More Than a Handful is Not Wasteful

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More Than a Handful is Not WastefulWith the online easy hookup board now censored, my P4P has been more challenging. I reverted to some old numbers on the off chance that someone had picked up the hook up number. Hit it lucky about the sixth call. Could not recall what she looked like, but she said I was repeat so she said “Come on over” after she asked if I really liked her type. Of course my little head was screaming yes, so I said I did. She texted me an address, and it was in an apartment complex close to downtown. I had not been in that area for years, since an Asian group lost their apartment.I went to the upper floor in a new building, rang the buzzer, and the door opened. The Clue Bird shit on me with a vengeance. She was a middle aged (45-55 years old), Caucasian with a florid complexion and very light red-brown-blond hair with gray strands s**ttered through. She was smiling, from her lips to her light blue eyes. “Nice to see you again,” as she took my hand to pull me inside. Did I mention she was somewhere over 250 pounds? Not especially tall, little feet and hands and massive breasts laying on a massive belly, big ass, thunder thighs and fat arms that went down to her small fat hands. And pretty, probably helped by the smile, but she was really pretty. Her makeup was exquisite, classy but just a little bold with pretty bright lips. She pulled my neck down and kissed me deeply, smearing the lipstick on my mouth, and leaned back, smiling, said “We’ll clean you all up later.” I had seen her over a year before, in an extended stay type hotel. She sort of migrated like the birds, hitting three general areas as the temperatures were in the 50-80s. She did not like it too hot or too cold, sort of like Goldilocks. I had teased her then that should be her name, and she giggled, saying that was a good idea. “Goldilocks, I have missed you!” And I kissed her back. I was getting hard and remembered a great time from my earlier visit. “Did not expect you here in the winter, and I have not seen you advertising on the … site.””I decided to stay put this year and try this out. Winters are not too bad here, and I had given up my apartment in Mississippi when I left last summer. And it has worked out pretty well. Let’s get comfy.”She helped me undressed, taking car to keep my mouth away from my undershirt. It is easy to wash me, not my laundry. She handed me a towel, pointed out the shower, and said, “Give me five minutes.” As I washed, kırşehir escort I hoped she would not change as I wanted to unwrap her. When I got out, she was dressed, but in a long robe. Damn, I wanted to let those breasts fold out from her bra, and to play with her panties on for a while. I was also afraid of perfume…hard to get that off. As I went to her, she reached out, smelled fresh but no perfume, and led me to the couch. She had poured some cold water and sat me down. She sat close, hard not to as she was pretty large. Her breasts, tummy, and thighs all blended into a series of folds. I knew that the timer was not counting to 60, that was not her style, so I relaxed and drank the water, placing my hand on her thigh. I was naked from the shower and had my damp towel under me. “Let’s take that away,’ and I stood up a bit as she pulled the towel out, and threw it toward the hall. Then she opened her robe and pulled one massive flap over and had me sit next to her. She had on a red balconette bra, a pretty wide red garter belt with long lace garters hold into the top of red stockings, with thick lace tops. I thought she might have panties on, but they were certainly not visible with the rolls of pink skin. Her cool skin felt delicious, and I leaned over to kiss her. She was a good kisser, and rubbed my chest, pulling me until I had to shift to hugging her chest to chest. She held my head with her pudgy, string hands and inhaled my tongue, then fucking my mouth with hers. I could feel her fat breasts mashed under my chest and she held me tightly. I got up, straddled her thighs and crouched on my knees, leaning onto her, and then started cupping, fondling her fatty breasts. My stiff cock was pushing into her belly as if looking for a hole. She licked her hand, fondled my cock and placed it between two sweaty folds of fat. Actually felt pretty damn good. And she kept kissing. I sat back, kissed her neck and started to run my hands down to her exposed breasts. Though large, die to fat, her breasts are really kind of small, with comparatively small very pink nipples. They had crinkled up in a rose color and were laying like strawberries on top of a flabby shelf of pink white flesh. Very sexy and I kissed one while fondling the other. The balconette bra showed off her tits, highlighted her nipples and made them look like big breasts not just pools of fat. Very sexy. I go on my knees to suck and kiss them, holding her rolls kırşehir escort bayan of fat, massaging her soft skin, and