My libertine holiday in Bali. Part Two

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My libertine holiday in Bali. Part TwoDay 4We showered and prepared to meet our Guide / Driver who was to take us on to our next destination as well as the tour of the island. Dave was delighted when I chose my lightweight khaki summer dress merely fastened by five buttons and a waist strap, which would give me some latitude to tease should the opportunity arise.The time of departure arrived and we were delighted to see a lovely C280 pull up outside and hoped it was ours. The driver seemed about late thirties and well presented in white slacks and blue shirt with the company logo. He introduced himself as Kadec, checked our documents and put our luggage in the boot.It was quite a relief to get into the air-conditioned car, once we hit the main road out of our resort, Kadec explained that we would visit two temples, have some lunch, then on to our hotel in Ubud. Kadec was born in Bali and proud of its heritage and filled us in with all manner of detail about the island.The car slowed as Kadec pointed out some exotic fruit trees along the roadside asking if we would like break. He picked one of the fruit and showed us how to peel it before offering us a taste the delectable fruit. Dave said he wanted a photo of me picking the fruit off the tree, so I posed reaching for the fruit. As we got back to the car, Dave whispered that he took quite a sexy shot and when asked to elaborate he confided that, as I reached up the gaps between the buttons gapped and showed quite a lot of my cleavage. At the time, that was not my intention but his words gave me a bit of a tingle at the thought that Kadec may have seen part of my braless mounds.Anyway, we arrived at our next stop about half an hour into our journey, a Hindu temple that was unfortunately quite a bit of a walk up a steep hill.Grabbing our camera, we followed Kadec up the path. The humidity was almost unbearable and Dave and I were sweating profusely as we reached the top. We spent some time listening to our guide before looking around and taking the obligatory photos before it was time to leave. On the pathway back down, was a small shack selling soft drinks, so picked up a couple of cokes then sat on a boulder just off the path and told Kadec we’d follow him down.By this time my dress was sticking to me and my panties were absolutely sodden in an uncomfortable way, so to Dave’s delight I just reached up and slipped them off intimating that I would not wearing them anymore.Back at the car, the a/c was already running as we got in, which soon revived our comfort. It was not long after that that Dave’s hand started wandering along my thigh.Shortly after we arrived at our next Temple, which was thankfully just off the road, Kadec went through all the usual historic patter before leaving us time to look around and went back to the Merc.Dave got me to pose around the place, mostly at angle where he could focus on the gaps between my buttons. Even at one time persuading me to undo the top one to expose more flesh for some sexier shots before we finally headed back to the car.Kadec informed us that the restaurant he had booked for us was not too far away and had panoramic views over the countryside. Twenty minutes or so later, we pulled up a long driveway and Kadec ushered us on to a receptionist who took us to our allocated table shaded by a large umbrella.I needed to freshen up and so went to the restrooms. While reapplying my makeup at the mirror, I turned sideways to see what Dave had been all worked up about, and was quite keen to see how much of my boob was actually visible. Positioning myself this way and that, not a lot was visible but when I stretched up my arm, as for the posed photo, the dress gapped quite a lot.Feeling a bit daring, I flicked open the button across the lower part of my boobs, so from a sideways angle a clear view of my lower curves showed. Then, on stepping back, I could also see that it gapped a little at pubic level as well which stirred me quite a bit and so decided not to redo the button and give my husband a bit of a thrill.The fresh mountain breeze was just perfect as I sauntered along the terrace to our table to where the waiter had already delivered some chilled fruit juices. Dave was overjoyed at my decision to reveal some flesh and to maximise my exposure, offered me the seat, which was at right angles to him, as well as being the direction the waiter would approach. Unfortunately, the waiters’ pompous manner prevented any banter with us and only served to leave us both in hysterics.After a very giggly lunch, I asked Kadec if he would take some photos and feeling a bit naughty posed turned slightly with my arm around Dave’s shoulder, knowing my dress would gape to his view and most of the cleavage of my left boob would show. Not outwardly showing any emotion, I noticed him discreetly adjust himself, which encouraged me somewhat.On arrival at our hotel Kadec took our luggage through to reception where we booked in and were introduced to our Room Boy, Kim. A smooth skinned youngster in his early twenties, who took us to our room and who would be responsible for our needs.We followed him through the jungle-like gardens to our secluded bungalow complete with a sun deck and spring-water plunge pool, after placing our suitcase on the