My Ex and her S*ster

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My Ex and her S*sterMy Ex and her S*sterBackgroundMe and Kat went out for about 10 years, we had two k**s together. We split up about 4 years ago. We stayed friends for the k**s sake but hardly talked or had contact apart from when it involved the k**s. That all changed about 6 months ago when she split up with her boyfriend. We go talking about stuff one night on the phone and I chanced my arm and invited her round for a shag. She accepted the offer and we began sleeping together again just going out getting drunk and fucking no romance, just the way I liked it. This is a story of one said night out. Her s*ster Emma lives in Scotland with the rest of Kat’s family and only visits every now and then like for Leeds festival or a mad weekend on the piss. I’ve known her since she was 16 and she’s developed into a proper fitty. Kat is 34 short dark hair, about 5”4, size 12 with 34DD tits and is a proper MILF everyone I know fancies her. Since she has split with her BF she found POF and Tinder and has been shagging her way through it. She’s told me all about the different guys she’s fucked and even made some videos on her phone for me (how many ex’s would do that???). Emma is 26 now long blonde hair but with bits of pink and purple in it. She’s about 5”6, size 8 and again big 34DD tits (runs in the family). Emma was down for the weekend and I arranged to meet them on the Friday night in the city centre. Kat text me and said they were in the Stones Roses and I said id meet them about 11. When I arrived Kat was on the dance floor as usual dancing her head off to the Arctic monkeys with a gaggle of drooling drunk blokes behind her all taking it in turns to try and dance with her. This happened every time we went out so I left her too it and drank my beer and enjoyed the show. She was so sexy in her little denim dress which showed off her amazing tits and arse I knew so well. Soon she saw me and came over explaining that Emma had pulled some guy she met last time she was down and fucked off with him, again this was normal for Emma she never went home without banging at least 2 or 3 blokes every time she came to visit even if she was single or not. Any way we danced and drank till about 2am then decided to stagger out into the night and find food and a taxi. We had laugh and kiss as we walked down towards the taxi rank eating our fried chicken talking about old times and the different blokes she’s fucked like sucking one guy off while he drove her home after a date one night or the fifty shades of grey guy who tied her up and fucked her brains out before fucking her in both holes with dildos (I have that video) kütahya escort soon we were in a taxi and arrived back at hers about 3am. Emma was not back so we had the house to ourselves and the fun as about to begin……….KatWe went upstairs and while Kat was in the bathroom I stripped off and got in bed I slowly began to rub my dick getting ready. Kat came into the room in just her underwear her big tits looked amazing squashed into her bra that must have been a size too small to show off all her cleavage. She climbed into bed and as we kissed I began to rub her pussy through her underwear. She was getting wet so I slipped my hand into them and began to rub her clit and then moved one then two of my fingers inside of her as she let out a moan. We were both very drunk but my dick was now getting very hard and I placed kats hand on it and she began to wank me to full attention. I kicked the covers off and whispered in her ear to suck me and she slowly sat up and slid down between my legs and took me in her mouth. Kat gave the most amazing blowjob she must have given a lot of head since we split up because she was rubbish but now she gave the best I’ve ever had (I guess practice makes perfect) she wanked the bottom of the shaft while slowly sucking the head, bobbing up and down. It felt so good as I laid there my head spinning from the drink while this fit as fuck milf was sucking my dick for all she was worth. I then sat up and pulled her up next to me before pulling off her thong and moved on top of her. She was so wet and in one thrust I slid my dick inside of her. I began to fuck her and she let out a few moans in her sexy Scottish accent which still drove me crazy. She wrapped her legs round me forcing me to fuck her deeper and harder, I quicken my pace which caused her to moan even louder. The only problem was her bed was an old wooden thing and due to amount of hammer it must have had in the last 6 months it was creaking like fuck and was really putting me off my stride. “this fucking bed is killing me” I complained so we stopped and stood up and she moved towards the window. She flung it open and removed her bra before leaning out into the night air. I was soon behind her and slid back inside her fucking her hard from behind grabbing her hips as I banged away while she was leaning out the window her big tits swinging free in the cold air. “last time I did this 2 guys were walking past and they stood and watched” she laughed “made me cum twice as hard”. I fucked away at her tight pussy it felt so good and I could feel my ball begin to get tight. Kat then let out a moan escort kütahya herself “oh fuck yeah that’s it, fuck me harder