My fantasy

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My fantasyI had been waiting anxiously for the call all day. As the night grew later I began to wonder if she would make me wait yet another day. Finally, much to my relief the call came around 9pm.”Get here. Now. And put them on.” She demanded.I always obeyed. I never questioned. Quickly I did as I was told and began the long drive to meet her. Containing my excitement was difficult but made easier by my nervousness. My thoughts began to race as I neared my destination. Would she be happy with me? Would I get the release I needed this time?Pulling into the empty parking lot I was relieved to know that everyone had gone for the night. I sat in the car for a moment, paranoid that someone would return. Opening my car door I felt the warmth of the evening air rush to meet me. It reminded me of how much I would blush and turn red from the humiliation to come. With a small smile I walked across the lot to the entrance.I pulled open the doors and stepped into the gym. There she was by the desk with a look of disappointment on her face.”Took you long enough. I don’t like waiting. Get over here.” She said it firmly but not in anger, as she patted the countertop. Nodding I walked over and stood beside her. “Did you do as I ordered?””Yes ma’am.” I replied.”Show me.” She smiled and looked down at my waist.Slowly I pulled the edge of my shorts down, just barely enough to show the panties I wore.”I didn’t say tease me. Pull them down.” She turned her body towards me. “Never mind. Put your hands on the counter, feet apart. I’ll do it for you.” I placed my hands on the counter of the desk and closed my eyes. This was so embarrassing. She placed her hands on the waistband and yanked my shorts down to my feet, stepped back, and giggled a little.”Good girl sissy. They look…nice. Now turn around and face me.”I obeyed hoping that I wouldn’t get aroused too soon. “Are you ready sissy?” She said with a smile that made me feel both shame and elation. “I have something I want you to do.””Yes ma’am, I’m ready.” I said looking around still worried that someone would see me standing in the lobby in panties.”Good. I picked out a nice leo for you to wear while we play.” She walked behind the desk and presented a beautiful metallic leotard and held it before me. “Go put it on.”Dutifully I took the offered leo and stepped out of my shorts. Walking down the hallway to the locker rooms I thought how exciting this was and began to slowly grow harder and it strained against the tight fabric of the panties. I loved this feeling of tightness, soft fabric and femininity. I loved the feeling of someone forcing me to behave this way.She followed shortly behind me. As I turned to enter the men’s locker room she spoke up, “No, no. Girls change in the girl’s room. That’s the zonguldak escort men’s room.” And she pointed her finger across the way to the girl’s side. I nodded my head and lowered my eyes as I moved past her and went into the girl’s locker room.Inside I pulled the curtain to and slowly lifted my shirt off, followed by my socks. I stood there just in my panties and hesitated a moment before sliding them down my legs. My heart raced. I held the leotard up and admired it, felt the fabric, and thought about how this was my fantasy. To be forced to be a girl.I stepped into the leo and wiggled it up my legs. I had to adjust my cock and balls to fit into the crotch, but the tightness felt nice. The leo caressed my body. Made me feel naughty. “Hurry up and get out here.” She called.I was about to step out for the first time in a leotard for someone. There was no hiding my excitement. It pushed against the material and strained for release. What would she think?Turning the corner to the door I presented myself to her for inspection. She smiled that smile. Wicked thing. I had to turn around for her, allowing her to see everything I had to offer. I had to bend over. Put my feet apart. Anything she told me to do I did as she pulled the edges of the material this way and that, checking, she claimed, to make sure it fit correctly. But I knew she just wanted to make me feel uncomfortable.”Stand straight, hands behind your head, feet apart.” She called.Immediately I stood in position and said, “Yes ma’am.””Now, tell me. Have you been a good sissy, or a bad sissy?”Thoughts quickly swarmed my head. The things I had done. Things I had thought. I knew the answer she wanted. The truth. All of it. Lying would be an easy thing to do, after all there’s no way she could know whether what was said was true or not. But she would know. Besides that, I wanted her to know. That’s why I was here. To surrender and simply do as I’m told.”I’ve been a bad sissy.” The truth.”What did you do? Tell me everything.” Raising one lovely eyebrow as she slowly walked around me and slapped my ass hard.Where to begin? This could take a while.”I uhh, masturbated today.” It was a quick and easy reply, though humiliating which I did enjoy.”Oh? Pathetic sissy couldn’t control his little thing? How often do you masturbate? I hate that word, by the way. Jacking off is fine. Or jerking. What do you call it?” Pausing in front of me her eyes slid down my body to my now deflated crotch.”At least once a day. Sometimes two or three times. I usually say stroking my cock.” This was getting very personal very fast. Secretly I wanted this.”Hmm, and what do you think of? Be precise.”The thought of whether I should call the whole thing off and just walk away crossed my mind. But here escort zonguldak I was, I thought, committed. “It depends, I