Me, Maurice and Mario

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My red dress looked smashing on my chocolate coloured body. I pinned my curly long hair up and applied just a bit of fiery red hot lipstick to my lips. I love the way the colour red added a golden tone to my ebony body. My breasts are full as well as my ass. I prided myself on having a nice ass and tits. My narrow waist line only made my hour glass figured defined and sensuous. Mario came up from behind and started to fondle my breast.

“No baby, not yet! No dessert before the main course.” I knew Mario wanted me. His glazed eyes became hazed as he switched from lust to disappointment. There was never a moment when he didn’t. Our relationship was hitting the big 5 and I wanted us to do something special for our love. We have already discussed marriage and kids but my fantasy was the only thing left out of our conversations. He turned to grab his keys and left to wait for me in the car. I always take longer to dress. I like to put on my underwear and clothing in front of him. So he can see whether I am wearing underwear or not. He would always look at me lustfully. He would lean over trying to hide the bulge at his crotch but nothing can hide it. Even now as he walked towards the door adjusting his package. I watched him leave as I quickly took off my black silk thong and put it in my purse. By the time I stepped into the car, Mario was so intent on getting us to the restaurant, that he didn’t see my mischievous smile spread across my face.

When we arrive at the restaurant we ate sushi feeding each other the best we could with our chopsticks. He leaned in to kiss me and I turned away. His sweet smile fell away and my heart nearly broke to see his face. Confusion and rejection was written on his face that I wanted to cry and hump him till he becomes giddy from our lovemaking. But I had to restrain myself and try to make him want me even more. My hand went to his leg and he gave a start. While his amber eyes were staring into my caramel ones, I rubbed his thigh and inched my hand way up to his crotch. I looked down then and there was a tell tale budge at the crotch of his pants. “Love, if you kiss me here. I would drench the pillow I am sitting on now. Besides…” I said as I pulled my panties out from my bag and dropping it in his lap. Mario just stared at the black thong, while I caressed it against his crotch. I can feel his cock twitched under my fingers. Through out the night I keep teasing my prey mercilessly. We ate what we can but there was more fondling and teasing than there was digesting. I was getting pretty hot too myself, until, I got my phone call. It was then time to take my prey home to roast.

Mario couldn’t keep his hands off me and neither his eyes. It made driving home allot more dangerous than hitchhiking. As soon as the front doors closed behind me. I felt Mario hands all over my body. One hand caressed my breast as the other ruffled under my dress to get to my pussy. With much effort and reluctance I tore from his grip and ran to the bedroom. Mario came in after me hoping for more. I looked at him and saw the questions in his eyes. Maurice was standing next to me in our bedroom. Mario eyes roam from me to Maurice and back again. I saw the question rise in his eyes.

“Surprise! This is my college and friend at work, Mario. Mario…Maurice…Maurice…Mario.” I said tetheredly. Not sure what to make of the moment. I was hoping to make things go over smoothly the first time they met.

“Hi, Mario! I came to watch you fuck your girlfriend.” Maurice said brazenly. “She has been telling me allot about your sexual prowess in bed. You don’t mind if I watched.”

“Maurice, you say right? Sweetheart could you come here for a sec?” Mario said to me.

We got into the hallway leading into the living room before Mario pulled me to his face. My feet, nearly, leaving the floor. “What the hell is he doing here?” he said close to my face.

“It was a surprise, love and that’s why I couldn’t tell you!” I said cautiously. “Remember, you promised me, that one of these days we could include someone else in our love making. Well, here he is!” I said pointing to the open door.

Mario released my arms and let me sank to the floor. He ran his hand through his tousled curls. I loved it when he does that. It only means that he is anxious. Anxiety only makes him cum harder.

“OK, but only for tonight. Never, again!” he said harshly in my face. I squinted with as he stressed the last two words. When he saw my reaction he pulled me into his embrace and held me for a while. He knew I had a problem with men being violent or aggressive. My father was an abusive man and it was easy to scare me. If Mario got too riled up like he was now, I would detach myself emotionally.

“I am sorry, Bella. I just don’t want you to get too carried away with your fantasies.” he said reassuringly. I just let him hold me. “Bella, please come back to me. Don’t hide yourself from me. I need you.” he said lovingly. I felt my body relaxed a bit and when it did, he let out a long illegal bahis sigh.

“Hey, is everything all right here? Should I leave?” Maurice said with concern in his voice.

