Nursing My Sister

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Jerry and June were fraternal twins. They say twins are very close, even fraternal twins, but they were like two halves of the same person. Usually a brother and sister will have fights with each other, just because of the different viewpoints of each gender, but not these two. They got along unusually well and were truly each other’s best friends.

Their parents, friends and lovers always felt like intruders in Jerry and June’s relationship, because when they were together, which was almost all the time, they just talked to each other about everything, while practically ignoring anyone else trying to talk to them.

In school it was the same way. If anyone was mean to one of them or criticized Jerry or June, the other one would jump into defend their twin, often to the point of threats and the occasional punch, to let the person know that you didn’t mess with the twin’s other half.

The twins were competitive with each other though, always trying to get better grades than the other and both excelling at sports. But it was good natured competition and they were always happy for each other when either of them achieved something they wanted. They were both extremely attractive and very fit, so June had no problem getting boyfriends and Jerry had no problem getting girlfriends, but the romances never worked out because each of them got jealous and find a way to drive the other’s twin’s relationship apart by criticizing the other’s latest lover, saying that the person wasn’t good enough for them.

They even ended going to the same college and their parents thought it would be a great idea to share an off campus two bedroom apartment. They both studied hard, again sometimes being competitive with each, but they enjoyed whatever time they spent together in the apartment, reading books, watching TV, having meals together or going to the beach. They even went on vacations together.

Jerry and June’s parents died tragically right after they graduated from college. June completed a nursing degree and got a job in a major hospital associated with the college. Jerry completed a degree in business management and got a job with a major consulting firm, but the job came with extensive travel and Jerry and June missed each other while he was gone. He eventually switched to a local firm where he didn’t have to travel as much, and he could often work from home.

They were now 25 years old and thought about settling down and getting married, but neither of them had found the right person, partly because they always compared the person to their twin. During a snowy week they were both bored and looking for something to do, as June’s latest boyfriend and Jerry’s latest girlfriend were both out of town.

“Hey Jerry, you want to go snowboarding? We haven’t done that in a while!” she chirped cheerily.

“That’s a great idea June. But you remember the last time we went I kicked your ass on the slopes.”

“I don’t remember it that way at all. You didn’t keep up with me at all, but let’s wipe the slate clean and see who is better. Let’s go on Saturday, it shouldn’t be that crowded if we get there early.”

“It’s a date then,” Jerry replied. He then realized what he said, which sounded kind of weird. He never had any thoughts about June in a sexual way during college when they first got the apartment. But in the last year he would occasionally look at her a different way, and he thought that she was checking him out too, but he just chalked it up to his imagination and having a gap of time between his previous girlfriend and his current girlfriend of three months.

“Whose car should we take?” June asked.

“Does it really matter since we have the same model car?” Jerry laughed.

It was almost ridiculous that they had similar tastes in clothes, music, movies and even cars. Maybe it started that way because their parents thought it would be cute to dress them in matching outfits like you would do with identical twins.

They loaded their gear into Jerry’s SUV, since he always thought he was the better driver, although June nagged him about his driving too fast. He kiddingly called June his “front seat driver” or “wannabe nagging wife,” a term that made her cringe a little and made other people look at them weird if they heard him using that phrase.

They had booked a hotel room for the night, with two Queen size beds, and after a short drive from their apartment had made it to the hotel. They changed into their ski clothes and hit the slopes. As usual they got a little competitive with each other to see who could go faster and execute more complicated moves.

On their final run of the day, when they were really tired, June went a little too fast and tried a complicated trick move and took a bad tumble down the mountain. Jerry was petrified that she gotten badly injured and got the ski patrol there quickly. She wanted to be treated at the hospital where she worked and the ambulance brought her there, with Jerry holding her hand the whole trip while she writhed in pain.

It turned out that she had broken her left wrist and right ankle and had twisted her neck and was lucky she hadn’t broken it. The doctor put a cast on her ankle, leg and wrist and a neck brace on her. He advised that she should rest for the next two to three weeks.

They got a cab from the hospital to their apartment. June worried how she would get around the apartment in her condition. “Don’t worry June, I’ll take care of you. I can work from home and can also use some vacation time I’ve saved up.”

“You would do that for me Jerry?”

“Of course. It’s not your fault that you can’t snowboard as well as I can,” he smirked. June was a very dedicated nurse and always did whatever she could for other people, so it was going to be strange to have someone take care of her. Jerry didn’t mind though. He had been traveling a lot and had missed spending time with June. He was also very worn out from the late hours from a recent assignment that had him working many hours a day, which worried June seeing her brother so tired.

