Morning with Vin Diesel (Kinda)

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This actually did happen to me, more or less exactly as I typed it, so please no comments on how it couldn’t have happened. I know my guy and you don’t so ppphhhtttt. 😛 Oh also, no numbers or anything along those lines so if your wanting to read about 36-32-38 women or 9 inch dicks, it’s not here, just hot unbelievable sex. 😉

I was up at 8, I had gone to bed late the night before, almost 5 I think, but had gotten up so soon after because I was to excited to sleep. The night before I had been sent an email containing something I dearly wanted to see, a picture of Vin Diesel taking a shower.

My man had gotten up with me and gave me an odd look as he walked past me heading into take a shower as I plop down into the seat and turn on the computer. I hear the water turn on, and him getting into the tub, and I know that I am all alone with myself for the next half hour or so.

Eagerly I get into my yahoo email account and bring up the email containing the picture, a scant second later and I am staring at the thing that had kept me from sleeping. I drooled over the site of Vin Diesel taking a shower, the picture was cut short barely above his dick, so much for my vivid fantasy of getting to see all of him in his nude glory. What there was however got me dripping instantly, without even thinking about it, my hand pressed against my breasts.

At first it just traveled back and forth, caressing the nipples, rubbing and cupping each breast before sliding lower. It reaches its goal and just dances over my clit before cupping me, sliding a finger inside.

As my hand is doing its magic, my mind is doing a magic of its own, I see myself there with Vin in his shower, kissing and fondling each other before I slide lower and take him into my mouth, my head bobbing up and down on him. Above me he is moaning in that deep sexy voice, one hand on my head, the other grabbing onto the wall.

I can feel myself getting very close to my first orgasm when I am snapped out of my vision by my man.

“Hun can you get me a soap?”

With a groan I pull my hand away, get up from the chair, the towel that is rather ever present as of late clinging to me. My juices running down my thighs as I move to the bathroom, get the soap, and head for the shower. I was thinking ever so fondly of shoving the soap at him, going back to the chair and giving myself one or more orgasms before he gets out of the shower.

Instead I stare at the shower, my man isn’t there, its Vin Diesel in the flesh, standing there before me, hands to his head as he looks upwards and rinses his head. I stand there for a minute, in shock and awe, he is just so incredibly gorgeous, his body dreamlike, his dick jutting out a bit and so big.

He looks at me then, his mouth opening to perabet say something, but before he can I am dropping to my knee’s, practically sitting against the tub I had moved into without realizing it and grab him.

Whatever he was going to say is lost in a groan as my hands move up and down him, his length rapidly growing and then getting hard. My mouth is on him in an instant, my head bobbing up and down him. Each bob bringing more of him into my mouth, I was desperately trying to deep throat him. I can feel him twitching in my mouth, I was almost there, I wanted to take all of him before he cums, but he has a different idea.

He pulls himself from my mouth, turns us both around and pushes me against the wall. Then he is dropping to his knees, his head moving between my legs and breathing on me. At first that is all he does, he just holds his face near me and breaths. The feeling of his warm breath almost sends me over the edge into my first orgasm, but not quite. Finally I can’t stand it any longer, as exciting as it is to have Vin Diesel kneeling before me, his breath hot on my pussy with water splashing all over us, I had to have him licking at me.

With a groan I wrap my hands around his head and pull him into me, laughing gently he opens his mouth and his tongue makes its first foray against my skin. My legs are trembling so bad I almost collapse, but his strong hands grab me at my hips and hold me up as his tongue deftly moves over and in me. I am moaning loudly now, where I was and who that should be distant, unimportant thoughts as he brings me closer and closer to that orgasm. Finally he does the one thing I had been moaning for without noticing, he took one hand off my hip and brought it down to me. As he slides a finger in, his mouth moves up and wraps around my clit, sucking and nibbling on it as his tongue swirls over it.

I am finally there, my juices running out of me and over his hand, my hands on his head, holding him to me, my hips thrusting myself at him. I don’t know how long I was humping at his face, but he finally managed to get my attention enough to let go of him.

As he stood I felt every hard throbbing inch of him moving up my leg until he was standing before me, the top of him pressing into me. I lean forward grabbing his head again and kiss him, our tongues duel as he pulls himself back a bit then is pressing against me.

I moan as he moves into me, I tremble as I feel every hard little bit of him moving into me, invading me, but oh such a blissful invasion. I am cumming again as he comes to rest fully in me, then he is moving. As he moves in and out of me, sustaining my orgasm, making it turn into two then three and I don’t know how many more, he kisses at my face.