rack he settled at his station at the end of our deck.Entering through the floor to ceiling glass door, we were amazed how large the room was. A massive centrally located bed as well as a suspended pod cane chair overlooking the decking.Stepping out of my sundress and putting on the kimono provided, we unpacked our suitcase. With devious thoughts in mind I decided to asked Kim to get the sundress laundered so that it would be fresh for the following day, and on the way back bring us a couple of gin and tonics.While he was away, we stripped, hit the plunge pool and chatted about the day’s events. Dave commented on how arousing it was for him during our lunch break and wondered if Kadec had noticed the gap between my buttons. I knew for sure he had and guessed he would be receptive to some voyeuristic opportunities.Kim returned with our drinks placed them conveniently at the side of the pool, only to reveal his inquisitive nature as he peered into the clear water before returning to his chores, brushing around the deck and picking up the odd fallen leaves.Ready to step out, Dave passed over the kimonos, which we wore until we dressed for dinner. The restaurant overlooked the floodlit jungle garden, and the atmosphere was so romantic. We chatted about our day, but mostly at the back of my mind was my mischievous plan for the following day.Returning along the path to our room we were surprised güvenilir bahis to see that Kim was still in attendance, the room was illuminated with several mosquito candles and Kim proudly slid open the glass door to show us that he had showered our bed with fragrant red petals. Then before leaving, drew the mosquito net curtains to float in the doorway.My husband took me in his arms, kissed me passionately and before long, we were writhing naked on our enormous bed. As I kneeled on top of him in my favourite position, I was sure I could see movement on the deck outside through the dresser mirror. The thought that we were being spied on only served to arouse me further as Dave’s hot cock pulsed deep inside me. Deciding to take advantage of the situation I played to my voyeur, moaning louder, cupping my soft breasts and squeezing my nipples, until I felt the familiar final thrusts, as Dave shot deep inside me. I lasted a couple more strokes then shuddered through a long and powerful orgasm as well.As his hardness subdued I moved to sit on the suspended chair and facing towards the bed proceeded to watch my husband’s delight as I masturbated for him. Leaning over to the bedside table, he reached for his camera and clicked away knowing how much we enjoyed posting the best results online.While he clicked away, I began to casually swivel the chair around to face my voyeur, my eyes almost closed not to alert him. As the camera flash illuminated my nakedness, I slid a finger slowly along my pussy lips, up and down, moaning softly, dipping my finger into my cum filled pussy, licked the tips of each index finger before cupping my tits again, and lifted them in his direction, pinching my nipples with the wet digits.As you may have read in our other stories, there have been many times in the past where I have allowed myself to be seen. Initially it was at my husband’s request, but now the excitement of knowing that someone will take pleasure in seeing me orgasm sends me wild in a weird sort of way.Mere moments away from another release, my body went into overdrive, my fingers vigorously caressed and exposed my virtually hairless pussy, my rhythm was calculated and stirring. My fingers opened and explored, in and around the soft sensitive folds, until the excitement of my actions sent me shuddering to another orgasm as my eyes opened to focus on the silhouette outside.Day 5The following morning we woke to a knock, announcing the arrival of our breakfast.Dave slipped on a pair of shorts to open the door while I just pulled a sheet over myself. Kim entered placing our tray at the window and Dave served our breakfast in bed. Having a lazy morning, I asked Dave to ring for my dress, which Kim returned with a little later.I was sitting in front of the dresser with my kimono untied when he made his presence known. He saw me, then froze as he saw my reflection, but relaxed as I smiled and asked him to hang the dress in the wardrobe. Feeling the urge for a little excitement, I leaned forward a little, willing my breasts to swing free of the robe for his titillation for a moment as he left.It was was my most fertile time of the month and my mood continued to be especially horny and daring. Unknown to Dave and using a pair of nail scissors, I enthusiastically snipped the button holes for the first and second buttons both vertically and horizontally inviting them to pop open any time. The thought they would accidentally slip loose almost to my navel really excited me.Before long, it was 1.00pm time to meet Kadec for the excursion into the island.As soon as I bent to enter the car the gravity of my breast caused a button to pop which I pretended not to notice but wondered how long it would take Dave to tell me. As we drove off, I noticed Kadec casually adjust his mirror, and was excited at the thought that he was keen to see my breasts.Our first stop was at a large Buddha monument carved into the hillside overlooking a nearby village. Kadec smartly moved round to my side to open my door, I liked