He helped her into the apartment on her crutches and was actually excited about being June’s nurse. He helped her into her bedroom and suggested she just wear a nightgown around the apartment. “Turn around while I change,” she smiled. You wouldn’t want to see your sister naked, would you?”

Jerry blushed as he got a pair of panties out of the drawer and a ankle length flannel plaid nightgown. “June, we’ve never seen each other naked and we aren’t going to start now,” he laughed.

As she laid on the bed and Jerry turned his back to her, he forgot about the mirror on the opposite wall to June’s bed and saw his sister slowly take off her winter top, bra, ski pants and underwear. He couldn’t believe how beautiful his sister was, as he had previously tried to never even picture her naked in his mind. She was very thin and had perky small tits, a totally flat stomach from running and other sports, and he almost fainted when he saw her muscular legs and bald pussy.

Luckily, his erection had softened, and his face wasn’t beet red by the time he turned around Rus Escort to look at her in her not very sexy flannel nightgown. “Jerry can you help me up and into the kitchen, I’m starving?”

Even though she could maneuver around on her crutches, not being able to move her neck made it hard to get up or sit down. He helped her to the dining room table. As he was helping her, he accidentally brushed against one of her breasts and his hand at one point accidentally touched her taut ass.

“Hey Jerry, you trying to feel up your little sister?” she grinned. He started blushing. He hadn’t done it on purpose at all.

“June, I’m so sorry, of course not,” he answered sheepishly.

“I’m only kidding. You’re my brother. I know you’re not a pervert who has incestuous thoughts about his sister,” she giggled. June did love her brother very much and often wished her boyfriends treated her as well as he did, and hoped she would eventually find a man as kind, handsome and funny as Jerry.

Jerry made her a wonderful dinner of steak and mashed potatoes. “Hey Jerry, I think I am going to like you nursing me back to health.”

“June, don’t you remember when I broke my leg trying to climb the tree in our backyard higher than you and I fell. You took care of me the whole summer.”

“Jerry, I completely forgot about that. It was that summer that I decided I wanted to be a nurse and help people. I guess I should thank you for helping me see what my true calling in life is. I don’t know how I can ever repay you.”

“It’s time for me to return the favor. This is going to be so much fun spoiling you for three weeks.” Jerry spent the first two days cooking for her, watching funny old movies they used to watch together as kids and waited on her attentively, helping her to get to the bathroom, where she would try to sponge herself off a little to clean herself, before changing back into her nightgown. He slept in her king size bed, facing away from her of course, so he could help her get up in the middle of the night if she needed to go to the bathroom.

They had a little wine with dinner that night and she forgot she was taking painkillers. She got a little lightheaded and started telling Jerry stuff about her ex-boyfriends, including how they were in bed, which made Jerry very uncomfortable, but a little turned on too.

“June, a think you are giving me a little too much information. Your boyfriends sound like real studs. I am a little jealous. I am not very aggressive in bed like them. I think that’s because no one has made me very turned on. I want to be in love, but I end up just being in love with the idea of being in love.”

June looked at Jerry and realized that she found him more attractive than any of her past boyfriends and she accidentally blurted out, “don’t be jealous of my boyfriends or be insecure about how nice you are Jerry, I wish they were more like you.” She realized what she said, and her face turned red. “Jerry, of course you can’t be my boyfriend. You’re just my big brother and that is enough for me.”

She wasn’t sure if she believed what she had just said. She was starting to have sexual thoughts about her brother, and she felt a little tingling and wetness between her legs, and also a little sadness that they were just very close twin brother and sister.

He wanted to change the subject. “Let’s watch a movie.”

“Sounds like a great idea.”

He picked out a movie and helped her to the couch. He had changed into his flannel pajamas, as it was freezing that night and the apartment building’s boiler needed some maintenance and wasn’t working that well. They put a blanket on them, and she snuggled against him, which he found cozy, but a little weird. He put his arm around her shoulders innocently.

“Are you comfortable June?”

“I’ve never felt so safe and loved as I have with you these last couple of days,” she blurted out and turned red again.

Jerry was touched by her comment but wondered what she was thinking. He didn’t realize that he had picked a movie that was R rated and had a lot of sex scenes in it. “June, I’m sorry. I forgot this movie had so many sex scenes in it.”

June’s slightly glazed eyes were transfixed at the screen. She knew she was in trouble, as she started fantasizing that the couple on the screen were her and Jerry. She got scared that she even had that thought and quickly kidded, “it’s okay Jerry, I hope you aren’t jealous, that guy has much bigger muscles than you and is much more handsome.”

