My Boss And I (Part 2).

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My Boss And I (Part 2).It was a dream coming true. Here, alone in a hotel room, with my boss – a woman I had lusted after for years. And to have her pinned up against the door, kissing her passionately.She broke off our kiss suddenly. “Oh god, Chike,” she gasped, “this is so fucking wrong.” I stared at her intently, just inches away from her face. I waited for her to tell me to stop, to get away from her. Instead she pressed her nails into my back and urged me into her. I pressed my mouth back onto hers and pushed my tongue into her mouth. We both moaned hungrily. I massaged her tongue with mine and was overwhelmed when she proceeded to suck on my tongue as if she were performing oral sex. She was working it delicately with her mouth, sucking up and down its length. Finally she let it go and I exhaled deeply. “I know it’s wrong, but I want you so bad, Ifeoma. I have for a very long time.””You’ve hidden it well. You’ve never made comments, never tried to flirt. I was beginning to think you didn’t want me.””Are you k**ding, you drive me crazy, Ifeoma. All those nights working together – all those times alone. We’d be trying to work and in my head I would fantasize about what it would be like to just throw caution to the wind and take you.””Take me now, Chike, I’m yours.” Her words were music to my ears. I stepped back so I could drink in the sight of her. I’d waited so long and fantasized so many times hoping to hear her say that. She was leaning back into the door with her legs spread widely. She was breathing deeply in anticipation, her nostrils flared and she held her chin slightly up, defiantly gazing at me, daring me to finally look upon her openly appreciating her sexiness. Her chest heaved with every breath, her nipples erect and standing prominently beneath the light, slightly transparent fabric of her shirt. I made her wait a moment while I looked up and down her beautiful body. She grinned wickedly at me and I knew our wishes were both the same. This moment we were sharing might be wrong, but it was what we both craved.Without a word, I slid my fingers between the buttons on her shirt, lightly tugging it out of her skirt where it was tucked. She had taught me to be aggressive and it was time to show her just how well I’d learned. Taking hold of both sides of her shirt, just above her breasts, I violently pulled each side in opposite directions, sending the buttons flying all over the room. “Oh fuck yes,” she gasped. I pulled her mouth back onto mine and kissed her deeply.I slipped the shirt down off her shoulders and looked at her body. I had assumed her tits were a bit small, and that she must have accentuated them with her bras, but looking down at them I knew immediately I’d been wrong. Her breasts were full and heaving against her lacy bra, which was thin and tight and certainly offered no accentuation. The tits she boasted were all hers, not huge but larger than handfuls, probably B cups. The lacy bra was see-through and I could clearly see the dark outline of her erect nipples. With a deep breath I leaned down and kissed her between her breasts, smelling her sweet, soft skin, making my way up to her neck. She began moaning lightly as I kissed and licked the nape of her neck, over her earlobes, and onto her shoulder blades. I took my time in every place, moving excruciatingly slowly. I let my tongue run down her shoulder, onto her arm, kissing and licking the soft flesh of her arm at the crook of her elbow. I made light kisses down her forearm to her wrist, admiring the sexy, downy hair on her arm. I’d always admired these soft hairs, and found them indescribably sexy for some reason, and I was thoroughly enjoying the feel of them brushing softly against my lips. I kissed and licked her wrist, for no other reason than I loved its dainty little curves, and it smelled strongly of her sweet perfume.I then kneeled before her and lightly kissed her belly. It was immaculate, like her ass. A soft flesh blanketed muscle beneath, and it was heaven to kiss its soft firmness. I circled her navel with my tongue several times, before sinking it in slightly. “Mmmm, that’s so nice,” she cooed as I lightly probed her bellybutton. I ran my hands up the backs of her legs, under her skirt and up over her ass, squeezing as I licked her navel.My hands squeezed her bare ass under the skirt and I knew she must be wearing a thong or G-string. Her ass was warm and smooth; my hands sunk into its soft flesh. I absolutely could not wait to see her sexy panties, to lick them and pull them off with my teeth, just as I’d dreamed of for so long, since the day I’d gotten that tantalizing glimpse up her skirt. But I wanted to keep stoking her fire first; I wanted her to burn for me the way I had for her.I removed my hands from under her skirt and ran them up her back, kissing higher on her belly as I did so. My fingers found the clasp of her bra and unhooked it deftly with one clean twist and pull. I stood up in front of her, her bra now hanging loosely. I gazed into her eyes as my fingers slowly grasped the bra straps beneath her shoulders. I was going to do this agonizingly slow and let her revel in it. She had seduced me so well for so long; it was now my turn to return that favour. I pulled the straps ever so slowly toward me and freed her breasts from the cups. I then moved the bra slowly down her arms, and dropped it gently to the floor.I broke eye contact and stared longingly down