to think that he was hoping for a further glimpse inside my dress, and who was I to disappoint him. As I alighted, I lingered a little, and feigned embarrassment when I realised my button had popped and re-buttoned it. Kadec’s interest in us seemed to intensify and he stayed close, obviously receptive to my mischievousness.A quick tour of the monument and it was time again for some obligatory photos and Dave invited Kadec to stand next to me. As we shuffled around the inevitable happened and my top button popped to reveal a fair amount of cleavage. As it wasn’t really a religious temple I felt comfortable enough as I posed to make the photos a bit more risque. Kadec grinned at the camera unaware of my exposure while my darling husband clicked away. When he finally noticed, Kadec eyes almost popped out. We laughed and kept the situation very friendly as I again pretended to be embarrassed.Decision time, I mused, shall I leave my top button loose and go for a repeat performance, I knew Dave would love me to and Kadec was showing interest, I was aroused at the thought, so left the top one loose.Travelling through the countryside my arousing thoughts began to get the better of my common sense and wondered how much of my pubic region was showing through the gaping fabric then almost subconsciously slipped the lowest button.As drew closer to the next stop, Kadec started reciting the history of the rarely visited pagan temple, it origins were unknown but much superstition and folklore surrounding it were passed down through the generations.There were only a couple of cars parked in the makeshift car park, where the Merc glided to a stop. I slid out on the kerb side behind Dave and again on bending forward the weight of my breasts popped the next button. Further flutters of arousal excited me now that my dress was unbuttoned to my waist. I could tell Dave was delighted and keen to see how Kadec would react to my deliberate exposure. Kadec noticed my accident immediately and I muttered profanely that it just keeps coming loose and hoped he wouldn’t be embarrassed.Kadec pointed up through the trees to the ruin asking whether we wanted to go up as it was a bit of a walk. Dave, who I know had seen enough temples for a lifetime, developed a sudden keen interest in the walk up. Kadec, who led the way kept talking and turning around to check out my deliberate exposure.We reached a narrow clearing where Kadec pointed out an ancient Kepuh Tree where, it was said, witches would gather to prepare their rituals. It was also apparently, local tradition for pilgrims to place something of value for good luck on its branches before visiting türkçe bahis the temple. Then pointing to a nearby rickety ladder I instantly knew what his motive was.It was an invitation I cockily accepted. Excited by the possibility, that in a few moments, I would have the power to expose the secrets of my femininity to him should I so wish. Dave suggested I should follow tradition and dug out some coins for me to place on the tree. Encouraged to do so, I feigned concern at the strength of the old ladder. Kadec hurriedly shook the ladder to confirm its sturdiness and held it solid before inviting me to climb. Carefully, one step at a time I ascended, anxiously shaking with the shameless exposure I was about to perform.Dave stood much further back to enjoy my performance and pulled out the camera. As I reached the third step, I was really on by my perverse audacity. I knew that my crotch was at his eye level and he had placed himself well for the gap in my dress, so stopped for a moment pretending to be a little nervous and telling him to make sure he was holding it safely. The thrilling preparations of an orgasm was welling deep inside me as I took two more tentative steps, his eyes now at hem level, then finally, the sixth and final rung. I knew that Kadec was directly below me and gave him ample opportunity to view up my skirt , but dared not look down to see if he was looking.Wanting to prolong my excitement and desperate to see his reactions I accidently dropped a coin next to him. Reaching to retrieve it, my eyes fixed solidly on his for a moment, and then I stretched to place it on the bough for good luck.Climbing down I felt a serious pang of guilt wondering if I had overstepped the mark, but such thoughts were soon overtaken when I saw him trying to discreetly adjust himself.As we continued along the path, the temperature both inside and out made me hotter and hornier than ever so I allowed my exposed breasts to jostle without mercy for Dave’s arousal and Kadec’s curiosity,At the temple, as Kadec recited its history struggling not to stare, my mind focused on far more interesting pleasures until I heard the word “consummate”, and so after a little provocative coaxing I got Kadec to elaborate. He pointed to a large flat stone at the front of the temple and told us that according to folklore, the slab was a pagan alter used to consummate marriages. Pushing him to elaborate further he continued by saying that after the husband had ejaculated, the village elders would spurt their own semen over the bride’s abdomen to increase the couple’s fertility. I sat listening to his flustered spiel with my legs dangling over the edge of the stone slab. A fleeting thought of me getting fucked, then surrounded by older men eager to cum over me flashed