My Daughter’s Sweet Sixteen

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My Daughter’s Sweet SixteenHi my name is Randy Johnson and I’m 42 years old and my wife Sue Johnson is 39 years old and still look like she 18 years old and I had two c***dren well not c***dren anymore my boy is 23 and half and named after me and the girl my daughter is 20 now and her name is Sarah and she giving me a blow job as I’m typing this story about my family “come on daddy I want you so bad stop typing and come fuck me” sorry I have stop for a bit and fuck my daughter. “Ok sweetheart here I come get ready for on the chair” Sarah says” I’m waiting dad we haven’t got long before that bitch comes back with that asshole brother of mine” Randy “mmm I love it when you call your mother a bitch sweetie, oh your are horny, let me taste you honey” Sarah moans “oh daddy I love your tongue on my pussy, oh yes right there keep licking oh yes daddy” Randy says “oh sweetie you taste so good mmm I love it now come on ride daddy’s cock” Sarah says “ok daddy let me put that big cock of yours in my pussy” Randy says “oh yes, oh god I love when you ride me sweetie, oh you’re so tight and wet” Sarah moans “oh yes daddy I love bouncing on your cock, oh I love how your cock feel in my pussy because it so big” Randy moans “lay down sweetie daddy wants to thrust his cock into you” Sarah lays down and moans as her father begins to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy “oh fuck daddy…mmm I love when you thrust … oh god yes daddy …. thrust your cock in and out of me… oh yes it feel so good… oh god daddy I going to cum… oh fuck” randy moans “oh yes sweetie cum for me.. oh god yes … mmm so good in you… oh god I’m going to cum now” and Sarah came and Randy came on her boobs and they kiss for a bit then Sarah says “see you later tonight daddy and remember to cum in me so I can have your baby” and Randy sat back at the computer and said “yes sweetie see you tonight”Randy started typing again. Um now where was I oh yes I going to tell how this all started.First let me tell how I meet my wife, well me and my wife grew up together and she was and still is my best friend as k**s and we dated in high school until we got married after University when I got her pregnant with my son Johnny and my wife wanted one k** buck when my son was 2 and half, me and my wife got really drunk well to tell you the truth I wasn’t drunk at all and I got her pregnant again with my daughter.You most probably wondering why my daughter calls her mom a bitch well that because my wife has been living with my son and sleeping with him (as in sex) and this started when my son turn 13 years old, my started having wet dreams about his mother and I know this because he told me and every time he saw his mom he got a boner but what he don’t know until it happen my wife got wet from him all the time when she saw his boner and one day my wife ask me if I don’t mind if she help are out with his wet dreams and I didn’t think much about it and said yes and she went upstairs to his room and well kiss him on the lips and pulled out his hard cock and I know this because I watch her do it and I want to stop her but I didn’t, then my son said “mom what are you doing, why you kiss me like that” then my wife licked his cock as he moaned she said “well son I kissed you because I wanted to and I got your cock out because I have seen how you look at me and this cock of your all ways hard around me and it turn me on, knowing my son has the hot’s for me” and he moaned again as my wife began to suck his cock, as her head went up and down my son’s cock, my cock got hard too and began to rub my cock as my wife sucked my son’s cock and my sucked for awhile until he said “mommy I think pee is going to come out” and my wife stop sucking him and said “ that not pee son, that what men and women call cum, it this white stuff over your shorts and us women love the taste of cum and it also can make babies” and she went back to sucking him and a few minutes he began to moan and said “ mommy I think I am going to cum” my wife continued to suck him until he released his load into her mouth and she swallowed all of his cum and cleaned his cock up to then got the drink next to him and then kiss him again and said “ how was your first blow job sweetie” and he said “ that was a blow job, well it was nice and a bit weird but I didn’t mind getting it from you mommy” and my wife kissed him again and said “ thank you sweetie, you are so cute, now then sweetie go to sleep and we do this in the morning ok” and my son said “ ok mommy I go to sleep and really you will do it again in the morning” my wife said “yes” and kissed him again and then made her way to his door and lucky for me the bathroom upstairs is next to my son’s room so I went in their quietly and closed the quietly too then she came