at her breasts. They were gorgeous teardrops standing pertly on her chest. Even now, in her early 30’s, she had not begun to sag at all. Her tits were at attention, the hard, light brown nipples pointing out from the sea of creamy white skin. I stepped into her and dropped my mouth onto her right breast. I circled her nipple with my tongue, not licking it just yet. I was admiring its tautness; light brown and puckered with a small areola. Ifeoma leaned her head back against the door, submitting to my administrations wordlessly. After several circling licks I couldn’t stand it any longer and sucked her taut nipple into my mouth, flicking it repeatedly with my tongue. Immediately Ifeoma squealed in delight and gasped, “Fuuuuuuuuck.” I sucked hard on her nipple, knowing this was fueling the fire deep within her. I squeezed both tits, holding her soft flesh in my hands. I began to work my mouth onto both of her breasts intermittently, sucking, nibbling lightly, and pinching her nipples between my both fingers and teeth. She was moaning almost non-stop now, but still I was going to make her wait. I wanted to drive her crazy. I continued licking and biting her rock hard nipples for several minutes, squeezing them between my tongue and teeth, flicking them repeatedly.Finally I stood and stepped back again to look at her. She was leaning on the door, absolutely panting. Without a word I stepped toward her and wrapped my arms around her back. I ran my hands over her ass and found the zipper to her skirt. I pulled it down immediately and even the sound of it unzipping made her gasp. I could tell she was primed. I pulled down on the waistband of her skirt, slipped it free of her hips and it fell softly to the floor. I stood and stepped back once again. Her panties were black and silky. The material covering her pussy was a small triangle, attached with a G-string nearly as thin as dental floss, running in a slightly diagonal line over her hips, around to her ass. Seeing her standing there in front of me, naked, toned, and exuding raw sexuality was making my head spin and my legs rubbery.”You’re a goddess,” I said simply, without pretence.”I’m going to do things to you no goddess ever would. Evil things.””Not before I do them to you,” I replied. I knelt down before her and grabbed her by her hips. I looked up in her eyes, her hips held in my hands, her sex inches from my face. She was gasping for air now. “Yes Chike,” she moaned. I bent down and softly, lovingly kissed the inside of her thigh several times. She raised her leg and put it on my shoulder. I ran my tongue from her knee all the way up to an inch from her crotch. I inhaled deeply and could smell the musky wetness of her sex. I dropped her leg off my shoulder and pulled the other one up, repeating my long lick from knee to crotch. When I stopped this time, mere centimetres from her pussy, she let out a groan that was simultaneously ecstasy and disappointment.I wasn’t going to go easy on her, or just give her what she wanted. I was going to make her crave it. And I knew I’d succeeded. I bit gently into the soft, creamy white flesh of her thigh and sucked it into my mouth. I held it there for a moment, sucking gently. Then I let it go and looked up into her eyes again.”Ifeoma,” I whispered softly, “do you want me to kiss your pussy?” She both laughed and gasped simultaneously, and her knees buckled when I said this. She pushed herself back into the door to regain balance and said simply, “Yes.””No… say it, Ifeoma. I want to hear you say it.” I maintained eye contact, staring at her with my face hovering just inches from her mound, daring her to defy me. The sweet, pungent aroma of her sex, mixed with both her perfume and a day’s worth of her sweat was overwhelming and I could feel the heat emanating from her chasm.She met my gaze for a moment defiantly. But then her lips curled into an absolutely wicked grin I’d never seen her wear before and she relented. “Please kiss my pussy, Chike.”I returned her grin, then slowly pressed my face into her panties. They were soaked clean through with her juices, and my lips and nose were instantly covered in them. I inhaled deeply and savoured the smell. It was sweet and musty, and clouded my head of any coherent thought. I began perversely kissing her through her panties. Kissing up around her pussy, feeling stubbly hairs lightly pricking me through the delicate fabric. Then kissing lower down along her lips, feeling the thick flesh of her labia moving around beneath. I was smothering her mound with kisses everywhere. “Ooooooooooh,” she moaned.I could control my tongue no longer. It darted out between my lips and began lapping away at her panties. They tasted much like the smell they were emanating, sweet, dank, salty and heavenly, and I was running my tongue in long licks from the bottom of her pussy to the top. The tiny triangle of silky fabric was soon drenched with my saliva and her juice. It was time to tease her no longer.I looked into her eyes again. “Ifeoma do you want me to lick your pussy?”Without hesitation, nearly screaming at me, she replied, “Fuck yes, lick me Chike, eat me. You have your revenge, I’m going crazy.” So she had read my mind and knew exactly what I was doing. Without pause I looped my fingers around the waistband of her panties, bit into the fabric covering her mound and pulled as much of it as I could into my mouth, then tore them down her legs with both my fingers and teeth. I slipped them around her ankles and feet and pulled