My Friend; The Glamour Model

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She always masturbated by candlelight.

It hadn’t always been the case. Before she had first laid eyes on Maddie masturbation was simply part of her nightly routine; find some porn – straight or lesbian, it didn’t matter – bring herself to orgasm then go to bed. Maddie had changed all that, however. Before the 22-year-old had come into her life she’d never had a ‘best friend’, but now she’d spend every waking moment with Maddie given half the chance.

Deep down she knew she wanted more than friendship. She had known exactly what she wanted the moment she saw her, from across the room at a nightclub opening. She had never seen herself as a lesbian, of course she found women attractive, but she’d never been with one and wasn’t convinced she wanted to be – until that moment on a warm summer night. Maddie, or Madison as she knew her then, took her breath away as posed for paparazzi in her tight black dress that showed off ample cleavage, plenty of leg and highlighted her curvy frame. Her long, dirty blonde hair fit her pretty face perfectly, and her big blue eyes shimmered under the lights. They were introduced minutes later by a mutual friend – Madison was a glamour model. It figured, the press, that body… those perfectly round breasts. She had shuddered when Madison placed her hands on her sides to kiss her on the cheek, before pulling back with a big smile on her face.

They spent most of the evening in each others company, except for the spells where Maddie – she’d practically been ordered to use that name by now – had to disappear for a few minutes to take a picture or speak to a journalist from a lads mag. She always came back though, ready to resume their conversation from exactly where they’d finished. Maddie wasn’t the stereotypical glamour model; she was smart, funny and genuinely seemed glad to be in her company. Eventually numbers were exchanged and Maddie was escorted to the exit, where the photographers had once again gathered this time to get their shots of her leaving the club.

That was exactly one year ago, and Sarah was celebrating the anniversary of their friendship alone in her room, naked except for her white socks that stopped just shy of her knees, rubbing her clit and frantically flicking between the open browser windows on her computer. Each window showed a different Madison gallery, some from photoshoots and some private candids from Facebook and Myspace, but all of them had the power to drive Sarah wild. Eventually she settled on a picture that showed Maddie in mid strip-tease, cupping her 32FF breasts with her hands and squeezing them together slightly, her g-string halfway down her thighs showing off a completely shaved pussy and, as with all her pictures, those dazzling bright blues shining as she stared directly into the camera.

The hand which had previously been occupied with mouse-clicking duties latched onto her right breasts, squeezing and pulling her nipple. She pulled her legs up over the arms of her computer chair whilst her other hand continued to rub at her clit. A moan escaped from her mouth as she tilted her head back so she was looking directly up at the ceiling, before a series of short sharp breaths and spasms in her stomach signalled that an orgasm was close. Both hands went to work on her pussy, one rubbing her clit in a circular motion as she inserted two fingers into her sopping wet hole. They pumped in and illegal bahis out and in and out as visions of Maddie filled her head, she imagined exploring her best friend’s mouth with her tongue whilst running her fingers up and down Maddie’s body. She was thinking of her breasts when she came, and how good Maddie’s bullet-like nipples would feel in between her teeth, as she cried out and arched her back and straightened out her legs. Her toes in their white socks curled up as she slipped off the chair and onto the floor, but her hands didn’t leave her cunt as she continued to feel the aftershocks, slowing down the rubbing on her clit and slowly removing her fingers from her vagina. Eventually Sarah pulled herself onto her knees and noticed the puddle on the floor, and she made patterns in her liquids with index finger until she was interrupted.

It was the sound of her mobile ringing that had finally snapped her back to reality and got her up onto her feet, as she walked into her living room naked to answer. She looked at the display to be greeted by Maddie’s smiling face and the words ‘Maddie Calling’; the pang of guilt she felt almost forced her to ignore the call. It was gone one in the morning; she could return the call in the morning and say she had been in bed. But on the other hand this might be important, Maddie didn’t normally call this late, so she pressed the answer button and held the phone up to her ear.

“Hey,” she said, putting on her best ‘calm’ voice and trying to hide the fact that she’d just been masturbating to images and thoughts of the woman on the other end of the line.

“Hey darling, were you asleep?”

“No, I was just finishing up some work. You need anything?” She didn’t like lying to Maddie, even though the truth would end their friendship in a second.

“Yeah, I need a big favour. You know you said you used to take pictures, have you still got your camera?”

Sarah had been a freelance photographer, up until 18 months or so ago when she had been forced to take a more stable job to guarantee a stable income. She still had her equipment though; she was determined to get back into it one day.

“Yeah, I’ve got it somewhere. You need to borrow it?”

“No, I’ve got an event tomorrow and I need to pick between a few outfits. I need to know what they’ll look like in photos, you mind if I come over in the morning to take a few pictures to see what they’ll look like?”

Sarah’s heart fluttered. This was a no brainer – she would get to spend the morning with Maddie, watch her change into a variety of outfits and have some souvenirs as well.

“That’s fine; I’ll dig the stuff out first thing in the morning. Can you get here around 10?”

Another lie – she’d get her camera out tonight. Chances are she wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway.

“Oh god, I owe you big time. I’ve spent the entire night worrying about what to wear; this is going to make it so much easier.”

Maddie’s obvious gratitude brought a smile to Sarah’s face.

“No problem, but you’ll be fine be fine. You look gorgeous in anything.”

That wasn’t a lie. Sarah was yet to see Maddie in anything that made her look anything other than stunning, but still Maddie always got self conscious and nervous before going out. That was another thing Sarah loved about her best friend – unlike most girls in her profession Maddie was gorgeous but illegal bahis siteleri didn’t know it. She even sounded slightly embarrassed at Sarah’s compliment.

“Thank you, Sarah. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, bye hun.”