suppose. Today it was watching some porn about facesitting. Being forced to eat a woman out. And some strapon pegging. Sometimes it’s spanking.””And were you thinking of me doing these things to you?” She said it sweetly, like she was honored.”Well, yes.” I looked up and watched her eyes narrow on me.She walked over and grabbed my arm, pulling me behind her angrily. She sat down on some mats and threw me across her lap and held my shoulders down with one hand. “Did I give you permission to think of me while you stroked your cock? In fact, did I give you permission to stroke your cock at all?” There was strength in her voice.”No ma’am.” I meekly said. This was going to happen anyway, I knew, but the roleplay, the humiliation of being pulled across a woman’s lap like a petulant c***d, surrendering power to someone, it was why we were both here.”You’re getting twenty for being so naughty.” And she began my spanking. The thin material of the leo was no protection from the sharp stings. They were good stings. I needed this.Smack”Bad sissy, fantasizing about me!” Smack”I bet you suck dildoes like a girl too, don’t you?”Smack”Yes ma’am!” I squeaked out.Smack”You need a woman to treat you like a slut and put her strapon deep into your boy pussy so you can feel like one, don’t you?”Smack”Yes ma’am!”The last smack landed and my ass throbbed from the pain and swelling.”Stand up sissy. Let me look at you.” She rolled me off her lap.As I stood I had to adjust the leo so my balls stayed inside the fabric.”No, no.” She corrected me, pulling my hand away. “I didn’t tell you to do that, now did I?”I waited while she smirked at my predicament. Soon she sighed and said, “This has worn me out. I want you to help me relax. Get on your knees.”She stood in front of me and slowly unbuttoned her jeans, letting them fall around her ankles. Kicking them off she turned coyly as she slid her panties down and then walked forward to bury her womanhood into my face.I loved this. I always have. I licked like it was the best thing in the world. It was the best thing in the world. My tongue slid into and across folds of skin. I sucked on her wetness. Buried my face as deep as I could. I needed more.She held my head still as she began rocking her mound on my mouth and nose. Faster and more incessantly. Pushing my head away she turned to get on all fours on the stacked mats, ass in the air, and beckoned me with her finger to begin. I slid forward and buried my tongue into her asshole. I was in heaven as my tongue found its way from pussy to ass and back again. She pushed against me to go as deep as I could.Soon I felt a small gush of zonguldak escort bayan liquid that I quickly lapped up as she shuddered and pulled away. I had done my duty.A few minutes passed as she recovered herself and then began putting her clothes back on. It was like someone snuffing out a candle. All the beauty of the world in the form of a woman and she was covering up.”Now, what shall we do with you? I see you’re straining there. Beg for release sissy.” She said it kindly, teasing me.”Please. May I stroke my cock for you?” I begged. My balls ached.”No, you may not. You didn’t ask correctly. Try again.” She sat back and simply watched the dumbfounded look on my face. “Better hurry before I change my mind.””Pretty please may I stroke my cock?” I begged again, not understanding what she wanted.Sitting forward she said, “No, you may not!”, and she reached out grabbing my cock and balls in her hand with a slight squeeze. “Whose cock is this?””Mi..yours ma’am.” I groaned out.”Exactly. Now, again.” And the pressure of her grip let up.”May I please stroke your cock, ma’am?” I begged intently.”No.” Was her reply. I was getting frustrated, about to visibly protest that this wasn’t how the game was played. There are unwritten agreements between the participants and this had me right at the edge of walking out.”Stand up sissy.” She barked out before I had come to a decision. Reluctantly I stood.She stood beside me and placed a hand on my stomach, slowly circling downward. “This is my cock. I will stroke it until I am satisfied.” I felt the warmth of her hand through the material as it found its way to my little manhood. My head began to swim as I felt what I had only imagined up until then, her hand lifting the edge of the tight band between my legs, fishing inward, and wrapping around my swollen member, tugging gently, coaxing it outward into the cool air.Her hand began to slowly move from the base of my cock to the ring around the head while her other hand produced a small bottle of lotion from her pocket and popped the lid, squirting a few cool drops onto my thickness. Soon, too soon, she had freedom of movement from the lotion to firmly tug as smoothly as she wanted.I felt it building. I needed to delay it. But her pace quickened, almost painfully as her hand struck my balls on the downstroke. I gasped and tried to slow her hand with my own, but she swatted it away. Her other hand began pulling my ballsack and giving them a gentle squeeze.” I, uhh, I..” I tried to warn her when I felt close. But the knowledge that here she was giving me what I needed became too much. My essence erupted, squirting in long streams from my cock. One pulse. Two, three. Then a last small trickle as I suddenly came down from that high.Slapping my ass she told me to clean up my mess, get dressed, and leave.Several minutes later I was in my car, driving home, head swimming with what had happened and a smile on my face considering the last words she said to me as I walked out of the door: “Keep the leo for next time.”