My Trick or Your Treat

27 Aralık 2020 0 Yazar: admin

Yes, there it is. Sliding the lip gloss over my perfectly lined lips, I can see my look coming together. Born with gorgeous bone structure and deep blue eyes, the red of the gloss just pulls the deep dark hues of my skin to the forefront. I know I am beautiful. I know I have this tonight. I push my 34DD breasts a little higher in my bustier. It is nights like these that made those perfect satiny boobs happen for me. I can easily admit that I have had “work done”. But I work a lot myself to put it together and pull of the perfect look.

The party tonight is my stage. I am acting my part; doing the dance I have done for months. As I zip up my thigh high stiletto boots I look closely in the mirror. My panties peek out timidly from beneath my tiny leather miniskirt. I know that the wrong movement makes them completely visible. The black of the skirt just highlights the deep red of the lacey thong. It is a tease. The watcher will want to see more. He will want to slide his hand inside my skirt and touch the silky skin on each side of my thong while I clench my tight ass and giggle at his jokes pretending he isn’t crossing a line. It is a game.

My corset tightens across my perfectly sculpted abs, showing my diamond belly button ring. I work so hard to keep them just right and this corset accentuates my figure beautifully. Done in red lace and black ribbons and bow, it is beautifully feminine and fully dominating. I add the red and black bow to my hair. Having pulled it straight back into a tight ponytail, I am showing how I mean business. I want my prey to see my intent and know their will is now mine. No man can resist my control.

Sliding the little mask down over my eyes adds the drama I need. It is essential to complete my look. As I do a final check of myself in the mirror, I grab my crop and take a look around the hotel room. I smile into the video cam set up on the armoire. After checking the charge on my phone, I slip it between my squeezed tits that are spilling out the top of the bustier. The final stage is set; the time has come to begin my act and make my money. The women that pay me have an expectation. It is sometimes daunting to know that I am what stands between them and the sleek satisfaction of revenge. It can make a woman whole again to get back at the man that did her wrong. I give these women their control back! They get their lives back and forever know the man that ruined them will never forget them. Yes, my job is very satisfying.

The party downstairs is in full swing. True to the date, this October 31st party is completely Halloween themed right down to the grunge band playing on the stage. Perhaps they were shooting for an 80’s rewind, but I try not to let my focus stray. I think back to the description and the photos of my quarry. He is tall. I remember that. It might be hard to find him in this crowd of drunken revelers. The masks, everyone seems to be wearing a costume or full mask. I realize this might be harder than I thought. But honestly, my Halloween victims were always my favorite, so more work was not going to daunt me. The revenge is so sweet when done this way.

I see a man at the bar with a tuft of light blonde hair and remember the stunning man’s hair in the photos. He is a surfer. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth to a wealthy family, he has had casino siteleri it all. The women swarm to him. He has all the power. Now it is time for me to take some of that power. I know it is him. He is spanning the room, sipping his beer, and looking bored. Yes, this guy is looking for something different, I can tell. He is used to being the one that makes things happen. Women are his puppets and he the master of the game. I find myself immediately attracted to him and I have not even met him. I feel a stir in my stomach and know that familiar feeling of excitement. Yes, this will be a night to remember.

As I walk up to the bar, I see that I have his attention. He has noticed me. Not surprising; I am always noticed. I ignore him. Flirting with the bartender, I order a mixed drink and bat my eyes at the man to my right. A slobbering drunk dressed in a cheesy cop suit, he really makes me glad that the object of my attention tonight is looking dapper. It won’t embarrass me to be seen with him; he is dressed in an umpire’s black and white striped uniform with cute shorts that show off his deeply muscular legs. Yes, this man is gorgeous! Most of the men I dealt with were not easy on the eyes and many were flatly disgusting. I licked my lips and thought of the night to come.

I felt him before I saw him. I knew he was coming up to me; I sensed his stare. He was so close. I could smell him. The musty manly scent assaulted me. This man was making it hard for me to think. I had to get this over with.

As I turn and smile at him, I realize he has the deepest blue eyes. He is interested. Hooded blues gaze down into mine and I know what is on his mind; and it is on mine too. This was a bonus. Being paid to do such a manly creature!

“Hello.” His smile melts me. “Jared. Can I buy you a drink?” Oh, he can buy me anything he wants! His deep voice catches me off guard and I hold my breath. Smiling at him, I can only nod.

We begin to make small talk. He is a beach bum. I know this. I have his modus operandi down pat. He has never worked a day in his life. He gets paid to sit behind a desk and do his daddy’s bidding. Perhaps he is a glorified receptionist used to make his father look good in front of his golf buddies. He takes time to tell me he is a CEO of his company. I smile to hide the fact that I want to laugh at him outright.

I can see him looking at my boobs. I feel them tighten and my nipples come to attention. He is my puppet master. This is ok. It is where I let him take control and think he is in charge. After a few drinks, while he is staring into my corset, I reach down and pull out my phone. I lean into him, feigning a drunkenness that I do not aspire to, and take a picture of he and I. At first he looks perturbed. But I giggle and pretend to not remember how to save it. His relief is evident. Of course he would not want his wife to see him out womanizing. He goes to great lengths to make sure she is not aware of his antics. He thinks she is stupid; she is not.

I start to stand up and slump back against him giggling. I tell him that I might have had a bit too much to drink earlier. I can feel his hard on against my back, it feels amazing. He is huge and throbbing. His athletic shorts are so thin that I imagine his pulsing member straining against me reaching out canlı casino to me. This is going to be good.