Maddie signed off with a kiss and hung up. Sarah turned her phone off and went back to her room, turning on the main light before slipping on a pair of jogging bottoms and an old t-shirt and heading to her closet. Her camera and the rest of her photography equipment was in a bag right at the back, buried underneath a mountain of boxes and papers. She dragged it out and checked everything was there, checked the memory card was still in the camera and fired off a few test shots just to make sure it worked. She already had butterflies about tomorrow, and after stripping off climbed into bed and masturbated once again. She proved herself wrong by falling asleep shortly after her second Maddie-induced orgasm of the night, a hand still resting on her pussy.

Sarah knew she’d woken up early. Even though the candles from last night had burned themselves out her bedroom light was still on, and sunlight was coming through the curtains. She looked at her clock – 6am. She hadn’t been up this early for months. Sarah removed her white socks and was now completely naked, but that didn’t bother her as she walked through the hallway and into her bathroom. As she waited for the water to warm up in the shower she looked at herself in the mirror; her dark brown hair stopped just short of her shoulders, leading Sarah’s eyes down to her 32B breasts. Her pink nipples seemed to be perpetually hard nowadays, Maddie was always on her mind and she was always horny. She liked stroking her stomach, at 23 it was still tight and smooth, and goosebumps covered her pale white skin whenever she did it. Her pussy was completely hairless, she had followed Maddie’s lead and started shaving it when she had first seen some of Maddie’s photos. She loved how young and virginal it looked, and once again she felt the urge to masturbate. Sarah resisted though, and instead spent half an hour showering to make herself as clean and fresh as possible for Maddie. Her hair and make-up took almost three times as long, and after much deliberation she decided to wear her hair down – she knew Maddie liked it that way. Clothes wise Sarah went with tight jeans and a plain white spaghetti top; underwhelming and a little scruffy, but she didn’t want to look like she’d made a massive effort.

The rest of the morning went excruciatingly slowly. She couldn’t eat, there was nothing on TV and there were only so many times you could check a camera was working. She’d set the lighting up against a sheet hung up against a wall in her sitting room, and after what had seemed like an eternity the doorbell rang. After practically running to answer Sarah and Maddie greeted each other with kisses on each cheek, before Sarah helped bring Maddie’s different outfits into the lounge.

“Thank you so much for doing this, I really appreciate it.” Maddie sounded nervous.

“It’s ok, really. It’ll be fun.” Sarah smiled and Maddie grinned back. Her black hoodie top came off revealing a lace black bra underneath.

“You mind if I get changed in here?”

Sarah cleared her throat as she desperately tried to keep her eyes off the half naked goddess in front of her.

“No, I’ve seen you naked canlı bahis siteleri before.” More than you know, Sarah said to herself. Maddie chuckled. By now her top and jeans were scattered over Sarah’s sofa, and she was sliding into a tight red halter neck ra-ra dress. The insides of her breasts were clearly visible thanks to the plunging v neckline that went right down to her pierced belly button, and the ruffled skirt barely covered the top of her thighs.

“If all of these dresses look that good I’m not surprised you’re struggling to pick one out” said Sarah, causing Maddie to blush.

“You ready?”

“Yep, just stand in front of that sheet against the wall.”

Maddie posed. She smiled, she blew kisses, she pouted and she pushed her bottom out and leaned forward, presenting her breasts to the camera. She did so in five dresses and she looked good in all of them – better than good, in fact. Sarah thought she was going to jump her on a number of occasions. Just do it, she told herself. Kiss her. Tell her how much you want… no, need her. Of course, that wasn’t going to happen. She knew Maddie would reject her and it would all be over. She would never see her again; of course she could look at her pictures every night, but she wouldn’t be able to speak to her again. No more nights on the sofa watching a film, no more dances in nightclubs and certainly no more days spent watching her get naked and try on outfits. So Sarah contained herself and took pictures, dozens of them, before finally they had all been tried on.

“So, make this easy for me” Maddie said, immediately grabbing all of Sarah’s attention.

“Which one should I wear?”

None of them. Stay here with me so I can stare at you all night, Sarah’s internal monologue continued.

“I liked the first one – the red one.” It didn’t matter; she looked amazing in all of them.

“Really? Can we load them up onto your computer and have a look?” Maddie finished putting her jogging bottoms and hoodie back on.

“Sure, my laptop’s in my room. Go in and I’ll be there in a sec.”

Madison placed a hand on her shoulder as she walked past on the way to the bedroom, and Sarah felt the blood rushing to her cheeks. She removed the memory card from the camera and slipped it into her pocket, and was just about to drag the sheet from the wall when she heard Maddie in her bedroom.

“Sarah… there are loads of pictures of me on your lap…”

Oh, fuck. Sarah didn’t need to hear the end of Maddie’s sentence. She’d left her laptop on last night… and hadn’t closed the browser windows down and, oh, FUCK. The picture that would have been revealed when the screensaver flicked off was explicit enough and the rest of the galleries – nine of them or so – were even more revealing. She dropped her camera; it probably broke as it hit the floor but Sarah didn’t care, and rushed to her room. The look of confusion on Maddie’s face was clear as she stared at the screen, which was now open to a gallery showing Madison posing and kissing and fondling another model. She turned and looked at Sarah and suddenly the realisation seemed to hit her, as she got up from Sarah’s computer chair.

“I have to go,” Maddie said abruptly, before storming past Sarah with her head down. On her way to the door she took a brief detour into the lounge where she grabbed up the dresses, and didn’t even glance at Sarah on her way out. Sarah didn’t even try and stop her; she just remained frozen in the doorway of her own bedroom. They were finished and she knew it, and tears rolled down her cheeks as she took the memory card from her pocket and held it in her hand.