my sister in low

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my sister in low”I’m so sorry””She was so wonderful” and so on and so on.I had heard so many variations I was sick of hearing them. I know she was wonderful and amazing, and a good wife, and a good mother.That didn’t bring my wife back from the grave, now did it friends any neighbors? No, it didn’t. I was standing in a cemetary in North Philly, miserable, feeling alone, and confused as to how I was going to bring up my two k**s by myself.”Come on back, Mitch” my father in law had said to me as he was passing me. When I didn’t move, he put a hand on my shoulder and moved me enough that I didn’t fight him bringing me to the car. Alexis and Jeremy were holding each of my hands, both of them scared and alone as I was. Shaking off my own misery, I leaned down to pick up my twins, holding them to me tightly. I managed to get back into the limo without putting either of them down, and the droning of the car finally put them to sleep. I was sitting between my mother and father in law, and across from my brother in law and his wife Nicole. The sympathy in her eyes was too much for me to look at for more than a split second, so I shied away from looking at her altogether.Shame of it was, on the day I had buried my wife, I was getting a hardon because of my sister in law. Yeah, she was all that and then some. Why she was with my brother in law, Rich, I couldn’t tell you, but she was a knockout. If you’ve ever seen pictures of Candice Cardinelle, that’s about right, but the boobs are bigger and rounder. She stood about 5’6″, but almost 5″ of that was heels. I used to love watching her walk around in her come-fuck-me-pumps. She had nice strong legs, the tightest ass you can imagine, and a 36D chest. Yeah, I know it was 36D because I checked one time while we were staying at my inlaws. I was brushing my teeth and saw a frilly lace bra in the shower that I knew wasn’t my wife’s. I was about to smell it when she walked in and caught me. I tried to say I was looking for my wife’s bra.”Mitch, I’m much bigger up there than Cassie is” she had said, half bragging. As I stood there trying to come up with an excuse, it dawned on me. I watched as her nipples hardened in her night shirt as she stood there watching me. I hadn’t realized that I turned her on, as much as she did me. When she caught me staring right at them, she practically shoved her tits in my face as proof, which of course I couldn’t not retaliate.”Cold Nikki?” I had blurted, pretending to reach out and tweak her nipple.She slapped my hand away and slowly drew her gaze to my crotch, and slowly brought it back up to my eyes, simply smiling and shaking her head. She turned and walked out of the bathroom, hips swaying to some beat. I shut the door, locked it, and beat off into the toilet in about three seconds.Seeing her pull her legs back up onto the seat pulled me out of my reverie, exposing the edge of her black lace panties slightly. I tried pulling my gaze away, but I kept coming back to it. Normally, she would have teased me about it, showing me a little more, but the solemnity of the day, she was on good behavior, so she eased her legs down in front of her and crossed them. I turned and stared out the window.We all passed the ride in silence. Getting to my inlaws house and upstairs with the k**s was fairly easy. They were so tired from the whole ordeal, I knew they’d sleep until morning. My mother in law, Sara, helped me and Nikki get the k**s out of their clothes and into thier beds. Seeing them settled, I relaxed a little. Sara went out to get a cup of water for them in case they woke up.I stood there staring at them when I felt Nikki’s hand on my arm.Looking at her in the lamplight as the sun had faded minutes before, I was noticed once again just how beautiful this woman was. Not only physically, but what I saw in her eyes as well. Her long brown hair framed her beautiful face, her large eyes and full lips showing concern and love. She reached up a hand to cup my cheek, kissing me on the other cheek. She hugged me and whispered, “You should get some rest too, Mitch”. I just stood there and hugged her, feeling her curves melt into my body, her large breasts against my chest. I ran a hand down her back, pulling her waist in closer, burying my face in her fragrant hair.She must have felt the bodrum escort growing hardness in my pants, but instead of pushing me away, she pulled me closer, her hand on my ass, pulling me in. We stood there rocking back and forth for several minutes before Sara came back into the room.”Mitch, go lie down for a while. I’ll stay in here with the k**s.” I let go of Nikki, and kissing Sara on the cheek, nodding, saying nothing. I went down the hallway and climbed the attic stairs to the room that I was staying in. I loosened my tie and sat on the bed, putting my head in my hands and breathing deeply for several miuntes. Thinking about the whole situation, all I could feel was relief. Cassie had been sick for so many years, I could only hope that she was someplace better and that her pain was gone. I missed her, but we had said goodbye a long time ago, before she slipped into a c*** that she never came out of.”Mitch Baby?” she said in a bare hint of a whisper. The machines in the room were loud in my ears.”Hey Darlin, how you feelin?” I said, keeping concern out of my voice. The doctors were amazed that she was still conscious. The tumors that were ravaging her body were more than enough to kill someone as big as me. Almost a foot shorter than my six feet, she was frail to begin with.”Like a shit sandwich, Hun. Do me a favor, k?”I smiled at her visual, something we made up a long time ago. “Anything Hun, you know that.””Find someone else, don’t be alone” she whispered