Meeting a Friend for Lunch

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Meeting a Friend for LunchHope you enjoy this:I was taken with her from the first e-mail I received. This woman, who responded to my ad on an adult personals site, was everything i was looking for: An intelligent, professional, attached woman who, like me, was completely dissatisfied with her sex life at home and looking for an escape from the everyday.We e-mailed each other constantly with lengthy e-mails and we talked about our education, our spouses, our likes and dislikes and what we wanted in bed.After a few more days, we exchanged photos. I was petrified that she wouldn’t find me attractive. I’m no George Clooney, after all. But I knew before I saw her picture that I had to have her. The pic was just the icing on the cake. A former BBW, but still very curvy and about a size 16. For some that’s still a BBW, but for me, a bit on the slimmer side. She had lost a lot of weight and had had some surgery to tighten up her skin. Haunting green eyes and straight dark hair framed a soft, oval face with a broad nose that led down to thin lips and a warm, friendly smile. I was elated when she agreed to meet me.We met at the bar of an Italian restaurant I like around lunch time. I figured with a crowd, we could resort to people watching if the conversation fizzled. I got there a few minutes early, and told the hostess that I would just wait. It wasn’t a minute or two later that I saw her walk in the door. Our eyes locked immediately and I stood and walked over to her. We kissed lightly and I took her hands in mine.”My hands are freezing, must be nerves.””Me, too, I’m nervous, too”Opting for a seat at a high top near the bar, we ordered two sodas and began talking. I was really worried that we’d spend more time people watching than talking. Quite the opposite, we found we had even more in common than we thought and we laughed as we talked and talked. I felt like I had known Christine for years.Because of our shared nervousness, we chose to pass on lunch, engaging in animated conversation about a range of subjects. I was mesmerized by Christine’s haunting green eyes. I knew I had to have her. It seemed like she was feeling it too.As we chatted, I placed my hand on her thigh. She immediately covered my hand with hers and squeezed it tight. This was going to be great, I thought to myself. I asked her again if she wanted lunch and she confessed to me that she had something at home because she knew she would be so nervous she couldn’t muster more than the Diet Cokes we were drinking. I admitted that I probably couldn’t eat either.”Want to just go out to your car and make out?” I asked.”Sure”So we went to her car, which she had parked in an isolated stall in the parking garage, affording us a pretty good amount of privacy, especially as the lunch crowd had started to thin out. Clearly, she had prepared for this possibility. I reached around and placed my arm lightly on her hip as we walked toward the car. I could feel my excitement building in anticipation of our being alone. It had literally been years since I made out in a car. I couldn’t wait!Her car was a small SUV and as soon as we climbed in, we began kissing. First lightly, then deeply and more intensively. Each of her kisses encouraging me to kiss her more deeply. Soon our hands began to travel and explore each other’s body. I reached down under her sweater and began massaging her breasts. They were large, pendulous breasts, easily a D –cup or larger. They felt good as I could feel her nipples becoming erect through her lacy bra. I reached around, leaning her into me and as I kissed her deeply, I unhooked her bra allowing me unfettered access to her breastsAnd they were beautiful, creamy white, full and heavy, capped by small, dark areola and small, but erect nipples. I took each into my mouth. Gently at first, then with more force teased the nipples with my tongue, and sucked each harder and harder, as Christine moaned with pleasure.I broke off long enough to ask: “Is this OK?””Yes.””Don’t want to hurt you.””No, keep doing it. You can pull my hair, too, if you want.””You like that?” I said, taking her left breast into my mouth.”Mmmmm”I moved my right hand down toward her thighs, working atakum escort my way up toward her core. I could feel the heat through her jeans and her growing excitement as I rubbed her through her jeans. She rearranged herself so that her legs were now spread, and I gazed down at Christine’s ample thighs. I unbuttoned her jeans, slowly unzipped her zipper and gently slid my hand down toward her womanhood. I was pleasantly surprised to see she was shaved, and as my fingers reached her labia, I noticed how wet and ready she was. I stroked her a bit as she spread her legs wider, and then began rubbing her, allowing my hands to be lubricated by her wetness before inserting one, then a second finger into her hot, shaved pussy. She lifted her hips to give me easier access and spread her legs wider as I stroked her pussy. Her wetness soaked my fingers as I played with her womanhood. She moaned into my mouth.”I’ve never done this in a car before.””Really?” I replied as I continued massaging her pussy.”No, but its fun” she sighed into my ear. “Now I want to taste you”With that, she leaned over to my side of the car, and began unbuckling my slacks. I was wearing a business suit and the inside button gave her a bit of trouble, so I helped her with it and unzipped my fly, giving her free access to my already swollen member. She slid my underwear down as she softly kissed and licked my head, tasting the precum that had