My New Fuck Buddy Ch. 01

27 Aralık 2020 0 Yazar: admin

I went to my local ABS, anxious to get off, but there was no one around. I cruised around the arcade one last time and was about to leave disappointed with throbbing aching balls, when I noticed a booth with the door slightly ajar at the far end of the hallway. I walked over and peeked into the booth. What a welcome sight!

There was a black guy sitting on a bench, nude with an enormous rock hard cock. A slightly chubby, blond girl was greedily sucking him. Her ass was arched-up like a cat in heat.

As my eyes focused more, I saw a Mexican guy standing behind her, tightly gripping her pear- shaped ass. I quickly realized he was all the way inside her because I couldn’t see his tool going in and out.

Unabashedly, I walked into the booth and reached under her, between her legs. I immediately felt her pussy hole and realized the Mexican was deep in her ass.

I stood back and watched for a few minutes as she slobbered and gobbled that black cock like she couldn’t get enough. Eventually, the black guy got serious and grabbed the back of her head and just started fucking her throat mercilessly.

When I unzipped and pulled out my illegal bahis semi-hard, thick cock to stroke, the Mexican guy moaned and jerked. We all knew he was about to shoot loads of cum deep into her ass. Soon the white girl moaned with satisfaction despite the cock down her throat, as warm cum flooded her stretched-out rectum.

I was so heated-up that when the Mexican pulled out, I threw caution to the wind and moved behind her instantly. As soon as my cock touched her pussy, I could feel she was really turned on because she was soaking wet. And, because she was so wet, I pushed my hard cock, slowly, all the way up that wet pussy. She gasped, but did not indicate I was hurting her.

Seeing this, the black guy then started talking dirty to her and fucked her mouth harder. At some point, he even lifted up one of his legs and made her sucking his swollen balls. She was greedy and loud as she obeyed and I started to pound that pussy. Almost immediately, I realized she was squirting. I felt her soak my balls every time I drove in.

The black guy asked her which hole I was in and when she said “pussy”, he asked where she wanted me. She turned her illegal bahis siteleri sweaty and slightly red face towards me, looked at me thru her glazed eyes, and matter-of-factly said “fuck my ass” like you would say “pass the butter, please” at the family dining room table.

I pulled out of her hot soaking pussy and just slid the head of my swollen cock right into her sperm lubed ass. After a pausing a few seconds, I pushed my swollen cock all the way up her ass. As I did, I could feel the Mexican’s load run out her ass as she moaned loudly, again.

As I fucked her ass with deep, hard strokes, I felt her push back into me! Yes, she was truly one horny slut.

I began telling her to squeeze my cock whenever I pulled back. I have no idea what the black guy was telling her as he grabbed her ears and pulled her face down on his great cock.

Finally, I could take no more and asked her where she wanted my load, but she just kept sucking that black rod. I started to convulse and groan and then I just let it go, unloading in her hot ass.

As I came, I could tell the black guy was cumming, too. Within seconds of me cumming, he suddenly canlı bahis siteleri stood up, grabbed her head, and started to drive long, 7-8″ strokes into her throat. I could hear her gagging and then gasping for breath as his cum blasted down her throat!

When her eyes started to tear, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and jacked whatever cum was left onto her face. When she had caught her breath, she licked his still swollen cockhead clean. When I saw this, I came to her front and pushed my semi-hard cock into her mouth for cleaning, too. The combination of her ass juices and my cum did not seem to bother her at all.

The black guy put on his shorts, tank top, and left. I remained. I wanted more.

She was now sitting on the bench resting. I guess you could say in somewhat of stupor. I stood over her looking into her eyes as they began to clear. They were very blue. I smiled at her and then knelt between her pretty legs.

Her trim pussy smelled of sweat and female and male ejaculate. I breathed in the heady aroma and commenced to lick her clit. Eventually she began to moan as every 4rth lick or so I buried my tongue in her loosened pussy, twirling it around, and then going back to suck on her hard clit.

She came three times over the next 15 minutes or so. Later that evening, she told me that was a personal best. We saw each other, again, after that night.