Mark ll – Joins the Club

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To those familiar with the Masturbation Club Series you will know how these ladies happened to get together. To the others of you this story will stand alone. Meanwhile guys, no oversize dickeys or tits or anal and/or BSDM.


Previous–There were now eight girls in that club whose names were Barb (me)(Brad), Alice, Gail (Gerry), Jan (Jim), Lana (Larry) and Ann and Mary and Jane. Jan and Ann were sisters. Well actually they were more than sisters but that has very little to do with this story. It is it’s own story.

It was a ladies masturbation club which had started off a few months earlier with just five members. Ann had been the sixth member and just last week Jane and Mary had been recruited.

The previous chapter recounted an afternoon which included some lesbian activity between Ann and I (Barb) and between Jan and Lana. The chapter ended as follows:

=========Mid-afternoon of the day of our next meeting I received a call from Gail.

“Make sure your cunt is ready for a real workout tonight. My Mark II arrived and he’s a beauty. He will give it to you Missionary style, doggy style, or you on top and he will come on command. Prepare yourself.”

That story:


The anticipation which began making my twitch since Gail’s call of the previous day was now causing my pussy to become so hot and quivering I could hardly walk as I came closer and closer to Gail’s house.

As I entered what I had come to think of as ‘Gail’s Pleasure Room’ my eyes went immediately to the new machine. Gail and Ann were excitedly discussing it’s features. Both also had that ‘I’m hot and I’m ready’ look on their faces.

I examined the machine which was a bit crude but whose ability to produce orgasms was quite apparent. It featured a very attractive penis on a pole like extension which could be made to assume numerous positions. There was a cushion upon which to lay or kneel as you positioned the penis where you wanted it.

The other controls were much like the first version providing control of the three vibrators inside the penis, the length of and the speed of the penis’s thrust. I also learned that it would ‘come’ on command by pushing a certain button. There were several flavors of cum available. The cum would come in at a temperature of about 102 degrees providing an additional thrill.

“Hi Gail. Have you tried him out?”

“Yes. Gerry couldn’t wait for me to try it. I tried to hold myself back a little but instead I pretty much wore myself out. Gerry watched and masturbated. He came so often as he watched me that it will take him a week to recover.”

Since Gail had already partaken of Mark’s services we drew straws to see who would be first. We also decided on an eight minute time limit. I drew second straw. Ann drew first dibs. She calmly picked up a realistic looking cock from the selection offered.

Gail said that the cum tank was be full and up to temperature. After attaching her penis selection Ann played a bit with the controls and then readied güvenilir bahis herself for action.

She laid on her back with her legs spread and used the controls to move it up against her cunt. We could all see the abundant juices which betrayed Ann’s excitement. Ann began to work the second set of controls that controlled the three vibrators. They did their part to excite Alice who turned them all to the off position before she came.

Now she wiggled herself against the cock forcing it to enter her. When it was fully inside of her Ann’s face took on a glow of sheer pleasure. Neither she or the machine moved for a minute or two. Then she turned the controls to give a slow but long and deep in and out movement.

The penis would almost came out of her then slowly plunged deep enough that it’s scrotum bottomed against Ann’s body on each inward stroke. After about ten strokes Ann, through half closed dream filled eyes said.

“This is how Andy used to do it. I never failed to come when he did it like this. We would start off slow and then increase our speed, just like this.”

At that moment Mark started to move faster and Ann’s eyes began glazing over. It seemed to be only fifty or so strokes later that she had her first orgasm. Her ass raised and began that oval like motion which females do as they really get into a good fuck.

As she came she turned the speed up another notch. After just another minute she seemed to enter what looked to be an almost continuous orgasm. Poor Ann had to come down when Gail said time. She pushed the cum button as she did.

Ann shrieked with joy as the hot cum squirted into her. At that moment Gail hit the off button.

Mark slowed to a stop. I gave Ann a couple of minutes to recover and then helped her off the machine and took her place. I wanted to be on my back also but with my legs up in the air. I was able to accomplish that by resting my feet on a foot rest that I could adjust level with my knees.

Thus I was flat in my back with my upper legs pointed straight up and my lower legs at right angle to them and my feet comfortable on their rest.

I didn’t change attachments. The one Ann used was fine with me the thought of using the same one was actually exciting to me. It was still wet with her juices as I brought it up to touch my cunt. It felt warm and wet. I took that as a good sign.

I manipulated the controls so as to slowly insert the penis just a little way into me. It was a joy to feel it enter and it’s warmth made it even better. It’s wetness provided even more lubrication to ease it’s journey.

I have to mention here that the penis felt very real to the touch. If I squeezed it I could feel it quiver and respond.

When it was just inside of me I paused to enjoy the feeling. It felt so good that I found and pushed the cum button which made the penis pulse as it shot the hot fluid into me. I thought about the possibility of it leaking out later on my walk home.