through my brain as I imagined how erotic that would have been.I snapped out of the trance when Kadec, who by now, was getting more absorbed with my exposure, offered to take some photos of us. My husband stood next to me with his arm around my waist and gently tugged the top of my dress presenting quite a lot of cleavage to our eager photographer. Then moved away, wanting some set me up for some quite racy poses. My excitement was aroused further when Kadec fished out his mobile phone and asked if he could have some to remember us. Knowing what he probably wanted them for, how could I refuse?Feeling incredibly aroused by his request, I thought of the virgin bride getting fucked on the altar with the village elders standing around. Their hard cocks in hand, waiting for the glorious moment when they would spew their seed over the orgasmic bride. My thoughts turned to Kadec’s feelings, his burgeoning erection now clearly discernible. Would he want to spurt his semen over my belly I wondered?Encouraged by Kadec’s unashamed enthusiasm I daringly decided to give him a couple of come-and-get-me poses to savour. Sitting on the slab and feeling very sexy, I held his gaze and seductively parted my legs encouraging the lower buttons to pop open to allow an unobstructed view of my pussy. Watching Kadec and my husband enjoy my provocative poses had my tummy tumbling with excitement and my body was shaking with excitement as the devil in me continued this wanton exhibition. The mood was broken all too soon when we saw a group dressed in religious garbs approach, whereon Kadec swiftly changed back to his professional mode leaving me to discreetly button up. At this point, my brain was swimming with possibilities that would probably have got me arrested. The downhill trek to the car soon caused my top buttons to pop loose again leaving me unbearably turned on, by the time Kadec opened my door I just lingered long enough for him to get another look inside my dress at my swollen nipples. Dave slid in behind me and Kadec calmly pulled away for the journey back to the hotel. I was simply over stimulated and needed some attention. My loving husband instinctively knew my needs and urged me to touch myself. I sank back in the seat, closed my eyes on the edge of orgasm and dared to fleetingly touch the sticky wetness oozing between my legs as I relived the moment when I had posed for Kadec’s mobile phone. Visions of Kadec masturbating while looking at these images later raced through my mind. If I was ever to cum without actual hard physical contact, this was as close as it would get but knew my pent up arousal would be a bonus later.Returning to the hotel later than anticipated, left us little time to freshen up, Kim was sat at his station and promptly jumped to greet us. I had a quick shower and slipped on my kimono. Dave said he fancied an aperitif and asked Kim to fetch us a couple of martinis.By the time Kim returned and made his presence known, Dave was in the shower.Turning to meet him, and aware the kimono’s belt was slightly loose, I instinctively reached to tighten it, but on the spur of the moment, thought it would be quite sexy to give Kim a peek and so proceeded to the entrance, towelling my hair, knowing the movement would eventually cause it to fall open. Kim immediately took in my nakedness then avoiding eye contact, looked straight at the floor as I took the drinks leaving me thinking feeling guilty that I had probably embarrassed him.Running late, and wanting to feel as feminine as possible I threw on my red satin dress with a scoop neck, which at first glance would look quite demure enough, but knew that the imprint of my nipples would show clearly when aroused.All through dinner, Dave kept stimulating my emotions, recalling the day’s events, wondering what Kadec and Kim were thinking and possibly doing. Personally for me it was the vain urge to show myself güvenilir bahis siteleri off and to arouse Dave. For Dave, he gets really turned on just watching me getting voyeured, so it’s quite a mutual thing which always ends us having the most amazing sex. The mood was well set as we made our way back to our bungalow stopping at frequent intervals to kiss and caress each other’s bodies.Kim was idling at his station as we arrived, then promptly continued his well-rehearsed preparations for our bedtime. As soon as he left, we were again in each other’s arms as my husband’s hands began to rise up inside the hem of my skirt. Our extreme arousals reached new levels as he verbally related what could have happened had we not been interrupted. I was breathless as he teased me on how far I could have gone with Kadec around, how much he knew I would have enjoyed being the bride, exposed in front of the old men of the village, then feeling of torrents of hot sperm landing on my belly and how much they probably looked forward to the ceremony.Our bodies moved together, the air reeked of raw sex inflamed by the intensity of the events over the last few days, emotions of love, the deep desires and passions, arousals and anticipations, and above all, the willingness to give each other the stimulus and fulfilment we both craved.Telling me how much he loved me, Dave continued his long slow thrusts, before withdrawing to slide down my torso and suck and nibble on my sensitive nipples.Then offering his hardness to my mouth so