He hoped she was kidding, so replied in a snarky tone of voice, “well that girl has bigger tits than you and she’s prettier.” She also hoped he was kidding. Did he really feel that way about her?

“Hah, hah Jerry. I’m probably the most beautiful girl you’ve even seen.”

“You are,” he blurted out before he realized what he said.

“Thank you, Jerry,” she replied sincerely.

“I bet I’m the most handsome man you’ve ever met too.”

“Jerry, you are not only the most handsome man, but also the kindest and funniest too. You’ve always taken such good care of me, but your being my nurse, cook and housekeeper now is even nicer,” she laughed. Maybe I should get you a sexy housekeeper’s outfit to wear,” she laughed. “But your greatest job is being my brother.”

He turned his head and gave her an innocent quick peck on the forehead. “I love being your brother and I love you June.”

She turned her head to him and got scared. “Ditto,” she answered instead of “I love you too” to try to stop the dangerous road they were starting to go down with each other’s feelings.

“Enough with all of this serious talk. I’ve always tickled you until you begged for mercy. Now that you can’t move, I can tickle you as much as I want.” Jerry started tickling June on her sides with both hands as she laughed. She kept pushing his hands away as he found a new place to tickle her.

They suddenly looked at each other and he grabbed her head and kissed her on the mouth. She pulled away. “Jerry what are you doing? I’m your sister, we can’t do this.”

Jerry knew she was going to resist him even if she wanted him as much as he wanted her. “June, I bet you’re really horny not being with your boyfriend for the last two weeks,” Jerry smiled as his hand inched up her leg toward her crotch. “Let’s forget we’re brother and sister for a little while and give each other some relief.” He now had his hand over her panties, and she wasn’t resisting anymore.

“Okay, Jerry, we’re under the blanket so let’s just pretend we’re not doing anything, and this is one time only. You can rub me over my panties but no putting your hand under them.”

Jerry nodded and quickly started kissing her again, which caught her off guard. He started rubbing her pussy through her panties, pushing the fabric of the thong panties into her soft folds. June was soaked and started to moan. He reached his other hand and started massaging her braless breast on the top of her nightgown. He was imagining her naked like he saw her on the bed that first day.

He found Sincan Escort her clit and started circling it with his thumb. She started squeezing him tight around the waist and buried her head against his shoulder. “Oh Jerry, you’re going to make your sister come. Please let me come!”

Jerry teased his sister rubbing his hand up and down her wet vagina, then stopping for a moment, keeping her on edge. He wanted her to come harder than she ever had before in her life. Her body soon started shuddering as the strongest orgasm she ever had rippled through her entire body. She kissed Jerry on the neck, and he whispered, “I think I know how you can thank me for taking such good care of you.”

“Okay, Jerry, but I’m just going to rub you over your underwear too. I’m not touching your cock. I’m your sister, we shouldn’t even be doing this much.”

He smiled at her. “What happens under the blanket stays under the blanket.” It was good that she broke her left wrist, since her right hand was able to lovingly stroke his hard penis on top of his boxer shorts. She looked in his eyes as she stroked him, wanting to see his smile turn into joy, and his breath then become quicker, until he came with a huge load that soaked through his underwear, as she soon felt the wetness of his come against her small hand.

They embraced and fell asleep. They woke up in the morning and remembered what had happened between them and felt a little embarrassed. “I’ll make you breakfast June,” Jerry said nervously, turning his head away from her.

“That would be great,” she answered, looking down at the floor. After breakfast, he looked at June and she didn’t know what he was going to say.

“June, I don’t know how to tell you this.” She was afraid what he would say. “You kind of smell bad not having a real bath the last couple of days.”

“Is it really that bad? How am I going to bathe?”

“I can wash your hair in the bathroom sink, and you can sit on the seat in the shower and soap yourself off better than you have been doing the last couple of days.”

“Thanks Jerry. I don’t know how to thank you.”

“You already did last night,” he smirked.

He helped her into the bathroom and had her lean over the sink. He wet her long blonde hair and shampooed it slowly and sensuously. She felt his hardness pressing against her ass and started to get wet again. She had goosebumps up and down her arms and she wished they were naked, and he was making love to her. He was thinking the same thing, but they just silently enjoyed the moment together.

He then helped her into the large shower onto the shower seat and left the bathroom. She took off her nightgown and panties and tossed them out of the shower and ran a soapy washcloth over her breasts and between her legs, wishing it was Jerry doing it.

