My Son My Lover Part 1 rewrite

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My Son My Lover Part 1 rewriteHello, my name is Jane; and I’m 38 years old and I’m happily married to my second husband. I have 3 c***dren, my oldest is 22 and I also have twins at 5; however they’re my son’s c***dren.And before I tell how my son became my lover, I’ll tell you how he was born.I was 16; at the time I was on my final year at school my first husband was my boyfriend, 6 months prior to the exams my boyfriend knocked me up and 3 months after the exams I gave birth to my son. My dad forced me into marry my boyfriend and when my son was 3 years old; I divorced my husband because I found out that he was cheating on me and I really didn’t care about him anyway, so now I’m a single mum with a 3 year old son that I had a crush on ever since he was a baby.I always got turned on by him whenever I breast fed him, every time he hugs me and kiss me on the lips. Now he’s 6 years old and I’m 22, I met a nice guy called Stan, he was 24 when we got together, I know my son should have been jealous, but just the opposite, he liked him and didn’t call him Stan or step dad…he called him Dad, it made me so happy.10 years have passed Stan had a great job, my son became 16, and I 32, though I still have a crush on my son, maybe even more than before, he’s such a handsome young man, all the girls in school wanted to date him; I didn’t, I just wanted to fuck him, although I think he has a crush on me since the age of 13, because he always blushes whenever he sees me, and tries to hide his hard on when I wear sexy revealing dresses, or when I come out the bathroom with a towel around me and my blonde hair is up.His step-dad had to go overseas to work for 5 months in the US, and he leaves on my son’s final exams week, that’s when I decided to seduce and fuck my son’s brains out. So a week before that, I went clothes shopping and got a lot of sexy lingerie and incredible güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri revealing dresses, getting ready for the big day.I had everything ready to go the night before my husband was leaving, after a peaceful sleep, dawn came and gave my husband a deep kiss, sniffing his scent before leaving as my sexual appetite was so high, and said: “see you in 5 months love”, he waved over to my son and I, then got into the taxi and left for the airport.My son was leaving for school, I yelled quietly: “John wait!” He came back, “I…just wanted to give you a good luck kiss dear”, so I did then hug him, I felt his hard on and said to him “don’t be late tonight darling, I have something planned for you”. His face went red, lowered his face and hurried to school. I shut the door and started getting ready myself for tonight, I had a long bubble bath the sweet coconut aroma filled the bathroom, I shaved my legs, groin and armpit hair, I washed myself as I rubbed my new smooth skin, as I was doing that, I realized that I was turning myself on, so I decided to end my bath there, before I lose control.Now I went to my room and got myself dry, the clock pointed to 11am, I have a long day ahead of me, so I put some nail varnish on, did pedicures….etc, while watching romantic comedy for a couple of hours, after drying my nails, I went to browse through my new sexy collection of clothing, I started putting on a shiny white see-through lace nightwear vest, G-string, garter belt and a pair of fishnet stocking then I slipped a pitch black padded body on club-wear mini dress lace, and wet style leather ultra mini skirt, showing my long smooth legs against the black fishnet stocking, put on golden necklace, I opened my hear from the towel, and made it thick bouncy and stylish, I put some make up on, with a killer red lipstick. The time tipobet güvenilir mi was now 3:15pm, my son has certainly left school and is on his way home, I had a chill down my spine just thinking about him.At 3:30pm; my son I presumed that my son would be home very shortly, I stood by the window looking the window and saw him running into the door, I turned to face the front room door as he came in, my heart was pounding like drum base, he yelled: “Mom, I’m home”, I replied “I’m in the front room sweetie”, he came in and one look at me, his face went blushing, he said: “your good luck…ummm…kiss worked; I mean with my exams” I walked over to him and said “I knew that would help”; I hugged him feeling his hard on; he said: “why are you dressed so seductively Mom”; I said “this is for you darling”, and before he could say anything else, I kissed him on the lips, then he wrapped his arms around me and started kissing me back; and before I know it…we were French kissing ever so passionately, we stopped to look at each other, I said “lets continue this in my room sweetie…OK”.We want to my room, my son closed the door, I turned around he put his arms back around me and we started kissing again deeply, our tongues swirling together, We kissed for quite some time and I started to take off my son’s school uniform, he was feeling me up with his hands, then I took his uniform and underwear to finally see his big cock: “Wow…your cock is huge, it’s bigger than your dad’s and stepdad by 5 times”.He was lying on the bed when I took off my dress, revealing my sexy lace nightie, he said: “ wow you look so sexy Mo…” I stopped him from finishing that word, and said: “starting from tonight and for the following 5 months while your step-dad’s away I’m no longer your Mom, I’m your lover”, I looked into his eyes, then lips, I kiss him again, as I tipobet giriş went down to his chin, neck and all the way his cock.I began by jerking him off softly, I approached and kissed him, then I went down and licked his cock, slapping it against my tongue, I wrapped my mouth around his cock and began to suck him off, as my head was bobbing on his cock, he was moaning and I enjoying it, “Oh mom yeah, that’s so good, keep going mom..unngh”, I kept on sucking his cock, tasting it inside my mouth after waiting for so long, “Oh God, mom am gonna…am gonna cum”, ribbons of semen were shot down my gullet, he’s been saving for so long, I kept his cum in my mouth I love how it tasted, shortly after, I swallowed his cum. “Wow, boy, you came and you haven’t fucked me yet”, he looked at me and said: “I can cum again in an hour mo…my love”.We went down and had some food, we waited until the hour mark, it was now 7:30pm; so we went back to my room and started kissing gain, though this time he made his way down my body, kissing my chest, sucking my D cup boobs; that and suck it like a freakin’ mad man, I was moaning like a slutty schoolgirl, his tongue went in and out of my pussy though he stopped for a bit to put on a condom, after all I’m still his mother and he didn’t want to impregnate me just yet.He slowly put his cock inside me as I felt his cock going in and out of my wet pussy, he said “God you’re so tight my love and I wish I didn’t have to wear this condom so I can fill you raw”.He slowly started moving his hips and thrusting his cock into me “I’m so tight because I haven’t had sex in 2 weeks and you can’t fuck me without a condom yet sweetie”. We looked at each other as he moved a bit faster and we were kissing as his speed went up. However; now we were really fucking as we doggy styled, his cock went in and out between my boobs up and down, then I laid him down and rode his cock grinding and jumping on his nice thick rod, we fucked for hours and I loved every fucking minute of it as I moaned “I’m cumming sweetie” and he whimpered “me to my love” I came first and he came all over my body and we laid down and kissing each other and fell asleep.