His offer to walk me to my room is accepted. Little does he realize, he is the one being played. This plan was loosely laid, but meticulous because I have done it so many times. I link my arm through his and lean on him slightly as we walk. I take my crop and run it under his chin. Yes, he is into my game. He has forgotten his wife and children; he only sees me and what he hopes is to come.

As I get us into my room, I begin to pull myself out of his spell. I am drawn to this guy. He is mesmerizing. He looks down at me and begins to kiss me. The deep thrust of his tongue entices me. I am pulled into his mouth. He tastes of stale beer and somehow makes it appealing. He runs his fingers across the top of my corset brushing my nipples with his fingers. I feel his other hand reaching around me and gripping my bare ass. As one finger slides under my thong, I pull myself from his trance and regain my thoughts. Giggling, I pull him to the bed and tell him that he is a naughty boy.

“Oh, Mistress Tammy is going to make you pay for being so bold!” And he smiles. I know he is willing to play with me. “I’m going to teach you a lesson!” I playfully push him backward and he lands on the bed smiling. He is anxious to see what I am doing. I can see his penis pushing and trying to get out of his shorts.

I lay on top of him and crawl toward the head of the bed. I already had the cuffs up there; I pull his hands up and cuff each one to the handcuffs in the center of the headboard. This motel was always my favorite, the bondage was easy with the metal rail headboards. “Now Jared, you are my bad little boy and I have to teach you how to please me.” He is unconcerned as he grins and asks me to make it hurt. Oh, it will.

I crawl down his body and reach down the side of the bed for the ankle cuffs. I have one at each side of the footboard. Thankfully this guy is so tall because otherwise this would not have worked. I always have ties on the edges but some men are not keen on waiting for me to tie them up and have a change of heart. This way is so much faster. But my worry is for nothing because Jared is eating this up.

As I pull myself back up his restrained body, I feel him pulsing against me. His erection is calling to me. I have to see this man. I lean down and grab his shorts band with my teeth. Oh, Jared is not wearing underwear. My, it is sexy. The only thing between this man’s huge penis and my body all night has been a thin layer of fabric. Nice.

My tongue flicks at the tip of his dick. It is sweet. I take him into my mouth carefully and slide my teeth across the head lightly. As Jared moans, I begin to suckle. Stopping I tell him that he is so bad. I suck and pull on him for an eternity. The precum is heady and I suck at the hole pulling more out. He gets to the brink of explosion and I stop. As he moans, I push myself up and straddle him. Pulling my corset down I expose my breasts and being pulling at my nipples. He is focused on my boobs bobbing around. I lick at my nipple and smile down at him. He is obviously ready to explode.

“Jared, you have been naughty, so you don’t get pussy tonight!” He looks at me as though I have given him a death sentence. As he starts kaçak casino to protest, I smile and slide back down pulling his penis into my mouth again. The moans, they make this job so much fun. I lean down with my hand and pull my phone out. I being snapping pictures of me suckling on his dick. He is vaguely aware as I take pictures of him laying sprawled on my bed cuffed in an “X”. Being the smug jerk that he is, he smiles in some of the pictures. His enjoyment is quite evident. I drool onto his penis. Leaving it hot and wet, I begin licking and kissing his balls.

I straddle him on my knees. He knows I am ready to explode, he just doesn’t realize the depth of my own need. I sit back down onto him, taking his huge dick into my hand and gliding it toward my ass. His eyes get huge as he realizes what I am about to do. Oh, he wants this. “Jared, you don’t want my ass?” He tells me he does, he wants it very much! I slide the tip of his dick into my tight puckering asshole. It fills me. I wonder briefly if I have ever taken on a penis this big! It is huge and I lean down further. As he slides into my taut asshole, he moans huskily. He is liking this.

I ride him for only moments before he explodes. His cum runs down my legs and all over me. The hot liquid makes me so horny. I cannot stop myself. As much as I need to drag this out and get more pictures and video time, I cannot.

This guy is slime. He is smiling and enjoying me on top of him with my ass clenched tight and my nipples between my fingers rolling. I stand up and look at him realizing that he has just betrayed his wife again.

I stand next to the bed and tell him that it is now my turn. “Oh Jared, you have to please me now.” He looks at me knowing his penis is still rock hard and ready to go again. I slide my thong down, over my boots, and onto the floor. I reach under my skirt and pull at the tape. It easily comes off and makes little noise. The callous bastard thinks I am playing with myself. He looks smugly at me. “Jared, Baby, real women can take care of themselves, and that is just what they do!”

I pull my own throbbing penis out and grip it in my hand. It is so hard and my hand sliding up and down on it makes me ready to burst. Horrified, Jared realizes what he has just done. He has been having sex with a man. I walk up to him, holding my dick just inches from his face. I snap pictures with my phone of my dick and myself standing above him with my penis dripping. I can hold it no more and I explode. My cum shoots all over his face. I shudder and feel immediate relief. Ah, this is a benefit of my job. I snap a few more pictures of him laying there covered in my cum. Mortified he cannot even utter a word. Some men scream; others cry. This one just laid there and looked as though his life might be over.

“Now, Jared, here are the keys.” I take the tiny keys hanging off my stiletto boot and drop them on the armoire. “They are right here, next to this video camera.” His mortification is growing by the moment. The redness in his face shows me that he would do great bodily harm to me given the chance. “I will be calling your wife and she can do as she pleases with this stuff. Thanks for a great evening!”

With that, I walk over to him and put my thong over his head. He still says nothing. I see a tear at the corner of his eye and for a brief moment, I feel sorry for him. Then I remember his wife, Suzette and her tears and pain, and I think to add one more barb. “Jared, feel free to find yourself all over the internet. I make my living selling your story.”