out of his room and I took out my earbuds then put the in my ears and flushed the toilet then come out of the bathroom and my wife looked at me and I took out one my earbuds and said “ how Jr doing hun” she said “ oh… ummm he doing fine now and he sleeping” I said “ok hun, what that on your lip” she said “oh this (as she took her finger across her mouth and looked at it) is some for Jr yoghurt that I gave him” as she stuck her finger in her mouth I said “oh ok honey (you lying bitch I know that Jr cum) at least he asleep now” and we went to bed.The next following months happen like this my wife got up every morning went it to my son’s room and sucked him off before he goes to school and sucks him off before he goes to bed and on his 14th birthday she introduced him to french kissing and on his 15th birthday she introduced him to boob job and I know all this is because I installed mini cameras all over the house and now the time has come to tell about my son’s 16th birthday and how he lost his virginity to his mother. The morning started off like any other day my wife went to my son’s room and woke him by giving him a french kiss and than gave him a blow/boob job, my son said “ morning mom what time is it” and my wife keeped his cock in between her boobs and said “ it 6am honey and I want to give you one of your birthday presents early” my son said “ Really? but you give me this every morning mom” my wife said “ I’m not talking about this” my son said jokingly “ what you going to let me have sex with you” my wife said “ no, that later tonight” as he came from hearing that he said “ wait.. umm…what… oh god” my wife said as she cleaned herself up “well… tonight you and I are going to have sex because no one’s going to be at home apart from us” my son said “ so where Sarah going to be and where dad going to be” my wife said “ well remember your sister got invited to a sleepover tonight and your father got to work later as well” my son said “oh yeah that right, so then what my present mom if sex if tonight and you always give me blow and boob job in mornings” my wife said “ well stand up (as she was taking of her skirt) this is what I want you to do” as she took of her panites and laid on the bed showing my son her pussy and then play a video of a guy licking and sucking a woman pussy, my son said “ wow mom your pussy look good for a woman who had two k**s” my wife said “ well thank you, you cheeky monkey, now then do the same thing to me as that guy did to that woman in the video and make me cum son” my son started of kissing his mother’s belly then moved to her thighs and licked her pussy and said “ wow mom your pussy is wet and it tastes nice too”, my son went back to licking and sucking his mother’s pussy and my wife was moaning “oh you naughty boy and thank you for saying I taste nice, oh yes that it lick me oh god, oh yes right there keep licking oh yes yes yes oh god you are good at this, don’t stop oh yes oh my god right there yes oh so good oh yes, oh boy so good oh yes right there oh my god I’m going to cum oh yes, oh yes you’re making me cum, oh god fuck oh yes yes yes oh I’m cumming ohhhh yes oh my god that was so good son”.My wife began putting her panties on and then put on her skirt, then put her boobs back into her bra then done up her top and kissed my son once more and my son had half a hard on my wife said to him “ mmm you will have to wait until later ok” my son said “ ok mom I will wait” my wife left are sons room and my son got dressed for school and my daughter got up and said “ happy birthday b*o” and got dressed for school and packed clothes for tonight and I went back to sleep.I woke up at 2:30 pm and went in the bathroom had a shower and then got ready for work and I left my house for work, I got work and went to my office and log in to my computer and brought up my secret cameras and as I did my wife come home and looks like my wife done a bit of shopping at a lingerie store as she went upstairs with 2 bags, then she laid out the lingerie on the bed, then she got undressed and went to the shower. My wife got out the shower and then dried herself, then she tried on all the lingerie pick one for Jr so she could fuck him, she said “ oh this is crazy, I’m about to have sex with my son, although I did cross the line of mother and son by giving him a blow job, but he is still my son, fuck it I want him inside me so that what I’m going to do”, she pick the lingerie she going to wear for my son which was a garter belt, red stockings with black pattern on it, a cupless bra and a crotchless panties, then she put on a silk robe and took out a box of condoms, then she put all her other lingerie away and look outside waiting for my son to turn up, umm excuse me guys but I’m horny so I’m going to fuck my daughter for a bit then I get back to the story.4 hours have passed.Wooow man