Melissa – Part 1

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It was a hot summer’s afternoon when Melissa Jones sat down for her first University lecture. She chose to sit on her own near the back of the lecture theatre. She wanted anything but to be stuck inside that, as she had earlier described it, ‘fucking hell hole’. The idea of spending 3 years doing an English Literature course she so desperately tried to get out of had slowly been eating away at her morale for the past 2 months of summer holiday. She had told her dad how she despised the idea of being forced to read Dickens, Faulkner, even fucking Shakespeare with all his old fashioned colloquialisms. No, that wasn’t for her, she just wanted to model. She had already garnered the attention of several agencies; she knew they liked her perky C cup breasts and long, slender legs, but her cunt of a dad wouldn’t allow it. He had rambled on about how she had a “natural flair” for writing, a “God given gift”, and that wasn’t something he Kurtköy Escort was about to let his daughter waste. Mel had tried to argue, but her dad’s almost vicious tenacity soon won out. She had at least made one decision about Uni herself; she was going to fuck, and she was going to fuck a lot. She was still a virgin, she reckoned. Some boy had come close at a party a few months back, but he was so nervous he couldn’t keep it up, so she had just sucked him off. She had done that a few times, and loved it. Now she wanted more, and she was going to make sure she got it. The lecture theatre slowly filled. She looked down at the rows of heads filled with minds eager to learn (minds unlike her own) from her solitary position at the back of the room with utter contempt. Some of the boys kept glancing back at her, and then quickly averted their gaze with a nervous smile planted on their faces This was Kurtköy Escort Bayan unsurprising, considering the outfit Mel had opted for today. Her dad would have described the length of her denim skirt as ‘disgraceful’, but the boys seemed to like the way it showed off her smooth yet toned legs. She knew when she bent over you could easily see the swell of her pussy being covered by her skimpy red thong. She had seemingly innocently given the people on the front row a bit of a show when she ‘accidentally’ dropped her pencil on the floor. When she stood back up she relished in the disapproving look from the girls, and couldn’t resist giving one of the better looking lads a teasing wink. Her tight button up top turned many a head as she had made her way up the stairs to the back of the room; the top three buttons were undone, and her ample bosom was barely contained . She had decided not to Escort Kadıköy wear a bra today, so her perky nipples excited more than a few in the room as her tits bounced with every step she took. She had her long auburn hair hanging free today, with that natural sexy curl that she knew the model agencies simply adored. Mel was settling in to a couple of hours of boredom (and most probably a great opportunity to catch up with lost sleep) when the lecturer walked in. He instantly caught Mel’s attention, and she felt a strange and novel feeling in her pussy, almost as if it sent a pulse of pure lust through her body. He was wearing a pair of khaki trouser and an open collared white shirt (which provided a great contrast against his tanned skin) with the sleeves nonchalantly rolled up to the elbow. His dark hair was of medium length and a little messy, but Mel liked that, she always had, since her first crush back when her mum still had eyes for her dad. The muscle toned definition of his body was apparent even through his loose fitting shirt. This guy definitely fit the bill, and Mel could feel herself getting wet. The lecturer began talking, but Mel couldn’t hear what he said through this feeling of pure sexual desire.