Then I was remembered an incident which happened when I was about twenty. I was away türkçe bahis from home spending a month with my Aunt Ginnie. She was very permissive. I met a nice guy and after our third date I let him screw me.

Another three dates and we were doing it two or three times each evening and I found that I was still not fully satisfied. Tom realized this and asked if I were interested in taking on him along with his brother and a friend in a minor gang bang.

Since I knew that being far away from home that my reputation was safe I was easily convinced.

It was a very pleasurable event. I did it twice with Tom and three times each with the other two. I did have to suck his brother to get it hard enough for our third round.

As he walked me back the two blocks to Aunt Ginnies there was cum was running down my legs. I wished then that I had worn my panties. Since then however when I often relive the event using my fingers or a dildo instead of the three male cocks. I usually come quickly as I recall that scene.

If I voice that recollection with Brad as we screw I feel him instantly get rock hard. About twenty hard thrusts later I get a large injection of his cum.

Anyhow I turned the thruster control to slow and then as I got comfortable I increased first the depth and then the speed. I can still remember the feeling of joy as it began stroking. After a moment or two I would stop and enjoy that position until I experienced a mini orgasm. Then I moved on to the next.

As the cock slid in and out of my hot cunt I would grip it with my muscles as if trying to hold it still. Meanwhile I moved my pelvis against it’s rhythm. I was told later that I presented an extremely erotic sight and Mary, our newest member confessed to experiencing an orgasm simply by watching me.

Usually when the fucking gets that intense and I begin to orgasm Andy comes pretty quick. Not so Mark. He, like the Ever Ready bunny kept going and going and going.

Me I kept coming and coming and coming. I was totally worn out from my orgasms when Jan pushed the cum button. Twice. Later as I staggered around the room with cum running down my legs I was again struck with the recall.

It was Lana’s turn next. She elected the doggie position. She too left the same penis on the machine. Unlike Ann and I she said that her cunt was ready for anything. Like Ann she backed up till the penis was just ready to enter her then turned to control to slow and deep.

Lana was on her knees with her body level when she turned all the controls full on.

Within a minute she began to come. After that her orgasms came quicker and quicker until she was in constant orgasm. She laid her head down on the cushion. As she did that her butt and the penis going in and out of it seemed to absorb all my attention.

Like Mary I found myself on the verge of orgasm simply from watching. As my finger moved toward my clit I looked around. I was the only girl there that was not masturbating like crazy.

Unlike me Lana’s orgasms seemed to strengthen her. She began güvenilir bahis siteleri delivering a commentary on how good it felt and how she was going to spend all her spare time at Gail’s until Mark died.

Each of the other girls took their turn with similar results. As they did, we the spectators worked our own selves over pretty good. By the time it was over most of us had raided Gail’s toy drawer. You can imagine the sights, the sounds of our squishing pussies and moans along with the delicious odor of aroused females.

Later, calmer and tired, we were in the jacuzzi with drinks in hand. As usual there were rowdy remarks as we calmed down. Two items came up for discussion and were quickly voted approval.

Both had to do with guys. One directly, one indirectly. First it was decided to have what we understood was called a Jack and Jill. Meaning that guys would be invited to join us. They had to participate of course.

Prior to that we would have a party. Prior to the party we would each buy a remote controlled toy. Either an egg or butterfly. We would have the party immediately proceeding the first Jack and Jill. As part of the party we would have a contest.

First we girls would have a grab bag for the toys. Then the guys would have a grab bag for the controls. Thus each guy would be in control of a toy in an unknown girls pussy. He would randomly operate the control.

The guy who identified the girl under his control would be a winner. That girl would be a looser. Later the first girl to be identified along the last guy to identify a girl would form the first couple to masturbate together in front of the rest of us.

Of course eventually everyone would have to be ‘on stage’. It sounded like a fun time to me but it would take at least a month to put it together. Meanwhile there was still ‘The Club’ and it’s erotic good times.

To say that Mark improved our sex life at home would be an understatement. Of course the whole Masturbation Club experience had improved it so much that I thought that it could not get any better. Now even a mention of Mark brought such excitement to us both that we would both become wild and would orgasm often and intensely.

Gail then added a new dimension to the situation by inviting us each over singly to enjoy Mark in private for however long we wished. On my first such encounter I tried the doggy position with various penetrations until I was totally worn out.

That cock sliding in and out of me without pause producing endless incredible sensations one on top of the other which in turn produced orgasms too numerous to count was a unexplainable joy. Never in my life had I been fucked until I could take no more.

The party idea was slowed by a lack of availability of toys. As an encore to the singles afternoons Gail took to joining me and some very interesting situations developed from that.

Mark could be turned so that he could fuck while the fuckee was in bed. Gail and I did it together with Mark with him fucking Gail as she licked me and then with Gail and I doing sixty nine as Mark fucked one or the other of us.

Again the combination of sensations were incredible and indescribable.

Finally the toys arrived. The party was scheduled for the cabin. That will form the next story.