them off her. I held them to my darıca escort bayan nose and sniffed them again once more before tossing them aside.Then I turned and stared at her gorgeous pussy. Her jet black pubic hair was trimmed to about a quarter inch, and shaved in a landing strip just above the cleft of her clitoris. I pushed her right leg up and placed her thigh on my shoulder. Her smooth, shaved vagina lay wide open before me. Her outer labia were dark brown, covering soft pink inner lips. Her inner labia protruded slightly but did not hang. I put both of my thumbs on either side of her outer labia and spread them open. As I did so, her smooth, pink inner lips peeled open and revealed a thick stream of milky pussy juice. I descended on it hungrily and lapped at it. “Ohhhh fuuuuuck,” Ifeoma moaned as my tongue entered her cunt. I began licking away at her pussy lips greedily, getting mouthfuls of juice with every lick. No matter how much of her nectar I lapped up, she seemed to be making more and more. The clear fluid was as thick as syrup, and tasted almost as sweet. There was a tinge of saltiness to it as well, and my mouth and throat were becoming thick with it. I had never experienced a woman this wet before. It was as though there was a constantly flowing fountain deep within her vagina, and I was drinking from it.I stopped for a moment and looked into her eyes. “You are so fucking beautiful down here, baby; you are so pretty.” She smiled at me.”I’m really flowing. Am I too wet; it’s not weird for you, is it?””Of course not, are you crazy? I’m savouring every drop of you. You’re sweeter than candy, Ifeoma. Why would you think it would be weird?””I dunno, some guys don’t like…””Yeah well fuck that,” I interrupted before she could finish the sentence. I didn’t want to hear the rest of that thought. “Your cunt is so fucking pretty.” I licked it deeply. “It’s like a creamy pink flower. And your nectar is like a sweet and tangy juice. It’s warm and thick and I just wanna drink every fucking drop out of you and swallow your essence.””That’s so hot,” she moaned. “That is the hottest fucking thing anyone’s ever said to me.”I opened my mouth widely and sucked hard on her entire vulva, licking it softly and keeping my tongue thick to cover more flesh with every lick. Then I sucked as much of her soft flesh into my mouth as I could. I had a mouthful of her sex and I just sucked on it softly, massaging her swollen labia gently with my tongue. After several moments of this, I felt her knee giving way slightly, causing her to lose balance. I released her flesh from my mouth. “Lay down on the bed, baby;” I told her, “let me please you.” She complied, dropping her leg off my shoulder and pulling me up by my hand. She laid on her back on the bed and spread her legs wide. I crawled onto the bed between her legs, amazed by how beautiful she was. I stared down at her pussy and whispered, “So fucking sexy.””You are unbelievable, Aduba,” she laughed as I laid face-down between her spread thighs. I lowered my face into her cunt and ran my tongue from her taint all the way up to her clit. I repeated this motion several times, enjoying her moans and squeals. I then ran my hands beneath her ass cheeks and lifted her up off the bed slightly to meet my mouth. I used my thumbs to push her labia apart, and buried my tongue into her hole. I lapped greedily away at the opening to her vagina, taking as much of her juice into my mouth as I could, but much of it was now running in a steady stream down into the crack of her ass. Her moaning had now become one long groan, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…” I pulled my tongue from her vagina and followed the stream of her juice down to her ass. I wanted better access to her so I lowered her butt back onto the bed and pushed her knees up onto her chest. She complied willingly, hooking her arms around her knees to hold her legs up, and spreading them as wide as she could. She was incredibly flexible and was practically doing a split. I let my face dive deep down into her ass crack.The stream of her pussy juice had collected in a little pool in the indentation of her asshole, then trailed down the back of her ass onto the bed where it had made a small, dark, wet spot. I followed the stream from her pussy to her taint, licking it up, until I reached the delicate pucker of her dark brown asshole. I circled it lightly with my tongue teasing her. “Oh… my … god,” she squeaked.I pressed my tongue into her hole, lapping up her juice. She squealed with delight and what seemed like disbelief as I circled her hole over and over again, pressing gently inside it. The thoughts racing through my mind were making my head spin. Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined I would be doing this, administering this treatment to my boss, the one woman in the world I thought I could never have, and the one I wanted most. But here I was licking Ifeoma’s asshole, her beautiful body quivering beneath me. She was repeating my name over and over, “Oh god Chike, oh Chike, oh yes…”I tongued her asshole deeply for a few moments more. Her droning, almost incoherent, moaning of my name convinced me it was time to give her release. She looked so beautiful lying there, and I had teased her enough. I pulled my head up from her ass and she looked down at me. “God Chike, that felt soooo good. I can’t believe you did that.””Did you like it?””Oh fuck yes, it felt incredible.””Then I’m glad I did.” Without another word I descended once again on her vagina. I