak through with more than my sweat. He brushes a hand against my hotspot and let’s out the slightest, sexiest groan into my mouth.

“Wait, wait – wait… is this ok? I don’t want you to think I planned or expected this. I absolutely swear I only came up here to cool off.”

“Henry, if you don’t run that hand back up my thigh I’m going to banish you from my rooftop.”

Smart man – he obeys and drags his fingertips across my inner thigh and the feeling is bliss. His hands explore the soft fullness of my ass and he grabs my ankle and pulls my leg to wrap around his waist. He then begins caressing me from my legs up to my breasts and moves his mouth down to my nipples. I bury his head in my chest and push him onto his back. He sits up and pulls me hard onto his lap.

“Fffffuuuuccckkk,” I moan. His cock is so swollen and my underwear is so wet the sensation of us sliding against one another is nearly too much for me. He begins to suck on my neck and mumbles into my ear –

“So neighbor, tell me, what turns you on.”

“Those hands of yours, I want to see what they’re capable of.”

He cups my ass with one hand and the outside of my hip with the other and begins sliding me back and forth over his dick at a pace that’s maddening in how rhythmic it is.

“Are you a musician?”

“How’d you know?”

“Lucky guess. That and how you’re keeping a beat as you pull me into you. Drums?”

“I guess I can’t help it. Cello and bass. What do you do?”



In one smooth flip I’m on my back and he’s tugging my underwear down my legs. In no time he türkçe bahis has a finger teasing my slit and his tongue is rolling over my clit in a way that causes a fluttery feeling through my stomach. Breaking onto this rooftop is the best decision I’ve made in months. And I wasn’t wrong, those are some damned talented hands. He starts sliding his fingers inside me and I can’t comprehend anything but the pleasure. I’m so alert and responsive to his touch it’s making me shiver slightly. His fingers are stroking my g-spot while he massages my clit with his tongue and I can feel my body reward him with the generous flowing of my sweet nectar onto his hands. I begin to feel my legs twitch from the oncoming orgasm but firmly pull his hair to reluctantly stop him – I want to let this one build further. He gives me a questioning look, one I return with a devilish grin.

“Come here.”

Our skin, slick from the humidity, makes our movements more fluid and I’m quickly within reach of that cock of his straining against the fabric of his underwear. I slip my hand past his waistband and he lets out a generous groan when I grip him tight. His head is smooth and taught and his shaft defined by ridged veins. I love the feel of him in my hand as I slide it up and down. He bends a bit upwards, and from what I remember from another, similarly curved fling, this is amazing news for my g-spot. I nearly can’t wait, but remind myself that the tension in the buildup makes everything more mind blowing. He starts to drip salty sweet drops from his tip as I continue pulling on him and our mouths crush against each others. I begin to move south but he puts his hand under my chin and keeps our mouths together. Now I want his cock in my down my throat even more.

“I don’t get to taste you, too?” I ask.

“As much as I love a good blowjob, your body’s got me feeling impatient right now. We don’t have to do things in any kind of order.”

I reach down again and feel that he is hard as can be, and from the look in his eyes, ready to go.

“My favorite position is where we started.”

I don’t need to utter a single word more, his briefs are off and he’s pulling me onto his lap. His arms wrapped around my waist, we’re face to face, studying each other’s expression for a long moment before his lips are gently on mine and I’m sliding down onto him. I feel his thickness fill me and it sets my nerves sparking.

“Henry,” I breathe. We start slow and deep but before long his hands are again on my hips and ass pulling me into him in that rhythmic grinding way that’s driving me absolutely fucking crazy. I’m so turned on my entire body is aching deeply. Soon I feel one finger caressing the tight gateway to my ass and my orgasm surprises me in its swift oncoming and intensity. The shockwaves ripple heavily through my muscles and I twine my arms around his neck and ride the feeling as he holds me tightly against his chest. The pulsing waves rush over me so strongly I can’t stop my hips from their swaying up against him, trying to pull every last sensation out of this orgasm.

“So that’s something you enjoy.” He teases with a smile and a lifted eyebrow. I let out a hard, breathy laugh in relief, lean back, and he grabs one of my nipples between his teeth and starts gently pulling it while he flicks his tongue against it.

“You have no idea,” I pant. “How about you? Tell me what drives you crazy.”

“I mean, being deep inside you on an open rooftop has me rock fucking hard. Don’t worry about me, I’m enjoying myself. I say we roll around and find all kinds of positions that feel good.”

“You’re in luck, I’m limber.”

Henry laughs and pulls one of my legs under him and the other over his shoulder as he sinks his cock deep into me while shifting his weight on top. His thumb teasing my clit I’m nearly blind with the sensation and I buck my hips up to meet him. Pressing himself heavily on top of me we rock back and forth, grinding one another until I feel that deep swelling from within again. I begin to whimper, biting the back of my hand, when he pulls back.

