My Last Trip Home

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Tammy loved sex but after two failed marriages and two children she didn’t think she could do it again. Her first husband had a large cock, her second was a little smaller but was a better lover. After that marriage failed she went into a state of depression. Sex for her was an aphrodisiac, a chemical that feed upon itself. The more she got the more she wanted, the more she wanted the more she needed. No, she wasn’t a nymph, she didn’t want to have sex with any man. She had to be in love with him but she did love sex and she was good at it. She kept herself in great shape. She had a small waist, narrow hips and beautiful tits that screamed “come and get me”. And, she loved anal sex. She only could get off when she was having anal. Getting fucked in her pussy was good but that was always a warm up for anal. At the right time, in the right mood and a man she cared about she would cum 7, 8 or 9 times but always with anal.

But what was she going to do now. Alone, her children grown, another failed marriage, how was she to satisfy herself. Masturbation was good and she did it often but it was not enough. Tammy needed a man, a man that would do as she wanted, which was sometimes demanding, but be there whenever she needed him, morning, noon or night. Tammy decided she needed to find that man. The man that could keep up with her, the man that could be with her 24/7, the man that could keep her satisfied. This is the story of Tammy’s quest, her journey to find that special man that could not only support her but could satisfy her. The story of my ex-wife.

“How could this happen to me again. I was so much in love, I though I would be with him forever.”

Beth: “Tammy, don’t worry. Everything will be OK. It will take some time but everything will work out.”

“I know your right but I just don’t understand what went wrong. Why did he do this to me?”

Beth: “Sweetie, I don’t know but are you sure he did anything. After all you got pretty angry when he didn’t quite his job. He was a good provider.”

“Yes, I know but I needed him with me. I needed to feel him next to me every night. I needed to feel him in me every night, I needed him to hold me, eat my pussy, and fuck me. I needed him to stick his cock up my ass, I need to cum every night, I can’t help it. I need sex!!!!!”

Beth: “Tammy! I’ve never heard you talk like this before. I never knew you felt like this before. You never told me anything about your sex life. Honey, are you OK?”

“Yea, I’m OK. I’ll be all right. Just as soon as I can find a man that can make me cum like he did again. Just as soon as I can have another night that I can have 10 orgasms in one night and get horny by the next afternoon. Yea, I’m OK……Just as soon as I find a man with a cock as big as Mike’s and the sexual knowledge of him.”

Beth: “Is there anything I can do?”

“Yea, but no….I don’t know….I just need something big and hard….”

Beth: “OK sweetie, OK. Why don’t we fix a couple of stiff drinks and relax on the couch. I’m sure we can figure something out. Besides, you’re not the only one needing something big and hard. I haven’t had anything for over a month. Jake doesn’t seem to be interested anymore and I have tried everything I can think of.”

“I’m sorry Beth, here I am only talking about me and you are suffering as much as I am. OK, a couple of stiff drinks, a dip in the hot tub and we will feel much better.”

Beth: “Great, I will fix a Picher of drinks if you make sure the hot tub is ready. Oh, by the way, I didn’t bring a swimsuit. Do you have one I can borrow.”?

“I’m sure I do, I’m a 38D, will that work for you?”

Beth: “I don’t know sweetie, in the last few years I seemed to have gained weight. Not güvenilir bahis that I mind but my breast have grown to a 40DD. Your 38’s may not be enough. It’s strange though, I haven’t actually gained weight, and as a matter of fact I have lost 8 pounds. I have only gained weight in my tits. I like it but I don’t understand it.”

“Well, if my size 38 isn’t big enough I guess we will just have to do without suits. Get the drinks ready and I will make sure the hot tub is ready.”

As Beth makes a large pitcher of strong alcoholic drinks Tammy uncovers the hot tub and checks the temperature. It’s just right, 108 degrees.

Beth: “Ready, here try this. I made it especially for you.”

“That’s good…it doesn’t taste like a drink at all. It tastes more like punch.”

Beth: “That’s good…. It is supposed to taste like punch.”

After 20 minutes and several drinks later the two women have stopped asking about the past and started laughing and talking about future conquest.

“Yep, that’s what I am going to do. Find a man with a big dick that can go all night long. I just need a big cock up my ass and a shit load of orgasms.”

Beth: “Sounds good to me, I think I would like the same thing. I’ve never tried anal but I’m game. I’ve gotten so horny in this hot tube that I’m ready for anything.”