feeling her hands pull my head into her body. She leaned forward to kiss me, nibbling on my ear as I nibbled in her breasts. There was no way to access her pussy, so I played along for a bit, then I stood up and gestured for her to stand. She smiled, stood, and I kneeled down to suck on her, I was tall enough to hit her nipples. And I unclipped her bra, taking it off carefully and laying it on her sofa. I saw her panties, a thing disappearing between her legs. I stood up and walked toward an open door, a bed visible on the other side. Her d****s were open, and other apartments could see, hopefully not too well. I looked out, shrugged, she smiled and we went to the bed. She lay down and I lay beside her. She spread her legs a bit, allowing me to stroke her groin straining to stay within the tight thong. The mound under her thing front was not a camel toe, but more like a large knee, under a bandage. It was soaked on a line running down the middle of the red shiny satin. You could pretend to see a slit, but it was so tight I was mostly imagining. But when I ran my hand over her clit area, she moaned and pushed into my hand. I crawled between her knees, opening her up more and kissed the material, adding my spit to her juices. I tried to pull it aside, but it was too tight. I reached up under the folds of fat, found the band and pulled it down to take off. Yep, she had shaved and trimmed a little, but had left her light hairs in place above her pussy. Each of her vulva filled my hand and I just rubbed them up and down their length, squeezing them to let the moisture coat her lips and thighs as she ran in a little stream. She is a wet one. I began to run my thumbs up the length of her slit and then run down the inner thigh, and she began to flow afresh. Very sexy to watch her respond. She reached down to rub her clit, or the fat over that area. And she built to her orgasm. I pulled her labia part and ran my thumbs inside, tracing along her slit, into her pussy. And she started to buck. Her pussy was contracting, flowing and she was pushing onto me, so I dove in and ate her out, getting wet all over my cheeks, having to come up for air. She came hard and then grabbed my head and pulled me up for some missing. She clamped her legs together and I skooched up to lie next to her. She was gently caressing her escort kırşehir right nipple, and took charge of the left breast, cupping gently and pinching her nipple gently. “I do remember you.” I was not sure I believed her, but wanted to. We rubbed, chatted, kissed and cuddled as she came down. I reached down to rub her clit, and she held my hand. “Not ready yet.” Then she pushed me onto my back and crouched next to me, rubbing, kissing my neck and chest, then she attacked my nipples, which often makes me cum. “NO. Please.” She laughed.”Hold on, I have time.” And she starting stroking my semi erect cock. She took me in her warm mouth, tonguing the crown and then giving me a very slow, thorough blow job. I am not that big, but I hit the back of her little mouth, and she held me against her, relaxing her throat and taking my crown into her throat. It was marvelous. Slowly, she pulled off, went back down, then deep throated me, tightly on the sensitive crown. She crawled between my legs and again swallowed my, as she forced herself down harder, farther, and when she came up she had thick spit attaching to my cock as she sat up a bit. A fat pretty woman with drool connecting to my cock, what a vision. Then again, and again, and again. She gagged for cause or for effect, I did not know or care.Then she crawled up onto me, straddling me, stuck my cock into her pussy opening, pressed firmly, stopping as I popped inside. Then she starting stroking, going down a bit more, bit by bit, slowly, after several strokes she hit my groin, then squeezed hard and came off, then back down, letting me get inside and then tightening her pussy like in her Personal Blog : Mybig7de *flexing on me as she went down to the base. What a great fuck. And again. I am old and often either cum really fast or maybe not at all. This time I had apparently hit and passed that point of cumming and was really content with her slow, thorough patient fuck. She kept going, and finally sat up and rocked her hips like some young 90-pound Asian spinner. So sexy to see her red garter belt as she rocked. I pulled down, rolled her onto her stomach and crawled up behind her. She raised her ass and I popped into her, after watching with amazement as I watched the stream of silvery liquid flowing out of her. We rocked for a long time and I spanked those massive cheeks, as she squeezed me with each slap. We came, me for sure and she said she did again before I did. I collapsed and recovered to go shower off and leave. She asked if I had another appointment that afternoon, and asked me to stay for coffee or a drink. And I did. She gave me a black satin robe to wear, too large and way too short. She was amazing, and there was more fun to come.