buried my tongue deep into her, licking her inner walls. Her cunt was tight and I had to push hard with my tongue to enter her. But I didn’t want to continue teasing her for long. I tongue-fucked her softly for several moments, then withdrew gently. I wanted to please her, to give her release.I placed my mouth on her clitoris, kissing it softly several times before licking it. I licked it lightly at first, not wanting to over-stimulate her sensitive bud. Soon I could tell she was clearly losing herself in my administrations, as her moaning became an incoherent repetition of my name again, so I increased the frequency and intensity of my strokes. She reached her right hand down and, using two fingers, spread her cleft wide open to give my tongue better access to her clit. This freed my hands to further please her.I slid my middle and index fingers into her cunt, not breaking the rhythm with my tongue. I pushed my fingers forward on the roof of her vagina until she gave a shudder letting me know I’d found her spot. I gently massaged her with my fingers in the same rhythm with which I was licking her clit. I reached my other hand up onto her tit and squeezed hard on her nipple, twisting it. The effect was instantaneous. Her entire body bucked and flexed. I could tell she was beginning the final stretch into ultimate pleasure. Her legs squeezed my head and she bucked her hips up further into my mouth. I sucked down hard on her clit and drew the bud into my mouth, where the sucking action and licking of my tongue could drive her to her destination. Her free hand grabbed her other tit and squeezed the nipple, her bucking now becoming steady and rhythmic with my sucking. Finally I felt her vaginal muscles tighten and then spasm as her orgasm engulfed her. Her entire body twitched and shook with her climax, and she let out a long, loud, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…”I licked her clit gently and lightly until her convulsions slowly subsided, letting her experience the full effect of a draining orgasm, but not exerting too much stimulation on her now engorged and hypersensitive clitoris. When the spasms passed, I pulled my fingers slowly out of her cunt and pushed myself up to lay next to her.She pulled my mouth into hers and kissed me deeply, letting her tongue lick all around my mouth and lips, tasting her juices. I pushed my still soaking wet fingers into her mouth as well to let her lick her nectar off of them while we kissed. She lapped at them greedily, savouring her own taste, and it drove me insane. My cock was rock hard in my pants; I could feel it pulsating and leaking pre-cum profusely. She finally broke the kiss after several long moments. “Oh my god, Chike,” she said, “that was unbelievable. It’s been years since anyone has eaten my pussy until I came. I forgot how incredible it felt.””Are you serious? That’s crazy.””Well, like I said, some men don’t appreciate eating pussy quite the way you do. Actually very few do, that was seriously fantastic. You’re… a fucking professional, truth be known.” Her thoughts seemed to s**tter for a minute, before she shook her head and gathered herself. “So anyway, yeah, I haven’t cum from being eaten in years.” I had no interest in asking about her husband or finding out what that story was. It was enough to know I’d given her such pleasure, especially since she’d been deprived of it for so long. God that’s a shame,” I replied, “because you’re absolutely delicious.”She laughed. Then she looked down at me and said, “What’s wrong with this picture? Here I am naked, basking in the sensations of an incredible orgasm, and you’re still fully dressed. This just won’t do. Stand up for me, baby.”I did as she asked and stood by the side of the bed, watching in anxious anticipation as she crawled across the bed over to me on her hands and knees, slinky and sinewy like a kitten, with that absolutely wicked little grin on her face. She sat up on her knees when she reached me and unbuttoned my shirt.She pulled it off me and immediately untucked my undershirt and pushed it up over my shoulders. I put my arms up and pulled it off me. She dug her fingers into my chest and kissed and licked me all over. I work out regularly so I stay pretty fit; she seemed to be enjoying my body as her fingers dug into my muscles and her tongue made tracks all around my chest and mid-section. She pulled each of my nipples into her mouth in turn, flicking them with her tongue. As she sucked greedily on my nipples, her fingers found my belt buckle and opened it.Her mouth dropped to my navel and she circled it with her tongue, just as I’d done to her, for several agonizing moments. She then unbuttoned my pants and pulled down on the zipper, rubbing the pulsating bulge in my pants as she did so. I heard her gasp as her hand felt my hardness. She looked up at me with her gorgeous green eyes and said simply, “Drop ’em.”I pushed my pants to the floor, ripping my socks off as well as I did so, and stood before her in my underwear. I wear boxer briefs so my erect hard-on was obvious as it pushed against the light gray fabric, and my leaking pre-cum had left a dark stain at the tip of my cock. She looked at my bulge then smiled up at me. “Now that is sexy,” she cooed.She reached down with her right hand and stroked my dick through my underwear. I moaned as her stroking sent electric waves up and down my spine. She then lowered her head and began kissing and licking my covered shaft, teasing me much like escort darıca I had