“I don’t know about you but I need to get out of this hot tub. This drink is going to my head because I just though I heard that you wanted to have anal sex.”

Beth: “You heard right. I want to fucked…I need to be fucked…and if it is in the ass I’m ready.”

“OK, if you want it in the ass then I will show you how it feels.”

Beth: “Lets go…if I get hornier than I am now I’m going to fuck the first person that I see.”

Both women exit the hot tub and go inside, drink in hand. Once in the house the women sit back on the couch and begin to admire each other’s form.

Beth: “Tammy, I’ve seen you every week for the past two years but I never knew you had such a great body. I mean, another woman does not turn me on but you look great! Look at you, your tummy is flat and those breasts, I’ve never seen nipples that get erect like that. I’m amazed!”

“Me, you’ve got to be kidding. Your ass is tight and your tits. I can’t get over how big they are. Can I touch them? Except for my daughter’s and mine I’ve never felt another woman’s breast before. Yours are huge and beautiful. I wish mine looked that good.”

Beth: “First of all, yes, you may touch them but only if I can feel yours too. Shit, I think I’m getting wet just looking at your tits.”

“Me too, here why don’t you lie down and let me see what they feel like…Yea, they feel better than they look. Big, soft and I love the way they feel in my hands. Your nipples are huge…. damn Beth, I just have to lick them…. I promise I won’t do anything else but I have got to see what they taste like.”

Beth: “Go ahead Tammy, lick my nipples but be careful. Usually when someone licks them I get so turned on I have to fuck something.”

“That’s OK Beth, if you need to fuck something I have a whole nightstand full of dildos you can try. I use at least one every night myself. Now lay back and relax while I discover the pleasure of nipple sucking.”

Beth: “Oh shit Tammy, are you sure you haven’t done this before? You’re good, better than my husband. He just grabs and growls. Damn, your tongue is good…. you’re pushing me over the edge. My pussy is getting wet and I need to fuck something…NOW!!!!”

“Beth, Oh Beth, your tits are great but your finger in my pussy is driving me wild. I’ve got to get something to help satisfy me…. something big…. very big and very hard. Let’s go to my bedroom…. türkçe bahis hurry…I need something deeper inside me.”

So in the bedroom they went. Little did they know that Tammy’s soon to be ex-husband stopped by to drop off the final papers for her to sign. Hearing someone’s voice inside that he didn’t recognize he decided to look around back before knocking. Seeing no one there he entered through the back door by the hot tub. He knew he could get into trouble if he entered without knocking but still having deep feelings for his soon to be ex he thought he would risk it and hoped she would understand. Besides, if she was fucking someone else he had rather know now and move on before being hurt again. As he entered the house he got a glimpse of a bear ass as it turned the corner heading to the master bedroom. He knew it wasn’t Tammy’s, he knew that ass too well. What in the hell was going on? Why was a naked woman heading toward the bedroom in the middle of the afternoon? As he moved toward the bedroom he heard voices.

“Fuck, I need to get laid. I need a big fat cock inside me and someone to lick my pussy. I need to be fucked so bad.”

Beth: “I know how you feel. You have gotten me so horny that I would fuck your ex-husband if he walked through that door right now and make you watch.”

“That would be alright with me. That bastard, all he had to do was fuck me every night and he would still be here. If that SOB was here right now I would fuck his brains out then watch you fuck his brains out too. Damn I miss his cock…..”

Beth: “Enough of that, where are those dildos you told me about? I need to use one and quick…….Good, yes….that’s a good one….yea….I could fuck this one all night……Yea, that feels good….Tammy.”


Beth: “Suck my tits again, that felt sooooo good. I just love having your sweet lips on my nipples…..Yea…..that’s it…..suck them good…..Oh…damn that feels good….suck it……suck it good……Oh yea…I love the feel of your mouth on my tits while I shove this big cock in my pussy. Why did we wait so long to do this together? Yes…yes….suck it…suck it while I fuck myself….”