that I could fully appreciate the arousal I had generated. I confirmed how much my exposures had thrilled us beyond belief.He moved and set me out spread eagled on the bed telling me that this was probably the way the virgin brides were arranged for the ceremony, reiterating how exposed the virgin brides had felt as their husbands penetrated them for the first time, and how much he knew I would have enjoyed it.As I turned to take him in my mouth, my heart flipped as I saw the form again peering thought the light mesh. The fact I had a voyeur again almost sent me over the edge but this time I was determined to take advantage and see what could develop.Kissing his hard length, I mumbled that our voyeur had returned, making him push me away for fear of coming on the spot. He wished me to extend my exhibitionistic performance and moved away to fetch some water giving me some latitude to tease my voyeur. My eyes closed, I let my hand drop between my thighs, slipping my finger into my throbbing wetness. My finger coated with my slippery secretions. I drew it to my mouth, and gently sucking on it for my admirer.I contrived to move to the edge of the bed facing the door presenting my complete nakedness for his admiration, and then slowly lifted my head with an authoritative look, summoned in my voyeur.My suspicions were confirmed, when Kim nervously opened the curtain and stepped into the room. Obviously worried about being reported, he begged me not to tell anyone. On seeing evidence of his arousal, I was quite flattered and told him everything was ok and that I didn’t mind him peeping.Confronting him about the previous night, I asked him if he had masturbated to which he admitted. I couldn’t believe what I had just asked our room boy, but erotic thoughts were again swimming in my head causing further excitement inside me.Kim swung an inquiring look to Dave who was standing at the bathroom doors, who intimated that if I wanted to encourage Kim it would be OK with him.I reached down to unfasten his pants and free his solid erection. His shorts were sticky and his penis oozed a thread of pre-cum as I began to stroke his shaft up and down, slowly.”I just want to see you how you do it yourself,” I teased and layback on the bed as his reluctant hand took over the rhythms.Dave kneeled on the floor at the edge of the bed and drew me towards him burying his face between my legs. His experienced tongue sought out, and pleasured the folds of my slippery pussy, eventually lifting his body, for his engorged manhood to slide deep inside me.Our eyes locked on each other and we both concentrated on each other sensations. My mouth opened slightly and my breathing quickened. With each breath, my excitement grew as the evening’s unexpected scenario intensified my lustful desires.Now breathless with excitement, my thoughts flashed again over to the stone alter. My eyes moved to the anxious young stud and motioned him to kneel on the bed beside me, encouraging him to rub the tip of his shiny cock against my sensitive nipples, imagining myself as the virgin bride as Kim’s slippery helmet nudged against my breast.Telling Dave I wanted act out the fantasy, he withdrew and kneeled opposite Kim. I watched their rhythm increase, urging them to spout their hot cum all over me. Almost immediately, Dave clenched his buttocks letting loose a torrent of pearl white sperm over my tits and neck. Trailing my fingers tips through the hot semen, I lowered my right hand to massage my pussy whilst drawing Kim’s cock closer to my face.Sensing my usual craving, Dave again positioned himself between my legs, his tongue crazy to fulfil my desires. Kim tensed and thrust his cock forward as unbelievable wads of cum spewed out into my face, some in my hair.Giving Dave the visual of my cum covered face, he was recharged and moved to enter me. His throbbing hardness continued to send further waves of energy through my body as I caressed my breasts and tummy with their slippery sperm. Now it was time. Time at last to succumb to the desires that had built up inside me. I needed to cum, and wanted Kim and Dave to see me do it.As I started to rub my clit, I felt sensations so powerful that I lost all control; my whole body surrendering to one the longest releases of energy ever. Especially watching this young stud mercilessly pumping his cock, provoking more streams of his hot semen to spurt over my breastsI was in heaven, when I felt every muscle tightened and strain in Dave’s body as he came.When our moaning finally ceased, our bodies were entangled and exhausted with spent energies. Dave’s his cock slipped easily out of my overflowing pussy. Our juices dripping from our coupling, as he withdrew and kissed me hard again, having cum so explosively.We pull apart slightly and check on Kim who was obviously unsure what to do or say, before pulling away completely.Dave grinned, “I think we’ll all need some time alone to shower now.”As Kim turned to leave, I winked to reassure him that everything was ok and retired to the shower.I could feel Dave’s cum on my leg as I turned on the tap, releasing the cascade over the sticky residue on my face and chest. My thoughts returned to the hot, erotic events of the past few days, and just could not resist the urge to invite my loving husband to join me and extend one of the most satisfying erotic encounters of my life.