Mom Helps Me In My Slutiness – Part 2

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Mom Helps Me In My Slutiness – Part 2deleteddeleteddeletedI am a horny girl with a figure of 36d-34-38 kinda voluptuous. Without wasting time I will go to my story.After having steamy sex with my bf in the parking lot we were still not satisfied and wanted more, the thought of having sex in my own bedroom with my mom in the same home was making me and my harddick both horny. I was dressed back in the dress in which I had left home, but this time I did not wear my bra and panty..I removed the bra and hung it on my bf’s ears… He was massaging my thighs.. And was touching my cunt. I was hopelessly wet… He understood that.. I pulled the dress above my bums and spread my legs.. Allowing him access to my cunt. He started fingering me… I was on cloud nine.. It was 2 am.. The roads were empty… I moved close to him and gave him a smooch.. And whispered in her ear… “fuck me hard tonight… The whole nite.. Treat me as a whore… My mom will be watching your stamina…” and gave him a wink.In 20 mins we were at my bldg, we parked the car and went to the lift.. He stopped me.. And took me by the stairs.. On the stairs… He was pressing my boobs from behind and I was pressing my ass on to his cock.. He had got hard… He pulled my spaghetti strap down… And took my boob out… And was pressing my nipple… When I was about to open the door he pulled me and gave me a smooch…I opened the door and without making noise we went to my room… I let him in and closed the door.. I could see that mom was awake in her room and watching… I did not lock the door.. I pushed him on the bed and removed my dress over my head,.. And pounced on my bf… I quickly removed his pants till his knees and started sucking his cock… It was glistening with my saliva.. And was taking it deep in my throat…Hardick was moaning… “aaahhh aaahh yes.. U bitch…Suck… Aaa… Fuck u whore… You so amazing… You suck so well.. Harder baby.. Take it all in.. He started to press my boobs… He turned me upside down and I spread my legs… He put his mouth on my cunt and started slurping my cunt…. güvenilir bahis He was sucking so well that I was going mad with that…..Aaahhhh aaahhhh yes bastard… Aah aah.. .. Harder.. Harder… He was pushing his tongue deep in my cunt… And removing…. I was going crazy…. His one hand were on my left boob and mauling .. Pulling my nipples and mouth was sucking my cunt and finger was going in and out in my cunt…. Aahhh it makes me wet even thinking about it…….I was shamelessly moaning louder, even though mom was at home in the other room… I aaaaaah hh hhh aaaaah hhhhh hh…Sssss siiiiiii…. Baby.. Fuck me fuck me… I want it inside me… Fuck your whore… Fuck me like there’s no tomorrow.. Tear my cunt….. Aaaa hhh hhh… And I came on his face…. This was the best orgasm I had ever had….From the corner of my eye.. When I looked in the mirror I cud see my mom standing there.. She had lifted her gown up and was fingering her clean shaved cunt… Vigorously….I shifted and came up on hard dick.. And inserted his dick in my cunt and started riding him like a cow girl…. Thap thap thap… The whole room was filled this sound as my fleshy bums were hitting against his well toned thighs… I bent and gave my boobs in his mouth… He was sucking one and pressing other… I whispered in his ear..Mom is watching,,… His eyes got big,.. I calmed him down and told him that she is enjoying… Fuck me harder…He went so wild after hearing this,,, that he took my boobs in his mouth and lifted his ass and started pounding me harder… He was so excited… And I was enjoying so much…. Aaaahhh… He was just amazing…. My mom watched the whole show… We both changed positions and got into doggy style.. He held my boobs from behind and started fucking me… We were fucking like street dogs.. I was getting fucked like a bitch…Aaaahh hhhh aaaahh hhhh.. Harder harder… Fuck me harder.. Fuck your bitch harder…. Aaaahh hhhhh …. Yes…..“Take it.. Take it you slut… Wat a cunt you have…. Aaahhhh… U so hot… Bloody bitch….”