right where was I, oh yeah my wife was looking out sinop escort the window for my son as he was on his way home from school, my wife said “ there he is and he alone good, I’m so nervous but it what I want to do”, then my wife made her way down the stairs and stood in the front room waiting for my son to come through the door, then my son came through the door took off his shoes and bag and went into the front room where he saw his mother just standing there in nothing but a robe and he said “ hi mom, what with the robe” and my wife Sue walked over to him and said “don’t you remember son, I told you that when you got home I was going to fuck you” my son Jr said “ yes I remember but I thought you meant later, not as soon as I got home from school mo…” Sue put her finger on his mouth and said “ enough talking, just kiss me already” and my son smiled and kissed his mother on the lips, Sue said “ look like someone happy to see me” Jr said “ can you blame me mom you’re so hot” my wife said “ take of you blazer and shirt and I’ll take off your pants and underwear” and as my son and wife were going to do that they heard the front door go and my wife said “ who could that be your dad at work and your sister at a sleepover”, the door opened up and it was my daughter and she said “ sorry mom and b*o I forgot something for sleepover, got it, good luck b*o with hanging out with mom”, the saw my daughter leave and Sue said as Jr got completely naked “ wow that was close, I’m not sure we should do this” and she turned around and saw my son naked and he said “ it ok mom, we both want this, we love each other” and he kiss his mother on the lips and she said “ you’re right, now derobe me I want to show you something I bought today from the lingerie shop”.My son disrobed his mother to reveal the sexy lingerie my wife had on and he said “ wow mom, you look so good naked and just wearing a garter belt and stocking” Sue said “ I’m not fully naked I just look it because I’m wearing a strapless and cupless bra and a crotchless panties” Jr looked at his mother and said “ oh yeah I can see them now” and they went to kissing, then my wife made her way down my son body and began to suck his cock as my son moaned “ oh mom I love your blow jobs, oh yes suck me mom” and my wife stopped sucking him for a bit and said “what that all about, you never said that before” my son said “ I saw it in a porno and I thought I would give it a try” my wife said “ well don’t, I still suck your cock without the porno stuff please” my son said “ ok mom, I’m sorry” and she went back to sucking him, then my wife stopped again and went to her robe and got out the condom and put it on my son cock, my son said “ what that mom” my wife said “ oh this a condom, I put on your cock so I don’t get pregnant” my son said “ I know that mom, but I really wanted to fill you on my cock” my wife said “ you will fill meoj you doesn’t mean we have to do bareback, that means no condom” my son said “ ok mom I understand, so can I lick you for a bit” my wife said “ go ahead son it all yours” then my son went to his mom boobs and suck on them for a while, then he made his way down to her pussy and began to lick and suck his mother’s pussy, my wife moaned “ oh yes, lick me oh god, you are so good at this, mmm fuck, oh yes right there, oh god yes, now fuck me, fuck me son, put your condom covered cock in me” my son stop licking his mother and tried putting in his cock into his mother’s pussy and he said “ mom my cock won’t go in” my wife said “ it ok son, you going to fast and high, here let me help you inside”, so my wife grab my son’s cock and moved it down to her pussy hole and slid it in, my wife moaned as my son’s cock entered her “ oh my god, oh yes you’re inside me, oh it feels so wrong but it’s so good, you’re cock is so big” my son said “ wow mom your pussy is so warm, mom your pussy is squeezing my cock like someone had a tight grip on it” my wife said as my son hips began to move “ oh yes son, my pussy is warm and tight just for you, oh god, fuck me yes, tight pussies are a good thing so, oh yes fuck me harder” my son said as his hips got faster “ so this is sex it feels so good, oh mom you’re boobs are moving as my hips move, oh god yes I love sex and I love you mom” my wife moaned “ oh yes son, I love you too, just don’t stop fucking me”, my son and wife fucked in the military position for an hour, my said to my son “ oh yes son. Could you lay down I want to ride you”, so my son laid down, then my wife laid on top of him and kissed him as she rub her pussy across my son’s dick, then she grab his cock and slid it into her pussy hole, then moved her legs and began to hump him, as my wife was humping my son, she sat up so he can she her boobs bounce up and down, then my wife got off him and got on all fours and said “ take me from behind son” so my son