My First Confession

3 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: admin


My First ConfessionYou asked for it so here it is:This is my first confession of many more to comeFrom finishing school I’ve always liked being bough expensive items bags, shoes and jewellery. So when I did my work experience in a charity shop and I had many old charming men come in and try chatting me up! Now I like older men (not that old but older than myself) so I enjoyed it I never acted on it but it opened my eyes to the more vintage experienced richer men! When I turned 16 I went through a few relationships but never really liked the boys! I ended my third one and just gave up for a little while until I started to go to college. now I’m from a rich family so all the holidays we have been on have been extravagant and I always went scuba diving so when I went to college I joined a diving club, there were only a few of us and it all seemed to be boys except me! Our instructor was a local diving enthusiast who güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri did the club in his spare time and he always used to include us in his trips away etc.! He organised a diving trip so wales and because I went to a horrible college not many of the people could afford to go so it was only me him and his other friends which were going as well. he picked me up from my house on the Saturday and we went to the train station too meet all the others we arrived late in the evening and checked into the hotel, in our party there was only one other girl but she was someone’s wife and about 40 so they sorted the rooms so it was me and him in a room! I thought nothing of it until we got to the door and he opened the door and let me in first following with his hand on my bum! That was when I started to get excited, after we slightly unpacked he said that he was going with all the tipobet güvenilir mi others down to the bar he was going to shower and should be back earlyish. He invited me but I said I was tired and wanted to sleep, the truth is I was hoping to see him naked after the shower and didn’t want to leave the room so I put my pyjamas on and got under the covers. When I heard the water stop I pretended to be asleep facing the direction of the bathroom door he walked out fully dressed so I was really disappointed. He walked out and came back at about 10, I listened out for him and pulled the coves off my bum and lifted up my pyjama top. He walked over stood over me for a bit then pulled the covers back down over me and he fell asleep! I was so annoyed but I just gave up and went to the morning he woke me up and I got ready being naughty the whole time I asked him if I’d need a bra I don’t tipobet giriş think so he said then I asked about knickers yes you’ll need them he said I already knew that but I just wanted to make sure! We all went diving and had a blast! We got back and were so exhausted we both went for a sleep! He fell asleep so I ran over and spooned him. He woke up and turned round Emma we shouldn’t be doing this he said looking into my eyes then I pecked him on the lips shocked he said Emma! We really… then kissed me i rolled on top of him and i said your wife wont be happy! I started too unbutton his shirt I got to the bottom and started to undo his shorts I pulled them open and pulled out his cock I sucked it for a while until he threw me on my bed and pulled my maxi dress off my tit were out for him and I just had my knickers one pulled them off and began fingering me I was already wet so then he picked me up turned me over to face the mirrors at the end of the beds and he went in me doggy style he didn’t last long and even shouted his wife’s name out when he came! Which made me laugh? He passed out soon after and that was just the start of our week of fun! I might let you into some other day or I might not.