“Yessss.. Yesss.. M your bitch… From now on my your whore…Ahhhh…. türkçe bahis Fuck me everyday.. Make me your mistress.. Make me your wife… Aahhh…. Madarchod.. Chod aur jor se….”We fucked for around 40 mins… And slept naked.. We were already tired with the steamy sessions that day….In the morning…. I woke up… We both were naked… I just wrapped my towel around me… And went out… My mom was wearing my sexy one piece… I was shocked to see her such.. She was watching a video and fingering herself..When I watched closely it was our fucking video which she had taken.. I got an idea.. I went in, and told hard dick.. “i think she is horny rite now, she needs a fuck” … We made a plan…. Mom was wearing my one piece… Hardick went out only in towel and hugged my mom from behind… And held her boobs… Denoting that he had held her thinking it was me…. He rubbed his dick on her ass.. And mom was loosing it.. He turned her and acted being shocked…” sorry.. I dint know you were there… M sorry sorry…. My mom held him and said“Its ok…. I dont mind having a young boy”, and gave him a wink.. Hardick slipped his towel as if it accidentally fell… While he was composing.. My mom was staring at his dick… Hardick turned and started to come in, just then mom held him, and in this his towel came off… He turned and mom held his dick…She started massaging his dick.. Our plan had worked… Hardick.. Began mauling my moms boobs…And removed them out of his dress…They smooched.. And mom bent and started givng him a blow job… It was awesum to watch mom being so slutty… “mast hai re tera lund… Majja diya na meri beti ko… Ab meri chut shaant kar..”He lifted her up.. Gave her a smooch.. And was fingering her cunt at the same time…He turned her.. She was still wearing the gown.. He lifted the gown from behind.. Bent her on the kitchen platform and inserted her from behind… “aaaa aaaaaaah hhh hhh” my mom gasped…. She was tight as she was not fucked for years…. He started mobing two and fro….My mom started moanin…”aaahhhh aaaahhhh.. Chod madarchod.. Chod… Aahhh.. güvenilir bahis siteleri Jor se…” hardich started pounding mom …. Aaaaah hhh hhh madarchod.. Chod zor se.. Aj se main bhi teri randi… Aj se tu mera jawai.. Shaadi kar meri beti se… And majja le do do chut ka…. Aaaaah hhhh .. Aaaah hhhhh…”Hardick also got horny and talked dirty with my mom..” haan teri beti ko toh randi hi banaya hai… Kal khule main bhi choda use… Aaahhh and tumhari chut bhi mast hai.. Dono maa beti chuddakkad ho… Ab samjha terese hi usme randipan aaya hai…. Aaahhh..They were fucking for 20 mins and hardick grunted ” m cumming.. M cumming…”Mom” nikalde saara ras mere andar… “… He came in side mom and both were relaxing.. They both were in ecstasy… My mom went and laid on the bed.. Spreading her legs… Her boobs were out… Hair spread…. Hardick got up and came in the room… I gave him a kiss and I could clearly see he had enjoyed a lot…After sometime.. Mom went in to clean herself and hardick left at that time… I went to mom’s room.. She came out of the bath.. Wearing her gown… I went to her and gave her a smooch… And asked..” kaisa tha”?? “mast hai re uska lund… Maje hai tere…. Maje le uske saath… Roj chudegi usse to pakka shaadi karega tujhse….”Kal hi baat hui shaadi ko leke…. Kal raat k baad toh karega hi shaadi…But tum kya karogi?? Tumhe bhi toh lund chahiye… ?? Dikh raha tha k tum kab se pyaasi ho lund ki.. ?”“Wohi soch rahi hu…K yeh mujhe hamesha toh chod nahi paayega.. Tere paapa honge hi na..”“Isliye kehti hu,.. Pata papa ko…. Nangi ho ja unke saamne… Unka bhi khada hoga fir… Chod hi denge tujhe.. Agar aurat besharam ho jaati hai toh mard bhi ho jaate hai.. Agar tum koi aitraz nahi dikhaogi mere hote hue cuhdne main… Woh bhi maan jaayenge…”“Hmmm… Chal aane de unhe try karungi main bhi..”“Mumma ab jab tak nahi aate.. Main nangi reh sakhti hu?? Kapde pehenneka mann nahi kar raha aj..”“Mera bhi nahi kar raha.. Chal ho ja nangi… Chal..Saying this we both were naked.. We both had lesbian sex in the afternoon and sent pics to hardick… My dad was to come in the night.. We still had few hours.. Hardick came home and we welcomed him naked… And had a threesome with him…How my mom seduced dad.. How they started fucking and how my life changed.. I will tell in the next story..