teased her. Her mouth was tantalizingly hot and wet and I ached to feel it on my bare dick. After another several agonizing moments of this, she finally hooked her thumbs over the waistband of my boxers and pulled them aggressively down. My stiff hard-on twitched before her, aching to feel her soft, warm mouth.I shave my pubes with an electric razor once a week to stay trim. Ifeoma clearly seemed to like this because as soon as my underwear was down she began running her palm over my shaved crotch and pubic area, smiling as she rubbed my dark stubble. Then she turned her attention to my throbbing hard-on, caressing it gently with her fingers. I wasn’t particularly impressed with my own cock, it was pretty much average, between six and seven inches, depending on how aroused I was, and about as thick as the cardboard in a paper towel roll. Ifeoma seemed quite impressed though. She was admiring it and smiling. “Beautiful,” she said, “so fucking beautiful.” Then, after several moments of unabashedly studying my twitching hard-on and grazing its length lightly with her fingertips, she looked up at me, that wicked grin returning to her face, and said, “So Chike… do you want me to suck your beautiful cock?””Ifeoma, I have dreamed of you sucking my cock,” I replied, my knees weak with anticipation. “Then say it,” she replied.”Please suck my cock, Ifeoma.” She smiled brightly and wrapped the fingers of her right hand around the base of my cock. She bent it down gently to put it in line with her mouth, then leaned her head back so that she didn’t block my view of what she was about to do. Still smiling up at me, she kissed the head of my cock several times. I could see my pre-cum glistening on her lips as she began kissing down the length of my rock-hard member. When she got to the base, just above my scrotum, she gave it a final long kiss, then opened her mouth and let her tongue caress the underside of my dick. She then craned her neck and licked slowly but steadily from the base all the way to the tip. I groaned with delight, feeling her soft tongue massaging my cock for the first time, an impossible dream coming true.She smiled again hearing my groan, then opened her mouth and pushed the head of my cock into it. Again I groaned as she started sucking with intense pressure on just the tip of my hard-on. She used her tongue to circle and massage the head. Then slowly and patiently she began to take my cock further and further into her mouth, mere centimeters at a time. As my cock sunk slowly deeper, she kept her intense suction steady, while lapping the underside of my cock with her tongue. The sensation felt incredible. I’d had my cock sucked many times, but I’d never wanted it as badly as this, and no one had ever relished the sensations they were giving me the way Ifeoma did. She kept looking up at me, and I could see the smile curled on the sides of her lips, despite the fact that her mouth was filled with my member.After several moments of taking my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, she was nearing my hilt. But I could tell she was also running out of room in her mouth because she was forced to look down and was concentrating on not gagging. She didn’t stop her progress though and soon I felt my dick pushing on the back of her throat. She removed her hand from the base of my dick, took a deep breath through her nose, and pushed her head further down my cock. I felt the tip push deep into her throat as her lips pushed onto my scrotum.She now had my entire cock in her mouth and down her throat. She let out a long, satisfying moan that vibrated throughout my entire shaft and against my balls. I moaned as well as the sensation sent electric shocks through my body. My moan further excited her as she grabbed my ass with both hands, pulled me into her, and forced me even deeper down her throat. She moaned louder, increasing the vibrations of her humming. I couldn’t control the volume of my voice as I yelled down at her, “Ohhh fuck, Ifeoma, that feels amazing!”She let my cock slide out of her throat but maintained suction on the tip. She smiled up at me again, then closed her eyes and bent eagerly to her task. She began bobbing her head forward and back in a quick and aggressive manner. She was taking my cock deep into her throat, then backing out all the way to the tip, then deep into her throat again. I could tell she was concentrating with all her might not to gag. All the while she was licking my shaft vigorously, putting intense pressure on its fleshy underside. The sensation was unbelievable.I was moaning her name uncontrollably just as she’d moaned mine. I knew I would come within seconds if I didn’t stop her. I grabbed her face on both sides with my hands and pushed her gently off my cock. As soon as it slipped out of her mouth I bent down and kissed her aggressively, pushing my tongue into her mouth and making her massage it the way she’d just sucked my cock. We kissed each other hard and sloppily for several moments, tongues lashing each other, spit spilling from the sides of our mouths. I broke the kiss and stood up. I touched her face with my hand, and let my thumb gently massage her cheek. She looked up at me longingly.”Ifeoma, we have to make love. I’m burning for you.”All she said in reply was, “Fuck me now.” I cradled her head in my hands, savoring the moment. We smiled at each other, then in an effort to catch her completely off-guard, I pushed her aggressively down onto the bed by her shoulders. “Oh fuck yes, baby,” she