New Found Pleasure

6 Ocak 2021 0 Yazar: admin


As the realization that you were gone had sunk in, and the fact that my at least three times a day sex life was over. I needed to do something to ease this burning desire in my groin region. But what was I to do as I really didn’t want another boyfriend right at this time, and the thought of a fuck buddy did cross my mind but whom? I had lost touch with most of my exes and the ones I still talked to were married.

That is when I decided to find something around the house for now, and as I had misplaced my vibrator, I needed to find something now! So, I started searching around my home, and guess what it wasn’t long before I had quite a collection of things before me. Ummm what did I feel like playing with? The first thing I picked up was a carrot but ended up taking a bite of it and setting it back down. I then picked up a taper candle but I wanted something thicker, and that is when the cucumber caught my eye. I wrapped my fingers around what I could and gave it a stroke just like I would if your cock was in my hand. It was just above the size of a normal penis, and it was smooth but had some ridges just like a penis and best of all it was hard, and would last as long as I wanted to.

Was I that desperate that I was going to fuck a cucumber? I guess I was because güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I removed my tank top but my bra remained, slid the vegetable in between my tits sliding it down, and then back up as I put the tip in my mouth and then slide it back down. It was cold but felt good. I was getting excited and actually couldn’t wait to cum all over it. I unhooked my bra letting my tits loose, and rubbed the tip of the cucumber over my nipples they hardened from the touch. I ran it down my stomach and then down the inside of my thigh not wanting to rush this experience but eager to get started. I brought a nipple to my mouth and pulled at it gently with my teeth. At this moment, I was wishing that you were here watching but quickly got rid of that thought. Who needed you when I was having a party of my own?

I started at the top of my panties and continued my journey downward a moan escaping as my pussy lips tried wrapping themselves around my stiff green slong. I love the feeling of a man touching and teasing my clit through my panties that is such a turn on for me. I wanted to build up pressure before allowing myself to explode. I just couldn’t stand having my panties in the way of my adventure so; I quickly slid my thong down to my ankles and kicked güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri them off. And then just stuck the tip inside my so eager love hole. Making sure that it was nice and wet, I began to rub it on my clit oh baby that feels good. But the greedy side of me wanted more, so I threw one leg over the back of the couch and put the other foot on the floor. I had a mirror at the end of the couch and my head propped up on a pillow so that I could watch myself making love to my new toy.

I just inserted the tip inching a little at a time allowing my lips to spread and wrap around it. It hurt a little at first but I adjusted quickly and started pushing a little deeper and pulling a little faster. I was becoming wetter quickly and oh yeah kept escaping from my lips. I could hear just how wet my pussy was, but decided to try something different so I got on all fours and stuck the cucumber in, that way I could move my hips back and forth as it hit my g-spot with each thrust. Oh, baby that’s it. I put my head down so I was lying on my right cheek, and put some saliva on my fingers and brought those newly freed fingers to my swollen, sensitive clit. I took two of my wet fingers, rubbed my clit between them, and then began to make circles putting güvenilir bahis şirketleri pressure my love button. I could feel my pussy muscles beginning to constrict and relax knowing that I was close. I sped things up a little by slamming that cucumber in and out of my hot, wet cunt. My fingers teased and taunted my clit until I could feel myself shaking uncontrollably from pleasure.

But I didn’t stop there. Once my shaking slowed, I decided to insert the cucumber between the seat cushions of the couch and ride that hard dong. My pussy was soooo wet from my previous orgasm I had no problems sliding that cock inside my love hole. I held onto the back of the couch as I squatted moving my hips in circles, I could look down and see pussy lips doing a magic trick with the cucumber making it appear and then disappear only to appear once again. I rode that dick my tits bouncing I had to hold onto them squeezing them, rolling my nipples between two fingers. Yes, oh yes as my second orgasm was nearing ohhhhh I moaned, as my dam let loose and overflowed making a wet spot on my couch. I let my breathing slow before I removed the cucumber and then I pulled it from it’s vice and did something I have never done before; I wrapped my mouth around it tasting myself and honestly kind of liked that taste as it was sweet and tasted better than I thought.

I have discovered that cucumbers are not only good in salads but they feel awesome between my legs; it is just a shame that I discovered that after you were gone. I just have to add that I am back to my three times a day sex life :0)