licked my wife pussy then stuck his cock inside her, then my wife said “ oh yes son, fuck me, oh god I’m cummimg” then my son said “ oh yes mom, fuck yes, oh god I got to cum too”, then my son pulled out his cock and took of the condom and came in his mother’s mouth, then my wife cleaned herself up and started dinner, then my wife and son had dinner then went to his room and fucked again until I got home.The next morning started of the same but my son wanted to try fucking in the morning and my wife said “ no it’s too dangerous, we could get caught” my son was like “ ok mom , but when the next time we can have sex”, so my wife came up with a plane to buy a place for the two of them and while she looked they could fuck in the car and hotel rooms for the time being and my son liked that plan, so the next following months and years was exactly like what my wife said, I know this because I put cameras in her car, they fucked and looked at houses until they found a place and the place they found was never the college that my son was going to, my wife and son moved in together after my daughter’s 16th birthday party after she found out that they have been having sex on her 16th birthday, so what happened well my son finished school a year ago and my wife found an apartment building for her and my son, that was near the college my son was going to, but there is one thing I forgot to mention that this apartment building has a front desk for security reasons.What I’m about to tell you came from my daughter when she visited her brother on the day of her birthday, she told me that when she finished school, she went to her brother’s apartment building to see what time he would be round for her birthday, so she went into the building to the front desk and ask them for the key to an apartment so she could surprise someone, the front desk person said “what number is the apartment” and my daughter told them the door number and they said “what your relationship with the person in room 202”, my daughter told them “that her brother lived there and she didn’t won’t him to know she was there” and they said ok miss and gave her a key and said we need that back before you leave and my daughter said “ok sir thank you”, she got in the left and went the the 5th floor, my daughter went to the room door and opened it up and close it behind her and I know all this because my daughter told me and I sound proofed the apartment and put hidden cameras up, but I couldn’t tell my daughter not to go and visit her brother just in case he fucking her mother and I couldn’t tell my son that I know he was fucking his mother but could they stop because your sister coming over so I just let things play out sooner or later my daughter was going to catch them having sex, so as my daughter closed the door she noticed my wife/her mother’s shoes there and jacket hanging up and my daughter told me she thought ( what mom’s shoes and jacket here for, maybe she decided to tell b*o what up for tonight) then my daughter continue her way into the apartment and got to the frontroom and expected to see her mom and brother sitting there talking but all she found was her mother’s handbag on the table in the frontroom.My daughter thought to herself ( mom bag on the table but i can’t see her or my brother here, maybe she in the toilet and my brother step out for something) my daughter continued her way round her brother’s apartment and she was making her way to the bathroom to see if her mother was there, as my daughter was making her way to the bathroom she past her brother’s bedroom and heard what sound like someone was bouncing on his bed and moaning, so my daughter opened the door very slowly to see what was going on and she couldn’t believe what she saw, her mother riding her brother and she burst into the room took out her phone and took a picture of them and said “ I going to show dad this you pervs” and she ran back to her shoes as her mother and brother quickly got out of the bed put some underwear on and tried to chase her but it was to late as my daughter already got into a lift and the doors closed before my son could get there, my daughter got home just as I got home and she was breathing heavily and tried to talk, I told her “ calm down and tell me slowly what’s going on” (even though I knew), my daughter gathered her breath and as she was about the speek my wife and son came in through the door, Sarah “ dad they have been having sex with each other and I got a picture to prove it” Sue “ no we haven’t dear, that picture if fake” Jr “ yeah dad, mom love you and she would nev…” I said “ enough son and you to Sue, now show me the picture Sarah” so she brought me her phone and I saw the picture and my wife face went all red, me “ so how long, hmmm how long has this been going on” Sue escort sinop “ honey listen, we only did this one time” Jr “ yeah dad, I was drunk and I got mom and drunk and we did the one time” Sarah “ you guys don’t look drunk to me and you must be lying” me “ they are lying Sarah and so have I” Sarah “ what you mean dad” as they looked at me and I said “ I caught them have sex last week and I don’t want to say anything” Sarah “ you knew and you didn’t tell me about this” me “ would you have believed me if i told you and didn’t have proof, no you would of Sarah” Sue “Hon…” me “ don’t honey me, get out of my house, and take your new boyfriend/son with you” so my wife and son left as I sat there in my chair and my daughter looking at me, Sarah “ you right dad, I wouldn’t have believed you about them two” me “ I know sweetie, come sit next to me”.Sarah came and sat next to me as I put my arm around her shoulders and kissed her on the head saying “ it ok sweetie, I’m here for you and I’m not going anywhere” my daughter kissed me on the cheek and said “ I know daddy, are you going to divorce mom?” me “I think so sweetie, and your brother can stay with her scene you know” Sarah “ I know daddy, I will stay with you” as she kissed me again and then she put her head on my shoulder and her hand on my leg right near my rock hard cock as we watched tv together, then I felt her hand moving closer to my cock as we were sit there and then she felt it, Sarah “mmm daddy look like some hard here” me “oh that my ummm” Sarah “it your cock dad, I know that” me “ ummm yes, sorry sweetie I couldn’t help getting hard” Sarah “ mmm what made you hard daddy, was the picture or me sitting next to you” me “ oh sweetie I can’t lie now, you always turn me on sweetie” Sarah then climb on top of me and said “ really daddy, did you ever picture us like this right now” me “ oh yes sweetie I did” then she came in closer and said “ so dad, you ever wanted to kiss me on the lips and fuck me” me “ yes I have sweetie, everyday I see you, I have to remember to kiss your cheek” Sarah “ oh really daddy, so If I told you that I knew you wanted me for a long time would you be mad” me “ what you meen you knew that I wanted you Sarah” Sarah “ well daddy, I notice you always looking at my ass and boobs and I saw your cock get hard all the time” I was just staring at my daughter and she was looking at me and said “ well I always thought of you and me having sex daddy, but didn’t want to do it just in case mom and brother caught us, but know we know they are have sex what stopping us, don’t you like mmmmm” I stopped my daughter from saying me by grabbing the back of her head and kissing her on the lips and she kissed me back and we were sitting on the sofa kissing each other, I broke the kiss as I grab her and stood up and said “ Sarah I love you, I mean I love you with all my heart and soul and I want you and I to be together forever” Sarah “ Oh daddy, I wanted to hear you say that” then she kissed me again as I made my way to the stairs and put my hand out to find the wall and made my way up the stairs with my daughter’s legs wrapped around me as we kissed up the stairs.We got to the top of the stairs I pushed my daughter up against the wall and we are still kissing, I started taking her top off and she let me and she took my top off and we continued kissing as I undid her bra as we walked to my bedroom, as I opened the door my daughter took of her bra and I laid her down on the bed and started licking and sucking her boobs, my daughter started moaning “ oh daddy, mmm daddy”, then I felt her hand go down my pants and grab my cock, so I took of my pants and told her to suck on my cock, so my daughter took hold of my cock and rub it and the licked the sides before putting it her mouth, I was like ( wow it feel so good, where did she learn this) as my daughter took my cock deep in her mouth, it felt so good in her mouth and I loved hearing her moan as she sucked me, I asked her “ where did you learn to suck like this”, Sarah stop sucking me and came face to face to me and said “ I learned from the internet and practices with dildo dad” then she took of her skirt and tights and panties, then laid on the bed with her legs apart and said “ come on daddy lick my pussy”, so I went down to my daughters pussy and felt how wet she was for me, so I rub her clit as she started to moan “ oh daddy, mmm daddy” then I started to lick her pussy and my god it tasted better then her mother’s pussy, I kept licking my daughter’s pussy as she was moaning “ oh yes daddy, right there daddy, mmm your tongue is so good, oh daddy, I want your cock inside me daddy”, so I stop licking her and went to my top draw and got out a box of condom that I had from when I fucked her mother, then I put the condom on my cock and kissed her and said “ how much do you want my cock in you sweetie” Sarah “ I want it so bad in me daddy, please give me your cock”, with that I slowly put my cock into my