cooed, “do you want me? Do you want to fuck me?” She was crawling away from me to the head of the bed as she asked this. I crawled onto the bed following her, like a tiger stalking its prey.”You know I do, you know I want you.””Oh yeah,” she taunted, “you want this body? You want this sweet pussy?””Yes. I wanna feel it.”She laid on her back and spread her legs wide. I crept between them and began kissing her thighs.”Oooooh do you really want it now? Do you want to put your cock in my delicious pussy? You said it was delicious didn’t you, baby?” I sensed that her teasing questioning was her trying to gain some authority back over me. I didn’t mind it at all, and actually found it quite sexy that she felt she had to even try. She must have felt a certain vulnerability when she climaxed; now she wanted to assert some dominance. It was hers; it always had been, so I would gladly give it back to her.I looked up into her eyes, my head between her legs, just inches from her cunt. “Your pussy is so fucking delicious, Ifeoma.” I broke eye contact and dived into her soaking pussy. I pushed my tongue as far into her vagina as I could. Her juices immediately began streaming from her chasm. I licked vigorously for several moments, but she was beyond ready. She was sopping wet and swollen, ready to be fucked. I kissed her pussy a final time then ran my tongue up over her belly, over her tits, and up to her neck. She grabbed my face with both hands and pulled me into a kiss, licking her juice off my face as she did so.Then she looked in my eyes, and said in a soft, sweet, and very serious voice for the second time in the night, “Take me, Chike.” She wrapped her legs loosely around me. I swiveled my hips several times, letting my cock rub between her labia and get wet with her juices. Then, once it felt warm and slick, I settled it between her pussy lips and gently thrust forward. We both held our breath, anxiously anticipating the beautiful moment.I felt my cock separate her inner lips gently and rest just at her opening. We stared deep into one another’s eyes. The moment had arrived; the one which I had dared not dream was even possible. I dipped my shoulder just slightly and ground my hips gently forward, not breaking eye contact in the least. We both exhaled savagely as the tip of my cock pushed past the gentle resistance at the opening of her cunt and I let my dick sink torturously slowly into her pussy, inch by inch.She gasped, “Oooooooohh fuuuuuuck, Chike,” as I simultaneously groaned, “Ohhhhh Ifeoma oh god, baby.” Once I had buried my cock in to the hilt, I slowly withdrew it out to the tip. I entered her again, this time a bit quicker. She moaned my name again, and it officially became time to dispense with the slow, sensitive thrusting. I put both of my hands on her tits and pushed myself up, squeezing them hard. I began thrusting with my hips, long and deep strokes from tip to hilt. She wrapped her hands around my neck as I increased the rhythm of my thrusting. She used my neck for a bit of leverage as she began bucking her hips to meet my every thrust.Our bodies’ meeting was making a wet slapping noise, and my mind began to swim. I increased the speed and depth of my strokes even more, becoming a mindless machine bent solely on fucking the woman I had desired for years as hard as I could. Every moment of longing I’d known for her, every second I’d wanted her but thought I couldn’t have her, was now erupting from me in a fury of unadulterated passion.All semblances of pretense and decorum disappeared from her as well. She said things in the heat of passion that I never imagined she would even think, much less ever say to me. She was punctuating our fucking with a string of filthy talk that I found to be the most arousing quality about her I’d discovered so far. It was a tantalizing reflection of the way she’d teased me and busted my balls at work years. “Fuck me hard, baby, fuck my brains out. Oh god, you are so fucking good. I’ve wanted to fuck you like this for so long, why didn’t we do this sooner? You’re filling my pussy up, god your cock is so fucking huge. Ohhhh you feel so good inside me.”Usually I found women talking to me during sex annoying, but Ifeoma was very different. First of all, I could tell she was sincere. She wasn’t bullshitting me thinking it would turn me on. I could tell she meant every word, and that it was adding to her pleasure in the moment. Secondly, this was so out of character with her that the juxtaposition between the professional Ifeoma and the sexual Ifeoma was incredibly arousing. We’d barely ever even flirted in our time of working together. She never revealed that she had a dirty side and I couldn’t have guessed that there was any freak in her. So now, to hear her telling me to fill her pussy with my hard cock was driving me absolutely out of my mind.I couldn’t hold out with this hard, fast rhythm for long so I broke it and pulled my cock unexpectedly out of her. It was a bit of a power play, but I was enjoying having her under my control. “Hey, bring that cock back,” she moaned breathlessly. “Sorry,” I replied, “you’ve been the boss long enough. I’m calling the shots now, gorgeous.” I smiled at her to let her know I was just being playful. She smiled back and said, in a very obedient voice, “Ok, boss, what do you want me to do next?” She punctuated her question by straightening her legs, pulling darıca escort her knees up, then stretching her legs wide into a spread-eagle position, her pretty pussy splayed