My First Bisexual Experience [MMF]

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My First Bisexual Experience [MMF]This story may end up being a little disjointed because it happened a long time ago, but I wanted to recount my first experience where I discovered I was bisexual.I was on a business trip down to Florida and bored in my hotel room. I was married at the time, and bored out of my mind, so my business trips often ended up with me looking around online for some encounters. I found Lisa on yahoo messenger back when you could easily search profiles, and I started chatting with her. She was married and in an open relationship. They liked meeting and fucking new people and sharing the experience with each other and of course they also liked to play as a couple.At this point, I was interested in getting any kind of female interaction available because I was drawing quite the blank on my searching, and Lisa was the closest I came to a hit. I was in the air force at the time, and in decent shape, so she warned me she was a bigger girl, and I was ok with that. So we made the arrangements, and there was a little trepidation in my voice when she told me her husband will be there, but he’ll leave us alone if we go to play. Whatever, I said…it could be fun either way, and worse case scenario, we hang out and just be friends for the evening. If I had only known…So I get to their house, and sure enough, she was a bigger girl…much larger than I had anticipated, but she was bubbly and very sexy in her confidence, I knew I’d be ok. Her husband came into the living room after she let me in, and he shook my hand and we all sat down to just chit chat a bit. She wanted me to sit next to her so she could get to know me better. He sat across from us and I thought I was going to get grilled. He was built like a true blue-collar laborer, and I found out he was actually a fire-fighter. They were pretty relaxed and relaxing to me though, so we eventually started talking about sexier things. I told them I was primarily addicted to oral sex and oral pleasure. I LOVE eating pussy and kissing and using my mouth on partners, and I told them so and they both smiled at that. She said she usually doesn’t get off from being eaten out which I thought was very odd, so I was apparently up for a challenge. Her husband was intrigued, and said if she’s going to get off from oral, he’d kinda like to see that!I was pretty turned on from talking about my oral technique and my past experiences with women that hadn’t had as much oral stimulation as others, and she was starting to look at me like she was really excited, so I said it’s ok with me if hubby watches, maybe we could all learn something tonight! That turned out to be quite the understatement! So she reached over and touched my knee and moved her hand up my leg towards my crotch and I just went with it and came over to her and started kissing her deeply on their couch right in front of her husband.I completely lost track of everything as I kissed and groped at her on the couch there, getting used to her larger size and style of kissing, eventually I had her shirt off and mine as well when her husband said, “why don’t we take this to the bedroom where you can get more comfortable!” So off we went, my dick was hard and I followed her into the bedroom with him following behind me. This is when the nerves kicked in and I started to wonder how this was going to go down.We got to their room and she immediately layed back on the bed and pulled her pants and panties off and spread her legs for me and motioned for me to come to her. I dropped my pants and did exactly as she asked…I climbed on top of her, my hard cock dripping in excitement, and I laid on her with my cock rubbing against her wet pussy while I was kissing her…all I did was rub my cock on her pussy and clit for a while as we continued to make out and I knew I wanted to eat her pussy before we did any fucking, so I slowly kissed and licked my way down to her breasts, paying close attention to them for a few minutes before moving down her belly to kiss between her thighs and up her leg and then back down the other leg as I made my way to her soaking wet pussy.As I got ready to start teasing her outer lips with kisses I heard her husband behind me say “damn, she’s going to love this!” I took this bit of feedback as a positive and started teasing her with my mouth, kissing around her pussy and getting her incredibly wet before diving in and running my tongue up her slit and across her clit…I had gotten her excited and she trembled a little at the release of finally having her clit touched through all of this.At this point the nerves had fully kicked in and having just heard her husbands voice, I was now painfully aware he was watching…I turned around to see him completely nude, cock in hand, and oh wow…that thing was thick! Not incredibly long, but definitely the thickest cock I’d seen outside of porn. He was watching me very intensely and I started to go soft. No worries though, I didn’t need a hard cock to please her, which is what I was mainly there for. I began to do my thing, alternating between licking her slit and her clit, while sucking on it and tonguing her in and out and occasionally changing the direction and order in which I did so…I can’t even explain my technique, but it involves a lot of tease and then please, and then tease and then please over and over again as the tension builds up to a huge release…As I was doing that, her husband came around and offered his cock to his wifes mouth, which she was barely able to focus on because of what I was doing to her…He kinda shrugged it off and went back to the foot of the bed to watch me from underneath…basically I was on all fours between her legs and he was watching me eat her from, behind, which gave him also a view of my cock and balls and asshole…I was a little nervous about the