“No, everything is fine we just needed sometime, a bit.” I said turning to Maurice. I went into the bedroom. Mario trailing after me, while we held hands. I sat on the bed and Mario sat next to me.

“Are you alright, baby? Is there anything I can do for you?” Mario asked fatherly.

“Love me…” I said in a quiet voice. “Please…”

Mario held my face and kissed me. It was passionate and slow. I felt the fire build rapidly in my body. I kissed him back urgently but he kept our kiss slow. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer to my body. Mario hasn’t even touched my body. His hands were still holding my face. I heard movement in the back ground and turned to look in the direction. I saw Maurice pulling a chair closer to the bed to watch.

“Don’t mind me. Just continue what you were doing.” Maurice said sitting back in his chair to watch.

I turned Mario’s head back to my face and we began to kiss again. I can feel the passion wasn’t there as it was before. I had to tune him back into our love play. I reached down to his chest and caress the muscle under his polo shirt. He felt so strong and hard to my touch. I let my hand wander lower across his ripped stomach and flat belly. Every inch of his body was toned and hard. I felt his kiss weakening. He was concentrating more on what I was doing to him than kissing. I pulled away and looked deep in his eyes. As I slowly pulled his polo shirt out of his pants. I lifted the shirt over his head and he flung it to the ground beside Maurice. Maurice turned for a second to look at it. Mario realized Maurice’s presence in our room. I went to kiss Mario but he didn’t budge.

While I watched Mario who was still watching Maurice with concern. I leaned in to kiss his neck. He tilted his head back, allowing me to access his throat and down his chest. I kept kissing and nibbling the heated skin. I can feel Mario’s shallow breath beneath the skin. I moved over to his nipple and gently bit down on its knob. Mario jumped and I began to suck it hard and slowly run my tongue over the skin. He brought his hand behind my head to pull it close to his nipple. I began to suck some more and moved to the other one. I slowly teased the knob with my tongue and moved lower over his body. I lightly kissed each bulge of his six packs moving even lower. I dipped my tongue quickly into his navel. I looked up at Mario and saw his face flushed of colour. I knew he was aroused and Maurice went unnoticed once again.

I smiled at him as I slowly licked my way down to the top of his pants. I began urgently unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his jeans. I felt his hand still behind my head. As he encouragingly began to stroke the back of my head. When, finally, I got his cock out of his boxers and into my mouth. I began to suck madly on the harden phallus. I felt Mario shift on the bed. His stifled moans began escaping when he moved. I kept eating his cock as his breath became short and heavy. He leaned back and I looked up then.

“Yeah, that’s it baby. Keep sucking my dick.” he said softly. I kept looking at him while I stuffed his long cock in my mouth. I can feel Mario bucked up into my mouth. His hips moving in time with my sucking. My head bobbed up and down his dick while my hands held on to his legs. His movement making it hard for me to keep my mouth wrapped long enough over his dick to suck it for all it’s worth.

“Uugghh” Mario grunted. I can tell that his climax was closing in. I moved quicker up and down his long shaft and when his head fell back, I stopped. “Shit!” Mario hissed aggravated by my actions.

“Why did you do that?” Maurice said.

“If I didn’t he would have cum and you wouldn’t get a taste of his cock.” I said looking at Maurice. His eyebrow arched up at the idea.

Mario looked at me and then Maurice. “What are you doing?” he said

“I just want the both of us to give you a blow job.” I said innocently. It was Mario’s turn to raise a questioning eyebrow. “Please, Mario, do this for me. I just want to experience this before we get married.”

It was Mario’s turn to look shock “Are you saying that you will marry me, Bella?” he asked

I went to him and hugged his body. His cock was nudging my belly. “Yes, baby, I would marry you in a heart beat.”

“Well, then that is good to know for when I ask you to.” he said to me. Glee, written all over his beautiful face.

“So, do I get to suck his dick or not?” Maurice asked.

I locked eyes with Mario as I went down on him. Mario kept looking at me with a silly smile across his face. I kneeled on the floor and began to stroke his cock with my hands before putting it in my mouth. Mario expressions changed in a flash as I began to eat his cock. I caressed Maurice’s leg behind him, pulling him to me. Maurice moved from off his chair to move illegal bahis siteleri behind me. I can feel Maurice’s body pressed against my back. His hard on tucked neatly in the crevice of my ass. He began to caress my body and kiss my neck. He then after awhile looked at me and Mario looked at him. Discomfort and uncertainty flashed in his eyes. I stopped sucking Mario’s luscious cock and moved to the side as Maurice head came over my shoulder and licked Mario’s head. I watched as Maurice slowly savors the taste of Mario’s cock before he began to take it all into his mouth.

