Mom fucked by my tution teacher

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hi this is manoj and this is a story about how my tution teacher Mr.kahani fucked my mom.we live in delhi and my dad is in abroad and i and mom live together.M y mom name is velamma and she is gorgeous angel she is just 38 yeras old and have great figures 38-34-42 and her breasts are ripe melons and are heavy her ass is also hge which will bounce when she walks every man in our street stare at mom and they were dying to fuck her.I was studying 5th standard at that time i was very week in studies and mom planned to sent to tution there is a man named kahani who is afamous teacher around the street he is very strict and he tesches very well.I refused to go to his tution because kahani beats the students with the cane and he is very creul man.But mom took me to kahani for tution and we went into the center.more than 50students are studying here and mom told kahani about my naughty things but kahani is a womeniser he fucks hot girls in tution by seducing also their moms.he works in a 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