exposure, but whatever, I was busy.I continued to eat her pussy with gusto, and she started getting closer and closer to orgasm, and he was getting closer and closer to us, with his head practically between my legs with my cock dangling limp right over his head. As she started to come, I had to adjust myself because she started bucking her hips a little, and sure enough, I bumped him a little…he moaned at that, as soon as my cock touched his head, he moaned, and I kinda moaned with him, and I think he took that as his cue…his wife was coming really hard in my mouth at the time, and he kinda rolled over underneath me and lifted his head and licked the pre-cum off of my limp cock. I could feel the life rushing back into my dick almost immediately. As Lisa was trembling and I was maintaining my suction on her clit, with my index finger firmly on her G-Spot, I adjusted and almost instinctively lowered my hips down to his waiting face, and he took me into his mouth.There I was allowing her to come down from her orgasm while her husband was sucking on my hardening cock underneath me…I sat up and I don’t even remember if I smiled at her or what, but I was straddling this giant blue-collar man’s face with his mouth on my cock and as I pulled my right leg up and over to the side, he followed me, and rolled over to continue sucking my cock while rolled over on his side as I sat on my knees looking back and forth between him and Lisa who was smiling real big at me. She sat up and came to kiss me while her husband continued sucking my cock…she whispered to me that I was amazing and she has never came like that before and that she could believe what was happening right now…I said, “I know!” and kissed her again. She then lowered herself down to help her husband suck me off too.So there I was, I had just given this lady the best tongue orgasm she had ever had, and now her and her husband were both sucking my cock. I just let it happen and boy was I surprised. They sucked me for a bit, and as I got more into it, I laid down and decided to try it myself. I got on my side with my cock still being handed back and forth between the two of them as I got into a kind of loose 69 with her husband. I had his massive cock in my face and it was throbbing visibly…I grabbed it and just felt it in my hand for a few seconds and I squeezed some of the pre cum out of it and decided to lick the tip of it…I was surprised by the sweetness of it, and decided to take the head in my mouth. As I did, I was suddenly aware of how excited I was and how sensitive my own cock was becoming. I started sucking on the head of this massive cock as I realized I was getting very close to cumming myself.I pulled the gigantic cock tip out of my mouth to alert them I was going to cum and she squeezed my ass cheeks as he took my cock deep into his mouth to receive my load…I shot the first dose right into his mouth and the second and third waves went onto his cheek and then onto his wifes face and tongue…I was holding his cock and just rubbing it on my tongue as I was moaning my orgasm…After I finished cumming, I went back to working on his cock and Lisa came over to help me. We had his cock between our mouths as we kissed each other around his cock and took turns getting as much of it in our mouths as possible. This went on for a while, and I remember him fondling my soft cock while I was down there on his with his wife, until he eventually started to throb more and grunt his enthusiasm…I was excited, I was all in, I was sucking a cock with no thought or plan or inhibitions at all, and it felt so natural, so the natural thing to do was to attempt to take his seed in my mouth…I tried, I really did, but it didn’t go too well…his cumshot was incredibly powerful and the first shot made me pull my head back and my mouth off of his cock as I kinda half-gagged in surprise as he finished his ejaculation on my hand and his wife’s tongue and a little more went on my tongue as I tried to get back into it…It was quite the surprise, and she swallowed what she could and came back to kiss me to make sure I was still in the game. As Lisa and I locked lips together he slid his cock between our mouths and used our kissing mouths to milk the last of his cum from his massive dick.When he was finished and Lisa and I finished kissing, we both kinda flopped back onto our backs, and he was sitting there on his knees looking down at us both. He chuckled and said “Whoah, that was fucking amazing! I never saw any of that coming!” Lisa said, “Me neither, what started all that?” He said, “I don’t know…I was just really enjoying watching him do what he was doing and he seemed like he needed some attention, so I gave it to him!”Apparently, he had had bi thoughts before and they had casually joked about it, but no plan had ever been discussed and they had no intentions of doing any of that. He just felt like I was the right guy to try it with, and he said he was very comfortable with me and he was really turned on by how easily I made Lisa come. Lisa was notoriously difficult to get off usually…she had become desensitized from a pretty active sex life, and apparently I shook things up enough that she was able to really enjoy herself again, and her husband was really turned on by her reaction and what I was doing to her. He was expecting to be somewhat cuckolded that evening, but instead I became a regular part of their sex lives, because a couple of years later after I got out of the air force, I moved to their town and we picked up right where we left off. I had many further encounters with them, always as a couple, and always with some kind of bi action between her husband and I.I will always remember Lisa and Robert as my first bi couple, and if I ever visit their town again, I will definitely see if I can arrange another hook up. That evening changed my life forever as I found my oral fixation went both ways.