She was lost in her thoughts and accidentally dropped the soap and called for Jerry to come in to give it to her. She covered her breasts and pussy with her arms as he stepped into the shower wearing just his boxer shorts. He handed her the soap and looked into her eyes.

“You know I accidentally saw you naked in the reflection of the mirror when we came home from the hospital and you were changing, so you’re hiding what I’ve already seen. Put your arms down and let me help you wash.”

In a trance she put her arms down and he started running the washcloth over her breasts, as her nipples became as hard as pencil erasers. She just sighed and whispered, “Jerry don’t touch me down there.” He ignored her and started rubbing the washcloth up and down her puffy pussy lips.

“I think you’re just about clean, but I have may have missed a spot.” He got down on his knees and slowly parted her thighs. He leaned forward and started lapping the juices flowing out of her quivering cunt. He flicked his tongue in circular motions around her clit, as she clamped her thighs around his head.

“Please Jerry we need to stop what we’re doing. I know you love me, but this isn’t right.”

She stopped protesting long enough to come, squirting her juices into Jerry’s mouth. He looked up at her and said, “sorry June it’s just like that song lyric.” She looked at him quizzically. “If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right,” he sang to her in a laughing voice.

He stood up and pulled down his boxer shorts and his erect penis sprung to attention. She knew what he wanted. “Jerry if I do this, will you please stop all this craziness, and we can go back to the way things were between us?”

He answered, “June, do boyfriends come in your mouth?” She shyly shook her head no. “Then I won’t either.”

“Do your girlfriends let you come in your mouth?” He shook his head yes. “Do they swallow it?” He shook his head yes again.

She opened her mouth and greedily started sucking on her brother’s cock. She wanted to give him the best blowjob he ever had and swallow his come like his girlfriends would. She could only use one hand to hold his cock , but that is all she needed. She licked the underside of it, swirled her tongue around the head and then deep throated him, gagging herself on purpose.

The sight of this drove him over the edge. She wanted to outdo all his girlfriends and when he tried to pull out as he started coming, she wouldn’t let him and sucked down every drop of his milky come. He dried her off and carried her into the living room. She put her nightgown back on and she looked at him and just didn’t even know what to say.

For the rest of the day and the next day, they tried to pretend nothing happened. She read a book and he did some work on his laptop. They watched a boring TV show and went to her bed and went to sleep as usual facing away from each other. They both started having dreams that they were having sex and with the other and tossed and turned fitfully. Jerry ended up behind June spooning with her and he awoke a little thinking he was with his girlfriend.

He heard June sleeping, but she was softly whispering his name out loud as she was dreaming, “please make love to me Jerry, please, please.”

The sheet had come off as June slept, and her nightgown was up around her waist. He couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted her to make love to no one else but him. He pulled up her nightgown more and gently pulled her panties down until her pussy was in view. He pulled down his boxers and struggled to think about what he was about to do next.

June started to wake up and thought it was her boyfriend behind her with his hand holding her shoulder. Then she recognized it was Jerry’s hand and felt his erection nestled near her opening and cried out, “Jerry what are you doing! I told you I am not going any further than what we did in the shower. What about my boyfriend, what about your girlfriend!”

“They’re not here and I know what you want even if your mind won’t allow you to think about.” He held her around the waist as his shaft slowly sunk into her warm entrance. She struggled to pull away from him, but he held her tight and started stroking in and out of her gently. She never felt someone Sıhhiye Escort hold her with such tenderness and love and she eventually started bucking back against them. He whispered in her ear, “I’m going to come in you June. I know you’re on birth control, but I wish you weren’t.”

She was shocked that he would want to impregnate his sister, but she didn’t care as they came together in perfect unison. Afterwards they held each other tight as his cock softened. She loved the feel of his goo slowly seeping out of her as she fell off into a peaceful sleep.

They both woke up facing each other and were startled remembering what they did, which seemed like a psychedelic dream. She was a little angry. “Jerry, I told you no and you did it anyway. What are we going to do now? I never thought I would commit incest with my own brother. I’m a bad person.”

“June, you said no, and I did it anyway, so it is not your fault. I forced you, so you can have a clear conscious. And I’m going to do it again right now.”

He slowly parted her legs and pulled her nightgown up to her shoulders. He started sucking on her breasts and pulled her panties down, as he lined up his cock against her cunt, which still had his sperm from the night before to lubricate it. “June, you can’t even physically try to get away from me and I know that you really don’t want anyway.”

She just looked at him with a blank stare and buried her head in his shoulder as he speared her opening and rocked in and out of her gently like he did the night before. “June, I don’t want anyone else besides me to ever be inside you again.” She didn’t say anything but felt the same way.

