Not Just Movie Night

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“I’m home!”

Katie slammed the door shut behind her with her foot, her arms laden with pizza boxes and the latest foreign film she’d managed to borrow from a friend at work. The delicious of aroma of the food seeped into the apartment, and Grant launched himself over the end of the couch in order to grab a hot slice, mouth watering.

“Mmmmm. Long day babe?”

Sliding back onto the sofa, Grant sprawled out his 6-foot-3 body across the cushions while he chowed down on his dinner. Katie grabbed two slices of pizza for herself before sinking in next to Grant, the warmth of his body welcoming her with its familiarity. Years of bouldering and rock climbing had helped to sculpt his rounded muscular shoulders- a perfect spot for a tired head- and Katie curled the rest of her long body into the crook of Grant’s arm.

“I’ve got the latest from Betsy. She said it’s a little on the strange side, but the cinematography is supposed to be excellent. Surprising in all the right ways.”

Katie hopped off the couch for a second, just to pop in the DVD. But it was long enough for Grant to appreciate the deep curvatures of her body. Broad shoulders gave way to a tiny waist, and then gently arced outwards creating the heart shaped ass that had first captured his attention four years earlier. The passionate flame that had first connected them had been tamped down somewhere along the path to serious commitment. Grant let himself wonder for just a second where it had gone, before mentally kicking himself in the ass. He knew he was beyond lucky to have Katie as a girlfriend. As far as girlfriends went, she was top. Hardworking, sharp, funny as hell, and she got along with his friends better than he ever could’ve hoped. Some small, unshakeable voice within, however, wished they still fucked like the nymphos they were in the early years. No one would ever guess that Katie used to regularly rock crotch-less panties, pulling Grant toward her in public bathroom, dark alley ways and even once in a friend’s bed room, so that she could ravenously fuck him with all the spontaneity and hunger that seemed to exist in the world.

As Katie sat back down, Grant pulled her in a little closer, breathing in the lavender scent of her shampoo. Credits began to roll across the screen, and Katie was fully absorbed by the dramatics of the music and light flickering on the television, while Grant was completely lost in thoughts of a naked Katie, dancing around the apartment, skin glowing and breast bouncing perkily up and down as she giggled her way through the entire soundtrack of Jersey Boys. The near perfect images of his naked girlfriend started to heat Grant up, and he could feel the blood begin to rush south. He knew that Katie regarded foreign film night as a sacred moment of enjoyment, and he didn’t want her to think that he was incapable of respecting that. But the more he thought about his sweet, dancing Katie, the more impossible it became to fight off his growing desire.

Grant snuck a hand under her curtain of hair, and began to lightly massage her neck, alternating between delicious pressure and a hair-raising canlı bahis şirketleri tickle. Katie’s sigh of pleasure was an indicator that the move was alright by her, and he continued to knead the supple skin of her shoulder before he felt a hand tug his own.

“I’m sorry, I know you like being able to fully focus on movie nights,” Grant acknowledged. But Katie’s hand wasn’t pushing his away; quite the opposite. Pulled down, Katie had wordlessly dragged Grants hand toward her left breast, and directed his fingers to her erect nipple. He understood the silent request, and his calloused fingers began to squeeze and pull on Katie’s nipple. The silken peak yielded to the slightest touch, and Grant could feel the her body heating up as he softly twisted her hard nipples. Moving over, Grant effortlessly shifted Katie between his legs, slipping his other hand into her shirt and began to deliver equally as delicious of a treatment.

Katie would let out a low moan every now and then, but her eyes remained trained on the television. Determined to break the monotony of the usual Saturday movie night, Grant decided to give a sharp, quick pinch to both of Katie’s nipples.

“Holy fuck.” Grant was worried it was too much, but as Katie placed her hands over Grant’s, it was clear she wanted more.

“Do it again. Harder.” The directive gave Grant the push he needed to flick and then twist in the rough way he’d always wanted to, and he was rewarded by several loud moans and a bit of writhing from his waiting girlfriend. Katie swiveled around to face Grant, her usually pale face flushed with anticipation.

“Go to our bed, lie down, and close your eyes. Just do it.” The authoritative affect that Katie adopted was something he had heard from her before, in both her work life and their sex life, but there was an underlying tone that hinted to something new. Unchartered territory. He had no idea what it was, but he didn’t have much time to ponder it before he skidded across the floor and leapt onto their bed. He laid down in a spread eagle, knowing that Katie was grabbing the leather bed restraints from the hall closet. A small apartment with no closet in the master bedroom meant their sex toys were hidden away elsewhere in the apartment. A classy natural wood chest held several different types of lube, a few vibrators, a mini-whip and the leather restraints. It meant houseguests were none the wiser about their preference for kinky sex.

Katie twisted the knob and quietly shut the door behind her, the leather restraints in one hand and a new, thick dildo in the other along with a fresh bottle of lube.

“Turn over onto your stomach.” Grant blinked for a second before flipping himself to lie flat, his erection pushing into the down blanket beneath him. They’d never done this before, and the thought that Katie was in the mood for experimentation sent a new rush of blood to his already pulsing cock. After Katie secured his wrists and ankles, she wrapped a silky red scarf around Grant’s eyes, and Grant perked his ears up for any indication of movement in the room. Another creaking canlı kaçak iddaa turn of the knob. Katie had left the room? Also new for her- to tie him up but not pounce on him the minute she could take full control. A soft murmuring could be heard from the living room, and Grant began to wonder if she was alone out there. He didn’t have to wonder for long, however, as two bodies slowly entered the bedroom only seconds later, the door closing and the heat building.