I moved more to Mario’s left as Maurice expertly licked and then sucked Mario’s cock. At first, with out the help of his hands. He slowly sucked the head and went down the shaft and back up again. He looked at Mario and Mario was watching him. I was getting really hot. As Maurice’s blond head moved slowly downs Mario’s tanned cock. Maurice’s head was buried in the black haired crotch of my boyfriend. My hand moved under my dress as Maurice took over the blow job. I slowly massaged my swollen clit as Maurice grabbed Mario’s cock and balls.

I leaned into Maurice and undid his pants. Maurice moved more to allow me to free his cock from its prison. His cock sprang into my face. It wasn’t as long as Mario’s but it was thicker. I pumped his member in my hand before I licked the precum from its tip. I looked up at Mario and he was watching me then. His face was expressionless as I licked more of Maurice’s cock. When Maurice’s cock was good and wet from my sucking. I began to suck. While Maurice kept going at Mario’s cock.

Every now and then I would look up and watch the spectacle. Maurice was deftly sucking Mario’s dick. It would disappear in his mouth to reappear again. It would receive loving kisses and long licks. Each movement was making me wetter and hotter. I was boiling with desire. I wanted my fantasy and I wanted it now.

I left Maurice cock to move to Mario’s. I moved Maurice’s head and kissed the tip of Mario’s cock. I slowly removed my dress in front of Mario. I saw his cock twitched at that.

“I want you, Mario.” I said to him. Mario pulled me on the bed. I made myself comfortable while he removed his jeans and shoes. Maurice looked at Mario’s luscious body. He began to stroke his own cock. When Mario moved to the bed I opened my legs. Welcoming him into my lair. Mario looked down at my body and smiled. He moved over me and entered me in one thrust. I cried out. Feeling my walls tensed around his hard dick. He moved slowly inside of me. I moved my legs higher over his body. My hands were gripping his ass. Maurice moved behind him on the bed. I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I felt it. His hands were touching our joined sexes.

“Mario, can Maurice join us?” I asked. Mario stopped then. He looked at me and then back at Maurice.

“Is that what you want? Are you sure about this?” he asked.

“Yes, baby.” I said grabbing his ass lovingly. Mario shrugged and continued to move in me. I looked over at Maurice and winked at him. Maurice smiled back and moved to do something. When he came back to bed, I felt Mario tense.

“What are you doing?” Mario asked angrily.

“Relax, I am just lubing you up.” Maurice said to Mario.

“What the fuck…?” Mario replied. I kept bucking up at Mario to keep his attention and his hard on.

“If I stick my dick in with out the lube, it would hurt. This way it would go smoothly in without any hindrance.” Maurice said annoyed.

“I don’t want your dick to go…” Mario said, though he began to groan. Mario would bucked forward and grind his hips against my opening as Maurice lubed his ass up.

“Please, Mario, do this for me? It is my fantasy! You promised me.” I said pleading to him.

“Bella, this is too much for me. I don’t think I can do this.” he said doubtedly, he was still pumping slowly into me. While all the while, Maurice’s fingers were diligently greasing Mario’s ass up.

“Mario, please, you promised! This is what we have been working up all this time too. Your not going to back out now after so much training.” I said worriedly. Hoping, that he wouldn’t quit on me now. We were so close in making my fantasy complete. As I can feel my cunt suck on Mario’s dick as if encouraging him to continue.

“Well, your ass is done. And I’m ready!” Maurice said removing his clothes, flinging them on top of the pile next to the bed.

Mario looked worriedly as I felt Maurice moved back onto the bed and steady himself behind Mario. Mario only looked back at him and waited. Maurice moved slowly against Mario’s ass. Mario in turn moved deeper into my wet pussy. I bucked my hips up to push against his thrust. Mario was stuck between my legs and arched back while being pushed forward by Maurice’s thrust. Beads of sweat appeared on Mario’s brow. His eyes closed against the pain and pleasure. “Oh, yeah, you’re really tight. But it’s going in.” Maurice moaned in Mario’s ear. Mario turned away from his canlı bahis siteleri words. His face was red with embarrassment.

Mario moved deeper in me yet and I moaned. I didn’t know how long I can keep pushing back at his hard on. There was so much filling me up. Just before my legs was beginning to give out. Maurice’s hips hit the back of Mario’s ass. I nearly came with the force and the sight of it. For a while no one moved. Maurice was over Mario’s shoulder caressing his stomach and chest. Mario, eyes opened, breathed heavily against my ear. And I kissed Mario’s cheek over and over again.

