(My Diary The Series) I’m not the one to blam

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(My Diary The Series) I’m not the one to blamLast weekend I was over at my uncle’s farm watching the MLB playoffs with the rest of my family. I got there Friday and ended up back home on Sunday night after a wild weekend.I had a great time with my aunts and uncles eating, drinking, dancing and FUCKING.My aunts always invite their friends over to our gatherings and most of them are married cougars/milfs so you know I was on the prowl to see if I can get some PUSSY without disrespecting my aunt in front of her friends.Luckily I didn’t have to because when a house is burning down it must be wrecked, or better yet demolished in my case.Long story short one of my uncle’s spanish speaking employees was over and after a few shots was arguing with his wife in front of their 4 k**s all very young.The whole thing started when he caught her eyeing me without me even knowing! LOL. My aunt came and told me not to pay attention to her friend Sandra because she didn’t want any problems at her house. I did just that but couldn’t help to lustfully glance at Sandra more after what my uncle told me about her, which my aunt later confirmed when I asked her.My uncle had known Sandra and her husband Elias for years going back to their days in Jalisco, Mexico as teens. He told me that Elias had always beat on her for being too friendly around other men.Turns out Sandra’s parents forced her to get married with her Elias when she got pregnant with her now 7 year old son Elias Jr. Reason I say her is because JR turned out not to be his son to his surprise and Sandra had made sure he wouldn’t abandon her darıca escort by having another k** right after giving birth to her first born.Sandra arrived to Los Angeles, California in October of 2008. At the time she arrived she was pregnant and entering her thrid trimester with her now 6 year old daughter Tannia. This time though their was no doubt Elias was the father. For 2 years Sandra stayed loyal to her hubby, but at some point during this time Elias got too comfortable with his wife and didn’t notice all the attention she was attracting from men, even when he was around.My aunt told me stories that had been passed down through mutual friends in their circle, some of which had fucked Sandra without Elias suspecting a thing.That all changed when he found out through an old friend that Jr might not be his biological son. Elias was not convinced this was true, so his friend and my uncle sat down and told him the truth about his wife.He couldn’t handle the truth when he heard it and had to ask her for himself. When he did ask, she denied it at first until he confronted her with the stories he had been told about her being a cock addicted dirty slut that craved for big dick since her days in Mexico.Elias had popped her cherry at 13 and they’d been together since. Now she’s 31 and he’s 37 with 4 k**s and a boring marriage so I had to take advantage of him, especially after he pissed me off by telling me that he saw me coming onto to his wife with the looks i was giving her.I told him I didn’t want to fuck his little dark wife and he snapped at me and told me that he was going escort darıca home to get his shotgun in case I tried any funny moves on her. I stayed calm and collected and went to tell my aunts and uncles the way he had threatened me and Jose, my uncle, pulled him aside and convinced him to go home for the day. He beligerently kept refusing to leave because Sandra had fallen asleep with the k**s in the guest house and he wasn’t leaving her. He went inside to wake her up and started to drag her by her arm toward his Ford F-150 as she was refusing.He got violent when she didn’t want to get in the truck and backslapped her hard in the face, leaving her with a bloody lip, with all this in front of their k**s, my aunt and uncle managed to sperate them and she confessed to hating him for beating on her everytime he got angry.She yelled at him saying she wouldn’t have cheated on him if he fucked he fucked her right, but he never had put forth the effort to keep her happy period.My aunt than told me to go move her Ford Expedition and park it in the driveway and wait for her so I can drive her to the store for more alcohol.She came out of the front door with Sandra and the k**s making sure Elias didn’t see and I drove them to Ralphs 10 minutes away. At Ralphs my aunt took the k**s inside with her to buy them candy and left me and Sandra in the truck, but before leaving she playfully told Sandra in spanish “Me lo vas a violar perra, po eso to ries.” Translation (You’re laughing because you’re gonna **** him bitch.” They both laughed it off as the door shut.The whole time I didn’t know darıca escort bayan Sandra had no idea I’m just as fluid in Spanish as English. She asked me in a broken accent “Hoo oool you?” I responded in spanish with “tengo 26 y tu?” After that we started vibing off each other in spanish and I told her I didn’t mean to cause any problems with her man.She said what man? And I said I don’t want to disrespect her marriage or her k**s by having them see me all of a sudden acting friendly with their mother.I than went to the 7/11 next door to Ralphs and she went right along with me after I asked her if she wanted something from the convienience store.I bought a gatorade and some now-or-laters and when I asked what she wanted and she handed me a box of Magnums to my surprise and smiled.This turned me on and I didn’t look back after that moment.When we got back to the house, I noticed her man and my uncle were gone and one of my cousins said they were going to LA and weren’t coming back until tomorrow.That was my green light and I took it. After the k**s went to sleep in the bedroom of the guesthouse, asked my aunt if I had any 420 to share with her and I did at the time so my aunt asked me to let her have it.Instead I smoked with her in the living room of the guesthouse and you can guess what happened next.Sandra is about 5’4″ and skinny about 120 lbs is the most I’d put on her. She’s a dark looking beaner Mexican wife with little big perky d cup tits and a small round perky ass to go with her hairy little pussy. She kinda looks like that Mexican k**s Mom from school that spoke no english and had her son translate for her. Can you picture that? GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK ON WHAT YOU THINK I DID TO HER OR WHAT YOU WOULD DO IN MY SHOES OR WHATEVER YOU FEEL LIKE TALKING ABOUT. THIS IS PART 1, PART 2 IS COMING SOON.