and closed her eyes. She never regained consciousness and six weeks later, she was dead.I thought about what she had asked me, and realized that I couldn’t love another. I also couldn’t shake the feeling that she wasn’t talking about love. Timid when I had first met her, she had taught me things that no nice little girl should have known, and helped me to expand my horizons.I was getting my bearings when I heard the creak of the stairs. I went to the door, expecting Sara, but instead, Nikki was standing there, her arms behind her back, looking innocent and lost.”Can I come in?” she whispered.I stood aside, giving her a slight smile. Taking in her perfume, and the way her ass moved in her tight skirt, I reveled in her womanhood for a moment. She came in and stood at the foot of the bed. I left the door open and stood there waiting.”What’s up Nik?” I asked softly.”Close the door Mitch” she said, the look in her eyes pleading. Suiting actions to her request I shut it turning around seeing that she put out her hand to me. Moving towards her, I took it, my gaze never leaving hers. I expected a hug or her squeezing my hand. What I got instead will stay with me until the day I die. She pulled my hand down catching me off balance and making me lean down, lowering me so we saw eye to eye. At the same time, she grabbed my neck with her other hand and kissed me deeply and passionately. My sister in law was running her tongue around inside my mouth, pressing her big tits into my chest and practically wrapping her body around mine. Not a word was said, just the two of us moaning as our hands found places on each other that a brother in law and a sister in law should not find.”I’m here for you Mitch… I’m yours if you want me” she whispered fiercely between moans. I realized with a start that I had not made love to a woman in over two years. The last time had been with my wife just before she had gotten sick. After being surrounded by so much sickness and death, the simple act of passionate kissing released all of the pent up tension in my body contracting my balls. I tensed and shot hot cum into my drawers as her hand found my cock and started kneading it.I felt guilty for a second, thinking I had betrayed my wife. But the look of love, understanding, caring, and the simple escape in someone’s arms she was offering was too much for me. She must have seen the struggle on my face and the decision I had made.”Get out of those” she demanded, knowing that I had just shot into my underwear. I stipped off my shoes, belt, tie, shirt, wears and pants in about 30 seconds. I wanted to rip the shirt and skirt off of her, but she beat me to it. Unbuttoning two top buttons, she pulled the blouse over her head while I went to work on the bra. It came off easily, spilling her firm chest out escort bodrum for me to see. I put my mouth on one of her nipples, licking around it with my tongue as I slid the zipper down the side of the skirt, dropping it to her feet. As she wiggled out of it, I pulled my mouth away from her tit, staring at her furry bush. The lace I had seen in the limo was a garter holding up sheer black lacy stockings.My cock, which had been getting soft from it’s first cum, began to harden at the sight of her pussy glistening just inches from my hand. Slipping a finger along her juicy slit, I found her rock hard clit and rubbed it around in a circle, driving her wild. Her mouth met mine, her hands alternated between squeezing my ass and jerking me off.I pushed her back onto the bed, burying my head in her crotch. The taste alone was magical, but the sounds she made, and the moves her hips bumped and grinded on me made me hard as a rock in anticipation of how good a fuck she was going to be. The feel of her silk encased legs wrapped around my head made my head swim in anticipation of being between her thighs with her heels on my back as I drove myself inside her.Not to be unfair, I licked, nibbled and played with her pussy until she came loudly all over my face. She scrambled away from me, moving to the middle of the bed. I stood and knelt with her, watching her chest rise and fall with her deep breaths. She put a hand on both sides of my head, and ran her tongue around my mouth, licking off all of her juices.”You like the taste of your own pussy?” I asked.”I love cunt, doesn’t matter who.””What about Rich, Nikki? Not that I’m complaining!” I said as she laid back on the bed. She spread her legs and began playing with her clit. Her other hand was busy on her nipple, pinching and pulling it.”Oh god Mitch. He’s so small, he never licks my pussy, and he thinks anal is disgusting. Get that beautiful cock up here and stuff it in my pussy before Sara hears.””She won’t, trust me.” I said. She left off teasing her nipple to grab my prick, guiding it to the opening of her cunt. She was warm, wet, and ready.”Remember what Rich used to play in High School?” I asked as I parted her lips with the knob of my cock.”Mmmmm, that feels so nice… Yeah, drums or something right?” she said breathily.”Oh god you’ve got an amazing pussy” I said as I slowly inched my cock into her. “Yeah, his Dad didn’t want to hear it, so he soundproofed the room!” I said as I pulled almost all the way out and slammed it home in her. She barely stifled a scream.”Scream all you want, the bed doesn’t squeak either. Cassie was a nympho, we bought her parents this bed for this room because we said she needed it for her back, but it’s designed with few moving parts so it doesn’t make any noise when I shove my dick in and out of you baby… Oh Jesus you have a sweet pussy!” I practically yelled.”I’ve wanted to do this ever since I caught you with my bra baby… Ooooh you’ve got a nice dick… Mmmm, yeah, slide it in Nikki’s pussy… You like my tight wet pussy baby… Oh Oh Oh OH OH” she teased and moaned as I slid all the way in and out of her, giving her long full strokes of my cock. Her pussy fit like a glove, gripping and stroking me. I reached under her and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, holding her in place while I shoved my cock in and out of her.”OOoohhhhh yeah! OHHHHH YEAH! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!!! Oh Jesus Mitch, fuck my pussy fuck my pussy oh OH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” she screamed as she came really hard, arching her back, thrust her tits out and her pelvis onto mine. The force of it almost threw me off the bed. I kept stroking in and out as she rode the wave of her huge orgasm. As she began to relax, I did something Cassie used to love me to do.Pulling her legs up, I put her ankles on my shoulders and drove deeply into her, rubbing against her cervix with the head of my cock. Her eyes shot open as I plumbed deeply with my cock, driving her wild. “Oh god, what did… oh oh oh oh ohohohohohoohhhhohho ohhhh ohhhhhhhhh yeah, yeah, YEAH YEAH OH GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHDDDDDDD!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. I smiled to myself, thanking Cassie for teaching me so much about pleasing a woman.While I had her in the position, I decided to try one more bodrum escort bayan trick. It was something Cassie couldn’t handle, but I had a feeling that Nikki might be able to. I slid most of the way out and pumped the head in and out of her pussy. As I did, I reached under us to where we were connected, and gathered some of the mingled sperm and girl juice, and trust me, there was plenty. I dragged my lubed finger across her asshole, making her jump. She had been so caught up in her orgasm, she didn’t realize what I was doing until she began to like it.”Oh Mitch, are you a dirty boy?” she drawled sexily. “Are you really gonna try to put that monster in my butt?””Well, I don’t know Nikki, it depends on a few things” I said, teasingly settling into my role in the game. My fingers had spread quite a lot of lube and as I pulled my rock hard schlong out of her pussy, I collected more and pushed a finger into her butt. She loosened immediately around my finger, allowing me to push the fluid in, and insert another finger. She bit her lip and began playing with her tits as I slid two fingers in and out of her ass.”Like what” she cooed. Her hand was slowly running up and down the shaft of my cock, keeping it rock hard.”Well, it looks like you passed the first test with flying colors. Lets see what happens next” I said, putting the head at the opening of her asshole. I put a hand on each asscheek, lifting, positioning her ass for the best angle for me to thrust. I slipped the head in fairly easily, knowing that while her husband might not be giving her any ass sex, someone was.”Nikki?””Yes Mitch” she breathed, practically panting in anticipation.”You’ve done this a lot…” I said, non-commitally.”Butt plugs are wonderful toys Mitch. Now stop stalling and fuck my ass. I am faithful to my husband, except right now, and I felt that you needed me more than he did. And I promise you one thing…””What’s that” I said, a smile on my face.”If this is what it’s like when we’re rushed, I’ll be coming to see my neice and nephew a lot more often. Now fuck me, and fuck me hard. I’ve been bad and I need to be punished. Punish me Mitch…” she cooed, pushing down so I slid in more.”Oooooh, you like being spanked?” I teased, bouncing the head in and out of her ass.”I like a lot of things you don’t know about baby… Fuck me… yeah… oh yeah, oh god it’s so fucking big!” she said, squirming around on the bed. She reached up with her hands, locking around the back of my neck, her legs high around my back, allowing me deeper penetration. She began swinging like a pendulum, her ass sheathing my cock perfectly. My arms supported us holding onto the headboard, and she did most of the work swinging back and forth, plunging my cock in and out of her ass. I watched her face contort with pleasure as I felt my nuts boil. Dropping down onto the bed, I slammed it in and out of her butthole, listening to her squeal with pleasure, my face buried between her big tits.She shifted suddenly onto her side, allowing me to penetrate deeper, her hands flying to her clit. Her asshole clenched around my cock as I dumped a gallon of cum inside her. Her ass was so tight it was almost painful. I fell down on the bed next to her, out breath ragged and panting. After several minutes of trying to catch my breath, she moved off the bed and I slid out of her with a splat onto my thigh. She grabbed my undershirt and wadded it up between her legs, catching the mingled spunk. I just laid back on the bed and watched her slowly dress. I laid on the bed as she watched me watching her. Stroking my still semihard cock, she left off the fastening the buttons and began playing with her nipples again, her eyes lidded and sexy. I almost had her back out of her clothes when I heard the tell tale squeak of the bottom step. She pushed away from me, and opened the window, standing next to it, hurriedly fixing her shirt and hair. Sara knocked and came in when I told her it was cool. By that time I was already under the covers of the bed, talking to Nikki. She asked if we were hungry, and I said yes, as did Nikki.She smiled at us both and went out. I was about to say something when Nikki held up her hand.”Don’t say anything Mitch, not now. I want you to call me next week in my office, and we’ll have lunch.”I had to ask. “Nikki, did Cassie put you up to this?”She smiled and walked over to the bed, kissing me soundly. “No, you amazing man, she didn’t.”I could have sworn just as she closed the bedroom door after walking out, she whispered, “Sara did…”