“Whhhhyy have you stopped?!”

“I want your second orgasm to be absolutely ridiculous -” He teases me by sliding all the way in and pulling completely out in separate and maddening thrusts. “Tell me how we get there.” We resume kissing so heavily it’s like a reset button to this sexual escapade and each time he pushes his cock back inside me my body melts around his all over again.

“Turn me around, fuck me from behind, and don’t you dare take your hand off my clit. We’re going to try something a bit kinkier.”

Pushing my hip so I roll onto my side he’s laying behind güvenilir bahis siteleri me, holding my one leg in the air, and I use my hand to guide him until I feel the pressure of his head against my ass. I coo happily and begin to press back against him. Our sweat from the heat and my juices slick on him allows him to press in ever so slightly. I gasp.

“Are you sure?” He hums into my ear as his hand wraps gently around my neck.

“You said you wanted my next orgasm to be ridiculous, didn’t you? I have never come harder than from anal.”

I hear a restrained grunt from Henry’s throat as I feel him shift forward and plunge back inside my pussy. He works his dick in so deep I realize truly how thick he is and begin to tingle at the thought of him thrusting inside my ass. His one hand on my throat gives light, firm pressure as his other hand is alternating between pulling at my nipples, dragging his fingers heavily over my stomach, and massaging my clit so perfectly I tense up and he can tell I’m about to cum. He pulls his hand away and slows down. I want it so badly I’ve lost control of myself and I begin pushing back on to him hard, but he holds me off. Goddamnit this guy is a fucking tease. I kind of love it.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get there, I’ll make sure of that,” his voice is deep and rumbling in my ear. I can tell by his ragged breath he’s ready for his own orgasm, too. Next I feel his finger start to push in and stretch my tight little rosebud while his free hand pulls my hair firmly aside and he kisses across the back of my neck and shoulders. I desperately want him inside me again, I don’t care how, and his hands all over me, but I breathe deep and relax to ready myself for what is going to be a hard cock in my ass and the deeper orgasm I’m craving. He dips his fingers back into my pussy before a second finger slips into my ass and my body is electric. I can tell he’s dying to move quicker but it’s obvious he knows what it takes to do this the right way, though we’re both impatient for release. I reach back and stroke him as he makes sure my ass can handle his girth.

“Are you ready?” He pulls his fingers away after working on my tight hole and presses his head firmly against my ass.

“Yes, yesss,” is all I can manage.

His hand back rubbing my clit I relax further and can feel him gradually push his head inside, little by little, until my ass stretched around him. I let out a moan louder than I would if I gave a damn but I don’t and it feels amazing. He grabs my breast and squeezes as he slips in deeper. I want him in to the hilt so I push back and hear him try to stifle a moan.

“Fuck, I’m not sure how long I’ll last once we get going again, you’re body is absolutely fucking insane. I want to cum inside your ass so badly.” His voice is strained and he breathes out a steady long breath as he gives a first full thrust. I’m seeing stars it feels so good.

“Then let’s start slow.”

It’s torture. He locks my hip in one place with his hand and begins sliding his dick in and out so steadily I want to say ‘fuck it’ and go crazy on him. I squirm but his hand holds me tightly in place.

“Goddamn, Henry, that feels unreal.” He picks up the pace and instantly I can feel my orgasm building. My whole body begins to shake and his thrusts get deeper and I can hear his breath quicken. I tense and begin to whimper and he grabs me tighter as he steadily pumps his cock in and out of my ass. I feel like I’m going to black out as my orgasm hits me and then he picks up the pace of massaging my clit. A groan escapes me and he catches my face to turn it and press our lips together just as he starts to moan and cum deep inside me. Pressing our hot, slick skin against one another we ride out the jolts of our orgasms. The throbbing intensity lessens to a dull, pleasurable ache. Slowly, the dim, hazy city lights around us come back into focus and a quiet clam washes over, just our shallow breathing and that cricket can be heard. I turn to curl up against him.

“Well that was fucking nuts,” I say. He lets out a heavy laugh.

“Yeah, uh, pretty wild. I was miserable about this heatwave until just about an hour ago. Now I think I don’t want it to end.” He kisses my forehead and then pushes his lips against mine.

“Well, we have until dawn to figure out a way to cover our tracks and get that door locked. I say we get a spare key made for the lock and sneak up here again sometime.”

“I’m all for it. Also, you’re quite the little deviant.” He kisses me hard and I can feel both of our bodies respond again.

“You don’t seem to mind.”

“Oh, I’m totally into it. Give me a minute and I’ll show you just how into it I am. But first, what’s your name?” That smile and that eyebrow lift tells me we’re just getting started – that and we’re seriously going to need some water to survive these after hours activities and this heatwave.