“Thank you, baby. Thank you for doing this for me.” I said lovingly in Mario’s ear. Mario had no time to reply as Maurice began to move his hips. Maurice thrust came slow and shallow each made Mario rocked in my pussy. I was withering like a bitch in heat under Mario as I watched them. Maurice’s blond head close to Mario’s tanned ear.

“That’s it. Don’t worry, it would feel better soon. Just enjoy your girlfriend’s pussy, for now.” Maurice said before blowing on his ear.

Mario began to move. He kept bucking back and thrusting forward. Maurice held himself still as Mario pushed back against him, taking his cock even deeper in Mario’s tight ass. I was being pushed over the edge with lust. Mario’s thrust hitting me deep against my cervix.

“Yes, you like that cock in you. You like my fat cock deep in your ass.” Maurice said touching Mario’s chest. I watched as Maurice kept caressing my boyfriend’s chest. His hands moving to a nipple and began pinching and teasing the buds. Mario began to pant loudly as he kept bucking. I heard Maurice sharp intake of his breath as he held Mario’s hip still.

It was then that he began to move. Maurice began to thrust in Mario’s ass. Mario groaned harder. His face cringe in ecstasy. I could only watch as Maurice held Mario’s hips and bucked into him while pulling him back. Mario’s hands holding onto my hips to keep his cock inside of me. Each thrust made him pull my hips to his jutted out cock, waiting to impale me on it. “Oh, fuck. Your boyfriend moves like an expert whore on my cock.” Maurice said under his breath.

Finally, a strange rhythm was established as Maurice bucked against Mario’s ass, Mario pushed back to meet his thrust head on and thrust forward to go deep in my pussy. Hands began to roam over each other’s bodies. The euphoria of touching and of being touched was exhilarating. When Mario touched and caressed my breast. Maurice would place his hand over Mario’s and fallow their lead. At one time Mario was kissing me and I could only guess that Maurice was feeling left out. He pulled Mario’s head back and began to kiss him. While he spew dirty words in his mouth. Constantly, asking how he felt about the fuck session. If my pussy was wet and tight enough? If his cock was buried deep enough up his ass? Does he like it when he sticks his tongue in his mouth?

Every word and question struck a match in my pussy. I can feel myself tense and spasm around Mario’s cock. My climax rising. “Mario, I am going to cum.” I said feverishly. Mario broke his kiss with Maurice and leaned over to kiss me. Maurice leaned over him and began to nibble on his ear. Maurice kept thrusting deep into Mario’s ass as Mario was pushed deeper and harder into me. I was enjoying the kiss until the biggest orgasm I had ever have, hit my body. I arched my back and pushed down even more on Mario’s waiting cock. My body spasm and I felt my mind melt into the core of my body. My pussy becoming the focal point of the moment. I was all cunt as they say. And before my climax can subside. Mario began moving heatedly against my body and Maurice’s. Maurice took the hint and began to thrust quickly into Mario’s ass. Mario panted. His breath came loud and quick as he approached his climax. He kept moving over me as thrust after thrust kept him deep and moving in my body. I was about to come again before I heard a rumble in Mario’s chest as he came deep in my pussy. His cum filling me and bringing me to another mega climax.

Maurice moved slowly when he saw that Mario had cum. He held Mario before he said “You know I haven’t cum yet!” Mario turned to look at him. Maurice pulled Mario out of me and to the other side of the bed. He pushed Mario’s back down and pulled his ass up. Mario exhausted from his climax, moved as Maurice suggested. Mario rested his head on his crossed hands as Maurice began to pound in Mario’s ass. I watched as Mario’s back would curve each time he received one of Maurice’s harsh thrust and then curve under when he pulled back. Maurice face began to turn red as he exclaimed “I am going to cum! I am going to cum in your ass, like a friggin freight train!”

Maurice held the back of Mario’s neck and pulled Mario’s hips more on his cock as he came in Mario’s ass. His body racketed with the force of his pleasure. Finally, he fell over Mario’s back. Mario was pushed flat from the weight of his body and I rolled over to him, caressing his head of black curls. We stayed in that position for a while until Maurice got up and slapped Mario on his ass. Mario groaned and wiggled back on Maurice’s cock. Maurice cock went instantly hard and Mario groaned some more. Mario turned then to look at me.