At first his kisses perabet giriş are tender, but as his spurts of orgasm decrease, his kisses get stronger and more passionate. At first he was moving in me gently, but then he picks up speed and gets more forcefully passionate and the wall is creaking as he shoves himself into me. No longer can I feel his small hot spurts of orgasm, he is getting close to really giving my insides a bath. I am moaning loud now as he pistons into me, my orgasms coming fast and hard and long.

He starts groaning and I can’t help myself, I just start saying over and over ‘Yes Vin cum in me.’ Then he is, I can feel his hot cum shooting in me, and I do mean shooting, he came hard. We just sort of slump against each other, the wall giving one last groan as if it to has orgasmed. I can feel him getting soft in me a little, and move my hips some. His head pops up along with the rest of him and he starts moving a little. I enjoy the feeling, lean my back against the wall for a moment, then push him back.

“Let’s move to the bed, the water is cold.”

I don’t know when the water had gotten cold, but I was feeling it now. He moves to shut the water off while I grab a towel and head for the bed. He takes his time drying off, then stops in the doorway looking at me laying on the bed, my legs spread waiting for him.

He just stands there for a moment, looking at me. I am to excited to lay there with nothing happening, so again my hands move over my body. He gradually moves closer as my hands rub my breasts. He starts to stand at attention as my hands move over my pussy, he is moving in closer, I can feel his breath on me. I don’t want to be eaten again so I grab him by the head and pull him atop me. He is kissing me again, tenderly and passionately.

I don’t want to be made love to, so I tell him so. He takes the hint, he grabs my legs pulls them up to his shoulders shoves into me and starts really shoving it into me. The headboard is banging against the wall, I am moaning and moving about as much as I can under him, he is groaning a bit above me.

I can feel his spurts shooting and oozing into me as we go, my legs going from his shoulders to his hips and then finally to the bed. He is like a machine, he is just fucking me hard. He doesn’t seem to be tired yet, though I’ve been under him for an hour now or so. I’ve cummed I can’t even count the times now, but he still hasn’t again yet.

I just can’t let him keep going like that, so I reach up and pull him to the side, with a groan he rolls over onto his back. With another groan I am atop him, one hand under me lining us up before sliding down him.

He moves a little under me as I begin moving atop him. His hands come up to grasp at my breasts, kneading perabet güvenilir mi them and pinching at my nipples. I notice that he isn’t spurting anymore right about when he starts groaning more and really grabbing at me. Knowing he is getting really close to another big orgasm I start moving atop him like a madwoman, just dying to feel that huge explosion of hot cum in me yet again.

He’s groaning below me as I practically fly up and down him. I am squishing as I move, both of us having his and my cum all over our crotches. I am forced to stop moving as he grabs me, and lunges upwards with a mighty groan. I can feel him pulsing inside me as his cum shoots into me, almost painful is the force of it.

Finally he settles back and lets go of me for a moment, only to grab me again to keep me from moving on him. Relenting, I lie atop him and hold him for a time, whispering thanks into his ear.

I hop off him to get a drink from a glass sitting on our kitchen table, but can only take a couple mouthfuls before he is behind me, his hands atop my breasts, his hardness pressing into me. As he leans in and kisses my neck I put the glass down and open my mouth to ask what he’s doing when he whispers in my ear ‘since you’ve had Vin twice now, it’s my turn to have some of you.’

He moves one hand to my back pushing gently on me, I let him guide me forward until I am bent over our table, his other hand rubbing at me, I can hear his fingers moving around on me slurping and squishing. I can feel the cum in me oozing out and down my legs, or sticking to my lips. I groan as his hand is pulled away from me then moan even louder as he is pressed into me.

The table rocks a little as he picks up speed, I am starting to moan each time he shoves into me, fast approaching another orgasm. This time I don’t need to tell him to go faster, he is moving in me faster and harder than I usually enjoy, though this time it’s exactly what I need. I find myself screaming his name as my orgasm fast approaches then crashes over me, my toes curling, my hands clenching at the table, I swear my eyes rolled back into my head and I saw stars.

He groaned as I came, though never slowed down, my earth shattering orgasm rolled over into another one, then settled down to your basic mouth open in a giant O, baby sputtering, giant orgasm. I’m not sure how long I remained bent over that table getting my brain fucked out, I blanked out after a while, when I finally came back to my senses my mouth was dry again. It wasn’t until after I had grabbed at the glass and drunk from it, holding myself up with one arm while trying to hold the glass to my lips in the other shaky hand, that I notice I am no longer surrounding his length.

Turning I find him passed out atop the bed, now soft and slightly reddish. I try to take a step toward him, but find my legs are like jell-o and I am pretty darn sore. Instead of crashing atop him on the bed, I change direction and plop back down onto the chair, the picture of Vin Diesel still on the screen.