My introduction to a new lifestyle Vll

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My introduction to a new lifestyle VllAfter a few minutes resting I got up to get something to drink. My butt hurt and it felt funny as I walked. I told Jerry about it. Go take a shower and don’t worry about it is all he said. It took some work to get the oil off me. Seemed everything I washed my butt, more oil came out of me. Drying off, Jerry came up from behind and hugged me. What do you think about what we did today, he asked. It felt good, I told him. But my butt hurts. If you like it we’ll do it a few more times before you go home, he said. It’ll stop hurting soon. It hurt for several minutes while we watched TV, then I forgot about it. While I was eating lunch Jerry stood behind me. As he rubbed my chest he said he wanted to suck my dick. As he played with my nipples he seen I enjoyed it.Finished eating I went to the living room. Jerry sat down and I stood in front of him. I leaned forward as he opened his mouth. Holding me by my butt cheeks he moved me back and forth. Reaching down, he pushed my legs apart. Holding my butt again he spread my cheeks as I fucked his mouth. I flinched when I felt him touching my butt hole. As Jerry rubbed it, I bent over on to his canlı bahis şirketleri back. He released my dick long enough to wet his fingers. Jerry pressed against my hole and it entered me easier than first. With his finger deep in me he rubbed my scrotum with his thumb. With his mouth full of my precum, he removed his fingers and put them in his mouth. Covered with saliva and precum he pushed one then two in me. It hurt, but I didn’t care. A warm wave came over me and my knees shook. Pushing his fingers deep in me I came. Keeping his fingers locked in place, me butt gripped his fingers each time my dick throbbed. Releasing my dick, he kept his fingers in place for a few minutes. It hurt some sitting for a few minutes, but not as bad as the first time. Jerry explained how my butt was stretching and getting use to it. After dinner I took my shower and went to bed. It seemed like only minutes as woke up with the shaking of the bed as Jerry slid behind me. I felt his dick pressing against my butt and was happy knowing I’m the cause of it. Putting his arm around me we went to sleep. The next morning he whispered, I’d really like to fuck you. My heart nearly canlı kaçak iddaa stopped. Will it hurt, I finally asked. Running his finger tips over my stomach he said, it might a little. Thinking how he’s done so many things to me that felt so good, it might be worth it. What do you want me to do, I asked him. Jerry smacked my butt and told me to turn over. Laying on my stomach Jerry crawled between my legs. Pulling my hips he sat me on my knees. I laid my head on the mattress as he spread my butt open. His tongue felt good as he worked it around my hole. He lapped circled and probed my butt for several minutes while playing with my dick. I felt something stiffer then his tongue push against me. I moaned softly as he moved his finger in me. Reaching over, he found the bottle of oil and removed his finger. Pushing the tip of the nozzle in me he filled my butt. Using his fingers, Jerry worked on stretching my butt hole. My legs were covered with precum as my dick leaked. Moving up behind me I felt something different touching me. As he moved it around I wondered how. It would feel. I inhaled deeply as I felt the head of his dick push in. It hurt as he left it canlı kaçak bahis in place for a couple of minutes. Moving a little more he stopped. Each time he pushed in me, he’d stop and let me get use to it. Soon Jerry laid across my back as he pressed his pelvis against me. I wanted to scream but kept quiet. Jerry whispered, you’re so tight you’re going to make me com quick. As he pulled his dick out of me the pressure in my guy reduced. Feeling just the head in me he moved forward slowly. As the pain reduced pleasure set in. Jerry picked up his pace and kept adding oil to his dick. Pulling his dick out of me he said to roll over. His dick shined in the sun light from the window. Taking my legs he pulled me to him. Between the oil and his dick moving in and out my butt hole felt numb. Raising my legs he guided his dick to my hole. It felt good as it moved in pushed me open. As he fucked me this time he didn’t hold bad. With my legs pushed over my head he drove in me. Strings of precum landed on my chest as I rocked back and forth. Jerry moaned loudly I’m cumming. My gut filled as his dick pumped his cum in me.Pushing my legs apart he held my dick. He stroked me as his dick continued to throb in me. As I came, I felt my hole squeezing his dick as I shot my cum over me. Jerry collapsed on top of me. My hole released its grip of his dick and I felt it slip out. We lay together for several minutes, then took a shower together.