They both still felt strange about their new relationship, but over the next few days started to not care. Jerry would suddenly take June while they were watching TV or reading, and June would also initiate a love making session by softly grabbing his cock and whisper in his ear kiddingly, “time to force your little innocent sister to take you inside her.”

One day she came into the living room and was holding her stomach in pain and Jerry panicked. “What’s the matter, are you okay?”

She looked at him embarrassed. “You know how sometimes I get constipated?”

“Sure, it’s a very common problem with women.”

“Well, I think the painkillers made me really constipated. I tried to go, and it just won’t come out.”

“What can I do?”

“Jerry, I know you might be uncomfortable with this and think it strange, but can you give me an enema?”

“June, I’ve been having sex with my sister for the last couple of weeks. How could that make me uncomfortable or be any stranger than what we’ve been doing?”

He carried June into the bathroom, and she showed him where she kept some disposable enema kits. She took off her nightgown and laid across his lap. He slowly pushed in the tip of the plastic bottle and squeezed the contents into her bowels. He did another one to fill her up more. He slowly massaged her stomach.

“Jerry when I do this by myself it helps loosen me up if I masturbate.”

“I can do that for you too.” Jerry soon had one hand rubbing her stomach and one hand fingering her pussy as she laid across his lap. June started to come and felt the liquid in her bowels starting to do its work. He lifted her up and put her on the toilet and turned his back so she could have some privacy.

After she was done, he carried her naked body to her bed and laid her down. He wrapped a blanket around her and gently massaged her stomach more. She looked up at him and just mouthed the words “thank you.”

“June can I ask you something?”


“I’m just curious. Have you ever had anal sex?”

“No, I’m afraid it might hurt.”

“Jerry, have you had anal sex with any of your girlfriends?”

“Yes, you just have to loosen up their ass with your fingers so you can fit your cock inside without hurting them.”

“I wish we had given each other our virginity, Jerry.”

He laughed and replied, “I don’t think we were thinking about each other that way when we were starting to have sex.”

“I know. But maybe I can make it up a little and give you my anal virginity.”

“Really, you want me to do that to you?”

“Yes, I want you to sodomize like you do with your girlfriends. Just be gentle with me.”

Jerry smiled at her and gently rolled her over onto her stomach. “Hey June, if you change your mind, you aren’t going to be able to run away.”

“I’m never going to run away from you Jerry.”

He got a bottle of lube from the nightstand drawer and generously applied it to June’s rosebud and his cock. He slowly opened her up with one finger, then two, then three, and slowly inched his penis into her most private place. She winced a little as he penetrated her, but then she got used to the feeling of him being in her bowels.

As he slowly pushed in and out of her, she cooed with the new sensation and whispered, “if I knew this could feel so good, I would have done this a long time ago.” Jerry loved anal sex because the tight grip on his cock gave him much more intense orgasms than vaginal sex. June started rubbing her clit and looked over at the mirror where she could see her handsome brother on top of her with a look of ecstasy on his face.

“June, thanks for letting me be the first, and hopefully only one for you to do this with.” He couldn’t hold out any longer and released his warm come into her ass, as she also brought herself to climax.

They cuddled in bed one morning as June was close to being able to get around again on her own, and Jerry said, “it will be nice when we can get back to normal.”

She looked at him with a little sadness. “I may get back to normal physically, but is either of us going to get back to normal emotionally? We want to be together, but what will people think if they find out about us? What if we want to have children?”

Jerry thought about it for a moment. “We can move to a different city and you can get a nursing job there. I can also get a transfer to that city or open my own consulting business. No one will know we are brother and sister. We can also do artificial insemination, since an adoption agency may ask too many questions.”

“You would do all that so we can be together?”

“I would do anything for us.”

“I’m kind of glad I had that skiing accident,” she laughed. Maybe I should have another accident so you can nurse me back to health again.”

“June, the only nursing I’m going to be doing is when those breasts start filling up with milk,” Jerry laughed.

After they settled into their new city, they went to a fertility doctor and June got pregnant. But when they did an ultrasound on her the technician looked at the screen in a way that concerned June. “What’s the matter, is everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine, but it looks like you’re going to have twins.”

Jerry still looked concerned. “Are they identical or fraternal twins?”

“Identical”, the technician answered.

“Well that’s a relief.”

June and Jerry smiled at each other that they wouldn’t have to worry about brother and sister fraternal twins becoming attracted to each other after they turned 18 years old. The ultrasound technician shook her head and couldn’t figure out why they cared whether they were having identical twins or fraternal twins.