“Grant, I have a friend here with us. His name isn’t important. What you need to know is that he wants to make us both feel really, really good. You’re going to listen to me while he touches me. You’re going to hear my breathing and my moaning, and you’re going to listen to how easily his fingers slide in and out of my pussy.” Confused, but turned on beyond comprehension, Grant waited quietly while Katie and her mystery man climbed onto the bed. He could hear this stranger kiss his girlfriend, but kissing sounds gave way to the Katie’s soft purring. Grant could tell that the fingers had moved south, as Katie became more vocal and the wet sliding of fingers could easily be heard, the sounds of flesh in flesh making Grant’s erection almost unbearable.

“Bend your knees as much as you can and raise your ass into the air. Do it.” The weight on the bed suddenly shifted as Katie crawled toward him. Grant was restrained, but after attempting the pose he realized Katie had given him a little slack for that very purpose. Ass in the air, his hard cock followed; the stiffness weighed heavily between his legs. It must have been the mystery man that had gotten up to grab the lube, as Grant first heard the squirt of the bottle, followed by the rubbing together of hands. The next sound gave Grant such a thrill of anticipation that pre-cum was nearly dripping off his tip- the low thrum of a vibrator. He only hoped he knew what was going to happen next.

Luckily, Grant had guessed correctly, and his whole body hummed in pleasure while the man with the vibrator began to slowly massage the inside of his thighs, carefully gliding upward until he started to move the rubber cock around Grant’s waiting asshole. The man’s strong hand firmly held Grant’s ass cheeks apart, and with a hypnotic rhythm he dipped the vibrator in and pulled it out, sinking the cock deeper each time. In the midst of almost unparalleled pleasure, Grant felt a smaller, softer pair of hands begin to massage his balls. Katie had mastered Grant’s cock years ago, easily remembering what threw him over the edge. Her movements reminded him that she was more in control of his body than he was, but he suddenly let out a sharp gasp. Grant could barely breath. Katie had jumped from ball play straight to taking his cock into her wet mouth, the waves of her tongue on the underside of his erection pleading for Grant to cum straight into her. The bobbing motion of Katie’s neck, the fluidity of her tongue and her hands at the base were too much to handle. He was going to blow his load getting it from a strange, unknown man up the ass and from his amazing, sexy girlfriend from the front.

Just canlı kaçak bahis before Grant felt like he was well and truly about to explode, everything stopped. The vibrator was pulled from his ass, the generous amounts of lube providing a swift exit. Katie came out from underneath Grant’s body, but instead of moving away toward the mystery main, she laid down on top of him. He could feel the stiff points of her nipples pushing into his back, and she landed a small bite on the back of his neck before settling back on top of him. She matched his spread eagle position, legs wide to make her body available for anything.

The strange man sidled back up behind the stacked couple, and he turned the vibe on again. Grant had already been loosened up, and he now felt the hardness of another man’s erection begin to enter him slowly. Above, he could feel the echoes of the vibrator that was being used to tease Katie’s asshole. He could also feel how wet she was, her slick pussy rubbing into the curvature of his lower back. The mystery man kept them in sync, and began to thrust into Grant’s body faster and faster, all the while pumping the vibrator in and out of Katie at the same rate. Grant’s low grunts were complemented by Katie’s uncontrollable squeals of pleasure, and the mystery man would get vocal every once in a while, though his heavy breathing was consistent.

As the speed picked up, Grant’s began grinding his hips into the bed, his hard cock eagerly absorbing the friction of the blanket. Taking his lead, Katie began to dig her mound into Grant’s back, trying her hardest to maintain his rhythm as she moved against him. Grant could practically feel her clit pulsating as she ground into him harder and faster, and given that her wrists were free, Katie was able to clamp her hands down on his muscular shoulders as the pressure built, communicating to Grant how much she wanted to come. The mystery man rapidly pumped in and out of them both, pausing for just a moment that left Katie and Grant prisoner to their desire. The seconds of pause gave way to a resounding finish, as the man moved his hardest and fastest to bring to a simultaneous climax, the combined wetness and noise of the moaning couple made their bodies and their orgasms almost indiscernible from one another.

Grant lay still on the bed, and he felt Katie roll off and snuggle up under his arm. The door closed quietly, almost unnoticeably, as the mystery man vacated the apartment. They stayed together on the bed, sweat dripping off of their bodies as they waited for their breathing to even out. Katie unknotted the red silk scarf and slowly drew it over Grant’s forehead, her puckered lips delivering him a wicked grin.

“I just thought I would change up movie night. Didn’t want you to think we would ever be boring.” Katie eyed Grant carefully, hoping to gauge some sort of a reaction, and Grant held out until he couldn’t keep it in any longer.

“You’re unbelievable. My sexy, amazing girlfriend. I don’t think I deserve you. That was unreal. That was…well, I don’t think I eve have the words.” Grant leaned in and kissed Katie on her full mouth, and she received it gratefully. The two fell asleep moments later, the adrenaline rush of both pain and pleasure having completely sapped their energy. Both dreamt about the mystery man, wondering if they would ever encounter him again.