daughter’s pussy.As I put my cock in my daughter started moaning “ ow daddy it hurts, why your cock so big, it hurting my pussy” me “ sorry sweetie but it will hurt the first time, I’m trying to go slowly, your pussy is so tight”, I got my cock head and got most of my shaft in her pussy when she shouted “ oh my god, it hurts daddy, I can feel you cock inside me, it hurts but I want to have sex with you, so can we go slow first” me “ of course sweetie, we go slow so you can get use to my cock inside you” as I started moving my cock in and out of my daughter’s pussy, I notes blood on the condom that means I took my daughter’s virginity and she was moaning “ it hurts daddy, oh god it hurts, oh it hurts and it feels nice daddy” as I started moving my hips faster and harder as my daughter was loving the feeling of my cock in her pussy now, Sarah “ oh daddy it feels so good, I can’t believe I’m having sex with you, it hurt at first but now I don’t want you to stop” me “ oh yeah Sarah, my god your pussy is so tight, I didn’t know you wear still a virgin” as I continue to pound her pussy with my cock, we continued fucking and Sarah was moaning a lot as she loved the feeling of my cock going in and out of her pussy, Sarah “ oh daddy, it feels so good, oh my god daddy, I feel something coming out of me like pee” me “ oh baby, you’re so tight, mmm oh you’re going to cum my dear” Sarah “ what is cum daddy, oh god”, as I continued humping my daughter’s pussy I told her about cumming, me “ well sweetheart, oh feels so good, cumming is a slang term for a women’s orgasm, oh baby girl” Sarah “ oh daddy, what an orgasm” I stop the humping and said “ Sarah you never had an orgasm sweetie” Sarah looked it to my eyes and said “ no daddy, I don’t know what they are, mother never gave me the talk” me “what about your school don’t they have sex ed” Sarah “ they do but it not very helpful dad, could you tell me pls” as I began to hump my daughter again slowly I told her what is an orgasm, me “ well sweetie, an orgasm is wear you get a accumulated sexual excitement during sex, woman can squirt when they have orgasms and men shoot white stuff out of there penis and sometime women can produce white stuff from there pussy but it’s different to men’s white stuff and that why we call it cum”.I continued to hump my daughter slowly as Sarah said “ daddy could you go faster, I want to experience an orgasm” I was shocked at what I just heard but happy at the same time, so I began to go faster and faster and make my daughter moan “oh daddy, it feels so good, faster daddy” me “ oh baby, fuck I’m going as fast as I can go” Sarah “ oh daddy, I love you so much, oh I think I’m going to cum daddy”, I know she was going to cum because how tight her pussy got and she let out a big moan as she came, me “ oh baby I can feel you cumming, oh god I think I’m going to cum” and I took out my cock from my daughter’s pussy and took of the condom and came all over her boovs and body, Sarah “ oh daddy it’s so warm and sticky” then she took some of my cum and put it in her mouth and swallowed it, Sarah “ that cum from you daddy had a nice taste to it, maybe next time you could cum in my mouth” me “ oh definitely sweetie” Sarah “ dad I want ask you something” me “ go ahead sweetie, you can ask me anything” Sarah “ ok, what would happen if you came inside me without a condom on and I came at the same time” me “ well sweetie, when a man and woman cum at the same time there is a high chance of the woman getting pregnant” Sarah “ oh I see daddy, when can we do that daddy” I was shocked to her my daughter say that, me “ when you finished college sweetie” Sarah “ ok daddy, goodnight” she kissed me on the lips as we both feel asleep.The next morning I woke up to find my daughter sucking my cock and she looked at me and said “ morning daddy” and she went back to sucking my cock, me “ morning sweetie” as her head bobbed up and down on my cock, Sarah stopped sucking and said “ daddy I want to swallow your cum” and went straight back to sucking my cock trying to make me cum, me “ I can show away to make me cum sweetie” Sarah stopped sucking and said “ what that daddy” me “ well sweetie get on your knees and keep your mouth open” Sarah “ why, what you going to do daddy” me “ well sweetie, we guys call it face fuking, it where a man thursts his cock in and out of the woman’s mouth” Sarah “ ok daddy, as long I get to taste your cum” me “ you will, but you may choke and spit on my cock as I fuck face you” Sarah “ that ok daddy, come on let’s do it”, so Sarah got on her knees and opened her mouth as I placed my cock inside and began to thrust my hips slowly back and forth, Sarah was choking and sinop escort bayan spitting as I moved my hips faster and faster then I came in my daughter’s mouth and she swallowed all of it, then she got up and said “mmm thanks