My introduction to a new lifestyle V

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My introduction to a new lifestyle VWhile we were watching the game Jerry said he missed me. I told him I was trying to repeat what we did at his home, but it didn’t feel the same. Squeezing my leg he said, why don’t you ask if you can come over for a few days. I’d like that I exclaimed.When we made it to my house I asked mom if I could stay at Jerry’s house for a few days. After her and Jerry talked mom said I could. I hurried and packed a bag. When I came back from my room I heard Jerry telling mom he’d have me home Sunday night.Getting in the car Jerry unbuttoned his pants and put my hand on his crotch. Reaching in them I pulled his dick out. Don’t go to fast, he said. I didn’t want to cum yet. I moved my hand quickly until I felt his precum on my hand. Stopping, I asked if I could taste it. Rubbing my head Jerry said, remember what I told you the first night. I stuck my güvenilir bahis tongue out and licked my finger. What do you think, he asked. It’s nothing like I tasted before, I told him. Pulling me to him Jerry said, this is something new you can learn. I wondered what he mentioned as I licked the rest of my fingers. I continued to stroke his dick enough to keep him hard.Going into his house, I dropped my bag and took everything off. Jerry cupped my balls and said, it’s been real lonesome here without you. I grabbed a beer as Jerry went to his room to undress. His dick was semi hard when he came back. Sitting on the couch Jerry told me to come to him. He was sitting on the edge of the couch stroking his dick when I came in. You still want to taste my cum, he asked. My heart started beating quicker. What do you want me to do, I asked. He told me to get on my knees in front of türkçe bahis him. Kneeling, I looked up at him. Jerry put his hand on my head and pushed me down. I was an inch from it. Put your tongue on the tip, he said. As I licked the piss slit, Jerry pressed his scrotum sending warm precum onto my tongue. I licked up and continued licking his dick. Open your mouth wide, he said. As I did he said to put the head in my mouth. I was a little nervous, but I enjoyed everything he’s done to me so far. Moving down, he said that’s it. Now close your lips around it. It took me a couple of trys before I did it without my teeth closing on his dick. Yes, he moaned. Now suck like you were drinking a milkshake. As I sucked I could taste his precum going in my mouth. He moved his hand up and down his dick as I continued to suck. I was getting more of his precum as he stroked his dick. I felt güvenilir bahis siteleri his dick swell as my jaws began to ache. As I sat back he said, you did a great job. Really, I asked as I replaced his hand with mine. As I moved my hand, I slipped the fingers of my other hand behind his ball sack. Pressing his scrotum his precum ran out over my hand. Jerry closed his eyes and made moaning noises. As his dick started to throb I sped my hand up. Soon he moaned loudly and grunted. His cum shot out and landed on his stomach and my arms. Some hit my face and hair. As the throbbing slowed I put my mouth around its head. The thick cum had a slightly different taste. I sucked on the head till he started going limp. Jerry told me to stand up. Putting his hands on my hips he pulled me to him. As he closed his mouth around my dick, his tongue snaked around and over my raging hard on. Moving me back and forth he sucked me till I came. Wore out we went to bed. After breakfast I asked Jerry what he mentioned by a anus massage. Just what it sounds like, he said. Cupping my chin he asked if I wanted to try it.