already accumulated on the tip. In a matter of moments she had used her saliva to lubricate my cock and had begun sliding her hot mouth up and down its length, while massaging my balls with her left hand. I moaned with pleasure, lifting my hips slightly to allow my shaft to be taken deeper into her wet mouth.Christine paused for a second, looking up at me.”Is this good?””Of course””My boyfriend says I have to improve my technique,” she explained.”I think your technique is perfect,” I said as she resumed what she was doing. I could feel the pressure of an impending orgasm beginning to build. Just then, I heard a couple walking in our direction and lifted her head off my cock, pulling it to my face, and kissed her deeply. I enjoyed tasting myself on her tongue and lips.”Someone might see us,” I said. “Don’t want you to be caught in a compromising position,” I chuckled.She grinned and kissed me deeply again. Breaking the kiss, she said, “Want to go back to my place?”Before I could answer, she buttoned her jeans, put her bra back on, started the car and we were off to her house. I honestly wasn’t really sure where she lived and for a half a second, I found myself wondering whether I had just driven off with a deranged murderess, but as we drove, her hand had found its way to my thigh and she began rubbing it. Occasionally she would tease my cock by “accidentally” brushing against it. After about a 15 minute drive (that seemed like a lot longer), we were at her apartment.”Want to come in for “coffee”? She said with a mischievous grin.”I love coffee!” I replied.Her apartment was small and a bit unremarkable, considering the education and the good job Christine had. I wasn’t there to help decorate, so I quickly pushed that thought away, as she closed and locked the door behind us. She immediately, plopped her purse on the small table to the left, and turning around to face me, pulled me to her and kissed me deeply.Fueled by the teasing on the drive, I needed very little encouragement to respond to her advance. In a matter of moments I had pushed her back to her dark leather sofa, our tongues exploring each other, darting in and out of each other’s hot, willing mouths.She leaned back against an arm of the couch allowing my body to press against hers. I nibbled her lower lip and then kissed down her chin, to her neck. Her silken skin was smooth under my lips and I worked down toward her shoulder, pushing down the shoulder of her sweater as I continued kissing to the top of her arm and working back up again.I looked deeply into her eyes and kissed her deeply as I slid my right hand under her sweater and began to slide it up along her body. She moved back and helped me pull off her top, revealing the details of her lacy black escort atakum and blue bra. I greedily moved in on her breasts and began kissing between them and along the tops of them, massaging her big tits through the black lace. I could feel her nipples hardening. Reaching back behind her with one hand as I pulled her close to me with the other, my hands felt and quickly unhooked her bra, and she let it softly fall off her shoulders, once again exposing those huge, pendulous breasts to me. She shuddered with a slight chill as I kissed around the areola of her right breast, while squeezing her left breast and flicking the nipple with my finger. I could feel her body tightening and she moaned softly into my mouth as I played with her tits.”I think we need to take this inside,” I suggested as I began to unbutton her jeans. With that we got up and moved to her bedroom.Once inside the bedroom, we resumed where we left off.”I think you need to remove a few layers, too.” She said.I agreed and she pulled my sweater over my head as I took off my shoes. A moment later I was kissing her and holding her tits tightly against my bare chest. I slowly started kissing her tits, alternately nibbling and licking her nipples on one side then the next. Then, I kissed in between her tits and slowly made my way to the top of her now-unbuttoned jeans; where I unzipped them and peeled them down to reveal a very sexy set of black lace panties. They were the kind that I think they call “boy cut” and they looked just amazing and accentuated the curves of her hips, and her incredibly sexy muffin top. The panties were sheer enough so that I could now see what I could only feel earlier in the car —a shaved pussy was about to be my reward.I kissed the top of the panties as Christine moaned. I reached one hand to each hip and pushed down, sliding the panties down to the top of her thighs and ultimately below her knees, where she stepped out of them as I licked her shaved pussy.Christine grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me up to my feet, kissing me, and then reaching down to unbutton my pants. I helped her and they dropped to the floor where I stepped out of them and followed her to the bed. She laid down, spreading her legs as if to welcome me. I licked her outer lips as she groaned with pleasure, then working from bottom to top licked inside her now-wet slit toward her clit.”I want you inside me!” She commanded and I obeyed, kissing up her body to her mouth. Then, putting my hands behind her knees, I pushed her legs back and apart, opening up her center for my rock hard cock to enter. I rubbed the head of my cock along her slit, and then pushed in gradually, as her pussy stretched around my engorged member. As she became accustomed to me, I pushed every inch of my cock into her. I could feel my cock hitting her cervix as she smiled and took my cock. She shuddered as I made long slow strokes moving almost