My Perfect Night Ch. 01

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I meet you in the bar for cocktails, I get there early as I want to be calm when you arrive. I sit, sipping my drink and enjoying the admiring glances of the other men as they pass by me. One of them tries to start up a conversation with me but I send him off with only a couple of words, I only want to talk to one man tonight.

As I place my glass back on the bar the hairs on the back of my neck rise and I know you are there, I turn to see you walking towards me, handsome and sexy in your mess kit, a slight smile on your face as you appraise what I am wearing for you tonight, and what you think might be underneath my uniform.

When you finally reach me, perched on my bar stool, you bend toward me and gently brush your lips against my cheek in greeting. I inhale deeply as my nose gets close to your neck and the scent of your skin sends a rush of blood to my head and to my sex, where I suddenly feel a slight quiver as I briefly imagine the things we will be doing together later.

You buy us both drinks and then lean back against the bar, inspecting me from head to toe. You take in the black patent leather high heels and the sheer seamed stockings, which you can just glimpse the lacy top of on the side where my long black skirt splits to my upper thigh. My high necked blouse and bow tie show underneath my jacket, which fits tightly around my waist.

We finish our drinks canlı bahis without speaking and then you take my hand and help me off the bar stool, guiding me to walk in front of you to the elevator so you can admire the way my jacket and skirt fit to my sides, showing off my hips and bottom as I walk slowly for you, knowing you are watching and enjoying my body already.

In the lift neither of us speaks, but you take me in your arms and kiss me gently, sensually, until my head is spinning and I am giddy with desire. Part of me wants to unzip your fly and impale myself on your cock right then and there, but I know if I wait then the reward with be even greater.

As we walk down the corridor you hand me the key and tell me to open the door, your voice husky, your eyes bright and burning with lust. I fumble at the door as you stand behind me, firm hands running over my behind feeling my suspenders, pulling my skirt higher and your breath on my neck again as you whisper into my ear, telling me what a sexy bitch I am. As I manage to open the door your hands move up to my chest, swiftly undoing my jacket button and sliding up to cup my braless breasts through the fabric of my shirt. At your discovery of this you grind your already hard cock against my arse and pinch my nipples hard, making me moan loudly. You push me inside and close the door with one hand, pulling me round to face you with bahis siteleri the other. You kiss me deeply now, your lips communicating your desire as you pull off my jacket and pull open my blouse.

You bend your head, trailing kisses down my neck to my breasts where you take my nipple in your mouth and suck it hard, nibbling with your teeth. My arms reach around your neck as my legs go weak and I sink to the floor in front of you, hands sliding down your back to your bottom and then your fly. I unzip your trousers as I kneel before you and reach in to grasp your rock hard shaft. At my touch you straighten up, groaning with pleasure and helping me release your huge shaft completely from your pants. I look up at you smiling, my big tits hanging out of my open shirt and my hands wrapped around your cock before I open my mouth and start to lick the tip of my favourite part of your body. My tongue slides further each time, covering every inch of your beautiful length until I’m licking your balls too. Then I return to the tip and slowly place my lips around it, looking up at you with love and pleasure in my eyes, before I slide my lips down your shaft, taking your cock deep into my warm wet mouth, lapping at your hardness with my tongue all the way down and up.

I can taste the sweet pre-cum as your arousal increases, and I can feel my pussy aching and dripping in anticipation of bahis şirketleri being filled by you. I slide my fingers down, pulling up my skirt to expose my stocking tops and then higher so you can see my pantyless shaven pussy. I start to stroke myself as I continue sucking hungrily on your throbbing cock, I love being so wanton and slutty for you and know that you enjoy it just as much as me. I allow myself to imagine for a few moments what else we might enjoy this evening, thinking about the bag of toys I packed earlier and wondering which ones you will choose to play with me tonight makes my skin tingle in anticipation and my pussy starts to throb gently and I realise I’m going to cum really soon. I look up at you and can see you are so close too. I briefly lean back to take a breath and ask you

“Baby, I’m so close, may I cum for you?” I wrap my mouth around your shaft once more and grab your arse with my free hand, encouraging you to fuck my mouth. Your hands are in my hair, guiding my head to the speed you need. You can barely speak in your excitement but I hear you groan

“Oh yes! Cum for me you beautiful slut” I need no more encouragement than this and increase my finger’s pace and pressure on my clit a tiny bit, it’s all we need and I start to squeal and moan over your cock as you grab it and explode all over my face.

Your cum dribbles down my lips and chin and over my tits as we gaze at each other, still gently stroking ourselves, enjoying the last pulses of our orgasms. I lean back so you get a full view of my dripping wet pussy, framed by my skirt and stockings, your perfect dirty girl.