daddy, I meet you downstairs” and walk out of the room wearing nothing thank god it was Sunday and then i went downstairs in nothing with my cock still rock hard and I got downstairs to see my daughter sitting on couch with her legs apart and rubbing herself so I keep quite and crawled to the back of the couch and then got to my knees as i grab her boobs, Sarah “ mmm what took you so long daddy”, me “ how did you know it was me, it could have been a burglar” Sarah “ yeah but I know you’re here daddy” as I made my aroud to the front of my daughter and her eyes looked on my rock hard cock I said “ well what if I wasn’t here” as I want down to her pussy to lick she said “ will if was a burglar, I would have kicked in the balls and phoned the police”.Then I started licking her pussy making her moan as I said “ ok baby, mmmm that good to hear mmmm so good” as I continued to lick my daughter she was moan “ oh daddy, mmm right there daddy, fuck you know where to lick me daddy” then I sat on the couch with my hard cock up as my daughter took it in her mouth and sucked me for a while, then she got up and face the front door and began to to sit on my raw cock, me “ baby girl, i need to put condom on, fuck I feel myself entering you” as my daughter got my cock inside her and she said “ this feels better daddy, mmm I want it raw because I want to be daddy’s wife” before i could say anything she began to ride me in reverse cowgirl and then the front door open to my wife and son standing there as me and my daughter were having sex, my wife Sue“ hon… WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING” me and my daughter Sarah look at them as Sarah continued humping me and I saw my son getting hard, my wife “ you moan at me for having sex with are son then you don’t tell you been having sex with are daughter” Sarah “ well mother, this happen yesterday on my birthday and unlike you who been fucking my brother for god know how long” Sue “ well if that’s the case tell me why you doing now then” Sarah “well because unlike you, I love him and his cock and I want him to be happy” then Sue turned and saw the front door was still open as Sarah turned to face me and kissed me as Sue closed the door and felt my son behind her with a hard on in his pants and he turned her around and started kissing her, Sue “ your a naughty boy, getting hard from your father fucking your sister, can’t you wait until we get home” my son Randy Jr look at her in the eyes and said “ last night you didn’t let me fuck you mom, I really want to do it now, I can’t wait”.Then Sue saw me fuck are daughter from behind doggystyle and then she saw are son’s rock hard cock as he drop his pants and underwear, then Sue said “ fine take off your top son and sit down on the chair there” as she started taking off her clothes as are son sat there waiting for his mother, Sue faced Jr and slide his cock inside as they kissed and began to ride him, Jr started play with her boobs too as she rides him, it was the first and not last time I saw my wife fuck are son in person, we all fucked for hours and hours doing any position that we could think off and finely me and my son made are love cum and then we came in there mouths, I looked at my wife and said “ let’s go to Vegas and marry are k**s” then she looked at me then looked at Jr and said “ ok let’s do it”.Then I want on the computer to book flights to Las Vegas and picked two different hotels for me and my wife and we were leaving in a week’s time, so my wife and son left and said “ see you at the airport” as the door shut my daughter got up and went online, I asked her “ what you looking for sweetie” as she saw I was still rock hard she said “ well if we are going to get married dad, then I want to see if I can find cheap wedding dress and sexy bridal lingerie for are wedding” me “ ok sweetie, I’m going to the ring shop tomorrow with you to get the right sized ring” then I kissed her on the head as she keeped looking, Sarah finial found a dress and lingerie and a pair of white shoes and put them in basket and said “ dad could you buy these and I meet you in the shower”, she went upstairs and started the shower as I want to the computer and saw she had spend $250 on the items so I looked a suits and found one for $150 and added it to basket and checked out paying $405 do to shipping and went upstairs and fucked my daugher in the shower.Monday came as I phoned my daughter’s school saying “ Sarah won’t be in today she felt a bit sick” as I was covering her mouth as I pounded her pussy, then put the phone down, Sarah “ oh daddy that was so hot, mmm fuck daddy, what time we going to get are rings” me “ when I’m cummed in your mouth” then we continue fucking until I came in my daughter’s mouth, we got dressed after that then got in the car and went to the ring shop, we got to the ring shop just as my wife and