open before me. Clearly she was comfortable in our balance of control. I looked down at her pussy and smiled. I took a deep breath and could smell her pungent juices. Then I looked up at her and said, “It’s time for you to ride me.”She giggled in anticipation as we switched positions, giving her a bit of control back. I laid on my back, my hard cock sticking straight up. As she was twisting into position she shocked me by suddenly dropping her mouth onto my dick and sucking it aggressively. She was letting spit spill out of her mouth onto my member, getting it sopping wet and ready to enter her again. She pulled off it and smiled as she straddled me. She maneuvered my cock into position and sank slowly onto it. I entered her and the soft, familiar warmth engulfed me. I whispered, “Fuck me, Ifeoma.”She wasted no time in obliging. Her hips swiveled in a tiny circular motion with each thrust. She was working her abs and glute muscles every time she bounced on my cock; her entire lower body flexing as she fucked into me over and over again. She was moaning with every thrust, and it was my turn to talk dirty to her. “God, Ifeoma, your little pussy feels soooooo good. It’s so fucking hot and wet on my cock. You are so fucking tight, baby, it’s making me crazy.”She responded to my filthy talk with renewed vigor, almost defying gravity with her deep thrusts. She was balancing herself with her hands on my chest. Between dirty talk I was craning my neck up to suck on her pert, shapely tits, gripping and squeezing her taut nipples between my teeth. Her groaning had become a low, a****l-like grunting. Abruptly she arched backward and leaned as far back as she could. My dick was buried to the hilt inside her and she began bucking violently on it. Her tits pointed straight toward the ceiling and I ran my hands over them, squeezing her hard nipples. I felt her approaching another climax. But before she allowed herself to cum, she stood suddenly, letting my dick slide slowly out of her.She stared at me, both of our hearts pounding, our breathing heavy. Without so much as a word, she spun 180 degrees and leaned forward on all fours, her legs spread widely, presenting her sex to me. She stayed in this position and turned her neck to the side to look back at me. She was still breathing heavily and her sweet cunt twitched with every breath as I stared at it. Even her sphincter was clenching, making the tiny rosebud of her asshole pucker with her twitching.I pulled myself up into a kneeling position behind her, ready to take her doggy-style. I spit into the palm of my hand and ran it over her cunt to lubricate it. She moaned softly with the stroke of my hand. Then I spit into my hand again and rubbed it onto my cock to prepare myself to enter her. I pressed the head of my dick into her folds, feeling them push aside to welcome me. Then again I hit her soft threshold and paused, feeling its muscular resistance. But with a gentle push it relented and my cock slid smoothly into her velvety sheath. We both groaned as the feeling of our coupling engulfed us. I began slowly pumping my cock in and out of her hole. Her chasm was still wet and lubricated with her juices, and my cock glided smoothly in and out of her.I couldn’t keep my rhythm slow for very long. Soon the gentle caress of her tight, muscled vagina and the sight of her ass cheeks rippling with each thrust were sending me over the edge. I grabbed her hips for leverage, increased my rhythm and began fucking her hard and deep. Her breathing was deep and her moaning was heavy. “Oh god, fuck me, Chike, fuck me haaaarrrd,” she gasped. I obliged by increasing the depth and frequency of my thrusts. Soon I was pumping her hard and fast and we were both moaning and swearing with the intensity of our fucking. The slapping noise as my pelvis slammed into her ass thrust after thrust was driving me over the edge. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. I reached my right hand down beneath her and began stroking her clit in a circular motion. She sucked air in through her teeth as my fingers massaged her bud. “Oooooh fuck yes,” she gasped.The entire day was nearing its triumphant climax within me. I woke this morning wondering if we had what it took to complete a pretty improbable business deal. Now here I was in the evening, not only having completed that deal against all odds, but sharing an intense session of lovemaking with my boss, a woman I’d secretly desired for years. The moment was building to its climax and I began to feel the pressure mounting uncontrollably in my balls.”I’m gonna cum soon, baby,” I groaned.”Wait for me, Chike, I’m so close.” I could tell she was rapidly nearing her second orgasm. Every muscle in her body had tightened and she was thrusting her ass aggressively back into me, meeting every thrust I gave her. She reached her own hand underneath mine on her clit and began rubbing it aggressively. Her breathing had become quick gasps of air as her fingers spun in tight, quick circles on her clit. I reached the hand that had been stroking her clit behind her head and used it to pull her hair. She arched her back as I gently pulled her hair and the position sank my cock even deeper into her. The sensation was incredible and it drove me so close to the edge. “Mmmmmm, Ifeoma,” I begged desperately.”So close, so close…” she implored. I was fighting the urge now pulsating in my balls. I could feel the explosion building within me; I forced it back with nothing but willpower, wanting nothing