Mommy and Daddy issues with this teen girl

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Mommy and Daddy issues with this teen girlSingle teenage girls being brought up in a single parent environment got through similar experiences when they hit puberty. Some say they are better off with their mothers, as she would know what they are experiencing, but as the following story shows, something else happens, jealousy.Then there are the girls brought up single handed by daddy, his needs are different and the girl suddenly finds herself in a more demanding and in some cases, a more rewarding experience, as my second story shows.Perhaps after reading both you might have experienced either or either, and wish to comment, and if so, thank you in advance.Remember this is about puberty and her sexual awakening, my own was memorable to say the least. happy reading, and if you feel the need to have a wank as you read, thank you again.1) A Mother issueWhen puberty strikes a girl, we are both fearless and awkward, as my mother once told me, “You need to start thinking now, before you act”.She was referring to an incident I never thought much about as a c***d, getting undressed for bed with the curtains open. As a c***d you never think about it, but as a young woman, the implications can be seriously detrimental, by giving men the wrong idea, hence the clumsy and awkwardness associated with pubescent girls.Hormonal imbalance can be unfair to girls, especially during her ovulation period in her menstrual cycle, when her hormones drive her wild with thoughts of sex and increased libido, our bodies want us to be impregnated, and our brains are telling us, “No”, so most girls like me, discover the joys of hairbrushes and other phallic shaped inserts, one in each hole, to pleasure and console our fevered brows over the four or five days when we are in heat.After one year of puberty I was beginning to see the changes to my body and used to stand naked in front of my wardrobe mirror, holding a centrefold picture from my brothers wanking magazine for comparison.Growing breasts was my greatest anxiety, size and feel, shape and balance, they had to be perfect, not as mammaries to suckle a baby, but to make men look and want me sexually.I chose a Saturday morning after arriving home after an inter school hockey game, where we beat a rival school. I went back to the dressing room and discovered a blood stain in my panties, so decided to skip showering and do it at home.I arrived home and passed an elderly neighbour, who lived across from us, cutting his hedge, and he turned and said my mother asked him to tell me she had been called into the office, and I was to make my own breakfast. I thanked him, and then he offered to make me a breakfast if I wanted, as he was going to cook one for himself after cutting the hedge.I knew he was a widower and a bit of a loner, according to mother, who spent time with him, but I declined, saying I needed to have a bath, and then he said, “Use mine”.That struck me like a hammer blow, the sexual implication I felt made my nipples tingle, not in disgust or revulsion, but in being desired as such, even though his offer was genuine and not what I was thinking, I was turned on by this simple proposal to bath naked in illegal bahis his bathroom.I smiled and blushed and I admit to looking at his crotch for confirmation he wanted me like that, but he just stood there smiling, and I declined and blushed, but took note of his interest in me like that. I was starting my ovulation cycle and my hormones were going into overdrive, and as I walked away from him, I turned back a few times and caught him watching me, I smiled and waved like a puppy dog, I was f******n and did not know If I was bleeding or wetting with lust, and my body was winning the battle with my instinct and mind, I wanted to experience sex with a man, it was only natural.I ran my bath and stripped of my dirty clothes in my bedroom, checking my panties and labia for menstrual blood, but none, even though I was due.I studied my form in my mirror, and felt excited with my breasts and narrow waistline, even twisted to see my arse, which was tomboyish due to my narrow hips, then I heard the whir of the hedge tripper through my open window, and turned to see my old neighbour staring at me, now full on full frontal, smiling and then wave to me, I froze and then waved meekly back, now he knew what I looked like under all my clothes, but I walked boldly to my window, albeit it slowly, and made a meal of closing my curtains, I was k**ding no one, he knew what I was doing.I bathed and I masturbated showing myself excited me, my first act of exhibitionism made me feel empathy for the old man, surely seeing his neighbours daughter naked would make him feel better, I mean, I let him look at me, that would have meant something.Even after my physical exertions I still felt horny and when I went back into my bedroom I stood behind the curtains and watched him cut his hedge with one eye on my bedroom window, he wanted me, I convinced myself, as I stood there shivering with sexual energy and flicking my bean with my wetness, I wanted to throw open the curtains and ask him to come across and have me, long to feel his hands fondle me and feel his cock in my orifices, but instead just stood fingering myself and daring myself to do it.After three times in the bath, I could not quite get a forth behind the curtains, and when he got to the end of his hedge, I pulled on a longish t-shirt and opened my curtains, and he looked up and waved again and shouted something.I indicated I had not heard him so he came across into our garden and stood outside my open window, “Want to come across for some breakie”, he proffered, I hesitated, my nostrils flared, I could smell him as a man, I was so aware of his scents, as if my senses were super charged, and my head was screaming “Noooooo”, but my girlish curiosity and new found sexual desire, were so powerful and over riding, I said “Yes, why not”, and while he stood there, I turned and slipped on a pair of flats, and went out and joined him and walked across to his place, wearing just a t-shirt, I was beyond caring, I knew what I really wanted, and I was hoping it was going to be bigger than the traditional breakfast sausage. I walked slightly ahead of him. hoping he could see I was completely naked under the illegal bahis siteleri t-shirt, he could, and