My trip to the adult bookstore for a toy

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My trip to the adult bookstore for a toyGoing to the adult bookstore alone for a new toyThis story is 100% true hope you enjoy!I went to a local adult bookstore few months ago on my lunch hour that is near my work. I was just going to look at toys and outfits (they sell a bunch of stripper outfits) anyways I wasn’t planning on going to the back in the theater part. I found a vibrator I liked and thought I would get it for my husband and I to play with. I walk up to check out and the cashier was a older gentleman and he gave me that look of being a dirty whore. He started to take it out of the package and said he needed to make sure it worked, I told him no need I work down the street and would bring it back if need be. He told me it was store policy and reached in the drawer for batteries. When he stuck the batteries in and turned it on I instantly got horny. The head on it spins and bends a little and he held it up and asked me if I was sure I could handle it. I told him that wouldn’t be a problem and for whatever reason I asked him for a token to the video booths. He laid the vibrator down on the counter still wobbling and opened the drawer for the token while I fumbled in my purse to pay for the vibrator and $5 token. He handed me a token and told me not to worry about it and the vibrator it was on the house. It was right at noon so wasn’t anybody that I seen in there and I had a hour before I had to be back at work. I grabbed the vibrator off the counter and headed for the back. As I found a booth and was shutting the door to lock it I decided to leave it open to see what happened. I pulled my scrub bottoms off sit down on the bench and started rubbing the vibrator all over myself. I wasn’t even paying attention to the movie and güngören escort about 5 minutes later I heard a noise outside the booth. I could see the shadow of someone outside of the booth so I decided to bury the vibrator into my pussy! I’m sure I was whining and whimpering as I fucked myself but I didn’t care. I looked up and seen the cashier’s head peeking around the door. I motioned for him to come in and he jumped on that invitation. He got between my legs and put them both on his shoulders and started eating my pussy while working the vibrator in me. I was flopping like a fish and kept cumming over and over again. He never took his mouth off my clit and kept sticking the vibrator deeper and deeper into me until he stuck the whole thing in me and started smacking my pussy lips with his hand. It was all the way in me and for just a second I was scared it was going to be stuck in me and then he smacked my pussy again hard this time and at that point I didn’t care if it was stuck it felt so good.So there I was sitting on the bench with my legs on the cashiers shoulders, I had a vibrator stuck all the way in me and the cashier smacking my pussy to make sure it wouldn’t come out even if I wanted it to and his mouth sucking my clit and his other hand all over my tits. I was cumming like crazy and didn’t want any of it to stop. He started talking dirty to me (which I absolutely love) calling me a dirty slut and asking me if I liked the vibrartor all the way in me. All I could get out was yes I fucking love it and please don’t stop. He took his finger and stuck it in me and pushed the vibrator in a little further and then made me stand up in front of him. I could feel the head of it twirling around inside of me and every time it escort güngören spun I wanted to cum. He took off my scrub top and bra and led me out into the hallway and told me to walk down to the end and back and not let the vibrator come out. I started walking and two steps into it I was cumming again and I stopped, he told me very loudly to walk my slut ass down the hallway now! I made it down to the end without it coming out but on my way back it started to drop and when I got back to him about a inch was sticking out. He grabbed it and roughly tugged and pushed it into me and told me to get back in the booth and bend over the bench. Here I was in a video booth bent over with a vibrarotr hanging out of me with a strange man I just met 20 minutes earlier. He walked in and smacked my ass and told me he was going to have to push it deeper since my pussy was so loose it wanted to fall out and I wasn’t going to be able to leave until I made the trip down the hallway and back. He shoved it in me again and it felt like three fingers this time pushing it up into my stomach. He pulled his fingers out and put a lip lock on my pussy while grabbing my thighs pulling me into his face. He ate me for a few minutes then smacked me on my ass and told me to get to walking. I walked out into the hallway squeezing my pussy as tight as I could and expecting to see people watching all of this by now but nobody was around. I walked slowly down the hall while the head of that thing twirled in me. When I got to the end and spun around the cashier was standing there with his dick out jacking off an talking dirty. Once I got back to him he told me to get on my knees he was getting close to cumming and I had to go back to work so I didn’t want cum güngören escort bayan all over my face so when I thought he was about to cum I just took his dick in my mouth. His dick was pretty small and only half hard so it wasn’t a problem but he grabbed the back of my head and really fucked my mouth hard and When he came I started choking because there was so much. He called me every name in the book while banging my face into his crotch area. When he let go I fell backwards on to my ass which reminded me I had a vibrator still stuck in me. He made me stand up and spread my legs and smacked my pussy several times pretty hard asking me if I had fun. He took me back in the booth and bent me over and stuck his fingers in me to try and get it out. I was pushing really hard and he was being really rough and that’s when I really got scared that he pushed it so deep that it got stuck. I finally gave a really hard push and he was able to get a hold of it and get it out. I knew my lunch hour had to be close to over so I hurried up and got dressed while he just stood there and watched me (I’m used to guys cumming and immediately leaving so I was a little scared) after I got dressed he took the vibrator and cleaned it off with his mouth telling me how sweet of a pussy I had and then handed it to me so I dropped it in my purse. As I went to leave he was following me to the front and when I tried to go out the door I was locked in. He came up behind me got his keys out unlocked the door and flipped the out to lunch sign over. He told me to have a good day and come back anytime. By the time I got to my car (the store is in middle of busy shopping area so everyone seen me walk out) I could barely walk! I had been in there for a hour and fifteen minutes. Hope you enjoyed this and every bit of it is true! Glad I got to go down memory lane tonight!!If you can’t tell by this story and my last I am a adult store addict! I have so many stories to share just be patient and I will get to them all!