my first 3some

28 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


my first 3some(all true)I’m 52 and I think I’m the only person on the planet who has never had a threesome. I had always wanted it to be two girls and me, but hell, ya gotta take what comes along.I was on a mission to put together a threesome and live out my fantasy, so I hit Craigslist. I answered an ad a local guy posted about giving BJ’s during the day, I was feeling horny and adventurous so I replied to the ad and later that day went to his place. I was greeted by a 50something half naked guy who welcomed me in. He had a porn movie going on his TV so I sat for a few minutes. Turned out there was another guy in the bathroom. When I noticed, he asked if that was ok, I said sure. Then he said “make yourself comfortable”. This was a little difficult because I was really nervous, but I told myself “what the fuck…go for it!” and took my clothes off. The other guy came out of the bathroom and looked antalya escort really nervous. He had his clothes on and we all sat and talked about sex for a few minutes. I was really turned on sitting naked in front of strangers. The older guy came over in front of me and asked if he could suck me, I nodded with approval and he started to suck me hard. the nervous guy just watched. I started getting into it and I asked to suck his cock, he backed up and I got on my knees and started sucking him. he pushed me off and started sucking the hell out of my rock hard cock and I glanced at the onlooker and started thrusting my hips …fucking the guys mouth. The nervous onlooker just kept saying “god damn”. I finally came and shot my load in the guys mouth, he swallowed it up and got me a towel. Shortly after I put my clothes back on and left.About a week later I contacted the same guy telling escort antalya him thanks, and I wanted to come over again. He said there was another guy coming over that day and would it be ok to have a group suck. I figured the first time didn’t really count as a threesome because the one guy just watched, so I was hoping this one would pan out. I got there and waited a few short minutes for the other guy to arrive. While waiting, the older guy said this other dude had a big cock. He arrived and we didn’t take long to head to the bedroom where I was the first to take off all my clothes and climb on the bed. this was it, my inner freak was coming out and I was going to enjoy every fucking minute of this! I had waited so long for this.I was in the center of the bed as I watched them both stare at me and take off their clothes. Sure enough, the new guy had a big cock. He dove between my legs antalya escort bayan and started deep throating my cock and the other guy got under me and started sucking my balls. I couldn’t stand it, it rocked and I yelling “fuck yes, suck that shit”. They switched places and at one point I was riding the older guys face while he licked my ass and the other guy sucked my cock. I was fucking his mouth and he was loving it. Then they positioned me to lay on the bed so I could suck the big cock and the other guy suck me. I was sucking and licking and he was about to cum, he asked if he could shoot off on my chest and I said OK. He shot a nice load on me. He left and the older guy finished me off by finger fucking my asshole and jerking me off.They both really enjoyed me being their slut and I loved doing it. In fact a few weeks later we all met and did it again. This time they tossed me around the bed making me do different things…i loved being their slut! I always thought if I was a woman, I would be a slut, now I know I would ;-)My fantasy was to have a threesome and I’m so glad I did it. Fulfill your fantasies while you can, life is short.