son left with their rings, we saw each other smiled as me and Sarah went into the shop and bought are rings then we left and went home and as soon as the front door close me and Sarah made love again, the next following days was Sarah going to school until Sunday because she be go to Las Vegas for a week with me and she had no school that week that why I booked it for that week.Sunday morning 4:30am me and Sarah are awake and making sure we had everything before we left, once we had everything we put the suitcases in the car, looked the front door and drove to Orlando international airport to fly to McCarran international airport in Las Vegas, we park the car in drop off area and got a bus to airport and my wife and son had the same idea as we saw them on the bus, me “ hi Sue and Randy” Sue looked at me and said “ hi Randy and Sarah” then we sat next to them and I said “ we have to get on the plane as family but once we are of we go to are hotels” Sue “ sounds far and you have are hotels stuff anyway”, we got to the airport and check are bags in and got are tickets and we look at the time, 5:45am and we leave at 7:15am so we got ourselves some breakfast and waited until 7 to move to are gate.We got on are plane and I sat next to my daughter and my son sat next to his mother and we took off, 5h 20mins past and we landed at McCarran international airport and we got are bags then I gave my wife the hotel that her and my son was staying at and then they got in a taxi and then me and Sarah got in a taxi and went to are hotel, I got a text from Sue that read “booked in at hotel, put bags in are room, going to book a chapel now xxx” so we did the same thing as my wife Sue did, so we booked a chapels for Wednesday at 12pm and went back to are hotel and made love but we didn’t do it all day, me and Sarah did go out after making love and we saw Sue and Randy Jr at a restaurant and we when to a different restaurant and we had all week to explore Vegas, me and Sarah didn’t get back to are hotel room until 10pm and I got text from Sure saying “ we are having great time love, Jr and I are having sex as I’m texting u, mmm feels so good, we got back 5 mins ago hope you guys are having fun as much as we are xoxox, Jr keep fucking me”, I replied “ok hun, me and Sarah just got back too, now she sucking my cock, see u tomorrow xoxox” then I turned off my phone and fucked my daughter.I’m jumping straight to Wednesday because not a lot happened on Monday and Tuesday, so today was the day my life change for the better, today was the day I marry my daughter Sarah, we started the day by having breakfast as my daughter whispered “ I’m looking forward to late dad, I can’t believe we are getting married” me whispering back “ I know Sarah I’m looking forward to it to, I can’t think off anyone else that I want to marry”, we finished are breakfast and went back to are room to get ready for are wedding, we got in the shower together and Sarah said to me “ dad you gotta control yourself, but I do like the feeling of your hard cock on my butt” me “ well you can’t blame me Sarah, cos I always get hard around you and I love you more then anything, I want us to wed right now” Sarah turned and faced me then said as she put my cock between her legs and kept it out of her pussy “ I know dad, I love you too” and we began to snorg, we finished are shower we went to the bed and Sarah said “ dad could you get dressed in the lounge why I get dressed here” I made sure when I booked the room that they had a sitting area like a lounge, me “ ok sweetie, let me grab my stuff and I’ll get dressed”, I got my clothes for are wedding and shut the door behind me and got dressed, then Sarah come out in her white dress and she look so beautiful and had the veil covering her face.We left are hotel are the stuff we as luck in marriage as we went to are chapel to get married, as we made are way to the chapel, we noticed my son walking to his chapel with my wife/his mother as we entered in are chapels to get married, we met with the priest we exchanged are valves and we said are I do’s and he said “ by the county of Las Vegas I pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride” so I kissed my daughter in front of the priest who didn’t know she was my daughter and said “ Congratulations now we just need to fill out some forms” so we filled out the forms and left the chapel as we did we saw my son Randy Jr with his Mother Sue and looks like there had a marriage certificate like we did and then we went to are hotel rooms and fucked are wifes.4 years of marriage to my daughter Sarah we have a 2 year old girl and she 5 months pregnant with another c***d as for my son Randy Jr and his mother Sue they have a 3 year old boy and second c***d on the way this has been the best years of my life and I glad to to tell you all this but this is the The End.