completely out of her, then slowly sliding entirely back into her hot, wet gash.After a few minutes I rolled her over on top of me and she lowered herself onto my cock. It was an amazingly good feeling. I could tell that this was something she was lacking. I could see from her face she was in a state of bliss as she ground her pelvis against mine.”Pound me, baby,” I exhorted.”Oh, yeah, oh yeah,” she moaned as she rode me harder and faster. The headboard started banging the wall, and she reached up and held it with one hand while riding me and bracing herself on the bed with the other.”Come for me,” I commanded.”Not sure I can come like this,” she said heavily through her breathing.After a few minutes, she slowed her movements and released the headboard. My hips were hot with the friction of our bodies as she turned around and rode me in reverse cowgirl fashion. Her ass was lovely as it rocked forward and backward on my stiff member. I reached up and pulled on her hair, which made her rock faster.”That’s it! Pull harder!” she shouted. I complied and she shook with her first orgasm. I could feel her muscles tighten around me as she shuddered. She turned around to face me, her face reddened with a slight smile. I knew she had enjoyed her first atakum escort bayan orgasm of the night, but clearly she was ready for more—and so was I.”Come here,” I motioned with my finger.She obeyed and positioned herself to sit astride my waiting cock again.”No, come up here,” I motioned toward my face. “I want to taste you””I’m too big for that,” she said.”Absolutely not,” I replied. And I motioned again for her to come up. This time, her reluctance had faded and she positioned herself against the headboard, with her wet, hot pussy directly over my face and mouth. I began softly licking the inside of her thighs, and then moved toward her womanhood, gently nibbling and licking her lips. She began moaning again as I moved toward her clit.Christine helped me reach her clit by putting one hand on her belly to allow me unfettered access to her erotic button. Her other hand was firmly holding the headboard. She began to rock rhythmically as I started to lick, then suck, then nibble on her clit alternating between each.I could feel her orgasm beginning to rise so I took the index finger of my left hand and played around her lips, feeling her wetness and lubricating my finger in the process. She adjusted her hips, preparing for my finger to go inside her pussy, but I had other plans.I took my now well lubricated index finger and worked it around slightly until it was at the entrance to her ass. I knew she was an anal virgin, and I wanted my cock to be the first in her tight ass, but I thought it better to ease her into it. Christine relaxed as my finger reached her rosebud, which allowed me to slide it in slowly, eventually reaching the second knuckle as my tongue continued to enjoy her clit. Her breathing was heavy now, and she was moaning a steady audible moan that made me hotter by the minute.I wanted her to come now, so I took my right hand from where it was on her thigh and inserted my middle finger in her slit slowly; palm up, to reach her G-spot. As I did the intensity of her moaning increased. Her voice grew shrill as she continued moaning and began calling my name. I could feel her sphincter tightening around my finger as her pussy began to tighten up as well. I slid my finger out of her ass slowly. As I did her focus clearly was now entirely on her hot wet womanhood and she began moaning and bucking furiously. My face was covered with her juices and my saliva and I could feel her tightening as her orgasm approached. She let loose with a guttural scream as her insides tightened around my finger and she came with a fury I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.After she came down from her orgasm, she let go of the headboard and collapsed back on the bed to my right. I moved toward her and kissed her deeply, letting taste her juices on my lips and mouth.”I’ve never done that before,” she admitted. “It was amazing,” she concluded, still breathless from her orgasm. I could see tiny drops of sweat across her forehead.”We aren’t done yet,” I smiled, as I softly rubbed her clit and she shivered again. I slid my cock into her and she pulled her knees straight back, allowing me deep penetration. Her eyes rolled back and she breathed into my ear.”You are so deep in me””It feels great, doesn’t it,” I replied.”Oh yes. Fuck me hard.”I pounded her missionary style, then turned her over and entered her hot, wet pussy from behind. She moaned as I pushed in to the hilt, grabbed her hip with one hand and spanked her bottom with the other. She groaned with pleasure feeling my balls slap against her. I pulled her hair again and this time I was knew I was going to come. I flipped her back onto her back, and pushed her legs back as far as they could. She bit down on her lower lip as I drove deep into her hot box. I could feel my orgasm building up—a tingling from my legs up to my center. I grabbed the back of her calves and pushed her legs back hard and screamed her name as I felt myself shoot once, twice, then quickly three, four, five times into her before my orgasm abated. I kissed her deeply as my cock softened and slowly slipped out of her as I suckled on her still erect nipples. She looked into my eyes with those haunting green eyes as we lay facing each other, sharing soft kisses and stroking each other’s hair.After a few moments, both our breathing had returned to normal. I turned to Christine and reveled in how amazing the afternoon had been.”Now about that coffee…” I grinned.