more than to save it for when Ifeoma came. After several agonizing moments, finally Ifeoma moaned, nearly shouting, “Ohhhh, awwwww, oh god… I’m going to… cum with me Chike cum with me now baby!”I gave her two long, deep thrusts and let the orgasm within me explode into her. We both screamed in ecstasy as we simultaneously climaxed; our shouts a mingle of swears and moans. “Oh fuck, oh yes, oh god, fuck yes,” each as loud as the other as we shouted our pleasure to one another. I slowed my rhythm to a steady, deep, in and out motion as jet after jet of my load shot out of me into her. She collapsed down onto her belly as her own orgasm enveloped her. I sank down with her and we continued to grind into each other in a slow, circular motion. I could feel my semen slowly but continuously spilling into her.After several glorious moments of ecstasy, my cum finally tapered to drops leaking out of me. I let my cock relax, still deep inside her, as I collapsed on top of her, kissing the back of her neck and shoulders. She pulled her hand out from under her and reached back to stroke my lips with her fingers. I kissed and licked her fingers, tasting her sweet nectar. Her cum was thick on her fingertips and I reveled in its oily, sweet taste. It was the perfect dessert to end a perfect evening. I finally rolled off her after several minutes of catching my breath, kissing her shoulder once more as I did so. Once I was on my back she leaned in and kissed me deeply on the lips, then rested her head in the crook of my shoulder, reaching an arm across my chest. “Good night, Aduba,” she said, “and congratulations.””Good night, Nwosu,” I replied, “and for what? The deal?””No, for giving me the most mind-blowing night of sex I’ve had in a very long time.””Oh, right,” I laughed. “The pleasure was all mine.” I kissed the top of her head, rested my arm around her shoulders to hold her, then laid my head down on the pillow. I was exhausted. The day was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish, and the evening had been a marathon of incredible sex. I fell asleep immediately. When I awoke the sun was already up. Normally I can’t sleep in one position all night, much less with a woman sleeping on top of me, but the day’s emotional draining and the night of unbridled sex had sapped me of all energy. I lifted my head slightly and this woke Ifeoma up. I craned my neck to look at the time on the clock radio but Ifeoma said, “Don’t worry, I told them we wouldn’t be in until the afternoon.”I laughed and kissed her forehead. Almost immediately I wondered if that had been a mistake. What if she wanted to forget what had happened last night? What if she was regretting it and wanted it to never be acknowledged? My fears were put instantly to rest though when in reaction to my kiss, she held me tighter and kissed my neck. I dozed back off to sleep.A while later she stirred and woke me. She rested her head in her hand, leaned on my chest, and stared into my eyes. “Last night, yesterday, everything… it was all amazing,” she said.”Yes, it was,” I replied. After staring at her and smirking for a moment, I knew there was something I had to say. “Ifeoma, I just want you to know that everything is fine between us. I mean, I understand discretion, and I respect our working relationship, and your marriage, and… I’m just saying, I’m ok. Everything’s ok.”She smiled at me. “I know, Chike. I know you know all that and I know you respect everything about me and us. Believe me, I wouldn’t have made love to you if I didn’t know that beyond a doubt. I just don’t do what I did with you last night. Not with anybody. I’ve never fooled around on my husband and even before I was married I didn’t do that stuff recreationally.””No, I know that. I just… I just don’t want you to see me, or last night… as a mistake.” Oh god, Chike, no, I don’t think that and I never will. Last night was unbelievable. It was so good; I mean, I fantasized about making love to you so many times but that was so beyond my fantasies it’s crazy.””Well, in fairness,” I teased, “only about half of last night was making love, the other half was unbridled fucking.””You’ve got a point there,” she laughed and pounced on me kissing me deeply. She broke off the kiss after a moment and said, “Chike, there’s something I want you to know. Last night I said you’re everything a man should be. Well… I wasn’t just blowing smoke up your ass or trying to seduce you. I mean that. I don’t know how else to say it, except to tell you this: Last night, Ifeanyi would have taken a taxi back to the hotel.”She didn’t have to say anything else; that statement said it all for me. I stared deep into her eyes for a moment, then I pulled her into me, kissing her mouth deeply. We kissed hard for several moments before finally breaking apart. We showered together and got ready to make the drive back. We never really addressed what was supposed to happen next. We didn’t really need to. I respected her life, her marriage, and our work relationship. We settled back into our professional personas and did our best to not make the other uncomfortable in any situation, work, social or otherwise.It wasn’t long after our huge deal that Ifeoma got a promotion and continued her move up the ladder. I would have her again, getting to know her incredible body and passion, several more times. But those are stories for another time. It was enough that day to have gotten to experience my fantasy, my unattainable goddess. My boss, my mentor, become my lover. Part 3………