My mother inlaw introduces me to leather 2

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My mother inlaw introduces me to leather 2Continued from part 1…..As I looked at my mother inlaw (Sarah) her leather clad body still straddling my cock… my mind was in overdrive.. I couldn’t believe what has just happened.. Have I really just had the most erotic filthy sex with my gf’s mother and blew my load inside her 48 year old pussy. As I composed myself and realised that I wasn’t dreaming.. it really has just happened. At this point although I was still in heaven and was as horny as ever the guilt started to set in and I was thinking about jess and what it would do to her if she was ever to find out that her bf of 7 years and her mother who is not only her mum but also her best friend.. Her soul mate.. Have just had dirty sex behind her back If she ever found out then that would be the end us and she would prob never want to speak to her mother ever again… I tried to block out the guilt and I looked up at Sarah and her eyes had now gone from horny to upset.. As my mother inlaw began to climb off of me releasing my dripping cock from her pussy she looked at me and said I’m so sorry Matt this should of never happened I don’t no what came over me she said as eyes were beginning to fill with tears jess must never find out about this ok it would finish her you no that don’t you Hun… Yes of course Sarah I replied.. But it takes 2 to tango so your not all to blame.. we’re both in the wrong and I’m so sorry too I hope this won’t change anything between us.. maybe we should just forget it ever happend and try to turn the clocks back an hour or so… Yea i think we should she replied thanks Hun…Right she said I best get ready now or jess will wonder where we are if u want to wait downstairs I’ll be 15 mins. No problem I said and retreated downstairs and waited in silence for Sarah to get ready. 20 minutes had passed and I hear Sarah coming down the stairs… I couldn’t look her in the eyes anymore I was dreading going home I case jess noticed that there was something not right between me and her mum.. The drive home was painfull as me and Sarah barely said a word and the 5 minute journey to my house seemed like it had taken an hour. We arrived at my place and went inside jess was sitting in the living room all ready to go and she looked absolutely gorgeous she was wearing a short red dress and strappy heels hair and make up all done and all I could think was what have I done… Jess and Sarah left almost immediately and I felt a bit of relief.. I started to relax a bit I grabbed a beer from the fridge and went and sat in the living room I put the TV on an sat back on the sofa and I must of fallen asleep as I woke to the sound of the house phone ringing.. I looked at the time and it was 10.20pm I had been asleep for a couple of hours.. I got up and answered the phone and it was jess.. Hi babe are you busy she said.. No not really babe just watching TV I replied why what’s up.. Well she said we got into town and met up with sasha bahis siteleri canlı and Becky (who are jess’s mates) we started drinking shots aswell as are normal drinks and my mum was trying to keep up with us but I think she’s had more than enough now.. Would you do me a favour and come pick her up and take her home please.. I’m going to stay out with the girls for a while tho if that’s ok babe…After a slight pause all the guilt from what happend earlier between me and Sarah had come back and I said why don’t you just send her home in a taxi babe it will save me the drive into town.. Jess replied I would babe but she’s really drunk and will prob need a hand getting indoors…I really didn’t want to but knew if I was to say no then jess may think there’s something wrong and I couldn’t risk her finding out what happend.. So as much as I was wanting to refuse I couldn’t so I just said yea ok babe I’ll phone you when I’m near and you can bring her out to the car I’ll see you shortly.. Ok thank you babe she said I love you loads… Love you to babe I replied..15mins later I arrive in town outside the club and call jess to let her know I’m here… A couple mins pass and out comes jess and a very drunk Sarah.. Jess opens the door to let her mum in leans over and gives me kiss and said thanks babe I love you don’t wait up as I don’t no what time I’ll be back.. Ok babe that’s fine love you too I replied.. Have a good night..We pulled away from the club and almost instantly my mother inlaw began telling me how sorry she was that we done what we done.. And although she felt guilty and knew what we done was wrong she said it was the best sex she has had in long time and that she wished she was younger as I had made her feel so special.. I was shocked but also privileged that she felt like that but I didn’t want her to think that something was going to happen again so I just kept my cool and replied.. Ahh thanks Sarah but I think it’s the drink talking here let’s just get you home so you can sleep it off..By the time we arrived at my mother inlaw’s house she had fallen asleep so I gently nudged her and said Sarah we’re home.. She woke up and looked at me and said would you be a darling and help me inside please my feet are killing and I’ll need you to open the door as the state I’m in I doubt I’ll be able to unlock the door without falling over…I was hesitant but agreed I’d help her in and that’s it but then I’ll be going straight home.. Ok she said as she was getting out the car…We walked up to the door and Sarah handed me the keys.. I opened the door and Sarah walked on in and said thanks for bringing me home Matt would you be a darling and just make me a quick drink of water as I really need to go to the loo she said as she was climbing the stairs..Yes ok Sarah I replied I’ll leave it on the kitchen side for ya and I’ll lock the door and post the key through for you on my way out.. I went into the kitchen and poured her canlı bahis a glass of water put it in the side then made my