“Oh yea….I just love sucking on your big fucking tits…better than I ever dreamed. These things are making me so fucking horny. I think I am going to have to fuck myself….I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to grab my favorite dildo and lay next to you so I can get off……….Yea…..that’s what I need….a big fat cock up me……”

Beth: “Tammy, oh shit….I’m going to cum soon…..I need something to hold on to…I need a body to grab…..Oh shit…..let me suck your big tits…..I’m going to cum…..Oh yes….I’m cumming……shove your tits in my face so I can suck them while I cum…..yes…yes………yes…….grab that cock in me ……I need to hold your tits… I want to suck your tits while I cummming………..fuck yes….Oh fuck me with that cock….make me cum……yes……Tammy…your tits are milking…..your fucking tits are milking……Oh shit….I’m cumming……..I’m cummmmmminnnnngggggg……”

Tammy grabbed the man made cock in Beth’s pussy and shoved it in deep as she pulled and sucked on Tammy’s 38D tits. Just as Tammy knew they would her tits started to milk as they always did when she got turned on. The more turned on she was the more milk she produced and Tammy was very turned on.

“Oh shit Beth that felt great. I didn’t know you liked to suck tits. Your pussy is so wet your cream is running down the cock and my hand. I don’t know about you but I need to cum now…..I really need to cum…..Keep sucking my fucking tits while I take this cock out of your sweet pussy and shove it up my ass….”

Beth: “Yea….Tammy….take güvenilir bahis siteleri that cocks covered with my juice and shoves it up your sweet asshole. Let me suck your tits……damn….I love that milk…..Shit what I wouldn’t do for a big cock right now….”

“Damn right….I need to cum and I’m ready to fuck any one or anything that shows up right now. Oh yea….suck my tits……yes…..I need to stick this cock up my ass…..yea…..that feels good …..your mouth on my tits and this big fucking prick up my ass…….Oh shit ……I’m cummmming already…….fuck….I’m cummming……..”

Just about that time Tammy’s soon to be ex decides that he can’t take it anymore. This may get him arrested but it would be worth it just to have it cock up Tammy’s ass one more time. He quickly takes off his cloths and enters the master bedroom without being heard. He moves to the foot of the bed and watched as his wife attempts to shove a huge dildo up her ass while her best friend sucks on her tits. This is the moment of a lifetime as he climes up on the bed, moves between Tammy’s open legs and takes her hand that is holding the dildo in his. As he moves it away she trys to look over Beth’s head to see who has stopped her from fucking herself with her favorite toy but she can’t see. Suddenly she feels something familiar. Something that she has missed for a long time…..a hot…hard….cock. A cock with a man attached that not only doesn’t need batteries but can since what she needs when she needs it and give it to her as hard or easy without her having to say a word.

“Oh fuck…..yes…that’s what I need…..a real cock….a real hard fucking cock…..shove it in….yes…shove it in deep….fuck me……damn it fuck me…….”

Beth, not know what is going on keeps sucking Tammy’s titties while trying to play with her own pussy at the same time.

“Fuck yes……yes….stick that big fucking cock up my ass…..Yes I need it now…..Oh shit ….I’m cumming……”

As her ex shoved his cock up her ass Tammy couldn’t take any more and started to cum. He continued to pound in and out of Tammy’s upturned asshole until Beth finally realized they were not alone.

Beth: “Oh shit…..Oh shit…..When the fuck were you when I needed you. At least you’re here now…..Don’t stop….fuck her…..fuck the shit out of her…..fuck her ass….”

“Oh fuck…..I needed this….I need to be fucked hard……”

Beth: “Keep fucking it Tammy…..keep his big fucking prick in your ass.”

AL: “Beth, get over Tammy’s face so she can lick your pussy and I can suck your tits. Now…..I want to suck those big fucking tits of yours…..”

Beth: “Yes sir….what ever you say…Tammy….here….lick my pussy for me…AL wants to suck my tits….”

“I don’t care……just don’t let him stop fucking me……don’t let him take that big fucking cock out of my ass…….Oh shit ……I’m going to cum again……Agggggggg….”

As Beth got over the top of Tammy’s face and held her tits out for AL to suck Tammy started to lick and suck Beth’s cunt as both Tammy and Beth came together.

AL: “Oh fuck…..I’m going to cum in your ass…..shit ….your fucking ass is so tight….. yes…..yes…..make me cum up your fucking ass……YEA…….Fuck……”

Moments later it was over. Beth and Tammy lay side by side looking at AL without saying a word. Finally Tammy said: “What are you doing here to start with?”

AL: “I just came by to drop these papers off. I didn’t want you to get them in the mail. It seemed too impersonal.”

“Well, I guess that’s OK. Just leave them on the table and I will look them over later…..By the way….thanks for coming by. Maybe we can talk later.”

With that AL left the papers and walked out. Beth looked at Tammy, Tammy looked at Beth. Not a word was spoken but both understood. Tomorrow, drinks and the hot tub…sounds good to me!!!!!!!