within minutes of getting behind his front door, he started fucking me, right there on the floor, with me giving as good as I got, I was so up for it.The weeks that followed I was always intending on going back over, but the longer I waited I found myself going back into a shell of self denial and just became too scared to explore my feelings.Then one day my mother said she was going across to his for coffee to discuss some community project, that they were involved in, and I noticed she was all dolled up and looking sexy as she left.It was early evening and after she had got back from work, she had showered and dressed casually but sexily. I went to my bedroom and looked across at his house and wondered if I should have gone across to reacquaint myself to him, I was getting close to my time of the month, and the thought of sex began to appeal to me, when I saw the upstairs light go on then off again.I immediately knew why she was across there, I never quite got to his bedroom, which I knew was upstairs, because he was taking me there when we started fucking on the floor, he was fucking my mother, I just knew it.I ran upstairs and went to the window and peered across, and even in the darkness, illuminated by the falling light, I saw them both, their upper bodies naked and kissing, and my heart and welled-up anger rose, as a wave of jealousy swept through me, my mother fucking a man who had taken my virginity, and I felt like laughing and crying, at the same time.When mother came back all prim and proper, I asked her outright, “How long have you been fucking him”?2) A Daddy issueI remember putting my daddy to bed one early Sunday morning. I awoke to the TV on and the noises were alarming to say the least. I went to bed and left him watching TV and drinking his whiskey.The satellite channel after midnight, had switched to a porn movie, and it was this and the associated noises that awoke me.I went into the living room and turned the volume down. Daddy was snoring his head off, and the sex was really something that opened my eyes, I was just twelve and had never seen anything like it, so I sat down beside his sleeping body and started learning about sex.I was a curious girl, I had just started puberty and as I watched, i realised my own father had a cock, like those being played with by the women on screen, they seemed to love this thing even to the point of putting them in their mouths.As daddy snored, I reached across and pulled his flies down, and slipped my hand into his pants and felt this bulbous thing, all soft under his underpants, as my fingers felt for the opening in his shorts.I was being sexually aroused visually and now I was excited because i was touching one for real, comforted by the sounds of his snoring, which told me he was out for the count, as I finally fished his penis from his pants and held it in my small fist.I watched as I stroked like the women were doing, and sure enough, he began to harden and grow in my hand. The sounds he made were the same, as I lent across his body and took him into canlı bahis siteleri my mouth, filling my mouth and used my tongue all around it.As I watched I became more at ease and then wondered how I could make daddy shoot the milk out that all these women wanted to drink and taste, but to no avail.Then I just turned off the TV and went for a duvet from his bed to cover him up, leaving his erection stuck up in the air, and went back to bed, happy with the knowledge of having had a cock in my hand and mouth.Three years later I befriended a girl called Sue. She was a sweet girl, really nice and friendly, but overweight and the butt of jokes. I thought she was a very beautiful looking girl, with long blond hair and grey/ice blue eyes. Because of her weight, Sue had big breasts, a very womanly figure that some said would go away as she got older, claiming it to be puppy fat.We had gone to the cinema to see a movie and I suggested, if she wanted, to stay over at mine. She called home and her parents agreed, as I had met them and I wanted her to meet my father.We got in around eleven and by then daddy was well on his way to being drunk, but he was super kind and complementary to Sue, who was suddenly doe eyed and attentive to my fathers needs.He told her to ignore those boys who insulted her, if he was years younger he would chase her to be his girlfriend, and she lapped this up.Then he got up close to midnight and opened a bottle of Champagne and poured us a glass each. We giggled as we drank it, but we drank it too quickly, so daddy poured us another, and before we knew it the bottle was empty and we both were pissed.I got up to go to the bathroom and I remember telling myself I was drunk for the first time ever, and tried to memorise the feelings I was having, then I suddenly realised I had dozed off sitting on the pan, and got up and went back out to the living room.Both daddy and Sue were not there, that was when I heard Sue’s moaning, making those noises, the same sort of noises from all those years ago on the porn film. I followed them to daddy’s bedroom and looked in, to see both of them naked and having full on sex, with Sue sitting astride daddy’s stomach and giving as good as she got, she really was into it, just like those women were in the porn movie, she was telling daddy to Fuck her harder, while grinding down on him, and she only fifteen, it was hard to believe.When I watched the porn movie what I felt was a revelation, seeing it for real in my home, and withy my daddy and friend, I felt my knees go weak, and my stomach flutter.I was not even aware I was touching myself until daddy looked across at me masturbating in the doorway, “Come girl, join us, take your clothes off”, and when I started to unbutton my blouse, I realised how wet my fingers were, as both of them called me to hurry and join in.Crawling across my copulating fathers body and feeling the heat off of Sues naked body, made me lose all inhibitions, and I brought my face down to where the in/out action was, as Sue lent forward to kiss daddy his cock popped out of Sue’s cunt and I put it into my mouth as Sue’s big ass smothered my face, the smell alone drove me wild, as I righted myself behind her, with daddy’s cock in me, I clung to her pendulous breasts and I rode his cock, sinking my teeth into her shoulder, her ass rubbing my pubic bone, all combined to make me cum with such gusto for a brilliant orgasm.