I’m cumin Mmmmmm Fuck me” her pussy got really wet as I could feel her orgasm on my dick as I fucked her, her knees buckled slightly as she came and she pushed me back and moved away from the window. She dropped to her knees and pushed her tits together around my wet dick. I began to slowly fuck in and out of her big tits and soon I could feel myself getting close. “oh fuck I’m going to cum” I gasped “ where do you want me?” “any where you want” she smiled I continued to fuck her tits for a short while then I took hold of my dick and began to wank it over her face. “watch my hair” she joked as I pumped my now throbbing cock in her face. “close your eyes baby” I panted then in the next breath I shot my white hot sticky load onto her face. She looked amazing as 3 or 4 ropes of my spunk splattered onto her face running down into her open mouth “fucks sake! How much?” she laughed and gagged at the same time as my cum was all over her nose and mouth. I helped her too her feet and she went headed for the bathroom. I must have passed out as soon as I hit the bed because next think I knew it was 7am and my alarm was going off in my jeans pocket telling me it was time for work. Kat was laid naked at the side of me. She looked so good I wanted to fuck her again but I left her sleeping pulling on my jeans and t shirt. I picked up my socks and trainers and went downstairs and entered the living room.EmmaI walked into the living room and to my surprise Emma was laid sleeping on the sofa. Not like her to be home early after a night of shagging I laughed to myself as I sat on the opposite sofa to put my trainers on. I looked across at Emma sleeping and even thou it was 7am and she had been out all night on a bender and doing god knows what she looked amazing. Then she rolled over and the blanket covering her fell off the sofa to the floor. There she was in just her bra and sexy French knickers laid sleeping on the sofa. Wow what a body. She was always posting pics of herself on instagram in the gym and it had paid off. She looked amazing all toned and tanned. As I looked at her my dick was beginingg to stir and grow hard in my jeans. Fuck it I thought she’s wrecked she wont know if I have a wank over her as she lays there asleep. So I dropped my jeans and took my dick in my hand and began to wank looking at Emma’s tits and camel toe in her knickers. I was soon hard and then I don’t know what took over me but I got brave and decided to see if I could get closer. I moved next kütahya escort bayan to her on the sofa and continued stroke my dick over her. Her tanned body looked amazing and her tits in her tight bra were bursting to get out. She was just a younger hotter fitter version of her milf sister and I couldn’t help myself. I sat next to her and began to tease her pussy just genitally rubbing it through the material of her knickers. I rubbed two fingers on the wetness while my thumb rubbed her clit. What the fuck was I doing!?!? but it was too late now. As I carried on rubbing her she stirred and opened her eyes staring straight at me. Holy fuck what do I do now as the fear began to spread through my body “Mmmm that feels nice but can you put that to good use instead” she smiled back at me looking at my dick then wrapping her hand round it and begging to wank it hard again. My heart was racing as I stood up and keeled next to her face so she could take me in her mouth. She cupped my balls and rubbed them as she ran her wet mouth down my shaft. She sucked the head hard and fast while rubbing my balls with her long hard nails which drove me crazy. I was now rock hard and needed to be inside her so I reached down and pulled of her knickers revealing her perfect shaved pussy. I pulled her up onto her knees and bent her over the back of the sofa. It was the most amazing view Ive ever seen in my life her arse was just 100% perfect all curved and tanned. I moved behind her and pressed my dick into her wet pussy. Emma dint have any k**s yet so she was so fucking tight it felt like a hand gripped round it. I fucked her hard and held onto her shoulders so I could bang her as hard and as deep as I could. I flicked open her bra so I could see her tits something id always wanted to see but never had before. Fuck me this was good it felt amazing fucking my ex’s s*ster on her own couch while she slept upstairs after id just fucked her. I gave Emma’s arse a couple of gentle spanks then grabbed her hips and began to really slap off her arse as I pumped faster inside her. She was letting out moans and groans as I fucked away but I don’t think she had cum but it was too late I was too close to care. “I’m going to cum Em sorry” I panted as I let out a groan and fired a burst of cum inside her. I pumped into her again and again filling her up as much as I could with what I had left inside me after her s*ster had drained me earlier. I sat down on the sofa and she turned round and I got a proper look at her amazing tits for the first time. Wow they were huge and just perfectly shaped. She pulled her blanket back on top of herself and curled up on the sofa “please don’t tell Kat” I said and she just shook her head and smiled before closing her eyes. I got dressed quickly thinking I was going to be late for work again but boy was it worth it, what a fucking amazing night…………