My Dear Mother and I

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My Dear Mother and IIt all started a few years ago when i was 15. My dad had went out of town to Illinois for a week and it was just me and my mom in the house. Well, on a typical tuesday night, I was on my way to the kitchen to get something to eat, my mom was in there watching TV eating a banana. Now me, bieng a typical teenager going through puberty saw my mom sticking that banana into her mouth and i started getting an erection. i was wearing simple basketball shorts so i couldnt really hide it. I didnt care about it, so i continued onto the refrigerator when my mom turned and asked me whats up. i turned to face her and my boner was raising my shorts up a little bit. She saw it. She got up from the stool and walked over to me and gave me a hug, then asked me to scratch her back. Of course i said i would, why not? As she turned around and i had put my hands on her back she said, “Here it will be easier like this” then she proceeded to take her shirt off. I had no idea what made my mom start acting this way, but i wasnt about to fight it!!!(Now keep in mind that my mom at the time was 34 years old, 5 foot 8 inches, wieghed 135 pounds, had WONDERFUL 36C breasts, and had just quit her job as a STRIPPER 2 years ago…)Seeing my mom without her shirt on made me even harder. As she took her shirt off, it revealed her hot pink lacy bra. She turned around and said “ok better now?” and as she was holding her shirt she “dropped” it on the ground, then turned around and bent over to pick it up. She then backed up onto me. She has an amazing ass and i was hard as a diamond in a ice storm at that point. I know she felt my erection as she pressed up against me. She then turned back around and gave me a smile and asked me to follow her to her room. We got to her room and she asked me, “Do you know what düzce escort sex is like?” i replied, “No, im still waiting to find out”, she then told me, “Well, would you like to find out now?”… I can honestly say I was as eager and willing than i had ever been at anything before. I replied to her and said, “I would love to expierience it”. She gave me a smile and asked me to take mine AND her clothes off. I came flying out of my shirt, boxers, and basketball shorts and my cock was erect and flaping around. She looked at it and said, “Wow, not too bad for a 15 year old!”. I was about 6 inches long. Then i proceeded to undo her bra and took that off and as i did 2 of the most beautiful nipples popped out at me. She had an amazing tan as well (no tan lines). I then rubbed my hands down her shoulders, over her voluptuous breasts, then down to her tight jean capri’s she was wearing. I unbuttoned them and slid them down her amazing legs. I could tell she just shaved. All she had left on was a pink flowered thong, but soon that was gone too. After all of that, we were both standing there, Me with my erection, and her with her amazing C-cup breasts and freshly shaved pussy. She then laid back down on her bed then asked me come lay on top of her. Of course I did!! She then grabbed the back of my head and we started French Kissing, I could feel her huge breasts against my chest, her nipples were very hard. She then moved her hand down and grabbed my cock, she first started just tickling it and slowly masturbating it. My facial expressions changed and she could tell. she then rolled me over and she was on top! I just looked up at her, her beautiful brown hair and large breasts hanging over me. She then worked her way down on me and kissed and licked me along the way. I just looked up at the cieling escort düzce thinking i was in heaven. All of a sudden i felt this amazing warm sensation on my cock, i looked down and i was in her mouth! she pushed me all the way into her mouth and pulled me out. I gasped and moaned and said, “ohhh mom”. She looked up at me and re-assured me, “The best is yet to come baby”. She then laid back down beside me and I got back on top of her, I took the initiative and moved my hands down her, i felt her juicy pussy lips, so warm, wet, it was like heaven. I put one finger in, then two, then eventually 3, she moaned, it made me feel good to know that i was making her feel good. She then asked me, “Are you ready for this?” and i just simply replied, “oh yes”. She grabbed my cock and navigated it to her sweet vagina.I felt the head touch her soft pussy lips, so warm and wet. She then told me to push into her, I just moved forward and the feeling was undescribable. I moaned as did she. Then I knew what to do from there, I had watched porn before. I started pushing in and out, slow at first, then faster. She said “oh thank you baby”. I was breathing so hard and thrusting into her with all that i had. She was moaning, i loved hearing her moan like that, it just made me harder. I got out of breath at one point and i pushed all the way into her and just laid down on top of her for a second and rested my head between her breats. She told me i was doing great and to take all the time i need. I asked her, “mom, if we do this, wont i get you pregnant?”. She laughed and told me, “baby you know how i had that surgery a few years ago?”, I replied, “yea the one so you wont hurt in your tummy anymore”, She laughed and said, “no baby, it wasnt for my tummy, i had my tubes tied, so i wont ever get pregnant again”. düzce escort bayan I thought for a second, and said, “so that means i…” she interrupted me and said, “baby, i want you to cum in me as much and as hard as you can”. I was as happy and aroused as ever, i got back up, and started thrusting again. what seemed to be just a couple minutes later mom screamed and moaned so loud. I thought i had hurt her. I then felt an even warmer sensation on my cock. I had just then realized, I MADE HER CUM! I was so happy. i kept pushing myself into her, as i felt pressure in my cock building up, i thrusted harder and harder, then all of a sudden, the best feeling in the world overcame me. I came in my mom!I laid down on top of her for a second, then rolled over. Her cum and mine were mixed all over her vagina and my cock… She then raised up and licked it all off of me. I didnt think I was any better than her so i cleaned her up too. we then got under the blankets, i laid my head on her breasts. She said, “Aww my baby boy’s first time, and i was involved”. We both laughed.She proceeded to kiss me on the lips, and we french kissed for a few seconds. She then said, “Now you know that your father or anyone else cant find out about this right?”. I replied, “I know mom, you would get in trouble”. She said, “Yes, mommy would get in alot of trouble and we wouldnt be able to do this again”. I then said, “Thanks, you dont know how amazing that really was”. She said, “I know baby, everyone has thier firsts, im just glad i could help by bieng yours.” We then fell asleep, laying there, completely naked, not a care in the world…A night like that never happened again. The only thing that ever happened again was when my dad went out of town occaisionally and we had the house to ourselves again, all we ever did was just simple things, i fingered her, and ate her out, and she gave me the best blowjobs ever.I still wish i would have a night like that again now 3 years later… Mom is 38 and im 18, and she still looks as good as she did then.