way to the front door.. As I reached the door I her my mother inlaw call out to me asking where her water was.. So I shouted up the stairs n said its on the kitchen side Sarah I did say that as you were going up to the loo.. Sorry Matt she shouted back down I didn’t hear you say that Hun could you bring it up to me quick I don’t think I can manage going up and down the stairs again my feet are in agony…I really didn’t want to enter her bedroom after are rendezvous earlier that day but I didn’t have a lot of choice so I grabbed the glass of water and went up the stairs.. As I was approaching her bedroom door my heart was beginning to race I was thinking about the last time I opened that door and what was waiting for me when I did lol.. I got to her door which was slightly ajar so I gave It a tap n said here’s your water Sarah…she quietly replied bring it in and put it on my bedside table would you please..So I pushed the door open and my mother inlaw was in bed wrapped in her duvet with her eyes shut so I quietly walked over and placed the water on the bedside table.. As I did so I heard Sarah say to me Matt you did enjoy today didn’t you Hun… I didn’t want to look at her so just replied yea of coarse but it shouldn’t of happened.. I no it shouldn’t of said Sarah but it did didn’t it.. Was It because I was dressed in leather that you couldn’t resist the temptation to fuck your girlfriends mum… I didn’t no what to say to that but I guessed it was the drink talking so I just said the leather looked incredible on you yes and no man would of said no to seeing someone as attractive as you wearing something like that… I couldn’t believe I’d just said that what was I thinking….I started to walk towards the bedroom door when Sarah said if you liked the catsuit then your like what I’m wearing now…..As much I was telling myself not to turn around my mind couldn’t resist seeing if she was bluffing due to drink or she was actually being serious so I paused for min before biting the bullet and turning around and what I saw was absolutely incredable.My mother in law was now up and stood at the foot of the bed dressed in a short and fucking sexy leather dress a gorgeous pair of thigh length leather boots with a pointy toe and a pair of long leather gloves.. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and all those thoughts of guilt had gone out the window and had now turned to horny thoughts and my dick was bulging out my jeans.. I was amazed and again speechless my heart was beating like a drum I could of cum there and then at the sight what was in front of me….Well said Sarah do u like it or what big boy….. Umm umm like it I fucking love it Sarah you are really one hell of a sexy lady but this shouldn’t be happening..Well Hun I’m afraid it is she said now are you going to leave or get your ass over here and fuck bahis siteleri your mother inlaw hard… You can guess what my decision was.. I undone my jeans and let them drop to the floor before pushing my gorgeous mother inlaw down onto the bed…. open your legs I said as I was pulling my shirt over my head I dived onto the bed and began to kiss Sarah from the neck down to the thighs and back again.. Her body began to arch and she was moaning with pleasure… Get down there and eat my pussy she was saying over and over again.. I then made my way down a buried my head into her soaking wet pussy licking up and down her slit and slapping her ass at the same time.. Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. She was screaming lick pussy son lick ya mummas pussy you dirty boy… Her talking dirty was making me more and more horny and I spun my body around so we were in the 69 position.. Suck on that you filthy slut take the lot in your mouth.. She gripped hold of my throbbing cock and stuck it straight in her mouth sucking it up and down and cradling my nut sack she was sucking so hard and so fast that she began to gag and choke… Wow I was thinking my mother inlaw can suck a cock like a pro… After licking and sucking each other for what felt like an eternity Sarah took my cock from her mouth and screamed I want you to fuck me now son… I want you to fuck your mummy like the slut I am… I stood up and pulled my mother inlaw towards the edge of the bed so I could get a clear view of her leather clad body and sexy boots.. I didn’t waste ant time and stuck my rock hard cock into her soaking pussy… I began pounding her hard and fast whilst staring at her gorgeous body wrapped in that leather dress nothing was stopping me now… I grabbed the heels of her leather boots and place both boots over my shoulders this gave me the the perfect position to really give my mother inlaw’s pussy a proper drilling… I was pumping her pussy pulling back so cock was almost out then slamming it straight back in.. By this time Sarah was in ecstasy screaming out loud… Oh.. Oh.. That’s it.. Fuck me hard.. Tell mommy she’s a slut son.. Your a dirty slut mum fucking your daughters bf I said.. That’s it mum take my cock deep.. Oh yea son she was screaming… Mummy’s a dirty slut… Dressing in leather to fuck her son inlaw… Go on keep fucking me hard… I knew I was near cumming so I made the last few pumps count before exploding and shooting my hot sticky load deep inside my mother inlaw for the 2nd time in 1 day… I then collapsed on the bed led next to Sarah and she was like jelly.. She was still panting hard and said she must of cum at least 3 times and said we should make this a regular thing…As much as I adored fucking my mother inlaw especially when she was dressed like a slut I knew deep down that it had to stop as I loved jess more than anyone I’ve ever loved before I just needed to get jess to wear things like this in the bedroom then all my problems would be sorted… The end…Keep your eyes open for my next story about how jess became a leather lover and how 1 night I ended up being the one wearing her leather which in turn started my secret crossdressing fetish… Thanks guys hope you enjoyed my story xx