My first Exhibitionist

3 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: admin


My first ExhibitionistI used to work at a lodge in Ca. and was expected to be there very early mornings to clean and open up. I was young with no transportation so I walked a couple of miles before sun up to get there.One morning as the sun was starting to rise I was about to get there when I saw a man jogging towards me.He was tall,lean,shirtless with a completely smooth chest and legs and a head of dark,dark brown hair. I noticed his very short nylon shorts and thought that I was going to get a nice glimpse of this guy and waited until he got closer with anticipation. As he jogged closer to me I also noticed that the head of his cock was bouncing wildly under the leg of his shorts and my heart began to beat a bit fastly,thinking that this Man HAS to know that he’s hanging out of his shorts due to the slightly chilly morning air. As he got closer and closer I was wondering how I was going to greet this guy and should I or should I not let him know bahis firmaları I was appreciative of giving me the view,if he was interested in letting me grope,what his name was etc….alot of things going through my mind in such a quick few minutes.We were almost face to face when I kept looking him in the eye,pretending not to notice his flopping cock when he looked straight at me,knodded,said “Morning” and kept running without stopping. I knodded back and was quite disappointed that he kept running right past me. I stopped walking, turned around to see if he was going to look back but all he did was kept running.The next morning it was the same situation as the day before. I intended this time to let him know I was loving what I saw,and hoped that we would talk for a bit so I could get to know him. We were just a few yards away from each other when he stopped,turned with his back to me to bend over to tie his shoe. As he did so of course kaçak iddaa I got a full view of a nice full sac of his balls. he stood as i approached him and said “Morning” first with a big grin on my face and he replied the same.He asked if I worked up at the lodge and I said yes as he replied that he was a member of the gym,pool and sauna there but I had never seen him. He lived about 30 minutes away and was never a regular there but saaid he just might start coming more often.As we stood talking,me darting my eyes up and down from his crotch to his eyes it was obvious that he was starting to grow a boner…his cock head and balls were hanging out of one leg of those thin nylon shorts.And he kept adjust himself,pulling on his cock and squeezing his balls as we talked.He DID start coming to the lodge regularly then…I’d meet him in the pool area and sauna & locker room where he’d continually walk around naked and wearing his too small kaçak bahis speedo bathing suit or wearing a short,short towel around the pool area.He wa shaved and had a good 7-71/2 inch dick when soft and it would just sway so nicely as he walked.As it was a family area I’d have to tell him to cool it or they’d kick him out. He’d just go back into the men’s sauna and locker room and strip naked again.I asked him how he was able to show off like that without getting a rock hard erection and he said it was all in the mind and that he’d been an exhibitionist for quite some time. He took me to my first nude beach as he wanted me to experience that and felt I’d get used to being nude in acceptable place before I ever started to show off publicly. Eventually moving back to the sauna,gym and locker room to get used to being nude and showing off in a semi-public place without throwing a boner in an instant,I only sucked his cock for a short time just once,as he was mostly straight but liked the friendship of other exhibitionists. I never met any of his other friends or ladies…and I eventually moved but his introduction to showing off will never leave me…and i continue it to this day.